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a_sunset by krysaii a_sunset :iconkrysaii:krysaii 56 0
Dark Phoenix Jade Ch 2
I do not own Naruto, One piece, Bleach and Mortal KombatChapter 2: A new Mentor and TeamMorning shined at Jade woke up in her bed in her bedroom. She realized she was going to late for school."Oh crap. I'm going to be late!" Jade shouted as she heads in the bathroom door and gets dress into her outfit. She ran downstairs and out of her two building house."Going to school." Jade replied as her other magical friends sees her leave."Back home after when school is finished." Fukai replied as Jade exits the house."I hope she's doing fine in school?" Minako asked."Minako, you know Jade will be fine." Dagger answered.Jade ran to the academy where everyone is at. She sees everyone sitting in their desks. So the girl sat down and getting out her book of magic."Excuse me is there anyone sitting her?" The blue haired girl asked."No there's no one sitting here." Jade answered as the girl sat down next to her."BTW I'm Hinata Hyuga." Hinata replied."And I'm Nico Jade." Jade replied as she sees a pink haired girl and a blonde girl arguing of sitting next to Sasuke."OMG you two shut it." Jade replied as the two looked at her."Stay out of this Jade. This is between me and Ino." Sakura replied."Hey Jade can you show us your outfit that you had." Naruto shouted."Naruto." Jade replied as she was get mad at him but got caught in attention on the students."What I want see it." The girl replied."Fine. I show it to you guys. But I'm changing it back when class starts." Jade replied as she stood up and her outfit began to shine."Please." The students replied as the girl sighed."Fine. I show it to you guys. But I'm changing if back when class starts." Jade replied as she stood up and her outfit began to shine."Dark Phoenix Cometh!" Jade shouted as her outfit was turned into her magical warrior outfit and holding a magical staff."Wow that is cool." Sakura replied."I liked that outfit." Hinata added."Cute outfit." Ino added."Sasuke what do you think of Jade's magical outfit?" Sakura asked."Sorry I'm not interested into girls wearing ridiculous magical outfits." Sasuke replied as Jade was attack but she didn't. Then she sees Sakura talking to Sasuke that she can sit next to him but Ino and all the other girls joined in and began arguing. Naruto gets made that he stands on a desk and glares at Sasuke."Naruto stop glaring at Sasuke!" Sakura shouted. Suddenly someone pushed Naruto that he and Sasuke kissed in the lips which made the girls horrified and Jade made awkward face. "Whoops." Jade replied as Naruto and Sasuke moved away and gagged. It made Sakura and the other girls completely mad."Naruto you should probably run." Jade replied as Naruto ends up getting beaten up by Sakura.Jade changes back into her normal outfit when Iruka enters in the class. He talked to everyone that they're going to have uneven team because someone is going to be fourth, so he began announcing the teams until he read the next group."Squad 7 Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha And lastly Nico Jade." Iruka announced."Yes!" Naruto shouted that Jade is teamed up with him."Great now I have to deal this annoying tweet and the emo." Jade said in her head which she glares at both Sakura and Sasuke."Hey Iruka-sensei why does the great ninja like me have to be in the same group with as this jerk?" Naruto asked."Well you see Naruto, Sasuke had the best scores and you had the worst scores. To create a balanced group we have to make we have both best and worst but I wanted to put Jade in your group because the fact her grades are much higher and if anything goes wrong. She'll just separate you two apart." Iruka informed as Naruto grumbles and Jade glares at Sakura. Iruka continues announcing the other teams. At break time Jade was reading her magic spells book and sees Sakura getting mad at Naruto so she decides to join."Hello Naruto, Hello pipsqueak, I don't like the you're talking to Naruto like that."Listen Sakura You better carefully because if I find out that you keep hurting Naruto or anything that bugs me. You're going to be dead meat." Jade threatened as Sakura got scared of her."Okay." Sakura replied as she ran away from her."Geez Jade you're a lot more scarier than her." Naruto complaint as Jade turns her back at him."Well I have to go somewhere important see you later." Jade replied as she went somewhere that she has to do.In the classroom Sakura, Naruto, Sasuke and Jade are waiting their sensei to arrive and he is running late."Naruto just sit down." Sakura replied."I don't want to. How come our teacher is the only one late and I want to know about it. Everyone had already met their new senseis and took off including Iruka." Naruto replied as Jade sees Naruto putting a eraser on