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It's time to bring out those chunky woollen scarves and nifty little beanies with mouse ears, my fellow deviants, as it is the time of plum and apple picking, pumpkin carving, and chestnut roasting! It's finally Autumn! So whip up a gigantic mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles, wrap yourself up in a thick blanket, take a seat in front of your monitor and scroll through my collection of photography, traditional & digital art that I've handpicked with my magical fingers, just for YOU!

304 by lenagnl passers-by's hearts by leilaaaaah PARK by fotouczniak :thumb69235010:
under red trees by dorothei - mystery - by as2pik :thumb39774743: SUATU PAGI DI KINTAMANI by pistonbroke :thumb79730181: before dawn. by andyp89 .CloudsAboveLove. by Psychosomaticc Biosphere 2 by Alcove :thumb102346578: :thumb76472963: Happiness by Eredel :thumb98788086: home by zigazi meet me.. by Anelgim :thumb88937833: :thumb60275432: :thumb103552683: the queen is calling by trenchmaker -To surrender to god by KupaAs :thumb103890460: :thumb103949460: .Lonely priest. by anotherwanderer Birds by DimaBerkut :thumb97463228: :thumb97914470: the other side by Maagdalenka Rain street by LE-Taka Sun on ice by AniMal-e Isolation to the Beat by drifterManifesto Behind the Ice ... by El-Rafo Morning coffee by danny-lad C H A I R S by lady-iguana :thumb101067387: the charm is gone by chuckhead 335 by voorikvergeet remember me V by devllaa :thumb101912222: Fading beauty by soulshivers Fading beauty by soulshivers -Sun lover- by XaXaProduct :thumb82050989: 378 by lenagnl 405 by lenagnl 392 by lenagnl manzana by RobbyP birdhouse and fall by firstkissfeelings :thumb94290165: A strange modern dream-Right by 2jL :thumb103458940: automne by 2jL boredom by 6Artificial6 :thumb104538481: age of wonders by photo-earth :thumb104579032: .::Happy Holidays::. by onixa :thumb102068371: Coffe time by tec2 Seda Bulut IV by OkTaYBiNGoL Taste of happiness by uploathe :thumb104859201: :thumb104846430: :thumb83951780: :thumb71351822: 148 by Melidesidero :thumb104864651: Candy Life by NonIntentonal :thumb103738650: cello on the beach by nnoik film4 by dargeg Myaka by dargeg apleclok by let-it-di Mother Nature's Recipe by Alcholado :thumb90663720: Gloomy Sunday by MeisterDesZirkuss Wait For Love by utopic-man Cat at the window by Seb-z :thumb87938325: afternoon coffee by laoori Pippi II by Alcholado free me. by smokedval Everybody needs love. by Feenja :thumb98120606: the dog by uzengia La mujer que oye by tizayucalibre one rainy Amsterdam night by Mongibello breakfast at tiffany's by penetre :thumb92885813: :thumb105493404: :thumb105016505: The waiter by iNeedChemicalX _just like a doll. by josefinejonssonphoto :thumb105568297: Paparazzo by LovelyMo San Gimignano by Jez92 solitude by serhatdemiroglu This City Is Contagious by bigcitydreams one rainy wish by micmojo :thumb103380829: :thumb91893293: Double Heaven by st3to ..... by oprisco stars over streetlights cover by JenaDellaGrottaglia Evening in the Park by Violet-Kleinert silence is golden III by KeCHi silence is golden II by KeCHi Arcadia by Kleemass Senkina Bay by inObrAS :thumb88866361: :thumb91950944: 92 by rootkit0 Forever Autumn by Dina-bv colours of my world by seya88 Watermark by foureyes Much soft bends. by violan Scattered by recepgulec Sans titre by ambrosia3 :thumb103086885: keep your dreams. by indiae Angel by rakowska :thumb105605692: 5 by kalemkar :thumb103475626: i will be great by EbruSidar :thumb98000485: Play with