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Mr Thinkalots Fantastic Space Journey book by funprintzz
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Shady Dealings - PrologueMist has always been the greatest cover. For both the petty criminals, and people like me. There’s nothing for prying eyes to be seen, not even the ones that belong to our ‘saviours’, hah.It was a good thing that the laws of nature and physics couldn’t be manipulated. Lord knows they would’ve put those up on the chopping block if they could. And much like everything else they’ve done, what happens at the top only creates more suffering down below. Even in this narrow street, you see the signs. The overflowing trash cans, the crude graffiti splattered all over every wall, even the occasional syringe lying on the floor.I had to get out of there, fast. It’s never safe to stay in one location for too long, let alone this close to our hideout. If any police or snitches see me, me and the rest of the lads are as good as finished. We’ll all be staring at a decade of hard time, if not longer than that. If anyone figures out what’ve done, and what we’re up to, and what we’re planning to do, then god knows how long we’ll all be locked in a concrete cage. And so I pressed my head down towards the dusty concrete, and shuffled my way to a run down complex in the eastern part of August Street. There was a locked door at the front - usually you’d remember a specific combination of numbers and say it over the intercom. But not me. I pressed the button, and waited. A few seconds later, a digitized voice spoke.“Yes, password?”“Iron and Copper.”The locks on the gate clicked; I was free to enter. I went inside of the complex and climbed up the stairs to the second floor. There on my left was one of many doors, which looked like any ordinary apartment door. Inside was the place I had called home for the past year.“Took you long enough, slick.”“Heh. Good morning to you as well, Marron.”“Good to see you too, Nines. Go rest your legs for a bit, we’ll talk what happened out there in a moment.”Marron shut the door behind me. Here we were, four youngsters with no futures hiding in a small abandoned apartment. It wasn’t exactly high-class living, to put it mildly.Our living space consisted of a worn-out couch, a table and an equally worn-out chair. We had four rooms to ourselves - One for discussing things, One to sleep in, one to take care of ourselves, and another to store our contraband in. The plumbing wasn’t the best, there was scarce electricity, and we had to cover the windows at all times of the day. Fortunately, so did everyone else living near us. It was the best we could get in these times. I crashed down on the couch with a sigh. The other two who lived here, Blackeye and Sunset, came out of the bedroom. “Morning, Nines. I see you’re still in one piece.”“You’re saying that like you’re surprised.”“Pfft. What can I say? They don’t call me Blackeye for no reason. Got plenty of those back in the day ‘cause I wouldn’t believe a fucker when they say they’ll give me one.”“Hah. I’d call you a scumbag. But that’s a high bar to top nowadays.”Blackeye and Marron both laughed. Sunset only grinned. “Sure it is. Anyway, let’s hear it straight. How did your run go?”I leaned further backwards against the couch, and sighed. “Went about as well as any night could go nowadays. The package has been delivered and is en route. As for the flyering, that has gone alright as well. No one’s snitching on us anytime soon, I can tell you that. Oh, and before I forget, I also went for a bonus tonight. Just a vending machine, nothing special.” Feet against the table, I fished a small purse from my pocket. Blackeye oogled it with all the intensity of the average lemming student eyeing their exam. It’s crazy how nuts those people go over such a pittance. Blackeye scoffed at it, as he took it from my hand.“Might as well have come back with nothing if this is all you’re comin’ back with. This is, what, sixty tops?” Blackeye gargled on some of his own saliva. “Misty night, and that’s all he comes back with.”“Shut it, you. As if you’d do any better,” Marron said. “At least Nines can do his jobs properly. That’s why you’re left selling junk and he’s not.”“Ah, go to hell.”Marron shook his head. “Consider yourself lucky you’re still here.”“Quiet, you two,” said Sunset. “Anyway Nines, how much did you get?”“Enough to buy groceries for the four of us for a week or two,” I replied. Sunset, being the bastard that he is, let out a smug chuckle. “No snitching indeed… ah, we might just have a chance here. Nice of you to bring back some money, you know. Don’t worry about that, though. We can nick a little more whenever it’s needed. As long as no one saw you.”I shook my head. “Not by anyone suspicious, no. Only some homeless guy. Gave him a cut so that he’d shut up.”Blackeye was busy drowning himself in liquor. “He’d have kept his mouth shut regardless, Nines,” Marron replied. “Unless you think they’re too stupid to realize snitching isn’t going to do ‘em any favours the next time the squads come to kick ‘em out of their squalors. It just doesn’t work that way.”“Yeah, yeah. All this arguing over some nickels,” Blackeye said in between shots. “Waste ‘o time.”“So… any idea what we’re doing now?” I asked.“Depends. They’re having that press conference tonight, remember? We can watch that and decide on whatever’ll sting the most,” Sunset said.“Isn’t it about to start?” Marron said.“Oh shit, you’re right,” Sunset said, before reaching over to turn on the small tv on the stand in front of us. It was a small, old machine. A window into the world of lies created by those who ruled over us… and at the same time, how we made ourselves appear normal to the outside world. We lived our lives, got our daily dose of propaganda, everything would seen in order, right? There was only so far the cameras could go. In the end, humanity’s will to break their chains always triumphed, oppressors be damned. The tv now flickered. An image was coming through.“It’s beginning, quiet,” Sunset said. Marron remained standing, while Blackeye crashed into the chair with a glass in hand. The picture now revealed a polished man wearing a white suit, on which a dozen different medallions had been pinned. Behind him, the city hall stood amidst the blue sky, gleaming.“A very good morning, citizens of Burlingham! It is a fine time to be one of the thousands living in this great city! As you know, we have been struck with an epidemic of petty criminality for some time now. Whether it be pickpockets, robberies, or anarchists running amok, it is clear that these individuals do not have the best future in mind for our beloved city,” the man said.“Ha! He believes what he says, too,” Blackeye hacked up in between sips.“But rest be assured, my fellow citizens. I, mayor Dunrow, have ordered our finest heroes to combat the epidemic with all their might. The heroes who saved us from the times of lawlessness once before are prepared to take the fight to these thugs as they have done in the past. No gun or knife compares to what they are capable of - with them at our side, we will take care of the problem in short time. We all remember the horrific times of lawlessness, when this city was the sham of the nation, a world of dangerous deceit. But no more! That city has been lost to time, and I seek to prevent it from coming back. So rest be assured, we will-”The tv shut down. Sunset had gotten out of his seat and stood over it again. “Alright, enough of that garbage. Don’t need to hear anymore.”I couldn’t help but be worried, though. This was the first press conference in a long time, and it wasn’t spelling out anything good for us. “You think things aren’t going to get worse, though?”“Do they ever get better?” asked Marron. “No, but we’re going from rolling off of a hill to jumping off of a cliff. You heard what he’s said, right? He wants to go all in and throw us all into jail,” I said.“It’s been like that for the last few years, Nines. It’s all bluffing. He’s trying to keep the sods who still vote for him every few years happy, and sure enough they’ll fall for it. They don’t know any better what goes on down here. They’re all stooges that wish we’d just drop over dead already, and anything that suggests that’ll be the case gets their stamp of approval, so to speak,” Sunset said.