edge of the door."Naruto what are you doing?" Sakura asked."That's what he gets for being late." Naruto replied."You know you're asking for trouble and you shouldn't be doing that." Sakura replied."Are sensei is a Jounin and a elite ninja. Do you think he'll fall for that?" Sasuke asked."Sasuke is right about this. You're so clueless Naruto." Sakura replied as someone opens the door and the eraser hits him on the head. Naruto laughed and pointed at him while Jade puts her hand on forehead and shrugs. Sakura apologized to him but she is trying to tattle on Naruto."You actually fell for that trick are you sure this guy is a Jounin?" Sasuke replied as a man named Kakashi picks up the eraser from the ground. "Hmm. Well can I put first impression towards this group. You're a bunch of idiots." Kakashi replied as the three frowned but Jade gets mad at him.Outside of building of a roof the four are on the roof the meet their sensei."Alright why don't you guys introduced yourselves first. One at a time." Kakashi replied."Introduced ourselves, well what are we supposed to say?" Sakura asked."Things that you like and things that you dislike. Dreams of the future, and hobbies. Things like that." Kakashi replied."Why won't you tell us first before we talk. Tell us you so we work things out." Naruto replied."Me. I'm Kakashi Hatake. Things I like and don't like. I don't like telling you that. My dreams for the future never really thought about it and for my hobbies well I have a lots of hobbies." Kakashi replied."Well that was totally lame all he told us is his name." Sakura replied."Okay your turn you on the right you first." Kakashi replied."I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I like ramen noodles from Instant and Ichiraku. I don't like is waiting for three minutes before I eat, my hobbies are trying new ramen and my dreams is to be the greatest Hokage so everyone won't treat me like this." Naruto replied."Well he's grown up already in a interesting way. Alright next." Kakashi replied."I'm Sakura Haruno. Things I like...I mean the person is..uhh... my hobby is.... my dreams of the future is... as she squealed while Jade rolled her eyes."Oh brother." Jade replied."And what do you hate?" Kakashi asked."I hate mostly is Naruto." Sakura answered as Naruto was horrified at that moment while Jade wants to tear her to pieces for hurting Naruto's feelings."Well girls at her age are interested in boys than in ninja training. Next you." Kakashi replied."My name is Sasuke Uchiha. There are many things that I hate in this world and don't I don't like anything. What I have is not a dream because I will make it into a nightmare. I'm going sworn vengeance on my clan and kill someone for this." Sasuke replied."Geez I hope he doesn't mean me." Naruto replied."Wow that completely dark." Jade added."Just as I thought and lastly you." Kakashi replied."I'm Nico Jade. I like Fukai and Minako, especially animals. Things I don't like is annoying people like Sakura for an example, and people that makes me mad like Sasuke. My hobbies are casting spells, and reading books. And my dream is become a powerful magical warrior like Fukai and Kaguya." Jade replied."Hmm very interesting. You're each unique and you have your own ideas. We'll have our first mission tomorrow." Kakashi replied."So what kind of mission are we going to have?" Naruto asked."It's a task that the five of us we'll have together." Kakashi answered."What is it?" Naruto asked."It's a survivor test." Kakashi answered."I thought we were going to have a real mission not training. We have already did that from beginning and that's how we got here." Sakura replied."This is not like your previous training." Kakashi replied."So what kid of training is it?" Naruto asked."Yeah I liked to know about that." Jade added as Kakashi snickered."Hold on for a minute. What's so funny about?" Sakura asked."Well if I tell you the answer. You guys aren't going to like it. Of the twenty seven graduates who came here only have nine will be accepted as Genin and the other eighteen are out and sent back to the academy in other words this is make it or lose it that you either pass or fail." Kakashi answered as the four were shocked about hearing this."See didn't I tell you about this that you won't like it." Kakashi replied."That's insane we worked hard to get here including Jade even though she was a magical warrior. What was that graduation test for?" Naruto asked."Oh that. This was just a selective candidates who will became Genin or not."Nani!" Naruto replied."That's how it is. It's my decision that either pass or fail be at the training area at five am and bring your along to. That is all you're dismissed. Oh btw tomorrow you should skip breakfast or else you'll vomit" Kakashi replied as the four departed in separate ways to head home for training tomorrow.