clouds by julie-rc Rainy day in Amsterdam... by denis2 Rainy day by nayein :thumb101201433: Lethe by MustafaDedeogLu The Gunner's Dream by miamojolene Resting After Storm by soulofautumn87 lights outside here by detail24 CCXL. the fog VI. by behherit blue by MelekKoncuyKoruklu Forest II by mikeb79 :thumb89632971: :thumb75232353: Cookie and Milk by Randomglitch :thumb89635452: widow by x-horizon :thumb98393241: :thumb96079805: :thumb101054400: noname portrait by Novic scenes of Malaga 11 by Ockie Dreaming of Lakes by Linguslingus Reflection by Fabiuss Can't Fly by pelleron Cocoon by nailone :thumb95351411: Cafe Y Clavos De Olor by LadyOrlandoArt :thumb106032744: SufferTheRedDream by 0ry0n :thumb46089137: Follow the light by ManicBerry :thumb106312640: :thumb106423415: lazy afternoon by nnoik christmas.carol by firemisha Croissants by mercier christmas time by prismes the old man and his dog by julie-rc :thumb102007110: .: winter story :. by GokhanKaraag :thumb106593781: morning by pabadam Kamienna by a14onymus :thumb99668215: :thumb100907885: Tea Party by arhcamt :thumb102933541: :thumb103278746: Evening Venice by photoport Blue Sunset by Adelina2 Autumn's Days by Squirrelondope Do it again by fogke :thumb73265320: Catch me if you can by iNeedChemicalX Clock by fL0urish coffee-mate by beyondtheskies Two steps behind by iNeedChemicalX fading by idontknowupeople :thumb82591237: :thumb66131660: sleep by empreinte Liquid morph by VeraAda I don't want to grow up by WhisperingVoice waiting for the sun by butterfly-cool Forecast by Andross01 :thumb105556603: A feeling of Space by hersley :thumb106015195: coffee and conversation by digimatte :thumb104097270: :thumb68534723: My Blue Morning by Healzo c a f f e ' by V3Nr3VeNG3 :thumb107380170: :thumb98846867: :thumb96387237: :thumb98021168: don't forget the jam by orbatid The Deep Blue Sea by Teeslpscreations A walk to remember by disposable-heroX :thumb106829554: Hope by Teeslpscreations :thumb60721300: We are not alone by iNeedChemicalX catatonic state by IwishIwasPretty Long-awaited by etchepare Overwhelmed by Ironiada streets like glass by mynameisusefulidiot Piano by beddy In the Alley by etc-etc-etc Broken by Dreams-Made-Flesh Balta II by LalA-vi-Doll :thumb74809856: :thumb94742028: :thumb61373732: :thumb94848592: Fall series: olive green by kozelova :thumb43150468: Chicago II by nAgLiMaNtAs :thumb72731055: Cache cache ... by julie-rc Bellissima by PatriciaVazquez Urban Life by ImaGinatio-N :thumb109114049: :thumb111209851: the escape by medialunatica :thumb113002200: exposicion by tonysandoval Roots by Vic4U :thumb101746728: :thumb112676657: Les horizons by natdia 20,000 years by HairyToes :thumb52343233: :thumb100013522: some where only we know by aiamsaiour Gs. by rieskaparamita Waiting for the plane. by Oeuf-au-riz C O L O R I ITALIANI by LuGiais Final Hour by SebastienTabuteaud :thumb113870975: :thumb104482810: Swan 2 by darthenjoy Heartland by Crossie summer is coming by AlicjaRodzik walkers by AlicjaRodzik in the city by julie-rc .neuschwanstein by SnowMage New York City - Tilt-Shift by AlexEdg Glance of history by Ouylle My Little World by Healzo :thumb43680664: 090 - Ruins of Abbey II by ThierryV Stop there. by ma-no The Avenue by Simply-Simon :thumb75468860: sunny day bazaar IV by mrtso XVIII by ambrosia3 Gemini by ERIN-boo :thumb102754223: :thumb101639832: The meltdown by iNeedChemicalX :thumb112798437: Spanish Morning by inObrAS when we escape by byebyebeautifool But I Would by MartinStranka :thumb80041620: :thumb71747830: The Rainshower