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This might be a long post so please read. :)

My contest is still going on and here's the info!  Contest!! First entry!!You can check out the first entry at the bottom of the journal. :)
I'm opening it to Sailor Moon OCs AND *drumrolls* Saint Seiya OCs!
Your Mission: Create a piece in which any one of YOUR characters is shipped with anyone one of MY characters. You may submit up to 3 pieces total, but only one may place.
(relation)Shipping: Creating a (typically romantic) relationship between two pre-existing characters.

First Prize:
1 Full body, full background piece of up to 3 characters
1 Full body piece (no background)
3 bust pieces (could be the same as the first 3 or different)
More place prizes will be added depending on how many enter.
I'm also looking for donation prizes by any of you awesome people. You MAY donate a prize AND participate in the project. An alternative prize will be rewarded if you place. 
Your piece will be judged based on the love and care put into your piece, how well you represented both senshi, and the spark b

Open Trades by Enjoumou
Working on one with :iconsailorlunarangel:Star!No StarNo StarNo Star
If there is something that I am missing, please tell me. 

Open PComms by Enjoumou 
Sailor Harmony and Chaos :icongranddragoonknight: Star!Star!Star!No Star
:iconcandiiflossfoxx: Her and her GF OC No StarNo StarNo StarNo Star 
Info is here:  OpenI have opened my commissions and commission packs! What's a commission pack you ask? You get more bang for your buck that's what! So here's the dealio:
Chibi sketches: $2
Chibi pencil color: $3

Chibi Digital Color: $4

Bust Sketches: $3
Bust Colored Pencil: $5

Bust Digital: $6
 (a little old but the gist is given)
Full Body sketch: $5
 Lingerie Eliza Cyborg 0025 by MagicalCrystalWings 
Full Body Colored Pencil: $6
Lepus Dahliah by MagicalCrystalWings Haute Couture by MagicalCrystalWings Sitting by MagicalCrystalWingsVietnam from Hetalia by MagicalCrystalWingsAnne of Svaha by MagicalCrystalWings
Full Body Digital: $7
Nova 1006 by MagicalCrystalWings Sailor Dawn by MagicalCrystalWings Sailor Peace by MagicalCrystalWings MMA: B82 Inversion by MagicalCrystalWings
Each addi

Open Gifts by Enjoumou
StefBani Sailor Cayria: Star!No StarNo StarNo Star
MoondancerAya Alnitak: Star!No StarNo StarNo Star
Sailor-Koi and I: Sailor Nura and Sailor Dawn Star!No StarNo StarNo Star

RubySnape Sailor Sisigambis Star!No StarNo StarNo Star

Open Comms by Enjoumou PAYPAL Accept by Enjoumou

POSTERS are for friends only!

No Adoptables by Enjoumou No Kiribans by Enjoumou No Collabs by Enjoumou

I would also like to point out the groups:

:iconluminary-alliance:At the beginning of time, when everything was pure and joyous, corruption started to seep into a jealous heart. There was one that yearned for a star seed for so long that eventually evil started to take over and eat away at them, thus ULAS was created. After the evil started to eat away at them, it slowly expanded throughout the galaxy, claiming more and more lives and turning them into Black Hole Senshi. It then caught the Novae and Nebulae's attention that they needed to fight back the evil. They are now searching to create an army to push back the evil and claim purity back in the galaxy.

The Guardian Senshi of the planet Earth. The Spirit Beast Senshi, empowered by the spirits of Earth's creatures - both good and evil.

:iconheavenly-star-senshi: - Senshi of the Heavenly Stars.

Hello random wander of the stars, welcome to the Dwarf Alliance. For us moons and planets who have been dubbed the title of 'Dwarf' are not weak nor small--we are mighty united and strong.

And! Last but not least! Feature time!!
Her art...Heart Love 
<da:thumb id="445747210"/> (this one is the background on my ipod. :heart:)

She has a very cute style. :heart:
SotM - Proto 02 by Wildnature03 LA - Sailor Frosty Leo Nebula WIP 1 by Wildnature03 LA - Sailor Nova 210 Sketch by Wildnature03 Dwarf Alliance - Sailor Quies the Silencer FIN by Wildnature03

Because I love her style too. :)
V655 Fullbody by serenofariane Sailor Enceladus, Version 2 by serenofariane Renari by serenofariane Magic Within Me by serenofariane

Thanks guys for going through this!!

Wings :iconwingsplz:


No StarNo StarNo StarNo Star not started
Star!No StarNo StarNo Star sketch
Star!Star!No StarNo Star lineart
Star!Star!Star!No Star colors
Star!Star!Star!Star! finished
serenofariane Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:squee: Thanks so much for featuring me in your journal!!! :iconhappytearsplz: I am thrilled that you like my art style and it makes me feel very honored. Thank you very much. :D
MagicalCrystalWings Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:giggle: You're welcome. You have something that stands out to me so I like it. :D
serenofariane Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconblushplz: Aww, well I am glad it stands out to you. :heart:
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June 29, 2014