“Lad, if ye don’t believe ‘im, try having a look at what they arrest you for these days. Being homeless, hah. Only reason I laugh’s cause it’s too sad.”Marron spat towards the corner of the room. “It’ll come to an end eventually. These ‘heroic’ bastards of theirs… they’ll have to drop cold sometime,” he said, before spitting at the corner again. “Only thing is, who goes first.”I laughed towards myself. No one could hear it. Sure, it was fun to entertain the thought, but thoughts were just that. Air. It’s what happens when you’re stuck under people that don’t care about you, where bastards with special powers are given priority over everything. ‘The Gifted’, they were called. It was sickening to listen and see the constant fawning, no, worship from all directions directed towards them. All because of things they might’ve done in the past. The rest of us below them, those who weren’t fortunate enough to be born with special powers like them, we were all hung out to dry. It’s what brought us to do what we do to begin with. To sit and chip away at the bars and chains, hoping to get a reprieve one of these days.Sunset then loudly cleared his throat. “Well then lads, I think we’ve spent enough time contemplating this crap. Why don’t we decide on what we’re doing tomorrow? Any ideas?”“No.”“No.”“Not from me either.”“Well then, I have something on the mind.”“Which is?”“You know how I’ve been working on an attack plan for one of those burger joints, right? Avalanche’s?”Marron rolled his eyes. “Oh. That place,” he said with a deep frown on his face. “I’m wondering why we haven’t trashed one of those before. Just to spite that son of a bitch!”Sunset put his hand up. “Easy now, Marron. That’s what we’re getting to right now, no need to yell over it.”Marron let out an exasperated sigh; his eyes were thrown wide open. “I’m just tired of that son of a bitch. His stupid costume, his stupid smile, his bragging about his stupid ice magic and how clever he is for having named himself ‘Avalanche’ over that, I hate him. He makes me sick. Ugly bastard.” “They don’t even sell good burgers over there,” Blackeye said after downing the remainder of his drink. You could smell the alcohol in his breath. It wasn’t easy to ignore, not at all. Nevertheless, I tried to keep myself on track. We had a burger tent to burn down.“So then, we’re doing this, are we?” I asked.“Unless you have any better idea, this is what we’re doing, yes. The plan’s complete,” Sunset replied. I nodded.“Good, good. Someone should’ve wiped the smirk off of that bastard’s face long ago. Starting with his precious ‘burger enterprise’. After he shoved me into a car during one of his ‘heroic acts’, I’ve wanted nothing but misery to fall upon his head,” I said. It was worse than that. I still remember the incident as if it happened yesterday. Just any ordinary day, walking down the streets, when everyone cleared out all of a sudden. Before I knew what I was doing, Avalanche had grabbed me and tossed me straight into the street, right on top of a moving car. As a result, I broke a few ribs, and had to spend my savings to get that fixed. Couldn’t get anything out of Avalanche. The mayor’s “Hero Protection Act” had taken care of that. While that crook got to enjoy his ‘heroic money’, I was left in the dust. No one would listen to what I had to say. ‘Suck it up, buttercup’, they said. That got the gears in my head turning, and now I’m sitting here planning to destroy one of his awful restaurants. I’ll take any leg up I can get.“But what’s the plan, though? Ye can’t just run in there and walk out with all the safe money.”A smirk appeared on Sunset’s face. “Who said we’re breaking into the safe?” Blackeye was flabbergasted. “My ears work just fine, right? What’s the point of robbin’ a place if not to get some money?”“Never said this was just a mere robbery either, Blackeye. No, this is something more than that. We’re going in there to create chaos. We go in, we plant an explosive or two, we ransack the tills, and we’re out. Just like that.”“I fail to see what the point of that is,” Marron said. I nodded in agreement. It all seemed like a very risky operation for such little gain. A little money out of some tills, nothing more. Sure, it would be funny to humiliate that bastard Avalanche, but would we really gain something from it?That’s when Sunset cleared his throat, and tilted his head up to the dimly lit ceiling. “This is not about enriching ourselves, lads. This is about starting a fire. People think there’s nothing they can do to change anything. That’s how they took control of this city in the first place. By doing this, we can show this city a different way, and scare some flunkies in the process. We’ll go in and go out like a vapour trail. We all know how a lot of petty criminals do. They have a good time for a minute or five, maybe ten if they’re lucky, then they’re beaten black and blue, or worse. That’s why we’ll be long gone by the time they’ll all show up. They’ll be left cleaning up the mess, while we’ll be here toasting each other. Sound like a plan?” he said, the last sentence with a wink. “Sure thing,” I said, and Blackeye groggily rambled. You could see his point, and if any one of us could pull it off, it would be Sunset. He always had a few aces up his sleeve, and that’s why our hides are still intact. “How will we escape, though?” asked Marron.“Simple,” said Sunset, as he opened up a worn piece of paper from his pocket and slammed it on the desk. “Our fellow lads in the Underworld have opened up the sewers for underground transport, remember? We’ll dash in and out of there. There’s an open manhole behind the building. If everything comes together, we’ll be able to drop in there and fool the police into believing we ran into the alleys nearby with a smoke bomb.”“I tell you what, why don’ we go out there now?” Blackeye asked. ”The sooner we do this, the better I say!”“We’ll do this next evening,” Sunset said. “I want to have sufficient darkness to make an escape possible. They’ll send a bunch of goons after us when we do this, remember. We have to be careful. Don’t want to spend the next decade in a damp prison cell.”Marron folded his arms. “Well, it was time we did something like this, anyway. Can’t just keep it at petty shit until we rattle our cages, can we? Anyway Sunset, I hope you know what you’re doing. I’m not going to prison over your missteps. I’ll kill you myself if it comes to that, I swear.”Sunset lifted the gray cap off of his head. “Calm down. That won’t happen.”Blackeye coughed loud enough to make us all believe he was hacking up a lung. Then I raised my voice. “So, what do we do in the meantime? It’s going to be twelve hours according to your plans. Twelve hours of nothing.”Marron shrugged. “We’ll just have to bide our time, that’s all. Right now though, I’ll be catching up on some sleep, yeah?”“Yeah, that sounds like a plan.”“Yeh, you-” Blackeye spoke, before falling into another fit of raucous coughing. He sounded like a clogged chimney, sort of like how you’d expect someone who has been smoking a pack a day for the last forty years to sound. Blackeye hadn’t smoked anything whatsoever ever since he left his teenage years behind him, though. “Bleh! Caught somethin from that factory stint, did I?”“Factory stint? The hell do you mean?” asked Sunset.“Wha? I never told any of you guys? I broke into a factory a few nights ago and whacked some machines. Didn’t think much of it. Wasn’t even on the news or anything, so what was the point in mentioning it. Nothing, I say. But I might have caught somethin’. Somethin’ or another. I don’t know, I’m no expert on machines, felt fine after I did it, but...”“You never told us anything about this.”“Yeah, yeah, sorry you guys. Should’ve said somethin’ earlier. But I don’t know what’s up with the coughing.”Marron let out the most drawn out sigh imaginable. It felt like it went on for a whole minute, somehow. All of us knew Blackeye wasn’t exactly what anyone would call the most…civilized fellow, and we’d taken him in anyway, but everyone’s patience had a limit. “I think it’s time for you to put the booze down.”“What? No.”“You can come up with another explanation for why you’re coughing as bad as you are, then. Because it certainly isn’t some machine that’s doing this. Either you’ve been sniffing or smoking something, or it’s the bottle.”“Oi, don’t blame me lads. Can’t live in this world without a little joy somewhere. Even if it’s in the bottle, that’s somethin’ still, not nothing. Can ye really blame me for wanting some?”Marron shrugged. “Can’t say you’re wrong about that. But please, can you remain sober until we hit that god awful burger place? I’d rather not go in with someone half present.”Blackeye sighed. “Yes, yes, ye have my word, lad. Trashing an Avalanche’s sounds more fun, anyway.”Sunset tapped a foot. “Alright, enough arguing. Let’s get some rest, shall we? We have work ahead of us tomorrow.”And with that, the talk came to an end. Me and the rest of the crew all went on to catch some sleep. In a few hours, we’d do our biggest hit yet - no more petty criminality and jobs. Finally I’d bring a little more action into my life, instead of letting it slowly rot even further. After years of nothing but decay, someone was going to send the bastards a message. This city wouldn’t know what has hit it. I was looking forward to it.

