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A Brief Lesson in History
           A Brief Lesson in History
       Napoleon, a tiny little man,
       had a couple thousand men…
       He marched them halfway into Russia
       Then got stuck marching them out again.
           And when they were in, they were dying,
           And when they were out they were dead.
           But even only halfway in
           They were dying or were dead.
   There was a man with a moustache,
   And pitch black ‘Aryan’ hair.
   He promised not to invade Poland,
   Then went and pitched his war tent there.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 7 7
The Siren's Call
The Siren’s Call
Gently she calls,
On a lullaby’s whisper;
My name honey-dipped words
Echoing from her lips.
“Come, lie back. Relax. Put up your feet.”
She beckons me with soft, firm pillows,
A blanky I’ve had for years,
And a firm mattress clothed in crisp cool sheets
Of a new blue hue.
“Come, my love, and spend time with me.
Our nightly trysts are becoming all too brief.”
She whispers like soft silk;
Voice as velvet in my ears
And like satin sleeking around my mind.
Softly she sighs my name,
And though I am far from her,
I hear her as if she were next to me
Shouting anthems for all.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 6 2
Forgive Me, My Friend
Forgive Me, My Friend
You’re a warrior of the Xena-ilk –
No battle too big to conquer,
No enemy too horrendous to bring down –
And like in that final battle,
You’ve been taking arrows left, right, center
And everywhere in between…
But no samurai without honour will take your head,
Because you are my Sam with a survival plan.
You’re the friend who held my sobbing form
After I drew my ‘first blood’ in a fight.
Comforting the broken angel
Whose light brought darkness when tarnished,
But was quickly re-illuminated by your care,
By your concern and your kindness.
As my tears dried on your armour I knew several things;
One, you’d need to polish it so my salt water wouldn’t rust it,
But two, and most importantly, I was loved.
I was loved beyond any measure I’d ever understood.
I was loved beyond and reason I could ever unearth.
I was loved by another human being…
…I was NOT unlovable at all.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 2 2
Forgive Me, My Friend
Forgive Me, My Friend
You’re a warrior of the Xena-ilk –
No battle too big to conquer,
No enemy too horrendous to bring down –
And like in that final battle,
You’ve been taking arrows left, right, center
And everywhere in between…
But no samurai without honour will take your head,
Because you are my Sam with a survival plan.
You’re the friend who held my sobbing form
After I drew my ‘first blood’ in a fight.
Comforting the broken angel
Whose light brought darkness when tarnished,
But was quickly re-illuminated by your care,
By your concern and your kindness.
As my tears dried on your armour I knew several things;
One, you’d need to polish it so my salt water wouldn’t rust it,
But two, and most importantly, I was loved.
I was loved beyond any measure I’d ever understood.
I was loved beyond and reason I could ever unearth.
I was loved by another human being…
…I was NOT unlovable at all.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 2 18
A Disney Princess
A Disney Princess
I am a Disney Princess,
My hair’s done up real nice,
With curls and ribbons, flowing locks;
It really looks just right.
My dress is gold and silver,
There are jewels within my ears.
And when the clock strikes midnight,
Nothing disappears.
All animals adore me,
They come running when I sing.
And Prince Charming wants to wed me –
He even bought a ring!
I can shoot arrows with precision,
From my royal bow,
And my hair’s longer than the tallest tower;
It’s really quite a show.
I am a Disney Princess,
Though I’m only as big as your right thumb,
And though I’m not part of your world,
Don’t think of me as dumb.
I am a Disney Princess,
Though I was born a Charming Prince.
I made the change at puberty
And haven’t looked back since.
My mother is the Queen of Swords,
So bully me if you dare!
She run you through, then throw you off
A cliff without a care.
My father is the ruler
Of this land and then the next.
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 3 13
Pleading with the Fates
Pleading with the Fates
Ten years’ worth of goals and dreams,
Time enough to plot and scheme;
Time to love, to live and be alive,
Instead of just the normal – survive
The day, the second or hour –
Ten years is enough to grow in power.
To grow, now therein lies the root of all
Evil, good, and potential falls.
Ten years’ worth of love and lies,
Of slacking, procrastinating and sorrow’s sighs.
Time to dream, to maybe hope…
And if not, there’s time to noose that rope…
But no! Now’s not the time to think of that,
I’ll draw another card from life’s mad hat –
Maybe out will come a rabbit, or a hare,
And I’ll find more time awaits me there –
But alas, poor Joanne, we knew her well…
Though time’s story is one we hate to tell.
Ten years’ time, where will I be?
What will have become of me?
Dare I hope? Dare I conceive
This tiny little positive seed
Within me – dare a f
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 10 5
DA's Birthday Thing by MagicalJoey DA's Birthday Thing :iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 2 5