by Finvara tvbrkfst by mrtso she wanted to fly color by ssuunnddeeww The sun of July by niavaah after it rains by Zaratops HBW - Again by Olivedrab almost two more months by mohdfikree A rainy day II by ricardomassucatto rainy days by Rona-Keller Rainy Day by hungerartist :thumb115989389: :thumb116310706: m xx 77 by metindemiralay Meander of Reality by sstolo 'IT WAS ONLY A PROMISE' by bmessina Deep Silent Complete by WojciechDziadosz Happiness shared by ggatz Stock 43 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock Seasong by Furrrka :thumb117531877: Manhattan Bridge by LinaLightning :thumb118057517: :thumb118517071: :thumb71901187: :thumb118368241: :thumb118577822: :thumb113263740: :thumb119468171: :thumb80658410: :thumb102453259: :thumb27791963: :thumb118621006: :thumb102078462: :thumb84793078: :thumb113709420: :thumb119648592: :thumb60963150: :thumb114403332: :thumb103196231: :thumb119370072: :thumb75753548: :thumb114949064: :thumb114346257: :thumb119768014: :thumb117518409: :thumb117653673: :thumb103372846: :thumb114648175: :thumb109755632: :thumb107108848: :thumb108628275: :thumb113115058: :thumb118359646:  :thumb115695477: :thumb80942494: :thumb13769606: :thumb95546579: :thumb44607657: :thumb97650519: :thumb60169210: :thumb83882464: :thumb70732307: :thumb98395529: :thumb102744708: :thumb107374597: :thumb111656839: :thumb87810236: :thumb103101792: :thumb85625461: :thumb107361058: :thumb120203443: :thumb102850328: :thumb111890300: :thumb111420626: :thumb118459979: :thumb117475336: :thumb53415480: :thumb108272338: :thumb115405316: :thumb112039151: :thumb763364: :thumb117748657: :thumb112247795: :thumb118791352: :thumb19860046: :thumb13550574: :thumb26986852: :thumb13285788: :thumb35720556: :thumb120635148: :thumb35330427: :thumb89553302: :thumb72205252: :thumb120751490: :thumb121280424: :thumb116946783: :thumb119485437: :thumb63907815: :thumb104190517: :thumb122729232: :thumb116299813: :thumb43291499: :thumb121914808: :thumb107065137: :thumb120650199: :thumb120105753: :thumb35692686: :thumb58512758: :thumb117592310: :thumb123424756: :thumb103750827: :thumb112239089: :thumb121181796: :thumb110433870: :thumb71982838: :thumb100613983: :thumb119171073: :thumb116499350: :thumb116095074: :thumb77133851: :thumb112115204: :thumb36318312: :thumb124084869: :thumb123519366: :thumb109431770: :thumb121193195: :thumb62392090: :thumb81189970: :thumb84483203: :thumb94685764: :thumb116505300: :thumb122864028: :thumb122294474: :thumb117078279: :thumb108798854: :thumb104117329: :thumb122054764: :thumb103567539: :thumb116891673: :thumb106421858: :thumb81660211: :thumb117646844: :thumb125003470: :thumb62582604: :thumb109698345: :thumb125459930: :thumb115755037: :thumb125649354: :thumb117990726: :thumb125525271: :thumb67686791: :thumb79316236: :thumb100055785: :thumb83911945: :thumb115977838: :thumb88659402: :thumb93492738: :thumb95791078: :thumb97933260: :thumb100406097: :thumb105659222: :thumb117680865: :thumb118001312: :thumb75669535: :thumb49684136: :thumb103284414: :thumb49173124: :thumb94456306: :thumb92762160: :thumb70113624: :thumb98561861: :thumb63563482: :thumb65018130: :thumb125687764: :thumb87747988: :thumb125572626: :thumb96577514: :thumb48833384: :thumb115838655: :thumb124346313: :thumb124960736: :thumb114327842: :thumb87939793: :thumb120874913: :thumb80644518: :thumb124086264: :thumb109876565: :thumb109991140: :thumb110985213: :thumb110275333: :thumb118413332: :thumb121428240: :thumb121836538:

"I saw the lovely arch
Of rainbow span the sky,
The gold sun burning
As the rain swept by."