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Alpine-Chap 16: RepriseControl is an illusion people create for themselves to feel safe. Writing down when events will happen to plan for them: control. Feeling smug in predicting how others will behave: control. Making deals to perform one service in exchange for another: control. It is the feeling that whatever comes next is within one’s power to shape. The dangerous part about it is sometimes that feeling seems to be right. Sometimes the planning, the predicting, and the negotiating leads to the expected outcome. My life improved after he moved in below me, because I thought I had the situation under control. We had agreements. We had stated rules. I was handling him. Control became a safety blanket against the dark shadows of his chaos. It was as comforting as it was useless. Even when everything started to fall apart, I refused to believe that I was powerless to fix it.I had a mid-morning meeting with Clara and Ryan in one of the conference rooms. Dave got overloaded with requests for new customization features that our marketing team said prospective buyers would expect. Implementing the safety features now fell entirely on my shoulders. Clara, as the legal expert, was grilling me and Ryan on what stupid things the user could do to get hurt and the limits of what we could prevent. Basically, she needed to know what “don’t put a baby in the oven” stickers Alpine should have to keep the company from being sued. To be honest though, it felt less like a business meeting and more like I was the third wheel in a conversation between sweethearts. Clara and Ryan knew each other so well that Ryan was able to answer her questions with references to inside jokes. I sat there awkwardly with no idea what was going on until a wayward question would be directed at me. Clara always seemed disappointed in my answers.The out-of-place feeling somehow got worse when Ryan excused himself to take a smoke break with Switch. I thought Clara would take advantage of the time to ask software-specific questions. Instead, she sat at our little, round meeting table in her smart, grey suit, better dressed than everyone in the office except Switch, taking notes. Maybe it was on me to strike up conversation with her, but I opted not to. Even though I had no interest in dating Clara, it is hard for me to look at a woman and avoid making a silent call on whether I have a chance. A professional of her caliber was miles out of my league, and I sort of resented that. I was also terrified of that resentment slipping out. So, as she sipped at her Starbucks monstrosity, scribbling large, confident, looping letters in black pen, I stared down at my tightly clasped hands, pretending I was invisible.I heard the pen cap snap into place. She began, “So, what exactly is the deal with you and Ryan?”“What do you mean?”“I mean, what’s the deal with you two?”I considered shrugging, but that might have been an insult to Clara’s intelligence. The problem was I had no idea what she had picked up on and no intention of feeding her new information if I could help it. I tried to give her a blank, innocent expression. I probably looked guilty as hell.Clara rolled her eyes and scooted her chair closer to mine. In a quieter voice she said, “You know. All that drama you two had with Tim that suddenly disappeared, the covert looks, the secret emails…”“Who said we had secret emails?”“Please. I’ve watched you two go back and forth while sitting six feet from each other. You wouldn’t do that if you were talking about anything work appropriate.”My mouth opened and shut again. I had not explained the situation with Switch to anyone. Starting now seemed like a bad idea. Especially if Ryan had not already clued Clara in. It seemed like he shared most things with her, so he must have had a reason to hold this back.She huffed. “I’m not going to make a big thing out of it. Though if you guys are trying to keep this under wraps, maybe you should be a little more discreet.”“Yeah…” I shifted uncomfortably. “Uh, what exactly do you—um… know about the situation?”“Nothing really, other than I’m glad that if Ryan really insists on keeping himself stuffed in the closet, at least someone’s in there with him.”I blinked. “Christ, you think I’m—” My voice was much too loud. I dropped to a whisper. “We’re not dating. I’m not gay. Why would you think that?”Clara looked puzzled. “Everybody thinks you are. We thought you and Tim had a thing until he started flirting with Janice.”“Why.”“Because you two act different around one another, I don’t know. Actually, I thought Ryan punched you because you had hooked up with him and Tim. So, when Ryan found out about Tim—”“No. That is not what happened. I’d be dating you before I got with either of them.” I cringed the moment after I said that. “I mean—that came out wrong. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with you. It’s in terms of probability. I just don’t think a guy like me has a chance in hell with a girl like you. N-not that I’m saying I want that either. I don’t even know if you’re single, and I—" I buried my bright red face in my hands. I had no idea what her expression was, and I was glad for it. “Can you pretend I never said any of that?”“So… you’re not asking me out for coffee?”I looked up, confused. Clara had a shit-eating grin on and was trying not to laugh. Thank god. Not that I enjoyed her laughing at my expense, but it was better than offending her. I crossed my arms and looked to the side. My cheeks would stop burning when that little spark of hope her teasing ignited in me fizzled out.“I’ll forget you said it. If you and Ryan aren’t dating though, then what are the emails about?”“It’s like this…” Lying on the spot is not my forte. I was frozen as I tried to figure out a half decent one. Clara sipped loudly from her coffee to remind me that she was waiting. I whispered, “I don’t get along with him.”“Who, Ryan?”“No. Not him.”She swirled the straw in her drink. When I did not clarify, she said, “You mean Tim?”“Yeah.”Clara shifted her position and smoothed down her skirt. As gently as she could, she said, “So, I’ve noticed that you avoid saying Tim’s name.” I clenched my fists and hunched my shoulders. Clara sat back, whispering, “Dear God, are you afraid of him?”“I don’t want to talk about it.”“Why would you be scared of him? He wouldn’t hurt a fly.”I stared at the condensation dripping off her plastic coffee cup.“Have you considered seeing someone about that?”“I don’t. Want. To talk about it.”“Yeah, okay.” She glanced out the conference room door into the sea of cubicles. “Where do the emails with Ryan fit in?”I should have stopped her there. Said one more time that I was not going to talk about it. This was not the time or place or person with whom to explain our arrangement. “Ryan tries to keep us apart. He tells me when it’s safe to come to work on weekends. You know. When he’s busy.” I swallowed. “I mean, not when Ryan is busy, when HE is busy.”She looked at me like I was insane.“Ryan’s into him, not me. Ryan knows where he’ll be.”“What? No way. Tim’s too fluffy to be Ryan’s type.”I knew better than to argue for the truth about Switch. “Ryan sleeps at his place most weekends.”“But I thought Tim had a thing with Janice.”“Apparently, he bragged to Ryan about sleeping with someone else in the office. Maybe it’s her.”“You’re kidding. Tim’s with both of them? That doesn’t sound like him at all. And why would Ryan put up with that?”I resented the fact that she thought Switch was some pure angel, while she could easily believe I was the cheating type. Before I could brush the insult aside and clarify that I did not know for sure about Janice and Switch, I smelled smoke. Cherries and s’mores. I looked away from Clara. The tail end of some story Switch was telling drifted into the room. As they came into view, Ryan muttered something sarcastic in response. They both laughed as they parted. Switch’s predator eyes locked onto my guilty ones for a moment before he returned to his desk. My gaze was glued to the floor by the time Ryan retook his seat across from Clara.I was ruined for work after that meeting, so I took the rest of the day off. Bad tv helped me lose time until sunset. By then, I had regained some sense of equilibrium. Chinese takeout was sounding pretty good, and I was planning on ordering more than I could eat, so I could have leftovers for lunch. And maybe dinner the next day. I would just have to grab a shirt to go with my pajama bottoms that almost passed as sweatpants. Picking through the pile of clean laundry I kept shoved in a corner across from my bed was unfruitful. All I had left was a button up and some undershirts. I stared at the dirty pile and frowned. I could do better than that. When I had moved in, I tossed my duffle bag between the couch and the half wall that marked the end of the kitchen. There was a slim chance I had left some clothes in it.I fished the bag out and unzipped the main pocket. Empty. The side pocket was also empty. On a whim, I opened up the little pouch for toiletries, expecting to find nothing since I never used it. There was one black tee crumpled up in it. Curious, I flattened it out to check the design. There was just the jagged text “Lost Warrior.” I shook my head with a dumbfounded smile. It was art class merchandise I had made for my high school best friend’s band. Technically, it was supposed to be “our” band, but I was a terrible musician and a worse singer, so we had agreed to fire me to get someone decent in my place. I thought I had gotten rid of the shirt after he died in a drunken car crash. Back then, I wanted to erase everything that reminded me of him. Now, the memory was more sweet than bitter.I slipped the shirt over my head and smoothed it down my torso. It was a little tight, but it still fit. Nothing like a hint of nostalgia to make take out taste better. I was about to leave when I heard a knock at the door. My heart sank. Why tonight? I remembered catching Switch’s eyes at the office. I slumped to the door. After engaging the door chain, I cracked it open.“We need to talk. Now.”I immediately perked up. “Ryan?”“NOW.”All the gears in my brain spun wildly in panic. I shakily unhooked the chain, and Ryan pushed his way into the apartment. He slammed the door and stared menacingly up at me. “Why did you lie to me?”“What? About what?”“You promised to keep your trap shut about me and Tim.”Oh, shit. “Wait, you and Clara are friends, aren’t you?”Ryan stepped towards me. “What does that have to do with anything!?”I started back peddling. “I mean… I thought—”“I don’t care what you thought. You said you would keep quiet and then you start blabbing everything to her. What do you have to say for yourself?”I should have said sorry. I should have begged for forgiveness. I got defensive instead. “She’s your friend! Why is it a problem?”“Because that bitch can’t keep a secret, and her family knows my family. My parents don’t need to hear about the shit I do in private!”“Clara already knew you were gay.”Ryan shoved me the last few inches into the back wall. He stuck an accusing finger in my face. “I’m not gay. I never said I was.”“So, what, you two aren’t fucking when you sleep over at his place?”Ryan pulled me forward by the collar of my shirt. His dark eyes were seething and the fight in me died. I squeezed my eyes shut and cowered, knowing what would come next. But nothing came except Ryan’s harsh breathing. He let go of me and turned around. “I swear, John, it’s like you want me to punch you!”Bit by bit, I crumpled onto the floor. Seeing him be the bigger man made me realize what a prick I had been. “Sorry.” Ryan glared down at me. “I mean it. You’re right. I screwed up. But I honestly thought Clara didn’t count. Especially not after she told me she thought we were dating.”“Why in the hell would she think that?”“She watched us emailing one another.”