Random Favourites

torches just cause fires
sometimes i talk
to the darkness
because he's the
only one
who answers
:iconbrokenfragilethings:brokenfragilethings 22 11
When the father found his daughter
Lying with tears in her eyes,
He scorned and said, “Now do get up,
And never again let me see you cry.”
The sister said, “Each time we see you weeping
We know it’s just your own fault,”
And they told her all her wounds would heal
If they mixed the blood with a bit of salt.
All the words cut through the girl,
And she begged to know what she’d done wrong
But the mother only stared at her
As though miserable silence would make her strong.
Then she said with icy resolve,
"Just you wait and see.
You’ll thank me when you’ve grown callous and cold,
When you’re bitter and heartless like me.”
The girl looked up at her family and said:
“You don’t know that that is true.”
And they laughed and mocked as she declared,
“I will never be like you.”
:iconxxxwiltingvioletxxx:XxXWiltingVioletXxX 18 2
He Comes with the Rain
Rain slides down Yesteryear Antiques' cheap stained-glass windows in lazy swirls and spirals. Tracking a drop with narrowed green eyes, Shay wrinkles her nose and steps around a haphazard stack of Life magazines. A sheaf of her thick auburn hair falls across the right half of her face. Pulling a hair tie from her wrist, she scoops the locks into a messy bun. The lights flicker, thunder rumbling. Shay glances again at the rain's path on the windows. Turning to a set of dresser drawers, she rifles through pens, paper clips, and crayola markers. A wad of teal tissue paper crinkles under her fingers and Shay pulls it from the drawer, unwrapping its contents. A pair of hand-carved bamboo chopsticks, topped with snarling dragons, roll onto her palm. She pokes them through her bun before diving back into the drawer.
"I could have sworn there was a--" A flashlight skips across the debris and Shay snatches it up. Grinning, she clicks the button. Clicks it again. Frustrated, her grin fading, she
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 41 44
The Curious and Peculiar Tale of the Simonov Twins
The Curious and Peculiarly Tragic Tale of the Simonov Twins
I have done most of my post-doctorate work alongside Dean Eroslide as he ran Harry Loaine School for Boys. It was a tiny little establishment, set up in a series of pathways and cottages that made up the dormitories and the 'holistic' and 'traditional', designed to accommodate Dean Eroslide's philosophy of natural living: 'clean and untouched life energy regulates all chakras and promotes a positive educational environment'. Needless to say, Harry Loaine School for Boys was a parent's last resort, when everything from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Interventions and to Involuntary Hospitalization was never enough. The Dean had no degree of any sort other than a few licenses for Chakra healing and Reiki, so the entirety of the upkeep of the facility remained on the shoulders of these desperate parents--and of course the government kickbacks the School received for keeping me as a full time Child Psychologist
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 88 75
Sometimes I don't know what to say,
and then I look at you,
I look into those blooming sunflower eyes
and I know
that I don't have to say a thing,
but... I want to,
I want to say everything
and I wonder
if my words move you the way
you move me.
Can you feel the beating of my heart
through your fingertip
as it glides down the touchscreen,
as it slides over my words,
does your spine pick up radiating waves,
does your mind comprehend
does your heart resound
like a thunderstorm
as every letter drips down
my arm
and spills upon the page
in digital smudges
with your name hidden
in the white gap between each word?
I've never quite figured out
just how I am supposed to give you love
with language,
how I can ever possibly translate
a love that is wider than the sky
in a string of stanzas
that stretch no further
than a few inches before your eyes,
but I keep trying
because I want you to know,
the way you already do,
that every road leads to you.
Can I change the world
with the words that I write
:icondreamsinstatic:dreamsinstatic 8 8
Help! I have a Mary Sue!
You know that you have a Mary Sue when she upsets the monochromatic color scheme of my Writer's Guides.
Mouse over blue text to see a note.
Internet communities often lash out at writers who create Mary Sues. Declaring the writing to be below their standards, they proceed to punish the creators. They mock the characters, verbally abuse the writers, and write hyperbolically about how much they wish the characters would die.
Bullying writers (who may be very young) is only going to make them afraid to write—and therefore improve—or share their work. Not only that, but it discourages other writers from speaking for fear of public mockery, and it may silence the voices that could someday become great.
If you've directly or indirectly suffered from the abuse of such individuals, let me first apologize on their behalf. I don't care if your story stinks so much that it can be smelled from fifty miles away; mocking you
:iconmisslunarose:MissLunaRose 3,380 953
A Measure of Truth
Keep clinging to dreams long after they’re dead,
When it hurts to cry, so you smile instead.
You know you’re half drained by the ink that you’ve bled
From writing your soul to the grave.
Still wishing on stars that already fell
On your dreams of love, no more lies to sell
To angels who laugh as you languish in Hell
Where even your scars are enslaved.
Please honor those words too humble to see.
If the time is spent, come waste it with me:
For who else could learn how to set your guilt free
If only my love weren’t in vain?
:iconlolatheloner:lolatheloner 4 6
The Illness
It does not kill straight away,
It steals the mind and tortures,
It turns you into someone else,
It pushes you to hurt the loved ones,
It forces you to live in isolation,
It kills you slowly in solitude...
It does not have a cure,
But just a not-guaranteed way to control:
Magic pills...
Foolish enough to cause more problems...
When it comes to sit on their worthless asses,
The doctors are the bests...
Being the last standing leaf on the bough,
Losing all the colors of the life,
But must stand for not to leave the bough alone...
Determined to die off together with the bough.
Searching a way through asking to the wind,
Also keeping a borrowed smile: greyed and fragile...
:iconmatrixengineer:MatrixEngineer 7 4
CustomBox+Journal Tips n Tricks-Updated 25-Sep-14
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Tips & tricks
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Georgia      -----     The quick brown fox
:iconcyphervisor:CypherVisor 15,943 3,102
What I Can't Erase
Like the gnarled roots of an old decaying tree
I’m twisted and confused, tired of being me
On the surface I am strong, abrasively calm, and ready
But underneath it all I’m weak, wrong, and unsteady
I shudder at the wind; tell tale of death’s bringer
I feel the chill upon my spine; forever it seems to linger
Now is not the time for cleansing wounds of past battles
Worse is lurking just beyond the howling darkness of the shadows
There isn't much that I can do against an army borne of fear
Every nightmare, all my demons, they’re all assembled here
They’re everything that I’m ashamed to say is part of me
The ugly truth behind my eyes no one should ever see
And if I held my ground would it be too much to face?
Or should I just ignore what I know I can’t erase?
:iconinvoking:Invoking 49 12
A Word about Loss by stillinmyheart A Word about Loss :iconstillinmyheart:stillinmyheart 11 3 Mother of an angel - stamp by xpekalx Mother of an angel - stamp :iconxpekalx:xpekalx 6 2 Pregnancy-N-Infant Loss Month by jenepooh Pregnancy-N-Infant Loss Month :iconjenepooh:jenepooh 35 37
Always On My Mind
Always on my mind...
Ever since I was young, I always pictured what you'd be like. The color of
your eyes, the sound of your voice, how curly your hair would be compared to
mine. What you'd like to do and play with and just your overall personality.
I always hoped that once we meet, it would be an instant bond. A bond that's
so strong, and would never ever be broken. The thoughts and feelings of the
past are irrevelant here. I always hoped you'd succeed...
Then I realized, after so long of waiting, that you were actually around...
That you would, indeed, forever change our lives, the excitement burst forth
and I could smile forever. I always waited for this moment of realization
and excitement and I always dreamed of how it would be once the moment was
I always saw others around me..sometimes more than my hands and feet could
keep track of, of others in the same wonderful way that I was at that time.
I was always waiting, hoping, praying that my time would come. My one true
:iconjenepooh:jenepooh 4 10
waterline transit
i find myself passenger
of an aquarium-on-wheels;
obscure and half-articulated chatter
transforms into the gurgles of domesticated
sealife, the ecosystem
of a perfectly complacent paradise
it was among the plastic kelp and gasoline
that i uncovered my certain identity:
i am the memory lapse of a goldfish
for 0.028 seconds
he forgets how to swim.
:iconspellspeaker:Spellspeaker 10 9


ENID by DanielPriego ENID :icondanielpriego:DanielPriego 105 28 old chub by Apofiss old chub :iconapofiss:Apofiss 7,860 224 fire walk by Apofiss fire walk :iconapofiss:Apofiss 19,785 635 up and up it goes by Apofiss up and up it goes :iconapofiss:Apofiss 10,723 384 witchcraft by Apofiss witchcraft :iconapofiss:Apofiss 7,771 300 nature walk by Apofiss nature walk :iconapofiss:Apofiss 11,080 306 fancy ninja cat by Apofiss fancy ninja cat :iconapofiss:Apofiss 7,737 340 dark fuse by Apofiss dark fuse :iconapofiss:Apofiss 7,195 131

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Another 100 Themes List for me to do :D