:iconscarletokami75:ScarletOkami75 12 1
Dark Phoenix Jade Ch 1
I do not own Naruto, and One pieceAuthor's notes: I began to start rewatching Naruto after missing Shipudden and the movies that I hadn't watch for a long time.Chapter 1: Enter Dark PhoenixAs five girls wearing cloaks at night stands at a tree where they see the Konoha Village. They entered in the village.In the morning at the Ninja Academy. All the students were chanting inside class. Iruka and a fourteen years old girl enters in class."Students. Settle down." Iruka replied as the students paid attention to him."Today. We have someone new this is Nico Jade she's going to be our student today. She is from Mahō village where she grew up at." Iruka replied as he introduced the girl towards the students. She has black long hair, brown eyes and light brown skin, the girl wore a black short kimono with black tights and boots."Do you have anything you want to say?" Iruka asked."Not very much a talkative person." Jade answered."Alright you should have a seat and we will begin class." Iruka replied as Jade heads a desk and sat down. While Iruka was talking about the lesson. After class ended Jade was walking out of the school until he bumped into a blonde boy named Naruto."I'm sorry that I bumped into you" Naruto apologized."No no. It's okay. It's my fault anyway. I should be the one apologizing." Jade replied."By the way. I'm Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto replied."And I'm Nico Jade." Jade replied."So do want to hang out or something?" Naruto asked."I'm sorry Naruto. I can't maybe another time." Jade replied as she headed home.Weeks had passed that Jade is starting to get used being in the leaf village and made friends with the students in her class except Sasuke who is giving her a cold shoulder so she decides to avoid him.Today Iruka is making all the students to transform himself. Which everyone complained about except Jade. When Jade tried it out she succeeded at the test. Naruto transform himself into a female version of him. When Iruka sees it, his noses bleed and he fell on the floor. Naruto proofs back to himself and laughed."I got you. That's my sexy jutsu." Naruto replied as Iruka gets mad at him."Cut the stupid tricks this is your last warning!" Iruka shouted."I don't think jutsu wasn't a prank." Jade replied."What do you mean by that exactly Jade?" Iruka asked."Well for someone that creative in that age. I'm sure will effect on the enemy that you're fighting. Besides didn't I see you have a nosebleed" Jade informed as Iruka blushed what she said."Uhhhh that's not the point of that. Everyone can go except Naruto. He has some stuff to do." Iruka replied as everyone left class.On the Graduation test everyone succeeded including Jade except Naruto who is held back due to that he cloned one clone.Shr sees all the students wearing their headbands they got from Iruka but she sees Naruto sitting alone at a swing and frowned. Suddenly Jade sees two girls talking about him."There you see that. It's that boy." The girl replied."I heard that he failed." The secondary girl added."Well it serves him right." The girl replied."Just imagine if he became a ninja. I mean he's just a boy." The secondary girl replied as someone made a ahem noise. They turned and sees Jade."Excuse me ladies I heard you two are talking smack to the boy sitting at the swing alone." Jade replied as the two girls glares at her."Trying to be snitch huh. New girl, I'm sure you're trying to defend him." The girl replied."I'm giving you a warning, Leave him alone or else." Jade threatened."Come on let's go. I don't want to deal this bitch anyway." The girl replied as she and her friend walked away from Jade. She turn and sees Naruto hanging out with unknown man."Who is that man that Naruto is with and what does he want?" Jade told herself as she sees Naruto and the man disappeared so she decides to follow them.On that night ran through the village until she sees Naruto was holding a secret scroll after hearing it from the Third Hokage. So she decides to get it herself. When Jade was about to confront him but instead she sees Iruka with him. Naruto told him about the man named Mizuki when Iruka turns back he pushed Naruto away and ends up getting knifed by Kunais."I see that you found our hideout." Mizuki replied."So that's the way. I should of known that." Iruka replied as Jade sees Mizuki so she secretly hides and transforms."Naruto give me the scroll now!" Mizuki shouted."Wait a minute