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Panda Remix

I created this wallpaper in Illustrator and remixed it from some of the vectors that I created and used in several other art pieces.

Black and white is used to make a clear contrast between objects. It also fits the panda colors and these two things lead me to not using other colors because they would break the contrast.

I hope you like it or even use it as your wallpaper.

Greetings :).

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Hello :)
I´m a graphic designer and at the moment i am creating a mockup for bag designs.
It looks like this:

I still need some designs for preview purposes and i wanted to ask you kindly if i can use this artwork for it.
I will not sell or print your design in any way.
And of course i will feature you in the description of the mockup, so that people get linked to your design.
Thanks in advance, i´m looking forward to your reply :)
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Hey h3design,

Sure! I allow you to use the design then :)!
Good luck!
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thanks you, but its already online =p
If youre interested you can see it here:

Best regards :)
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Love it!!!!!!!!
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It is new wallpaper time. This is fantastic!
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Its beautifull and creative! I love it!
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oh god, thats sooo damn cute!
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this is really cute! i love it
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All 3 walls are awesome
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I love your use of shape (all the circles) combined with the simple pandas to make such a bold and dramatic effect. Good work!
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this is so cute!!!
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This is very lovely and gentle, despite the hardness of the stark black and white. Well done!
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hmm it mixes urban style and animals...weird :D
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