“Why does she always have to be such a snoop!” Ryan hopped onto the half wall and buried his face in his hands, mumbling something unintelligible, but clearly unflattering, about Clara.I took that time to carefully craft the correct words. “Ryan, I’m not trying to get myself off the hook here, but she did already think you were gay. If she hadn’t spilled the beans before, I doubt she will now.”In a deadpan tone, Ryan said, “That’s comforting.” He cracked his knuckles then turned back to me. “And what about the other lie?”“What other lie?”“Really? You’re going to make me say it?”I threw my hands up in utter bewilderment.“Do you remember our deal? The whole point of those emails?”“Yeah, I’ve been reading your emails and telling you whatever I know about what he’s doing.”“The point was to help you stay away from him, remember?”I shook my head. “It has been helping. What are you—?” The meat of his implied accusation hit me. “So, I’m a liar because I carpooled with him when I had a flat tire? What else was I going to do? I couldn’t be late for that meeting.”“Tim told me about it the day it happened. You didn’t say a word about it until three days later when I wanted to know what was wrong with him.”“I got busy fixing my car and then it… It slipped my mind.”“You carpooled with the dude who makes you go comatose, and it slipped your mind.”“He’s backed off a lot lately. And I think you deserve a lot of credit for that. It’s given me a chance to think about something other than him all the time. So yeah, just once, it slipped my mind.”“Oh, I see. So, his change in behavior has nothing to do with that deal you two made?”I went dead silent.“Yeah, Tim told me about that too.”I cleared my throat, finally seeing the trench I had fallen into. There had to be a way out. As long as I did not dig in any deeper, I could get out of that hole.Ryan slid off the half wall and walked around it to the couch. For a moment, he kneeled. Then, he walked back into the kitchen and sat on the floor in front of me. “I saw this on my way in.” He placed a glass filled with grey-tinted dingey water in front of me. Switch’s waterlogged cigarette had sunk to the bottom.“He-said-he-couldn’t-be-alone-and-you-were-busy.”“I know. He already told me. Though, stupid me, since I never got a confirmation from you, I thought he was lying. Afterall, why would you let him into your apartment. You’re terrified of him. Right? That’s the whole reason I’ve been doing this with you. RIGHT?!”“Yes! And he still scares me, but I’m trying to get a handle on him, so you—”“What the hell is this game you two are playing?!”“I DON’T KNOW!” I covered my face with my hands, and repeated in a strangled whisper, “I don’t know.”I heard the clicks of Ryan bringing his lighter to life. The snap as he closed it again. Some deep, ignorant, selfish part of me wanted to ask him not to smoke in my apartment. Having a thought like that in a time like this made me feel even worse. Ryan exhaled towards the ceiling. It looked like he was considering something. Weighing unknown options. He stood up and said, “I’m done.”“With what?”Ryan gave me a dirty look, and I wilted. “With helping you.” Panic brought me back to my feet. “No, Ryan, please. I still need you to—”“No. You don’t. You lie more than he does, and I’m done with it.”“Are you joking? Just because I made some mistakes and forgot to tell you some things doesn’t mean I was lying!”“I don’t have the time or patience to fix both of you, and the fact of the matter is, I like Tim a hell of a lot better than I like you.”“Well, sorry I’m not fucking you!”Ryan slammed his fist on the half wall, crushing his cigarette. When he picked his hand up again, he tightly flexed it open and closed. Dried tobacco and ash crumbled off his palm onto the floor. “Tim is pleasant. You are miserable. Tim does what I ask. You don’t. Tim knows when he’s being selfish. You haven’t got the slightest clue. Who would you stand by in my position?”I wrapped my fingers around the back of my neck. It was not supposed to be like this. I was supposed to have fixed things with Switch and then told Ryan he would not need to help me anymore. That was what had I wanted. I swallowed hard. “Probably not me.”“I’m glad we’re on the same page about that.” Ryan dropped the remains of his crumpled cigarette into the water glass. He reached for the pack in his pants pockets to get another. “Sounds like you’re getting the situation under control without me anyway.”I desperately wanted to argue to that sentiment. Tell him what my intentions had been. But there was no point. All I could do now was try not to screw things up further. “I’m trying.”Ryan nodded absentmindedly. “Just so it’s on the table, if you honestly clam up about me and Tim now, we’re not going to have any problems at work. I know how to be professional.”“I know.”“But if you don’t…” Ryan left the threat open-ended as he walked to the door and opened it. He took a step through, then looked back. “John, you should seriously get some help. Our health insurance covers therapy. I checked.”“It hasn’t ever helped.”“I’m sorry. That sucks.” Ryan closed the door.I looked around my apartment. It felt foreign. The space emptier and more distant than it should have been. I grabbed the water glass with the two cigarettes and poured the miasma down the drain.
Short Prose
The Girl With No NameI met her at the school dance. She was the prettiest girl I had ever met. Her hair was curly and black as ebony, her eyes were like two sparkling emeralds, and she had cute little freckles sprinkled across her nose. She was an exchange student from Ireland, and I loved her gentle voice, which was laced with a beautiful Irish accent. It was a cold winter's night, just a few days before Christmas, when we met each other in the gymnasium. We were both sort of shy as we laid eyes upon one another, but the girl had enough courage to ask me to dance. We seemed to click, and I swear I could feel romance blossoming between us. But I never got to know much about her, because she left a week later. I was told her family moved away, either to a new town or back to Ireland. I was shocked at this news, because I met her at that dance the night before and I never got a chance to get to know her. She was just someone I danced with that night. I never even got to know her name, and I don't think she got to know mine. It's quite a shame, but did it really matter if I got to know her name or not? We didn't even exchange phone numbers when the dance ended, nor did we talk about our interests. Maybe if I asked her what her name was and gave her my number, we would keep in touch with each other once she left. But did that really make a difference? If I had the time to get to know her, she would become my girlfriend or something like that. But now that she's gone, I'll only remember her as that Irish exchange student I danced with that night. Just another pretty girl that I never had the chance to go steady with. How will I ever know what her name was? I met her at the school dance on that cold winter night. I still remember her curly black hair, her gorgeous green eyes, her freckled face, and the pretty green dress that she wore. I remember her gentle voice and delightful accent. But does it even matter if we knew each other or not? She never gave me her phone number. She never talked about her family. Now that I think about it, we never spoke to each other much after the dance ended. But now that she left, how would we be able to speak to each other without any contact information? I still remember the girl with no name. The girl who came from another country and developed a nice bond with me. Through each other's eyes, we were strangers that we hardly even knew. I don't know if she might come back to see me or not, but it doesn't matter right now. We met, we danced, and we've never seen each other since. But the memory of that girl, I will never forget. It will always be stored in my brain like my first kiss with a girl I once loved....
Musica the Witch WIPThe blaring sound of an electric guitar reign through the air with an ear-piercing screech. Along with it came a robotic monster who flew through the air, hitting the ground, and rolled to a stop with a groan of pain. As he staggered to his feet, moaning loudly in pain and frustration, the dust settled as the battle was nearing its climax. The monster was tall, at least 7 feet in total, not including the chiseled hammer with a flat face that was attached to a metal arm on a flywheel in the center of his triangular pyramid-shaped head, red in color. On either side of this pick-ax type contraption with a set of triangular eyes with golden irises which pierced through the dust, as the monster glared in anger at their oncoming foe. He creaked his silver neck as he rolled his head as if to hype himself up for more. His torso was rectangular in shape with the shoulders sloping down into his chest, a set of arms on either side with two matching hammer-fists similar to the one sprouting from the middle of his forehead. He raised these fists up to his face, bobbing and weaving like a boxer about to become down-and-out. His blocky feet attached to coil-like legs shakes and quivered from the beating he had just received, but held his weight up. This was Hammer-Slam, and he was on the ropes. Before him came walking a silhouette through the dust. As the dust settles, a feminine feigned emerged. She had short black hair beneath an oversized witch’s hat that dwarfed her overwise tiny frame from the towering, pointed tip to the wide brim wider than her shoulders. Her piercing brown eyes shined with confidence, just as much as her dazzling, cocky smile. With her red robe with gold trimming, a black tube-top with black suspenders which held up black short-shorts with red and gold pointed shoes, this was most certainly Musica the Witch, one of the most wanted and hated heroes by the Monster Empire. In her right hand was her weapon, a large staff with a pointed bottom with three black rings like a screw. It was the top that was the business, however, as the top was adorned with a rectangular-box-shaped speaker with two sets of cones and dust caps on opposite sides. Her weapon was impressive at roughly 1 1/2 times taller than she was without her comedically oversized hat, and Hammer-Slam had just witnessed firsthand how much of a punch that weapon of hers can dish out. He was quite the stubborn one, but Musica didn’t care. She liked the longer fights. Musica held out her weapon, pointing the speaker end toward the shaking monster before her. With a bright, confident smile plastered all over her face, she asked, “You give up, or are you ready for more?” Hammer-Slam huffed loudly in annoyance. He wasn’t the kind to let a defeat happen so easily. His eyes twitched with anger before he flailed about, roaring a battle cry of sorts. “I am Hammer-Slam!” He then shouted in his deep robotic voice, “And I will not be defeated by the likes of you or any human!” Musica dipped the brim of her hat over her eyes, as she rested her large weapon onto her shoulder. She snickered before lifting her gaze back up to the monster with the look of excitement written all over her face. “Then let’s tango, Robo-Boy!” She cried out before suddenly sped towards him in a flash. Hammer-Slam was taken back by her sudden charge, but regained his composure quickly and ran toward her. He swung with his left arm, but Musica was too fast, dodging below his swing in a blink of an eye. It was her turn now, as she brought her club-like staff down in a downward swing at the robotic menace. Hammer-Slam was quicker this time, blocking her blow as the speakers sang out with another screech of an electric guitar. As Hammer-Slam was shaken and tired, Musica had that combative fire burning in her eyes as she wanted more. “Is that all you got, Robo-Boy? I thought the Monsters sent a real challenge this time!” She taunted him with glee. “Shut up!” Shouted Hammer-Slam who had just about enough of this arrogant girl. He brought his right hand over and swung it down at Musica while he roared out loudly. Musica dodged yet again, jumping backward and away from his attack. She was proving to be too fast for the robotic monster to keep up with. Hammer-Slam was panting, frustration and anger building up inside while Musica smiled confidently some more, resting her staff on her shoulder again, waiting for the fight to come to her....