-   Elizabeth Coatsworth, November

:thumb122848800: :thumb56034420: :thumb63127448: :thumb124230158: :thumb61238241: :thumb103771264: :thumb64852781: :thumb68533769: :thumb67150959: :thumb5344767: :thumb79104998: :thumb62863641: :thumb77999652: :thumb54679063: :thumb63600503: :thumb112151848: :thumb103373417: :thumb88781917: :thumb71719198: :thumb74553413: :thumb66136793: :thumb118874454: :thumb119482967: :thumb117484741: :thumb98013285: :thumb46495041: :thumb98606337: :thumb97074303: :thumb106747627: :thumb84882027: :thumb110609500: :thumb117973278: :thumb54325714: :thumb60721843: :thumb73777543: :thumb78114470: :thumb91663231: :thumb125706456: :thumb15855812: :thumb40623979: :thumb109600546: :thumb82361892: :thumb70564826: :thumb108596026: :thumb119152263: :thumb118104738: :thumb121874541: :thumb112875699: :thumb125994333: :thumb56580596: :thumb85003377: :thumb126028722: :thumb122441866: :thumb52633928: :thumb71527388: :thumb91158484: :thumb85184475: :thumb69124355: :thumb30488842: :thumb97917127: :thumb72383091: :thumb42927291: :thumb100242724: :thumb126931965: :thumb119992038: :thumb113958693: :thumb34683934: :thumb53665983: :thumb105022401: :thumb125770228: :thumb76095316: :thumb127757000: :thumb123860166: :thumb118004669: :thumb101657960: :thumb58837925: :thumb25201987: :thumb127882164: :thumb121708237: :thumb122111064: :thumb126259135: :thumb124638835: :thumb127625211: :thumb55571266: :thumb128228949: :thumb70859543: :thumb127185844: :thumb128819559: :thumb119461513: :thumb128095624: :thumb127334801: :thumb128004615: :thumb106038414: :thumb101441866: :thumb113550830: :thumb129836776: :thumb113342630: :thumb129815158: :thumb128612563: :thumb112945136: :thumb129770355: :thumb107859506: :thumb130381745: :thumb129271738: :thumb113001802: :thumb113618464: :thumb91209776: :thumb116493601: :thumb117655974: :thumb118310851: :thumb120256717: :thumb57269763: :thumb117529070: :thumb122581813: :thumb122458014: :thumb124299877: :thumb124428307: :thumb123983892: :thumb125196470: :thumb125097915: :thumb126496173: :thumb129106022: :thumb128905319: :thumb128786962: :thumb129440528: :thumb81460724: :thumb93119614: :thumb91784846: :thumb93801939: :thumb72642834: :thumb95304968: :thumb96318229: :thumb98287583: :thumb99912283: :thumb99688275: :thumb87669279: :thumb100786679: :thumb101057394: :thumb101306629: :thumb119975138: :thumb103174671: :thumb103862120: :thumb104748194: :thumb106663566: :thumb102646805: :thumb62324497: :thumb38069987: :thumb98723819: :thumb129937143: :thumb114431374: :thumb130110607: :thumb85593546: :thumb121163435: :thumb58119945: :thumb122660704: :thumb123465022: :thumb128259448: :thumb109018808: :thumb112007887: :thumb131898298: :thumb126850729: :thumb69810115: :thumb116553132: :thumb123865445: :thumb118851613: :thumb81623487: :thumb131732194: :thumb109540610: :thumb109752425: :thumb98503632: :thumb104740809: :thumb109009337: :thumb21157286: :thumb133569395: :thumb112632818: :thumb114499809: :thumb125758796: :thumb128361512: :thumb128001557: :thumb132596795: :thumb78225350: :thumb133293297: :thumb91775646: :thumb133136216: :thumb99055834: :thumb130969971: :thumb132076466: :thumb123120178: :thumb133369161: :thumb124890051: :thumb44364215: :thumb134997369: :thumb89587320: :thumb130044811: :thumb119292546: :thumb125670094: :thumb131525172: :thumb85622943: :thumb65019144: :thumb114497200: :thumb133848983: :thumb133845730: :thumb133845495: :thumb134031186: :thumb133994022: :thumb134113810: :thumb134113248: :thumb134113522: :thumb80275458: :thumb74823070: :thumb134248663: :thumb133961668: :thumb134160181: :thumb135399394: :thumb63891683: :thumb86302304: :thumb111760950: :thumb115985193: :thumb133951241: :thumb46999461: :thumb130564725: :thumb112166646: :thumb135451576: :thumb112193541: :thumb135401795: :thumb129834415: :thumb133561100: :thumb133586304: :thumb120889872: :thumb135098374: :thumb135051151: :thumb134238233: :thumb88249573: :thumb133936609: :thumb134550558: :thumb115871176: :thumb120140236: :thumb135555966: :thumb132311892: :thumb59224980: :thumb129451957: :thumb62632301: :thumb106104217: :thumb104416026: :thumb68512462: :thumb135600877: :thumb123319746: :thumb111806410: :thumb127243435: :thumb108388901: :thumb135742882: :thumb135422036: :thumb133814106: :thumb133814106: :thumb135323992: :thumb134374331: :thumb132125609: :thumb113346458: :thumb78122840: :thumb115865293: :thumb114186705: :thumb126512786: :thumb122375151: :thumb69652560: :thumb102460763: :thumb85994818: :thumb92691249: :thumb117703861: :thumb117059937: :thumb82755176: :thumb107742222: :thumb116344087: :thumb118165786: :thumb116161496: :thumb100179035: :thumb64322148: :thumb118320511: :thumb134831512: :thumb131917807: :thumb107475092: :thumb111816697: :thumb99222862: :thumb100984812: :thumb34881115: :thumb119768637: :thumb123629851: :thumb23324387: :thumb84735701: :thumb109342431: :thumb121602228: :thumb100489481: :thumb86723831: :thumb33322661: :thumb75039033: :thumb134184006: :thumb135734879: :thumb98027001: :thumb106692656: :thumb133787441: :thumb104144850: :thumb106757427: :thumb134098293: :thumb135739665: :thumb99764194: :thumb128910767: :thumb42644796: :thumb126841091: :thumb93374265: :thumb95248368: :thumb77713397: :thumb76559453: :thumb111450063: :thumb70937003: :thumb85149517: :thumb70814497: :thumb36058555: :thumb70540902: :thumb80510004: :thumb94129577: :thumb92948426: :thumb118064507: :thumb123762241: :thumb66901886: :thumb92933229: :thumb132191958: :thumb66142120: :thumb126932775: :thumb132757548: :thumb133196731: :thumb135936877: :thumb135766908: :thumb135779208: :thumb136365489: :thumb130519878: :thumb114788419: :thumb136330038: :thumb136317349: :thumb46987982: :thumb40084603: :thumb135943230: :thumb69727605: :thumb136116206: :thumb136370979: :thumb136277661: :thumb136290445: :thumb124532036: :thumb124679896: :thumb135561668:

"I took Autumn out for breakfast one summer when the sky was still dressing its modesty with clouds. His shoulders were slumped with the weight of incarnation and in his eyes were leaves that would soon be falling. He kept them lowered to lessen their tumble and pressed his cup against his lips as a net to catch them."
Read the rest over here:… definitely worth it.