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:star: 1. Introduction - Depressed, Schizophrenic, Human
:star: 2. Complicated - Never Easy
:star: 3. Making History - For Good
:star: 4. Rivalry - Over Death
:star: 5. Unbreakable - Mulish
:star: 6. Obsession - Rules
:star: 7. Eternity - Five Little Words
:star: 8. Gateway - Lazy Gnome
:star: 9. Death - Death
:star: 10. Opportunities - Rotting Wood
:star: 11. 33% - One-Third Wonder
:star: 12. Dead Wrong - Discovery
:star: 13. Running Away - Cirque du Freak
:star: 14. Judgement - Just Love
:star: 15. Seeking Solace - Needing
:star: 16. Excuses - Really Me
:star: 17. Vengeance - Ghost-Threads
:star: 18. Love - Seasons
:star: 19. Tears - Simple Tear and I am Sad
:star: 20. My Inspiration - Vampire
:star: 21. Never Again - Until Now
:star: 22. Online - Deviant Art
:star: 23. Failure - Best Forgotten
:star: 24. Rebirth - 1000 Miles
25. Breaking Away
:star: 26. Forever and a day - In Heaven
:star: 27. Lost and Found - The Friendship Box
:star: 28. Light - Love and Light
:star: 29. Dark - Grey Becomes Me Better
:star: 30. Faith - Stained Glass
:star: 31. Colours - Rainbow
:star: 32. Exploration - Kisses in the Night
:star: 33. Seeing Red - Love is Red
34. Shades of Grey
:star: 35. Forgotten - How to Cry
:star: 36. Dreamer - The Ringing Siren
37. Mist
:star: 38. Burning - My Tri-colour Rainbow
:star: 39. Out of Time - Wish and Dream
40. Knowing How
:star: 41. Fork in the road - Burden Free
:start: 42. Start - Teach Tolerance
43. Nature's Fury
44. At Peace
:star: 45. Heart Song - Heart of Ice and Heart of Stone
46. Reflection
47. Perfection
:star: 48. Everyday Magic - You Stayed
49. Umbrella
50. Party
:star: 51. Troubling Thoughts - It's Hard to Choose Hope
:star: 52. Stirring of the Wind - Chance
53. Future
:star: 54. Health and Healing - Still
55. Separation
:star: 56. Everything For You - Scared You Away
57. Slow Down
:star: 58. Heartfelt Apology - Open My Eyes
59. Challenged
60. Exhaustion
61. Accuracy
:star: 62. Irregular Orbit - Whimsy Wind
:star: 63. Cold Embrace - Hell is Cold
:star: 64. Frost - Painted Ice
:star: 65. A Moment in Time - Frozen Joy
66. Dangerous Territory
:star: 67. Boundaries - Full Control
:star: 68. Unsettling Revelations - Rape
:star: 69. Shattered - Kicking in the Glass
70. Bitter Silence
71. The True You
72. Pretence
:star: 73. Patience - Too Far Gone
:star: 74. Midnight - Witching Hour
75. Shadows
76. Summer Haze
:star: 77. Memories - If You Were Here
:star: 78. Change in the Weather - More to This
:star: 79. Illogical - Making Sense
:star: 80. Only Human - A French Canadian Angel
:star: 81. A Place to Belong - Capital-h-Home
82. Advantage
:star: 83. Breakfast - You Are What You Eat
:star: 84. Echoes - Letter to a Lost Child - An Echo
:star: 85. Falling - Free Fall
:star: 86. Picking up the Pieces - A Letter to a Lost Child
:star: 87. Gunshot - Abused
:star: 88. Possession - Inside the Music
:star: 89. Twilight - I Think of You
:star: 90. Nowhere and Nothing - Floating Along
:star: 91. Answers - Seeing the Picture
:star: 92. Innocence - Dance
:star: 93. Simplicity - Earthworm
:star: 94. Reality - Go Away Again
:star: 95. Acceptance - Alive Not Dead
:star: 96. Lesson - Far Worse
:star: 97. Enthusiasm - Until Pregnancy
:star: 98. Game - Russian Roulette
:star: 99. Friendship - Carebears
:star: 100. Endings - Incomplete


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My fairy name is Fruitpip Windtree

She brings gentle breezes to change the weather.
She lives in stony places and tumbling wastes.
She can only be seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.
She wears a heather-coloured dress and has silvery lilac butterfly wings.
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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 30, 2018, 1:41 PM
CSS by UszatyArbuz | Written by MagicalJoey



What this is

I sent out a status plea to anyone who I had promised prizes to in contests and this journal is the result of several people's replies. I still think there are more that I owe, but I cannot remember so if you do not contact me sorry for you I can't remember :?

There are three contests I owe features to, but only one featured here. Two by the fantastic LadyLincoln and one from NaPoWriMo (which was in April people...that is how behind I am!) This here is the NaPoWriMo Feature only, because it is a mile and a half long and is taking me forever to put together with my physical difficulties at this stage. My lovely Lady, I will do yours next Saturday, I solemnly swear I am up to no good!

Contest One: NaPoWriMo Winners' Feature


Three of their works:

narrowin dreams I am
going nowhere
swaying in an
old and narrow
train car the
world crowded
against the
smelling like
rain the rhythm
of the tracks
    blooma flower, drowning, 
unfolds -- like petals -- an icon
spreading her many arms
water adrift in zero gravity,
like thick, dripping honey
from the hands of a murderous god
I am separated from myself
I am the body holding its own head
humming songs I have never heard 
the universe stumbles open,
grows in the unseen spaces --
she is singing to herself


Three of their works:

Symmetry (Day 2/30)aren't we all just lonely little stars
searching for meaning to
the chaos?
maybe it's in our desperation
to fill the void that we're
really one in the same.
    subtle (3/30)I carve my stories
into your skin and
hope you'll catch
all the insecurities
I'm too afraid to express
out loud --
but you sweat them out
and keep them to remind me
how I always
fall short
    dear so and so (4/30)dear so and so,
it has come to my attention
that this life has gone belly-up
and morning birds don't sing (for me).
if they ever unearth my remains
they'll see I still remain
the same, as I did before
and that's okay -- I'm okay
I'm okay
with the way colors lose their hue
or how the lilies you grew for me
always die after a little while
because even muted things
have their place.
And it's okay that I'm diluted
and shapeless because I could be
everything or nothing at all.
Maybe nothing even really matters.
Maybe that's the point.  
but do you know where courage sleeps?
I had been trying to find it
and shake it awake so I too
could know it.
But someone once told me that this
was no place for me.
And I think there's some truth to that.
So, for now I'll stack my bones
neatly where they lay, and scatter
my ashes where you can't find them.
I hope someday you'll forgive me.
A coward.


Three of their works:

What is Beauty?What is Beauty?
I know people
Who think that they
Can look
With a new dress
A pair of high heels
And make-up.
They think that
The lipstick will hide their silent secrets
And that the mascara will cover all that they have seen
The blush hides their fears,
Giving them a false cover
But sometimes,
That cover is made of glass
And we can see right through.
Some girls like frilly skirts and shopping and the colour pink
Other girls like me,
Like hoodies and sneakers and jeans
So maybe I don't look as
As the girls with curled hair and pink lips,
Frilly dresses and high heels,
But I have some qualities that lead me to believe
I'm not all bad.
I can write a story
Or draw a picture,
I can do sports
And things other girls give up doing;
Like push-ups or sit-ups.
I can run as fast as my guy friends,
Or joke like they do.
I've had friends who've come to me for advice,
So even if I don't look like the other girls,
The popular ones,
I do have friends and I'm
    The Urban Legend of a Creature of Bad Luck
A long time ago, there were no people and there were not as many fears. There were the occasional fears from creatures of predators and things, but it wasn't until people came in that the fears grew bigger—and worse.
In a pocket of space and time, a creature was sleeping. It had been asleep for a long time, feeding on the occasional fears and nightmares the living produced. There was nothing in its little bubble; only dark energy surrounded the creature. It didn't mind—it had what it needed.
This creature had rabbit-like ears, with mouths on both ends. They contained sharp teeth. It had eyes and teeth on its stomach and arms. On the back it had pinkish spikes and black wings. Its feet were small but its arms were double the size. It also had a large tail, and reddish eyes. Some fur at the top of its head was the same colour as its pinkish tail. Spikes adorned the creature's fur.
One day, the fears grew bigger. The creature didn't mind it at first, because
    What She Deserves
It was dark outside. Karai glanced back one last time, scanning the area as she narrowed her golden eyes. Something rustled, but it ended up just being an alley cat. The Foot Bots beside her let out whirring noises, and she nodded. They moved on, but she didn't. Karai stayed behind. Even though she hadn't seen anything or heard anything besides the cat, she still knew something was there. Something she hadn't wanted to tell the Foot Bots about. The stars that were out tonight didn't make the world seem much brighter. Karai was used to the darkness, but tonight it made her feel lonely, and even...scared.
And she hated it.
"What's this? You're not going to try and attack me tonight?" a male's voice called out, slicing the thin night air. He appeared from behind a wall, his gaze calm but clearly stormy. "I know you know I'm here."
Karai clenched her fists, frustrated. But not at him, no; at the fact that he could read her so clearly like an empty book when she so wanted to b