The Wind BlowsHe is dead. His body, spread on the white bed; His heart still and silent, waiting to be carried away. His wife, on her knees beside him, her white hair brushing against his cheek. She melts into her own tears, almost hoping she would be taken away too. Silence.The wind blows.She remembers the first time they met. The start of their journey together. She remembers that day, at a friend's party. As people danced and ate under the stars, she sat to the side, still depressed from a car accident killing her unfortunate mother, a few months ago.A man wearing a loose black tie walked over to her."I'm not quite a party person," she said."Neither am I," he responded, smiling warmly.A comfortable silence."Your name?""Charles.""I'm Sarah. Nice to meet you." This was the first time she has smiled in a while.The wind blew.She remembers their wedding, a year later. It was in a garden, the best place a wedding could take place. She remembers the moment he handed her the ring. The love she felt. Tears of happiness fell. The calm breeze blew.She remembers the time at the hospital when, for the first time, their baby was brought before their eyes. She remembers her husband's excited cries. The child was named "Joy."She remembers how Joy seemed to grow so fast. Elementary school, middle school, and in what felt like no time at all, her graduation day arrived. They threw a big backyard party. Sarah could never have felt more proud of her daughter. As she danced around, the wind blew.She remembers the sad moments too though. Just a month ago, Joy was riding her bicycle, on her way back home. A car came full speed. Joy was gone. The wind blows.She remembers the funeral. People dressed in black, tears dripping slowly onto the church grounds. Sarah shakes her head, deciding she would not think about it.Then, she remembers what just occurred minutes ago. Her husband. Two angry men. Fighting. Death.Sarah pounds the bed with her fist. How can anger be so strong, it results in something like this?The wind blows.
Non Fiction
A Day In My Life IVLet me just say: WTF? Yesterday was an extremely stressful emotional rollercoaster ride. I was in the bathroom about to wash my hands when I heard a heart-wrenching yelp coming from my dog. I burst from the bathroom thinking he had broken his leg again. I found him stretched across the threshold to my bedroom on his side. He had a seizure that lasted about thirty seconds and he peed a little on the floor. Needless to say, I freaked out. I called the vet and got him in. I determined it was caused by the new allergy medicine he was taking. He had a seizure last year when he took, I think a chew to maintain joints. Two weeks on the medicine and bam! Seizure.When we got to the vet we were in one of the rooms waiting and through the walls I heard someone getting their pet being put down. I felt terrible for the owner, at the same time I was panicking over my dog. The vet checked him out and said he was okay, just to discontinue the medicine. My dog is my baby and when I heard him cry out for help it broke my heart. He's resting comfortably next to me as I write this curled up in his sweater asleep. I had to go grocery shopping this morning and it was hard to leave him even for a short period of time after what happened yesterday. Thankfully, my sister looked after him so he's not alone. I'm so grateful I can work from home, especially with all his health issues. I did plan to write a Valentine bonus chapter for my story A Little Spark and I may still do that I just don't know if I'll get it done in time. I'll try to.I hope everyone is doing well and that they stay safe out there. Michiganders: More snow on the way! Ugh!
A Day In My Life IIIAny Michiganders out there? That was quite a storm we got yesterday. Every time I went out to walk the dog I got snow blown in my face and the wind didn't help much either.... The dog refused to go far from the house to do his business, though he wore his winter coat. I wish I had a hat but any time I tried to get him a hat it's never fit properly.On another note, Jack, my dog, did something absolutely sweet. I was upset yesterday because I misplaced something important. I eventually found it, but in an effort to make me feel better he trotted to my bedroom to retrieve his hedgehog squeaker toy and brought it to me. The toy is too big for his tiny mouth so he carries it by biting the snout. We played a game of fetch and afterward I felt a lot better. He can always coax a smile and laugh from me. I went shopping for some office-y type clothes, I think it was last weekend and I saw a t-shirt that said something like my valentine has paws. I would have bought it but it was 40 bucks, a bit pricey for me.I've never been into celebrating valentines' day, and its especially hard to get together with people because of the pandemic but when I saw that shirt it just said it all. So, on V-Day, I'll buy some chocolate, curl up with my dog read a book, or watch something on TV. There's no one I'd rather spend the day with! Speaking of, a certain canine is giving me an expectant look right now. Its time for his afternoon walk and snack.Have a great day everyone and stay safe!
A Day In My Life II dressed my dog up in his winter coat, a grey fleece jacket with a faux fur collar. Then I took him for a walk this morning. I live in the Midwest and winters are often brutal here. We haven’t had a lot of snow this year. I think our last snow fall was around New Year’s and it was mostly freezing rain. It has melted and refrozen so much that every step in the yard is treacherous. The cold wind makes my face numb and I often fumble in my pockets for my hat and gloves while juggling the dog’s leash.Not to mention dodging the poop bombs all over the yard. It’s killer to get out of the tread in my winter boots. I can’t tell you how many times last year I went to the outside hydrant with an old toothbrush and spent thirty minutes scrubbing out in the cold. Fortunately, I’ve dodged the bullet so to speak this year.I’m tempted to shovel up the doggy poo and toss it into my neighbor’s field, so I won’t step in it. But that would not be right. No matter that every time one of my family member’s goes outside, he hops into his side-by-side and zooms into his field and along the back fence behind the house to spy on us.Fortunately, he just wants to see what’s going on and rarely talks to us.Now, I’m just relaxing inside typing up this journal on the couch, my dog lying beside me taking a nap under a blanket. I thought it might be fun to share some of my ordinary daily life. I’ve never thought of myself as an interesting person, but I’ve started to think that maybe that’s not true. I may not go out and socialize much. I prefer curling up with a good book and my dog or watching a TV series. Occasionally I’ll do a jigsaw puzzle because it helps calm the OCD jitters.But I think everyone has a story to tell and its worth listening to even if they aren’t going out to the bar every night with friends. Not that anyone can do that right now with COVID restrictions in place. I’ve never been a bar person since I don’t drink so it doesn’t affect me much.P.S. I really recommend the jigsaw puzzles. They are making a comeback in popularity. I buy mine at the dollar store because I’m frugal and I remember when you could get good puzzles for a dollar and I won’t pay more than that!