what's going on here?" Naruto asked."Naruto, don't let Mizuki get the scroll. It contains forbidden jutsu that make the village in danger. Mizuki used you so he can get his hands on the scroll for his own power." Iruka informed."Naruto, Iruka is trying to scare you because he doesn't want you to have the scroll." Mizuki replied."Stop lying Mizuki. Don't let him trick you Naruto." Iruka replied as Mizuki laughed evilly."Oh I tell who is lying" Mizuki replied."No don't Mizuki!" Iruka shouted."Everyone in the village have been lying to you all these years. Naruto. Ever since the degree. twelve years ago." Mizuki answered."What degree?" Naruto asked."Everyone knows it except you. Iruka was trying to hide it all along even he told me shut me up." Mizuki replied as Jade continues hearing the conversation about the nine tailed fox is sealed inside of Naruto. She began to realize why everyone avoids him and treat him like that. When Mizuki throws the giant shuriken at Naruto, Jade was about to save him but Iruka ended up risking his life to save Naruto. "Naruto." Jade replied as he sees Jade wearing strange clothes. She wore black Leotard outfit with corset, mini skirt, long stockin boots, finger loop gloves, a ribbon wrapped around her waist, including one on her hair and a circlet on her head while holding a magical staff."Naruto." Jade replied as he sees Jade wearing strange clothes. She wore black Leotard outfit with corset, mini skirt, long stocking boots, finger loop gloves, a ribbon wrapped around her waist, including one on her hair and a circlet on her head while holding a magical staff."Jade!" Naruto replied as Jade shushed him."Naruto. Not now. We need a plan to stop Mizuki." Jade replied as Naruto had an idea."Jade. I think I have an idea." Naruto replied as he whispered in Jade's ear and agreed to the plan. After Mizuki and Iruka were finished talking. The two heard about it when Iruka talks about Naruto. He began to cry in tears and Jade realized that so she confronts him. Mizuki attempts to kill Iruka both Naruto and Jade charges at him at full speed which Iruka knew that both Jade and Naruto teamed up."Naruto! Jade!" Iruka shouted as Mizuki sees the two."Not bad for two punks." Mizuki replied as both Naruto and Jade faced him."If you ever hurt our senshi. We're kill you." Naruto replied."Such tough words. I can destroy you two with a single jutsu." Mizuki replied as Naruto made a hand signal."Take your best shot fool. I'll make sure you'll get it." Naruto replied."We'll just see you try. Show me what can you do!" Mizuki shouted."Shadow clone Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as he made millions of clones which made Mizuki confused and gets beaten."Jade now!" Naruto shouted as Jade uses her magical staff."Magic seal: Imprison!" Jade shouted as her staff made a seal around him and imprisoned him in a magic cage."You guys should probably tell the Third Hokage about this." Jade replied."But but." Naruto replied."I'll explain all of this tomorrow in class." Jade replied as she left leaving both Naruto and Iruka alone but stopped to see a heartwarming moment of Naruto hugging Iruka that her friend had finally graduated.
:iconscarletokami75:ScarletOkami75 14 1
Bloom 3 by Zee-qow Bloom 3 :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 51 3 Musa 3 by Zee-qow Musa 3 :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 39 0 Tecna 3 by Zee-qow Tecna 3 :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 33 0 Flora 3 by Zee-qow Flora 3 :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 38 3 Stella 3 by Zee-qow Stella 3 :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 40 2 Element Guardians Kerin semi realism by Zee-qow Element Guardians Kerin semi realism :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 20 2 Yellow Guardian semi realism by Zee-qow Yellow Guardian semi realism :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 23 5 Element Guardians Nicky by Zee-qow Element Guardians Nicky :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 30 6 Element Guardians Billie by Zee-qow Element Guardians Billie :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 25 2 Element Guardians Toni by Zee-qow Element Guardians Toni :iconzee-qow:Zee-qow 18 0 inktober2016 - Puella magi madoka magica by jyuudon inktober2016 - Puella magi madoka magica :iconjyuudon:jyuudon 20 1 Corrector Ai by MegamiMars Corrector Ai :iconmegamimars:MegamiMars 15 3


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