Three of their works:

Poem #28I want to go home.
I constantly complain.
I want to sleep peacefully
I want to be safe and warm
Enjoy well-cooked dinner
Spend some alone time
Maybe curl up in my blankets
Cherish time with family
And laugh together heartily.
We're constantly everywhere.
In stores, in malls, in streets, in alleyways.
In and out, left and right.
Near and far.
We'll never go home.
We are never going home.
Because our home is destroyed.
But that's okay.
As long as I have my family.
I'll always be happy.
I don't need shelter.
Because we'll cover each other.
I don't need the warmth.
We'll warm each other.
I don't need food.
Because we'll find food together.
I don't need water.
We can go on without it.
There'll never be nightmares
Because we are here to comfort each other.
Because home is where the heart is.
And my heart is with my family.
    Poem #29Amongst the valley on many trees and hills,
There's so many vibrant shades of green.
But amongst the emerald grass, I spy with natural eyes:
A field of flowers.
Flowers of many colors, flowers of many sizes, flowers of many types. All share beauty amongst each other. Catching my eyes' attention.
What a lovely field of flowers.
The flowers are so vibrant, as vibrant as the grass, as beautiful as the clouds, as peaceful as the sky, as bright as the sun.
The flowers are so soft and wonderful, petals scatter across the air and gently glide towards the grass.
A peaceful field of flowers.
The sun is bright and warm, the breeze is soft. It's not too hot or too cold. Ah, the perfect weather, with a lovely environment, and peaceful silence. All accompanied with none other than
The vibrant field of flowers.
I adore the silence, I adore the grass, I adore the trees, the birds, the sun and the sky, the soft breeze, the warm weather.
And I adore the field of flowers.
My own garden paradise.
I sat a
    Poem #30Dear poems,
I create a lot of you from my own hands
Based off my memories,
my feelings,
my perspective of life,
and the world around me.
As I type or write,
the words start flowing out.
Along with my emotions.
Along with meaning
Along with purpose
Along with your story.
I write and create more of you
Because life has many surprises
Every life has a story.
I'll express mine through my own words.
All piled up to symbolize meaning.
The words kept flowing and flowing
And the emotions, story, and meaning tag along.
And I'm proud of what I've created.
I'm sorry, my dear poems.
You express my life
You express my emotions
You express my thoughts
You express the world.
I put so much effort into each and every one of you.
But I feel like, as I look at other's,
it wasn't enough.
But I'll continue to give birth to new poems
As my life goes on.
Because honestly,
I don't know how to express myself.
Everyone has a story to tell,
The story of their lives.
I'll tell my story through emotions


Three of their works:

i fear it truewe two are on a bed of hay
i don't know what to say
the wind comes to the rescue
and my mind is blown away
my seeds my dust my nothing
all the cosmos overlay
forever is heavy a word
i'd use it for today
our hands are linked
our lines combine
our hearts are synched
our weights
our fates
our time
it all feels mine
to give to you
for I'm in love
    againthere ain't nothin in my mind
and from my hand falls old skin
dust to rivers
void to skies
there ain't nothin in my eye
no rainbow tears
no sign of you
through my
I disperse,
like rain upon the concrete
like white paint on the canvas
like someone you complete
and yet will never meet
I disperse,
like clouds up on the mountain
like time on-off this rhyme
like all that's mine
never to find
    21-6-18And so does summer's dawn ordain
The same as any other dawn
Another moon
Another song's refrain
A new beginning
From its grave
Now listen close
Behave, behave my son
Yes, Italy was fun
But soon you'll pass the gates
To your sweet home
And that will further break what
Dear you hold


Three of their works:

    Broken by Hades-Flower   


Three of their works:

it's not easy to love,to find the perfect balance between
codependence and independence, between
changing and staying in our most
original form when we met, between
self-sacrifice and to never compromise --
but choosing to love has always seemed to be
the easiest thing to do, and I never seem to
think twice before I do it.
(strength or weakness?)
    and the ocean was deep blueyou left on the tiny sailboat, the flag white and I wasn't
sure if it meant surrender or innocence, if you were
going to come back,
if you were going to turn the sail at all if you
saw an iceberg from miles away or go straight toward it.
but it was a beautiful day, the sun bright and
the ocean deep blue, and it almost felt like
you would preserve the picture-esqueness and that
I could trust you.
    it's too late to tell herthat no matter what happens, I would never
hate her, that her place in my heart would never change,
but she always moves much faster than me
(toward both success and self-destruction),
and she always has too much love for everyone but
never herself.


Three of their works:

an attempt to lift my feet            *
it was a spray of cliché
that set me to skip
down the shoreline
misty metaphors always 
bring me back to the beach
I have a thing for edges
and it's been a long time since
I last took a swim, but
I've learned a few things in the form 
of hatches, battened down
this time, I embark "intelligently,"
tentatively testing the edges of emotion
without succumbing to the flow
no sudden pull of the current
direction will ply me from my path
if I am clever at all,
I am a smartass
these eyes are often tangled
in interest and indulgence
but I know a thing or two
about getting the knots out
I purse my lips and bare my teeth
to bite and pull and tear: I was born for
the battle, and I fear defeat
    W1, D7: Happiness    Is it possible not to know when you're happy? Because there are a lot of times when I think I should be happy but I don't necessarily feel it. And I don't mean that I feel down in the dumps instead, I just mean feeling pretty blank about things that used to make me feel super happy and then feeling a bit guilty because I just don't feel it in that situation anymore. 
    My mom insists that happiness is a choice, not a vague emotion triggered by environment or circumstance. So maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way. Maybe I shouldn't be looking for happiness in a well-defined situation and feeling disappointed when I don't find it there. 
    The problem with making yourself happy, though, is that you can't know if it's real. Are you actually happy right now, or are you performing happiness so successfully that you've even fooled yourself? And if you have fooled yourself, does it matter? It's still happiness, right?
    What if in
    W1, D6: Ambitious/Lazy    The way we look at ambition is really strange to me. Like, we applaud people for having ambition for the sake of having ambition. Doesn't tend to matter much if the ambition is for something useful or widely thought to be meaningful, we just like it when people say they've got some big goal and seem damned determined to achieve it. Meanwhile, when people achieve major goals that they don't really care about or haven't necessarily put a ton of effort into it's a sign that could have done more but were too lazy to bother. They're lazy not because they don't work hard but because they're not using their talent how we think they could.
    This interests me a lot. Because ambitious people may hang all of their self-worth on whether they're able to achieve their goals and never actually get there, spending all of their lives feeling disappointed in themselves, thinking that they somehow haven't been trying hard enough. And on the other hand, the people who are labell