Fan Fics
Kimana's Garden Located in one of the more posh districts of Republic City stood an impressive four-story property belonging to a large family. The estate itself took up an entire city block.The architecture remained quite striking. Not to mention the enchanting gardens on the premises. All of it seemed to be out of some feudal fairy tale. You'd think a family living in such extravagant circumstances to be utter snobs.However, the family that resided at this magnificent property? They're quite generous, friendly people. They even rented their spare rooms out to those going through hard times.Currently, the family doesn't have any boarders residing with them, which is alright. They'd come and go regularly. The family was in the vast dining room having breakfast.A family of seven sat at the long ornate table. The patriarch and matriarch of the family sat at the head of the table. On the left side sat their son and daughter-in-law. On the right side were their grandson, his wife, and their great-grandson.A virtual feast had been spread out on the table. Suitable to serve three times the number of people sitting at the table. Everyone at the table followed traditional etiquette flawlessly, from arranging the table to having impeccable posture.The family gave thanks for their bountiful meal, plus any other blessing they'd to provide. Then they began to eat their meal. The patriarch, Azulon, sipped his tea before addressing his daughter-in-law. "Dear daughter, please tell me how is the flower shop renovation coming along?""Oh, it's coming along splendidly, Father. However, the store will remain closed until the improvements are finished. Not to despair, I'm quite occupied ensuring the blossoms in the garden will be ready when we reopen.""No doubt, daughter, your business with thrive even more than your perennials by the time it reopens, " her mother-in-law replied cheerfully."I'm more than confident it will, dear Mother. So, consequently, how do you two feel regarding your upcoming cruise? Seeing how you're leaving for it the day after tomorrow.""We're packed and thrilled going away on a fourteen-day voyage. What better way to celebrate renewing our wedding vows then taking a second honeymoon?" Azulon replied with happiness."Well, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself, Father. Don't fret. I'll be able to get you to your ship without a problem," their son assured them."We do not doubt that, Iroh. You've never disappointed us in the past. So there no reason to believe you'll start now.""Well, at least we'll be able to tell you our baby gender when you get home," their grandson Lu Ten added playfully—glancing at his wife Ursa's growing belly."Yes, I cannot wait to have the gender reveal party. I only wish we didn't need to spend a week away because the regional hospital is also undergoing upgrades. It's such bad timing for me and any other expecting mother. Given we've to go to the neighboring city over for any OB assistance," Ursa replied with a slight frown."Hopefully, they'll have that part of the hospital finished in time for your baby's birth," Ilah tried to cheer up her granddaughter-in-law."I hope you're right, dear Mother," Ursa smiled anew. Although her in-laws were Kimana and Iroh, she never felt comfortable calling them Mother or Father. It felt too awkward with them. Therefore she referred to her grandparents-in-law as dearest Mother and dearest Father. It felt more right than it did with Kimana and Iroh.All this time, the youngest of the family, Zuko, hadn't said a word. However, one look into his stunning gold eyes showed he wasn't doing well. His grandmother noticed this and decided to try and help. "Zuko, darling?" as his head shot up hearing his name."Yes, Grandmother?" he inquired while his glamorous grandmother smiled at him."Why are you looking so blue? Aren't you excited about your sleepover with Akira and Hideki?" referring to his best friends."I'm thrilled about that, Grandmother," he reassured her. However, from the looks his females relative gave him? They all guessed what Zuko's problem was. Its never easy for an only child to accept that they're getting a sibling. The everyday worries, whether they'll still be loved or discarded when the baby is born. Also, the fear regarding what kind of sibling they'll be. Or if their new one will even like them. Perfectly normal feelings considering the situation.A few hours later, Zuko said goodbye to his parents. They promised they pick him up a present while they were gone. Making sure he knew they loved him before going on a long car ride. Zuko looked very down after they left. He got so depressed he didn't even practice his Tsungi horn which he did at the same time every day."I'll talk to him," Kimana reassured her partner. "You better get some extra rest in, considering how long your drive will be to drop of your parents for their cruise," she kissed his cheek then went to find her grandson.She unearthed him outside near the miniature pond they'd on the property. Figures as this were his favorite place within the estate. "Zuko? Darling? Can we please talk?" his grandmother called out warmly.He looked up at her and nodded. Settling down by the water edge, she smiled, "Tell me, Zuko, are you anxious regarding the new baby?" Sighing, he nodded, "I'm so confused with my feelings. On the one hand? I know my parents would never forsake me that they'll love me just the same.On the other hand? I can't help but feel a twinge of anxiety that they will forsake me. I've heard horror stories like that from my classmates. Plenty of them told me about how parents end up playing favorites. Loving one child more than the other," he refused to show his tears.Kimana could only sigh. For it was valid, plenty of parents indulged one child. They didn't love their children equally as they should. She also hated parents like that because they spoiled their favorite child rotten.Kimana knew enough that you should never spoil a child. If you did? They grow up ignorant, egotistical, and lazy. They feel entitled and never work for anything, given their parents handed them everything on a silver platter. "I won't lie, Zuko. The shameful truth is? Some parents, unfortunately, do play favorites. It's never right, quite the opposite. It's downright inexcusable. Furthermore, darling, those higher up do not approve of it in the least bit.""Do you think my parents will end up doing that? That I'll never be loved again? Appreciate just being myself? That I'll be discarded like yesterday's garbage?" he asked fearfully.Kimana shook her head, "I can at least promise you this, my darling. Your parents would never play favorites. Your grandfather and I raised your father right. Also, you know you're mother is as angelic as they come. I know them both well enough they wouldn't do that. However, I do understand what you're going through. I went through the same thing when my younger sister Nurita was born."Zuko blinked in bewilderment. "I thought you and Auntie Nurita got along perfectly."Kimana chuckled before replying, "Zuko, no set of siblings get along ideally. Getting annoyed and fighting with them is utterly par for the course. There will be times each of you will be envious of the other. Or yes, feel your parents are paying more attention to the other.It's expected to get so mad at one other occasion you wish they disappear. But, those perfectly normal feelings are part of every sibling relationship. Or relationships in general. No need to stew regarding those."He looked downcast at hearing that. Then his grandmother lifted his chin smiling again, "Of course, they're also times you'll be able to share special moments that you can both teach each other essential things. You'll fight tooth and nail for your sibling.It all rounds itself out eventually. So yes, I love my sister even though we don't always see eye to eye. Yes, more than once, we're both so furious with each other we'd negative thoughts for days. But in the end? No matter what happens, we'll always be sisters who love each other, despite the things each of us has done wrong. So, don't fret about the new baby, Zuko. Everything will work out just fine."He looked more encouraged by her words then hugged her tightly. She gave him an extra hug before asking. "Do you want to help me in the garden? I've some flowers that need planting before they can go to the shop.""Okay! I'd like that!" he took her hand as they went to the woodshed to get the landscaping tools. They duo started planting blue and magenta lilacs. Blue symbolizes happiness and tranquility. Magenta indicates love and passion. Next to the lilac, they planted pink, orange, and purple lilies. Pink lilies stand for love, admiration, compassion, and femininity.Orange lilies symbolize energy, warmth, confidence, and honor. Purple Lilies represent pride, success, dignity, admiration & accomplishment. Then some red and purple tulips are next to pink and white carnations. Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty. Pink carnations became a symbol of a mother's undying and eternal love for her children. White carnations symbolize purity and luck.After finishing in the backyard, they went inside to clean up for lunch. Kimana then urged Zuko to get his chores done before his friends showed up for the sleepover. While her grandson went to do his tasks, Kimana fetched two different flowerpots. She'd already discussed this with her mother and daughter-in-law.They both desired a unique gender reveal party, something genuinely original. Therefore, Kimana had been cultivating a pot of orchids to symbolize a girl. And in another pot a Sweet William for a boy. Ursa promised to phone ahead after they found out the baby's gender. After being told Kimana would plant the correct gender's flowers, she'd hide it until the unveiling at the party.Three weeks later, the family and their friends gathered together for the gender reveal party. They planned plenty of activities before the big reveal. Finally, after several hours they got to the point of the party.With great anticipation, Kimana revealed she'd planted orchids! Zuko was to have a little sister! Everyone congratulated the couple. All in all, the future looked pretty bright for this growing family!
