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I have opened my commissions and commission packs! What's a commission pack you ask? You get more bang for your buck that's what! So here's the dealio:

Chibi sketches: $2
  Chibi Sailor Dawn by MagicalCrystalWings  Sailor Betelgeuse practice time by MagicalCrystalWings  Chibi Deadpool by MagicalCrystalWings

Chibi pencil color: $3
Cyborg 0024/Daniel chibi by MagicalCrystalWings

Chibi Digital Color: $4
Chibi Aide Jezabel by MagicalCrystalWings

Bust Sketches: $3
Ask Wings Saints Drawing by MagicalCrystalWings  James bust sketch by MagicalCrystalWings

Bust Colored Pencil: $5
Sailor Nightshade Belladonna Bust by MagicalCrystalWings

Bust Digital: $6
Fun Chobits Bust Design by MagicalCrystalWings (a little old but the gist is given)

Full Body sketch: $5
Barnard 82 Sketches by MagicalCrystalWings 

Mature Content

Lingerie Eliza Cyborg 0025 by MagicalCrystalWings
 <da:thumb id="429068290"/>

Full Body Colored Pencil: $6
Lepus Dahliah by MagicalCrystalWings  Haute Couture by MagicalCrystalWings  Sitting by MagicalCrystalWings Vietnam from Hetalia by MagicalCrystalWings Anne of Svaha by MagicalCrystalWings

Full Body Digital: $7
Nova 1006 by MagicalCrystalWings  Sailor Dawn by MagicalCrystalWings  Sailor Peace by MagicalCrystalWings  MMA: B82 Inversion by MagicalCrystalWings

Each additional character is $1. Background is also $1.

Commission Packs!
Chibi, Bust, Full body sketch: $4
Chibi, bust, full body colored pencil: $6
Chibi, bust, full body digital: $8
Each additional character is $1. Background (trees and things) is also a $1.

You can contact me through note here, on my Fb Page…, or at my e-mail:!

Wings :iconwingsplz:

granddragoonknight Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can  i have a commission of the two sailors u fav of mine
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April 30, 2014