Three of their works:

double blindi ask myself not / to tell the whole truth
so part of the future stays ( empty )
love, i feel rather than see / and
there's a girl i know who dances
like she's made of antigravity /
but that's the start of a story which
so far hasn't found me.
my second crush was colorblind
but the first one was worse, he
wouldn't disappear / so i was first to
leave / but i lingered in the doorway for six
longing years / if he ever thought of me
is all i wanted to know / after i made the
mistake of not saying goodbye / of not braving
a hello / and so i've missed his smile / 
for all this time
the past is so full.
(games kids used to play:
jump rope and sing the alphabet,
twist the stem of an apple
and say a letter each turn.
when you trip, when it snaps,
whoever you like, that's the
start of their name.)
it's not as if he sees only gray
yet i'm mostly monochrome anyway
you know the way i lean)
but the sky blue calligraphy
    in my youth i lived / in oblivioneverything is still a math problem.
i.   two scorpions in a bottle
the first one i nicknamed icarus, the
second i waited until she was dead
to name her / and by then
i was too late.
everything is quasi una fantasia, almost a
dream, but there is no such thing
as a sleeping poet, so i must be
hallucinating / elucidating the truth
behind the shadows of my youth.
ii.   bottle full of venom
so i drew my heart with dry erase marker
but the dust collecting on the picture frame
is hardly part of the sketch.
when i was younger, too, all i knew how to
doodle were cats; now i use a camera
to capture a portrait of a cat eating a flower,
of a copperhead, diamondback, cottonmouth
from a distance because no /
hell no i won't admit that i'm afraid of myself,
no sooner than i might have ornithophobia
and befriend a falcon / just show me a
good story about treble haunting,
hunting for trouble at hour xvi and
a half / don't you know the best time
for cruelty is the peak of t
    and you fit in my puzzle piece heartsouth
build all gates this way,
and only the good spirits will enter.
yesterday we saw fireflies. rising stars of a twilight dimness,
they tell me nothing is forever. and my dreams were deep
and i set down yesterday in my sleep, not yet a piece of the past.
every memory is sacred. in writing them down,
i put it down. i stop carrying it. i become allowed to forget.
i will not.
pray this way,
face the dawn and thank god
you're still breathing.

so a handful of the friends we found all those years ago have walked on to elsewhere, some of them still showing off, going out and glowing up and drawing blanks on who we were, or the idea that we ever were. that doesn't mean i plan to leave behind their names and voices, or the shapes of their smiles. the stars in their eyes.
i'm taking you all with me, you hear?
so this is the end of the freaking world, so you and i are still laughing at all the world's weird humor while it lasts, and i assure you it's go


Three of their works:

Dear BodyI'm sorry for all the
I'm sorry for all the
I'm sorry for all the
I'm sorry for all the
I'm sorry for the
I'm sorry for
Everything I've done
    Dear Red RoseI'm holding on
To the petals that fell
The only reminder
You were once by my side
The rainstorm that surrounds me
Bring raindrops that fall in unison with my tears
I hold these petals to my chest
Knowing my heart is now with you
My world was once black and white
Until your red summoned every colour
But now the colours are dull
As I count each petal in hope you're at least caring for my heart
Every day I walk in my garden
My only prayer being you'll bloom again
I walk with five other roses in hand
In need of you to complete my bouquet
    Dear BouquetOne of my reasons to breathe
With your stunning beauty
I'm blessed with your presence
Six delicate roses
Although you have yet to bloom
You still take my breath away
Unaware of your beauty
I shed a tear as my heart aches
Hoping one day you'll see the glow I do
When I've lost all hope
And my soul is stained with sorrow
A glance at you chases the rain clouds away
Oh, darling bouquet
I'll protect your flowers
As your thorns remain


Three of their works:

ConfessionalThere are things I have said out loud that no one’s heard.
Writing is not talking.
When I speak these scripts to you
I am not talking.
There are things I have said out loud that no one’s heard.
There are things I have said out loud that no one’s listened to.
I have whispered them to people in my arms,
in my garden.
I have screamed them to my audience
while I stood on a stage.
I have screamed them to my audience
while I huddled,
fully clothed,
in a freezing shower.
There are things I have said out loud that no one’s heard.
because I spoke them to myself
covered by the rush of the highway in winter.
There are things I have never said out loud.
Writing is not talking.
When I speak this script to you
I am not talking.
There are things I have never said out loud because
no one should get to hold
the spiny mass of me,
not with such uncalloused hands.
There are things I have never said out loud.
There are things I have never –
There are things I –
I –
    XV. Half naked, cookin' mac'n'cheese in a busThe edge of a wave:
slipskinthin + white
with filigree seafoam a
quantumstaticky splatter
short lacy scattered
mercury-face of benthic floes.
No one’s got it caught
the multiverse is mapped out
on napkins
out in the black ends
physics knows more about
Pollux, Giausar than
Something moves us
shoves us
molds us
souled us;
the edge of a life.
Y’all can paint a picture
but you won’t have painted the wave.
    XXVIII. SmudgeI will never harvest you, will
never bind your leaves into curling fans
or hang a whirling glut of
your soft scent from my ceiling
where it would crash and
break and smile with the wind
of the door and rise up mighty
in the heat of midmorning.
I will never bind you, will
never burn you, will never
watch your white smoke
skin me of all the empyreal
dust that this world has
left on my breast.
In the dark of storms and the early
light of a new season you waited,
so I will water you as a shield;
you’ve found the space
to blossom with me.


Three of their works:

Day 2You're
My head hurts from
but that's
compared to how
my heart hurts.
Most of the time
I'm numb...
pushing my
aside, or
ignoring it
just to
make it through the day...
and then something
reminds me of
and I'm
my wings
and unable to
and I fall into
the ocean of
and I
No matter how many
I surface,
the riptide of
and pain
pulls me back
there is no
only suffocating,
    Lip GraffitiYou left your kiss
on the wall,
a crimson
ink stain
upon the cement,
waiting to be
Why did you
kiss the wall?
Did you feel its
The points of your
seem a
and unnatural...
why did you
print them as such?
Was it
artistic license?
I doubt you
truly kissed
the wall,
just as I doubt
your lips
are that pointy.
perhaps that's the
point -
To bring attention
to the wall in a
colorful way.
Whatever the
I'll never
but your
are beautiful,
and spoke to my
in a quiet,
So I
thank you
for your
beloved kiss.
    Another Cleveland Spring“April showers bring May flowers”…
except in Cleveland it
rains and snows and hails
at. the. same. time…
I’ve decided to call this
new precipitation snailing.
It is currently snailing outside…
and the soles of my shoes are crap.


Three of their works:

Dross and Gold ~24/30~Let Your glory blaze around me,
Burn away my every doubt;
In Your mercy you have found me,
Melt me down and carve me out.
Make me bold to bear my cross,
Pour me out into your mold;
Let Your fire consume the dross,
Shape me into purest gold.
    Couldn't FallI wanted to fall,
I wanted to plunge
Into eyes,
Into arms,
Your gentle touch -
I wanted to know
I wanted so much
To fall in love with you.
But search as I might,
I never could find
The heart,
The life,
The depth of mind
That put the Lord first
And me behind;
I wanted to fall for you.
I wanted to see,
I wanted to feel
That rock
Of faith,
That godly zeal -
But hollow words
Cannot sound real,
Though I tried to fall for you.
If I could but say
I don't blame you
For living
Your faith
The way you do,
Just understand -
I wanted this too,
But I couldn't fall for you.
    Dried Roses ~29/30~Dried roses,
Forgotten kisses,
Heart deadened
To the loss.
Still lovely,
All the mem'ries -
Though I do regret
The cost.
But I'm happy
We're both free
And busy minds
Gather no moss.