Who Let the Cats Out?The copper-colored sun ascended toward the morning skies, showering the utopian municipality Crystal Tokyo in its tender, life-giving radiance. The cornflower heavens remained devoid of any clouds. Honestly a perfect June day. Gazing out of a single diamond turret of the Crystal Palace stood three little kittens.The oldest was an ebony female with snow-white ears, tail, and feet. Her ruby orbs looked striking as her gold collar where the letter "C" dangled. The middle child, and only male, had the reverse coloring of his elder sibling. His eyes glittered like emeralds, and his gold collar, the letter "A," dangled. The youngest and runt of the litter? She'd light silvery fur, shimmering rosy eyes, and wore a carmine collar with a small silver chime.One characteristic all shared was a golden crescent moon upon their foreheads. An additional trait the three siblings held in common? Like their parents, they possessed the capability of speech. Furthermore, they were essentially as intelligent as humans."Children!" called out an older female voice, "Time for breakfast!""Coming, Mother!" as the trio made their way down to the dining hall. Awaiting the trio were their parents, Luna and Artemis, both smiling proudly at their babies. The feline family remained highly tight-knit. They regularly had their meals together, said "I love you" as frequently as possible, and made time for family bonding. Whether it was listening to their eldest Comet playing the piano, Or their son Asteroid challenging them to chess, or merely playing with a ball of yarn with their youngest Diana.Whatever the lunar felines did, they made sure to do it together. Family is, of course, an essential element in the universe. Your companions, moreover loved ones, make up your family, and life would be half-done and meaningless devoid of them."So, what are you three up to today? Seeing how Small Lady and her companions are practicing for their exams today," Luna inquired while savoring the freshly caught salmon they're consuming."We thought we do a bit of exploring today, Mom. So, therefore, we figured we take an excursion outside and enjoy the fresh air," Comet answered, beaming."You're confident you'll be alright? Even with how nonviolent the capital is, they're still some mean-spirited youngsters who might do you harm. Also, it would be best if you weren't run over," their father voiced his anxieties."We'll be fine, Dad. We'll make sure to stick to the pathway laid out for the imperial dynasty. We already know that by heart. Thus you won't have to fret at all," his male offspring replied soothingly."You'll stick together, correct? Watch out for each other?" Luna demanded while eyeing their youngest. Of course, with Diana being the runt, she naturally raised some anxiety."Don't worry, Mommy! I'll be with Comet and Asteroid! Nothing dangerous going to happen to me!" chimed Diana with her tiny bell jingling."Okay, as long as you don't stray from the path. Be sure to return before supper. Love you all so much," as their parents squeezed them tightly. With a smile on their faces, the children headed outside. The trail laid out for the imperial family's daily walk stretched roughly three miles. The footpath remained pristine white, and the surrounding grounds were well-kept.There was nothing to worry about as they started to walk; they passed an enormous artificial lake christened Lake of Tranquility during the first part of the walk. It was named in honor of the Sea of Tranquility on the moon. The kittens advanced over to the docks to get a better view of the water. Gliding across the water were Trumpeter Swans. Everlastingly dignified, graceful, and truly majestic. Diana had a wistful expression on her face watching the sophisticated waterfowl."Do you two remember that ancient novel in the archives? The one about a Trumpeter Swan that couldn't talk?" she inquired curiously."Yes, "The Trumpet of the Swan" by E. B. White, who also wrote the acclaimed"Charlotte's Web." her older sister replied immediately. But, of course, Comet would know that, given she was the bookworm in the family.Asteroid, on the other hand? He favored chess, logic puzzles, and playing 30th-century pastimes on the computer. Diana hadn't found her nitch yet; however, she loved trying new things to see what they might lead to."Well, the trumpeters are quite a sight to behold, without a doubt. However, I'd like to head toward the park further down the trail. We might be able to observe a chess game, or rather play one.""You and chess! The only one who offers you any challenge in that game is Sailor Mercury, who is still the prevailing chess champion of Crystal Tokyo," Comet spoke, slightly exasperated."That's not nice, sister. However, it's not our brother's fault the committee refuses to allow a kitten to participate in the championship," Diana reminded her sister."It's okay, Diana. Comet's just doing a bit of friendly teasing, is all. Come, let's continue on our stroll," as they departed the dock heading for the park where the chessboards were.To Asteroid's delight, some older gentlemen were engaged in a game. The kittens quickly climbed up a small tree to get a better view of the game. So naturally, Asteroid delivered commentary plus added his own two senses in. "He should've moved his knight instead of his rook," he commented after a disastrous move by one of the gentlemen.Diana glanced up at her big brother in astonishment. "How can you possibly remember all the rules or how each piece moves, big brother?""I've studied the game long and hard, little sister. I've done an abundance of research on renowned chess players of ages past. Hence I'm more than capable of predicting how a game will go.""Then tell us who shall win this game?" inquired Comet, to which her brother promptly answered. "The gentleman who is playing with the white pieces. He shall triumph in precisely three moves."Which turned out to be correct. After the game concluded, the trio continued on their merry way. Their little bellies were getting noticeably louder. Then, Diana remembered where a food stand was where the lady always gave everyone food.They did locate the food stand where the generous lady offered them some bites of seafood to eat. After finishing their lunch and thanking the lady, the kittens continued on their way.They paused as some street musicians performed. They were digging the live concert, filling the air with glorious sounds of music. Finally, the performers finished playing while thanking the kitties for being such a wonderful audience.They're starting to reach the end of their walk as the pathway begins to curve back towards the palace. Feeling a bit exhausted, they found a good patch in the sun to rest. While resting, they enjoyed hearing a mother nearby reading a book aloud to her children. After the mother finished the book, the kittens continued on their way home.Finally, they reached their home where their parents were waiting. They seemed anxious, but their babies assured them it had been a pleasant non-eventful walk. Smiling happily, the family of five hurried to get some dinner. All in all, a great day to be alive!
Trolls: Two-Faced Ballad"Hm, hm, hm, hm..."The first thing that alerted her was the light breeze that licked at her back, signifying the now open window. The second was the abrupt quietness that overcame their pod, the soft humming of a small voice taking the place of his earlier rowdy play."What are you doing over there?" Rosiepuff asked over her shoulder, heavily focused on the dinner she was preparing."Pretty song, g'amma!" came a shrill reply.She smirked; her grandson was still too young to fully pronounce certain words, "grandma" being one of them. Teaching him to speak at all had been a task and a half, but once he'd gotten the hang of it, he shot off like a bullet. She was rather impressed with how quickly he learned new skills, something he'd surely gotten from his mother...either that, or she was just an excellent teacher!Sighing, she found her smile drooping into something sadder. Cold memories tugged at her heart and it was at times like this that she wished greatly for the presence of her daughter. So many things that could have been avoided, days of fear that threatened to turn them all grey with its weight and the promised consequences of their actions looming widely over them until...Sometimes she lie awake at night. She often wondered if they'd made the right choice in leaving.A fit of giggling from the small boy behind her served as a solid reminder.She sighed again, this time in anticipation of whatever silly display had managed to catch his attention. Setting down her utensils, she made her way over to the window and, more importantly, the small blue troll sitting quite contently halfway out of it. He didn't acknowledge her approach and she watched him, amused, as he bobbed his little head from side to side, a string of hums still filing out from a closed smile. Her aging back protested some as the woman bent to peer out into the night, hoping to catch a glimpse of what was so entrancing. The moon sat nearly full in the sky, insects playing their nocturnal tune, and a gentle summer wind set their home into a lazy sway. Outside their cage, even the Bergens were making their ways inside for the night...but no song.Branch still rocked in time at her side, thoroughly enjoying whatever it was he was hearing. Her brow furrowed slightly, confused, and she breathed just a little quieter in concentration.Nothing came.Quirking her mouth over to one side, the old troll let out a hum of her own before chuckling."These old ears just don't hear the way they used to," she reasoned, turning back toward the stove, "why don't you sing it to me, raindrop?"He needed the practice anyway...for all his deep comprehension, singing seemed to be what he struggled with most as of late. It would-"Ah, ah, ah, ahhh~"She froze instantly, dropping the glass bowl she was holding. At once, she whirled around to stare at her grandson in abject horror. Hearing the commotion, Branch spun to look at her in return. All at once, his grandmother was on him quicker than he'd ever seen, yanking him away from his perch and pulling their curtains closed with such force he thought they might shred in her grasp. The song still played outside, but he was no longer entertained by it. He felt a rising anxiousness at his guardian's behavior, never having seen even a hair out of place on her before. He wondered vaguely if he'd sung it wrong..."...g'amma...?"Rosiepuff said nothing, mind reeling and she fought to calm her shaken nerves. It couldn't be...he was too young. A familiar burn ignited in her stomach and in the array of rushing emotions, she settled on fear, then anger. She remained still, afraid that any moment could act as a spark and they'd be thrust back into a life she'd already lived...a life she'd had to feel loss to escape from. A pull at her dress broke the purple troll out of her haze, looking down into the now teary eyes of her grandson. Her breath hitched and in one fluid motion, she scooped the child into her arms and began the journey back into the kitchen. There was no point in putting on a cheery mask for him, not now. He would see straight through it anyway. Instead, she elected an unwavering stubbornness and without casting even a single glance at the window, she spoke with firmness."Ignore it."

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We Bare Bears Wish Upon A Christmas Star Cover by LoneBoy48
WOP: Jacqueline Character sheet (Wulver Half) by LittleDevil-888
WOP: Jacqueline Character Sheet (Human Half) by LittleDevil-888
Character Sheet: Deana by Master-Geass
Rules for Being a Girl Book ReviewThis YA novel by Candace Bushnell and Katie Cotugno certainly highlights the double standard girls face in society. I especially like that Bushnell and Cotugno have a list of rules for being a girl on the back cover of the book. Its simple, direct, and powerful. The main character Marin has a goal of going to an Ivy League school but her millennial teacher Bex is only interested in helping her for a price. And like in most cases when there is a power differential between men and women it involves sex. Marin reports Bex for his predatory behavior but the school administration does not believe her. They think she’s exaggerating because Bex is so popular with the students. He comes from a wealthy family. He couldn’t possibly be a creep.Through her experience Marin becomes aware of how boys view girls and some of the prejudice girls face in society and decides to challenge the status quo. She takes a lot of heat from both teachers and students alike. However, she does not give up. She learns she is worthy of respect and that she is right to stand up to behavior that has been viewed as acceptable for so long.I think a lot of girls can relate to this story and I think guys should read it too to understand how girls are made to feel about themselves because of their gender.When I was in school we had our own Bexs’. Young male teachers that would flirt with the female students and often say inappropriate things and no one thought anything of it. I have no idea if things went beyond flirting though.I realize this does not apply to all male high school teachers but the ones I knew were obviously high school stars back in their day and being a teacher was a way to relive their ‘glory days.’