:thumb114108325: :thumb91012965: :thumb124947939: :thumb56386438: :thumb116318773: :thumb135605753: :thumb105325950: :thumb132604388: :thumb134420707: :thumb118538951: :thumb110530217: :thumb125046810: :thumb93797533: :thumb120343795: :thumb97191675: :thumb117863219: :thumb133863373: :thumb88429840: :thumb97722292: :thumb136602571: :thumb136393309: :thumb96598403: :thumb122666364: :thumb136952270: :thumb136774745: :thumb113430438: :thumb125074853: :thumb111568560: :thumb130221979: :thumb131195054: :thumb101942442: :thumb135653353: :thumb95340439: :thumb132119307: :thumb48318407: :thumb126209954: :thumb52586379: :thumb91167361: :thumb101317315: :thumb131476945: :thumb93776009: :thumb133314504: :thumb127509906: :thumb128475012: :thumb138033893: :thumb137898464: :thumb137892090: :thumb137778114: :thumb137054784: :thumb137792018: :thumb138247446: :thumb137277757: :thumb138036265: :thumb101358802: :thumb138268278: :thumb138424595: :thumb138525296: :thumb117174250: :thumb138108042: :thumb138413786: :thumb138362947: :thumb138351763: :thumb116725514: :thumb27285470: :thumb118762259: :thumb106799933: :thumb109798385: :thumb134676013: :thumb27202121: :thumb49830704: :thumb54545323: :thumb84239479: :thumb111303196: :thumb104914070: :thumb74702278: :thumb130426111: :thumb103538869: :thumb119229854: :thumb123669787: :thumb125014180: :thumb122243828: :thumb87847110: :thumb122397380: :thumb138625188: :thumb61531612: :thumb53777415: :thumb138607645: :thumb88674759: :thumb112648566: :thumb75049900: :thumb134681130: :thumb118745230: :thumb134455237: :thumb134655011: :thumb134196525: :thumb126688099: :thumb114275284: :thumb100747360: :thumb100984806: :thumb117159987: :thumb116612270: :thumb138723696: :thumb101500731: :thumb138551129: :thumb138551271: :thumb138550839: :thumb122336671: :thumb129791335: :thumb127374145: :thumb138593169: :thumb138593160: :thumb138556436: :thumb138531846: :thumb101340339: :thumb91343970: :thumb104371856: :thumb113749097: :thumb138528911: :thumb138520889: :thumb138662015: :thumb138568494: :thumb138705525: :thumb77403693: :thumb133945964: :thumb132993187: :thumb87478123: :thumb137848240: :thumb120862755: :thumb136252417: :thumb123775150: :thumb136025210: :thumb138946504: :thumb129812915: :thumb138846482: :thumb138935851: :thumb110667995: :thumb138648943: :thumb122361308: :thumb138170562: :thumb138724272: :thumb138721286: :thumb138532217: :thumb138723730: :thumb77349134: :thumb77683909: :thumb78050948: :thumb82277575: :thumb98367987: :thumb99330149: :thumb105145643: :thumb138657514: :thumb109133157: :thumb111952721: :thumb122953695: :thumb126040526: :thumb127945282: :thumb133685068: :thumb136589876: :thumb137660506: :thumb137620380: :thumb104489338: :thumb101694039: :thumb65674068: :thumb101469414: :thumb131354594: :thumb93198766: :thumb71949023: :thumb100365998: :thumb98342473: :thumb111380255: :thumb114358549: :thumb126043424: :thumb129754731: :thumb119729830: :thumb138693249: :thumb127170785: :thumb121159751: :thumb136748929: :thumb138918926: :thumb136887276: :thumb138706187: :thumb137278668: :thumb137275888: :thumb98344028: :thumb136733029: :thumb123357278: :thumb134591454: :thumb130192228: :thumb138962328: :thumb136541125: :thumb134374150: :thumb137243218: :thumb136285071: :thumb132199211: :thumb137231921: :thumb136201478: :thumb135948012: :thumb128489839: :thumb21816022: :thumb138968240: :thumb138974138: :thumb139083055: :thumb139099853: :thumb139157798: :thumb139159678: :thumb139205224: :thumb139236684: :thumb139323257: :thumb139304570: :thumb139288906: :thumb139285454: :thumb139295199: :thumb138633688: :thumb105548851: :thumb137506832: :thumb125213581: :thumb79994176: :thumb128127024: :thumb74534523: :thumb121934071: :thumb111001735: :thumb139399424: :thumb139339572: :thumb139395155: :thumb136111010: :thumb137007560: :thumb42285510: :thumb137982172: :thumb139382190: :thumb139380173: :thumb112961424: :thumb116533915: :thumb118882512: :thumb67632213: :thumb64295398: :thumb68446504: :thumb82336780: :thumb81182746: :thumb83302552: :thumb78497878: :thumb112974275: :thumb134449817: :thumb138869305: :thumb132974705: :thumb93584793: :thumb138300036: :thumb69099335: :thumb138555044: :thumb138658462: :thumb139410756: :thumb139463230: :thumb139467976: :thumb139477882: :thumb139410214: :thumb139481868:

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Have a fantastic Autumn you guys! :sun:
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