Three of their works:

and we are gold again!so we spin lists
from grit-hinged wrists
and honeyed string —
look, love, here are
our humble fists,
and cold-crushed light 
through everything. 
and that’s the breath we
settle into, because this
is the yellowlit city we are
swimming in. because
we are bound to the
big dance, now, all our
paws in the pack and pulled
out of the pound,
and our soft-mouthed sound
is bled bright
with sighing.
    i. dogwood teethmy body grows flowers;
i tear up
the weeds
and the wind
lifts my chin,
takes my hand,
spreads the seeds.
the scales of
all my petals
i don't recall
the covert way
your silvered stare
caressed me.
i hear the lilt
in your voice
when this room is silent,
i know your scent
fills my lungs
when this room is empty.
you are the
only one whose
briars bloom
when they
pierce me;
the pixels of
your soft eyes,
cupped in my small hands,
sing me to sleep.
dove, i ache
for you to know
the new splendor of
my jaw,
the old splinters in
my chest,
the same splotches
that lace
my skin.
i become a ghost, a
doe: and i leap over
wreaths of mist from
wrongs of mouths, let
ivy crown my brow as
my own body tries
to swallow me. i turn
right-side in, tuck out,
duck down, curl over myself
in an eighth fold of paper
and drift away.
i am these snow-ripped throats
and blue-bruised hopes, the slick
mud-slip of cold river clay
in hardened hands.
faminescent lingers
perip(e/a)te(t)ic in my weak wrists.
it is a crimson holding of breath
when the sea collapses on my
shores and slinks away, clogging
me with shells until the sun finally
turns its gaze to face the earth - and
then suddenly the waves all lap
back again in a pale rush of gasping
air, scraping the scars on
my silver sands bare.
and definitely, arched and clinging
with stretched claws and slicing, stinging,
is the hurt of hunger:
i chase it like a rabbit through the
valleys of my ribs and the lone hill
of my heart, corner it, sink
my teeth into its spine and crunch


Three of their works:

NaPoWriMo Day 8 - FacadesAnd I've got
Too many commitments
And I've got
Too many facades
And you've got
An avant-garde barrage
Of your hopeless damn charades
But you've got
Somebody to live with
You've got
Too many placards
And I've got
Nobody but you
More fool you
Nothing of the truth
    Crisis PointCrisis Point
The debate club's been closed for a dozen years
I walk between the pillars and the dried old faded tears
Memories of an invention that ran away
Run down the cracks upon my face
My master's voice was slow and solemn, strengthening for war
He held me up to the light, told me everything I'm for
Raised me for a fool, he gave me everything and nothing
I, like him, have seen true suffering
Holographic noise flickers in the corner of my eye
The cement floor just echoes of a lighter time
Dust is all that channels through my empty head now
The key that winds my brain up rusted now
Into the sea I fall
Off the skyline's wall
Into the beating heart of this
Seal me in with bliss
Into the sea I fall
Backwards off this generation's call
Into the bleeding churning requisite
Seal me in with bliss
I crawl up to the one who was the listener and the talker
Reach their muddied hands in bloodied water
A dead lost skeleton of a plan
Somebody tell me who I am
Climb atop th
    The IndustryIs nothing sacred? The blindfold blonde
is branded with a tragic spiritual set
dead set on combatting all love we may get.
I was idolatrous, laying lazy eyes
on one with conviction for a fault
alternative such that she burns my false God.
She videoed it then, I watched on intently,
contented that one day I would have mint
and tape to the future our wall with pink tint.
Yet now and all along she begged beheaded
spearheading an orchestra of lies
that scrawl letters on flesh
so lust may surely die.


Three of their works:

NaPoWrimo #29i
they left another note
written in silver ink
placed gently on my pillow
they'll be here again
when my eyes grow heavy
the sky is different
it reminds me of candy
but that makes no sense
I try to keep a diary
and pinpoint exactly
when the dream starts
and ends
(I want to congratulate them
on their performance)

but my pen always dries
before the
in a sepia reality
I dust every shelf and
but they hide no make-belief
maybe tonight
I'll remember to ask
where my dreams go
when I fall awake
    Mad Worldi
I play with my thoughts,
spiral them into my hair
until I forget
where they belong
The cold is softer now
and I search
for where the sun should rise
My lips grow blue
but I slur a hopeful notion
under the influence
of cheap red wine
I see the sunrise
bleeding into the morning air
but it's different
from what I expected
When I meet Death
I'll ask him
which job he applied for first
he'd probably say I'm crazy,
he doesn't know CPR
I've grown tired of the daylight
now I wait
for it to smear its battle scars
onto twilight bandages
The stars
flicker me a wink
I smile
but grow uneasy
when they don't blink again
I found my lost thoughts
in a deep dream
where we're all in love
and my hair flow free
I trip
and fell awake
to find my body crying
it says I was about to die
Horoscopes grin
over starlight tea
and assures me I have a sign
(a imaginive ribbon to lace around my identity)
but they won't meet my gaze
    NaPoWrimo #30 (2018)you'd feel socially required
to repeat my question
"and yours?"
I'd laugh
as you predicted
(but nervously)
too aware of the ripple
within my nerves
to notice of your own
turmoil around question
If I had time to think
I'd call myself selfish

but instead I'd utter
a faint whisper - inaudibly,
"I don't really think I'm an-"
then speak up for you hear,


Three of their works:

Fracture, #1Sickness scrapes at my throat with its jaw
so I swallow the light
    xix. Your words line
     the shelf like porcelain dolls
         and although they are pretty -
they are hollow.
    xxviii. It's the lines that sorrow
carves into ones palms.
I wrap my hands around
the pink ribbon and whisper
your name like a prayer.
"Lala, what's your favourite flower?"
You'd tilt your head and give a little smile,
opening your mouth to say-
but I guess I will never know the answer.


Three of their works:

small thoughtsgravel doesn’t hurt your feet too much
if you stand on it right
grass in the shade of black walnuts
& the warmth of dirt
braiding clovers into flower crowns
lay down in the glow
there’s a swing underneath the big tree
you can push out over the water
lean back and feel the wind
dig up button hole shells
from the creekbed
dip toes into the stream
there’s a hill to run down fast
& faster & faster
    the inevitable heat death of the universe and mein cyclic cosmology
heat is never in equilibrium
we sterilized ourselves in pleasantries
immune deficiencies, sickness
too many antibiotics & now look
my mouth is a desert
words wash up broken on my teeth
at sea, staring at that small dot on the horizon
the h-bomb sounds like silence
a bullet grazed the hollow man in me
tilled up the soil of my pagan soul
exposed necropolis seeded by ancestors
& watered by wars
we bang & crunch & rip
and then where do we go?
when the universe rips itself from its shell
& we dry up like the bleat of a stillborn lamb
    caught in the lineI am obsessed with
the skin of my throat
& my sink hardened hands
& cracked cuticles
I string up the fishing line
thread through my brittle nails
to catch my strangler in the act
too many times they slip away
& I wake with metal on my tongue
when I breathe sometimes it catches
like flame in my chest
& smoke seeps out of me
& my words will be angry with it
waiting is a problem
hand restless & heart hammered
while I wait time rubs against my leg, purrs into my ear
& trying not to listen I find myself in places I’m not supposed to be, nails sharp & bleeding
I can’t retract my claws