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St. Valentine's Day Contest

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Zak vs Berg ExcerptSally removed Larry’s collar last and the Sacred Guards ran across the pier to find a bow, crouching near the quiver of arrows where he began shooting at Bermuda’s soldiers. Zak saw Sally run to the walkway where Drebin, Martin, and Drady were defending. He looked up at the ship where Berg Grey leapt over the railing, crashing onto the pier before him. “Just you and me, Zak.” Berg stood up, standing at the same height as Zak, and he drew his sword and shield. Zak noticed Berg’s breastplate and the chainmail he wore beneath, letting out a breath as he spun his crystalline steel bo staff. Zak’s eyes darted side to the side, then to the pier where he struck it with the end of his bo staff, putting a hole in it. He put several holes in it, crouched, and stuck his hand through one of the holes—conjuring bubbles of boiling water beneath the holes in the pier. The bubbles were suspended in midair, levitating above the seawater beneath the pier but beneath the wooden boards, and the bubbles steamed and bubbled as they appeared unstable—even though they were held together by magic, they looked as if they could explode any moment. Zak stood up, spun his bo staff, and signaled Berg to approach. The retired Sacred Guard Champion chuckled, running to the side to avoid the holes in the pier, and as he moved around the holes Zak moved in the opposite direction, preventing Berg from reaching him by going around. “Coward,” Berg let out, “fight me with honor, face to face and man to man.” Zak smirked. “Would a coward avoid the holes or run through them?” Berg growled and his face reddened. Zak struck the pier, making another hole, conjuring a boiling bubble from the end of his staff. Spinning his staff, he struck his opposite side, conjuring yet another one. He faced Berg as steam rose from the holes, creating a smoke screen between him and Berg. Zak leapt back, noticing that Berg was still hidden from his sight by the fog of steam. He struck the pier multiple times, making numerous holes around himself, where more boiling bubbles only thickened the steam cloud. Zak stepped into the steam cloud, hiding himself from view. He cocked his bo staff back like a baseball bat, conjuring a boiling bubble in front of himself, and struck it with the staff—sending it flying towards Berg’s last known location. After Zak’s follow through of his swing, he conjured a second boiling bubble, and struck it—sending it flying towards Berg. He ducked down and charged Berg’s location, running through the holes that were made between them, and he swung his staff low when Berg’s silhouette first came into view—striking Berg’s calf. Zak’s staff stopped when it struck Berg’s leg, connecting on the side where his shin guard didn’t protect his skin, but thanks to Berg’s magic making him immovable and granting him iron-like skin, the staff stopped on impact and Berg stood his ground. Berg’s long blond hair and beard swayed as he jerked to the side, raising his shield to defend his torso, and stabbed at Zak. He dodged by jumping back, causing Berg to vanish from the thick cloud of steam, and Zak couldn’t help but wonder if his strike to Berg’s leg had caused the man any pain or not. Berg’s silhouette came into view as he charged, fully coming into view, forcing Zak to move back—leading Berg onto the holes where they the boiling bubbles rose all around Berg and popped, bursting boiling water all over Berg’s body. The former Champion blocked his left side with the shield and swatted away one of the bubbles with his sword, but the others all landed, soaking his body. Zak’s gaze went to Berg’s leg where he saw that it was red from the blow, not broken like if he had struck anyone else, but still bruised. Berg’s skin had turned red hot where the water landed on it and steam rose from his injuries, he gnashed his teeth, letting out a war cry. Zak saw Berg cock his sword arm back and swing, releasing a wave of boiling water that his shield had absorbed going right towards him. Zak conjured a wall of boiling bubbles between him and the incoming wave, blocking the water from touching him with a shield of conjured bubbles. The bubbles vanished as quickly as they had appeared as Berg charged through it, absorbing all the bubbles into his shield, and he swung his blade at Zak. Zak blocked Berg’s swing with his staff, but when the sword of Antanak struck the staff, it cut halfway into the staff. Berg yanked his blade out and Zak kept his attention on the sword, knowing that Berg could release all the absorbed bubbles at any time. Anticipating that outcome, Zak charged, swinging his damaged staff at Berg’s right side—his sword side. Berg whipped his body around, striking the incoming staff with the edge of the shield, striking directly where he had cut—breaking the crystalline steel staff in half before stepping into Zak with a shield ram to his torso. Zak staggered back, arms aching after he had raised them to block the shield, and Berg lunged his sword from a distance where all the bubbles were released. Zak threw his broken staff into the incoming bubbles, detonating them before they reached him, creating a thick cloud of steam that blew most of the boiling water towards Berg. The last thing he saw before Berg’s silhouette vanished was him ducking down and raising his shield to block the water splash. Zak charged Berg’s left side, his shield side, and ran behind Berg where he threw a punch from behind him. Berg jerked his head back, but it was too late to avoid Zak’s punch that hit Berg squarely in his jaw. Zak’s punch hit hard, hard enough to shatter the jawbone of anyone else he had struck, but not Berg with his iron skin magic—Berg’s sword arm came at him, elbowing Zak in his sternum, knocking the wind out of him. Zak staggered, keeling over, and Berg struck him with his shield, knocking Zak down where he blacked out....
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ATM Sketch(A man stands in front of an ATM and slides a red credit card into the machine and puts in his number. The ATM tells him it’s an invalid pin. He groans with frustration and then hears a loud click and feels something hard push against his spine. He turns around and sees a masked mugger standing behind him.)MUGGER:Don’t be scared but I’m about to rob you.GUY: (smirks without looking behind him)I know that gun. Is that a .45 semi-automatic?MUGGER:That’s a very good guess. How did you know?GUY:I could feel it.MUGGER:No. Really?GUY:That’s a bit too much gun. Next time I’d suggest a snub nosed .38. Quicker on the draw.MUGGER:That’s a good suggestion, I’ll remember that.GUY:Is there anything I could do for you?MUGGER:I’d like to have all your money, please.GUY:I’d love to help you, but I can’t remember the pin.MUGGER:Oh. That’s alright. Take your time, we got all night.(MUGGER #1 hears a clicking sound and feels something hard push against his spine. A second mugger in a red-yellow mask stands behind the first mugger).MUGGER #2Give me all your money!MUGGER #1 turns around and smiles at Mugger number #2.MUGGER 2:Oh, great. It’s you again.MUGGER:Oh, hi Phil. How’re the kids?GUY:You two know each other?MUGGER #2What’re you doing, you know this is my spot.MUGGER:I got as much right as anyone else.GUY (TO MUGGER #2):Your voice sounds familiar. Did you ever do time in Albany?MUGGER #2Just shut up and empty your pockets!MUGGER:I’m flat broke. I was just about to rob this man. If you wait a minute, I’d be happy to oblige you.MUGGER #2 (sighs)Fine.MUGGER: (To the GUY)Try the number again.GUY: (put’s in the pin)Didn’t work.MUGGER:Are you sure you’re using the right card?GUY:Yes!MUGGER 2:God, we’ll be here all night!MUGGER:That’s a pessimistic attitude. I’m sure the next time he tries the pin he’ll get it. Go ahead.GUY:I got one attempts left, if it’s not right the machine will eat my card.MUGGER:Concentrate really hard, is the number your birthday?GUY:No, that’s too obvious.MUGGER:Maybe it’s your mother’s birthday?MUGGER #2Get off the birthdays! That’s not it!MUGGER:Do you have any money in your wallet you can give us?GUY:If I had money would I be here at an ATM?MUGGER #2:That’s a good point.GUY:I’m sorry, fellas. It’s not going to happen tonight.MUGGER:Oh, that’s too bad.MUGGER #2:Terrific!GUY:I’m afraid you’ll have to rob someone else tonight. Again, I’m really sorry.MUGGER:Don’t worry about it, these things happen.MUGGER #2There’s a cop coming down the street. I’m out of here.(MUGGER #1 and MUGGER #2 run in opposite direction. Another guy comes running down the street and stops in front of the GUY).Guy #2:Excuse me but did you see a man with a red credit card just stop by here?GUY #1:Can’t say that I have.(A cop car pulls up in front of the ATM and rolls down their window.)COP:What’s the problem?GUY #2My credit card has been stolen. I think someone just tried to use it.COP:Sorry, there’s not too much we can do about that.(Guy #1 ejects the credit card and briskly walks away.)
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