Three of their works:

inhale her, my inhaler You're like waking up in a
field of Flowers
After a forest fire.
Like roasting marshmallows
after I fell through the ice
But where that frozen lake took away my breath,
Your laugh permeated my Lungs
and in that moment, i knew they should've named you Oxygen.
cuz everytime I think of death
and feel the urge to suffocate,
 I remember You
and find it easier to Breathe.
    soul.mateI'm still looking for you, hazy Stranger.
In the silhouettes of two o'clock Dreams, I can almost find you amongst galaxy people.
Bare wrist
and tattooed veins branching out through
trees in the Sahara.
You bring Names that sound of endings,
   fresh thoughts of home
And coffee mug color schemes
to catch bullets shot at my back.
You can have my typos
that I've erased before Apollo caught me.
   and keep their existence secret to everyone,
but the religion I found in you.
And though always a nostalgic brand,
I've never been as desperate
    As I am right now. hoping you're reading this
    sentiments can't save us, so let's go quietly"I'm sorry."
  It lingers in the air around them, clinging to her skin like the cigarettes he promised to quit smoking.
He's never used that one before.
     It's enough to make her turn and face him. And though he hasn't changed a bit, she can see
     those nicotine lips trying to make him into the prince he'll never be. Glacier eyes, melting
     from a Star never meant for his world.
     At one point, that had been all she wanted to hear.
     But that was back when blue stains only lived in cascade skies and not the color of his eyes.
     When Ferris wheels stopped spinning and there were only screams on
 She knew now they wouldn't survive like this, she couldn't.
"I have to go Home."
But I thought that was with me?
     It's a mistake. He's sure of it. He's never been wrong before. But


Three of their works:

Perfectly HealthyBipolar? BPD? Social anxiety?
Ayy sickos, that's on you, not me
Mentally healthy, that's me, not you
When brod encounters a problem
You know damn well know he pulls through
He's just an artist that ain't struggling with a situation
Truly blessed fam, I couldn't expect you peasants to relate
After all
Y'all coming back for seconds, when you've plenty on ya plates
Here's to being perfectly healthy and stress free
And having no handicaps, mentally, or physically
Damn its good to be alive

Mature Content

    I'm EasyIsolation building language barriers between me and the common rabble
Reintegration into society impossible, words falling on deaf lobes, labeled as babble
Calls me eccentric, these windows making me uncomfortable
Feeling the sun's ultraviolet rays touch my skin, feeling vulnerable
Been living under a rock for bout a decade
Fearing naught, another sociopath, homemade
Too late for me to live a normal life, forever warped, and perverted
Trapped within a concrete landscape, emotionally deserted
No social interaction, yearning for camaraderie
Odds of a successful escape, less likely than winning the lottery
Attempt to break free, or embrace this lifestyle? In a quandary
Difficult decision to make, break free
Or finally sacrifice my liberty?
I'm easy


Three of their works:

Napowrimo 2018 Week OnePoem 1
Not fearful, but afraid.
Wary of things unknown,
And words unspoken,
And things in the back of her mind.
Cautious, for herself,
And those around her,
And those entrusted to her care.
Brave in the face of anger,
And the threat of violence,
And the certainty of harm.
Courageous at the peak of battle,
And the depths of defeat,
And all moments in between.
Humble at the offer of reward,
And the gift of high praises,
And the lure of fame.
Peaceful in the boisterous masses,
And the crowded cities,
And the lonely homes.
Sorrowful at the thought of death,
And the thought of loss,
And the thought of pain.
Distraught for the missing friends,
And the parentless children,
And the childless parents.
Not fearful, but afraid.
Of all the wonders of people,
And all their flaws.
Poem 2
What is life but a story?
Told by you and I,
Heard by those around us.
Stories shared through generations,
Shared across the world.
Stories to love, laugh with, cry with, learn from.
What is life?
    Napo Challenge 3 Poem 18The dark is what gets me.
It understands where I’ve been,
How far I’ve come,
How far I’ll go.
It knows me,
My fears,
My comforts,
My fears.
It knows me.
It won’t let me go.
It’s never let me go.
It’s keeping me trapped.
The dark is what holds me.
    Napowrimo 2018 Poem Eleven Challenge 2All are broken,
Battered children,
Ever falling.
Growing hallowed hearts,
Ingrained in jailed,
Lives lost,
Minds neglected.
Origins providing,
Quietened, restricted,
Their trauma unknown.
Violated with,
Wasted years. be continued next week with the Lovely LadyLincoln 's Features

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
South Africa
I'm a relatively simple person who likes to write. I value honesty, especially in comments and critiques, and loyalty.

If you are going to fave something of mine it would be nice if you could leave a comment as well. It is not required, but feedback is always welcome.

If you need to talk about anything feel free to note me.

You can find me over at the following places:

Profile picture was a gift from :iconmelissadalton: [MelissaDalton]



If you've been reading my status posts the last two days you'll know all about Khaleesi:
Khaleesi, the Queen of the Treats by MagicalJoeyand her best friend and life partner Johnny:
Johnny - The Dog Prince by MagicalJoeyFor the next while 25% of everything I earn from what I sell will go into a savings fund just for them. For exactly what I am saving for, check out the status post here:…

I can sell: proofreading, poetry critiques, poems, short stories, historical fiction things, short little 4-liners to put in a birthday card/card for someone, I do fabric painting (though you would have to pay shipping and that is separate altogether) and a bit of designing (static avatars, group logos, lit tags, business cards, flyers, posters). I can also do music lessons (piano and bass guitar) and English lessons.

For prices note me. If you just wanna donate to the Khaleesi and Johnny fund, note me too. C'mon guys...I know they aren't humans in need but they are elderly folk in their own right who have a right to be properly taken care of! Who have a right to care from a proper (and fucking expensive if I may say so) Vet if they get sick, to have vaccinations so they don't get sick...they are sweet and charming (and destroy tennis balls!)

So, 25% of every order I get from here on until I have to leave goes to them. Help me help those who cannot help themselves.
Johnny - The Dog Prince
A much better pic than last night's one. This is one of the two animals I am trying to raise funds for. Johnny still remains camera shy though.
Khaleesi, the Queen of the Treats
A much better pic than last night's one. This is one of the two animals I am trying to raise funds for.
Khaleesi and Johnny
Khaleesi and Johnny by MagicalJoeyAs you can see, Johnny was distracted by my housemates trying to leave the building and wouldn't pose nicely. Khaleesi on the other hand wanted pats and rubs and tickles and almost photo-bombed Johnny a few times.

These are the two angelic devils I now own in everything but paper - on paper they belong to the housemates who moved out and left them behind under the guardianship of a 50-60 year old man (new housemate) who said to me yesterday 'I don't like dogs but am looking after them (pshh) because I was asked to.'

I need to raise money for:
1) Food - they go through an 8kg bag a month as they get fed morning and night. I still have to work out the rationing but getting there.
2) Leads and choke chains (to attach the leads to) so I can walk them. All our dogs have the chains, it stops them pulling when they walk (cos they choke themselves) but also stops them pulling their collars off when walking them.
--They have collars, and I have ordered them identification tags as the phone number on the ones they do have is ancient--
3) Shampoo, flea powder/spot on, brushes...all the essentials for grooming. As you can see Khaleesi needs a wash and they both desperately need a brushing but I cannot brush them without a brush. It stands to reason.
4) Toys - particularly tennis balls and ropes for chewing...I'm trying to train them to not chew blankets and furniture so they can be inside more often.
5) Treats - biscuits, dental hygiene chewies. The biscuits my mom can bake but I need the ingredients or she won't have for our dogs at home.
6) A pooper scooper for the poo I cannot pick up in a packet (i.e. when they have upset tummies). Alternatively a poo picking up device that will save my use of shopping bags. This is a wish, not a necessity.
7) I then need an emergency cash fund for any vets bills that might come up. You never know when one might get ill - I know that as a human - and I think one of them has a tummy bug right now in fact. They will also need vaccinations (costing R700 per dog ffs) annually.

Khaleesi and Johnny by MagicalJoeyLook at these beauties and tell me you don't want to donate to make their lives better in their golden years? Any amount helps - I work in Rands so $2 is roughly R20 - and if you don't want to just give I can sell things...
...critiques, poems, stories, fabric painted goods, music lessons (piano and bass guitar), English lessons, proofreading, minor designing, group logos (static), avatars (static), lit tags...
...I'm willing to work for my dough and not just accept handouts. Want references? MaggotsX I did critiques for, SilverInkblot and BlizzardBlitzer I did group logos for, Teague-Drydan I did a lit tag for PoetryOD I did proofreading for.

My PayPal is where the money needs to go. Email is

Help me save them. Help me help them. Help me make sure they remain ok.

Also, if you would rather buy something specific there is a South African store: where there are loads of dog things for sale. You would just have to ask me for my address and stuff so they could ship it to me (free shipping on orders over R400 ($40)).

Hire Me for Something

I really want to earn any money/points, and not beg for donations, so if you would consider hiring me for one of the following it would be appreciated. If you can't hire me, or don't need to, perhaps you know of someone who does:

DA Points Commissions:

:bulletblue: A short story
:bulletblue: A poem
[Check out the 'prose' folder in my gallery for short stories or browse poetry by year]
[For more examples of poetry and prose works on commission visit UnderstoodAdmin and MySoulBleedsInkAdmin where I have writing commissions available]
:bulletblue: A poetry critique
:bulletblue: A prose critique
[See 'Critique Widget' for examples]
:bulletblue: A simple, non-animated avatar
:bulletblue: A lit-tag
:bulletblue: A simple, non-animated group logo
[Examples found at MagicallyCreative]
[For more examples of avatars, lit tags and group logos on commission visit UnderstoodAdmin or MySoulBleedsInkAdmin where I have some on display]
:bulletblue: A feature in my journal
:bulletblue: A contest promotion in my journal
:bulletblue: A group promotion in my journal
:bulletblue: A llama (one :points: per llama I give - one llama per person)
:bulletblue: Proofreading of your journal/blog before you post it

Commissions based on length and/or complexity.

Proofreading, Editing, Formatting, Typing, Designing, etc

:bulletblue: I have proofread and edited three books written by Mr Mian Mohsin Zia from Pakistan (books can be found here as well as the author's biography and several other projects by the author, including short texts for use in a voice-over video or in a script).
:bulletblue: I have proofread and edited a script for Mr N Mhlanga
:bulletblue: I have formatted a CV and done typing work for Mr Philip Bateman
:bulletblue: I have proofread, formatted and edited a thesis for Mr Mike Momo
:bulletblue: I have designed business cards for "Jenny's Hair", "Beady Buddies", "Painted Linen" etc.
:bulletblue: I have designed a brochure for an inter-provincial field hockey tournament, as well as the certificates for the tournament.
:bulletblue: I have designed Christmas, Valentine, birthday, thank you and other cards.

Everything mentioned above, including reviews and more can be found on my websites:…

Bass Guitar Lessons:

:bulletblue: I have taught lessons from pre-beginner to intermediate level, both face-to-face and over Skype.
:bulletblue: No prior music knowledge needed.
:bulletblue: All you need is the equipment - guitar, amp, lead, tuner and strap.

Information, and reviews can be found on my websites:…

Piano Lessons:

:bulletblue: I have taught lessons from pre-beginner to intermediate level face-to-face. Skype will work with wireless laptop and webcam.
:bulletblue: No prior music knowledge needed.

Information can be found on my websites: under the 'Piano' tab…

English Lessons:

:bulletblue: I taught English online for a year in 2010 and from 2013 to 2016.
:bulletblue: I have taught lessons face-to-face and over Skype.

Information can be found on my website:

Beaded Goods: (Beady Buddies)

Beaded goods ranging from plain key rings to 3D key rings, earrings and more.

Specific items can be requested and made up if possible. Shipping costs will be negotiated.
Visit my website:

Hand-Painted Items: (Painted Linen)

I can offer hand-painted cushions, tablecloths, etc - if it's white, or light coloured, I can paint on it.

Contact me for a personalised gift for a loved one - even the same picture done twice will never come out the same! Shipping costs would be negotiated.
Visit my website to see the sale on pre-made stock as well as to place your order.

Knitted Items: (Christel's Kneedles)

Knitwear including beanies, berets, scarves, snoods, bed-socks, gloves, jerseys and more. Sizes range from newborn to adult.

Contact me for a personalised gift for a loved one. Prices negotiable depending on type of wool. Shipping costs would be negotiated.
Visit my website:…
This is my mother's initiative as I cannot knit to save my life

Much love


Poetry - Free Verse
Poetry on a variety of topics. Anything from a six-word-story to an epic poem.
No specific form.
You decide the theme/topic.
Negotiations can be entered into.
Avatars - Non-Animated
Non-animated avatars.
Prices can vary according to complexity, so you can note me if you would rather.
Poetry - Traditional Forms
Poems in any number of traditional forms. Browse my gallery in any of the following folders for more options of forms:
:bulletblue: Traditional Forms
:bulletblue: DFC 2012
:bulletblue: DFC 2013
:bulletblue: DFC 2014
:bulletblue: DFC 2015
:bulletblue: DFC 2016
:bulletblue: DFC 2017
Or pick a form you want and query whether I can do it.
Lit Tags
Lit tags.
Price seems high because of the complexity of finding images that will fit the width and length requirements of 20x125 pixels.
Visual Poetry
A poem written over a background image (photograph, blank colour with border, photo manipulation).

:bulletblue: Minimum 4 stanzas (verses) of maximum five lines each.
:bulletblue: Photographs can be found at WrittenPhotographs (consider a donation) or one of your own can be used. Alternatively use a stock photo found here on DA as long as you link me to the artist so I can get permission.
:bulletblue: Text either supplied by you, or you supply a theme and I supply the text.

Complete work will only be constructed after both image and text have been separately approved
Stamps (Non-Animated)
This was a request from someone who wanted to share with a friend.
Acrostic Name Poems
An acrostic name poem for any name. Doesn't always have to rhyme. Can contain attributes you wish. (For example you want it to be about bravery or honesty etc)

Price stated is with background image. Note for other prices.
Group Logos (Non-Animated)
A non-animated logo for your group.
Gallery Icons
Icons to customise your gallery folders.

Price shown is for the biggest and most complex. For smaller icons note me for price.
Photo Manipulation
VERY RARE due to physical maladies that cause shaking (hence these take 4x as long because I shake and decapitate things)
Thus the larger price - it is very time consuming.


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