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Name: Kenina Ìomharach (Ohm-ir-rack)
Nickname, title, alias: Nina, Kenina of Suzaku, Warrior of Courage, Vermillion Queen of the South
Gender: Female
Nationality: Scottish
Age: 15 (during the main series), 17 for Gaiden and Inferno, 18 for Message.
Birthday: June 21, 1972
Zodiac: Gemini (Sun), Scorpio (Lunar)
Chinese Zodiac: Water, Rat
Blood Type: O
Eyes: Rust
Hair: Grape
Skin: Light porcelain
Height: 5 foot 7 (174 cm)
Voice: Kelly Macdonald (English), Mayumi Asano (Japanese)

Likes: High places, music, salt and sauce, ginger beer, burlesque, food, watching shinty,
Dislikes: Enclosed spaces, dogs, being in one place for too long
Strong Points: Emotionally encouraging, strong desire to succeed, willing to learn from her mistakes, open to new insights, natural care giver, free-spirit.
Has Trouble With: Believes too much in herself and tortures herself if she doesn't get a good solution for any problems, being too flirtatious, speaking Japanese without her Scottish accent,  hot-headed, always has the need to travel through the wild, emotionally unreachable at times due to casting them aside in favor of more logical pursuits, lack of consistency, structure and will often go to great lengths to gain the feeling of control in their lives
Dream: To be a famous Violinist
Fears: Finding herself enclosed in a frightening routine.
Favorite Gemstone: Green moss agate, emeralds, pearls, topaz, amethyst
Favorite Color(s): Mint, yellow, red, orange, blue, and purple.
Favorite Food: Abernethy biscuits, bread and butter pudding, carrot and orange soup, Toad-in-the-Hole
Favorite Activities: Painting, hiking, dancing, cosplaying, going to the Farmer's Market, going to burlesque shows
Hobbies: Running, cricket, swimming, playing the violin, designing clothes, love to impart your knowledge of the past to others, and cooking.
Favorite Movies: Contracted, Disney's Brave, Christine, Victor Victoria, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Extra: Likes to be dominated in bed. Favorite flower is orchid. Pyrokinesis and thermokinesis. A lot more stamina than most due to being a fire type and manifests inside. Fire reading.

Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland
Family: Elinor Ìomharach (Mother), Bearnard Ìomharach Father, and her triplet brothers Kyle, Kester, Kirk. Great-great-grandfather (on her father's side) Archibald. Fenella Ìomharach  (Cousin), Gavenia Ìomharach  (Cousin), Keir Ìomharach  (Cousin), Aibne Ìomharach (Cousin), Alister Ìomharach (Cousin)
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Positive: Polite but reserved (until she gets to know you), forthright and honest, fiery and bold, superstitious, spiritual, generous to a fault, optimistic, artistic, energetic, clever, imaginative, witty, adaptable, independent, lively, loyal, learns quickly. incessantly curious, versatile, humorous, open-minded, spontaneous
Negative: Restless, devious, indecisive, independent, inconsistent, short-tempered, being talkative, incessantly curious, easily bored, naïve

Personal History:

Kenina Ìomharach is originally from Scotland. She is the eldest of four children to Bearnard and Elinor Ìomharach. Her parents taught her English along with their native language with high hopes of her moving to America when she was older.

Her mother was very hard headed but was always kind and loving to her daughter, encouraging her to be the best that she could be. Her father was always up for playful debates, which is how he got Kenina to become so witty and open, but made sure to hold the household rules to her. While her mother made sure that Kenina stayed true to her studies, her father was teaching her how to fight and to play the violin in her spare time.

As time passed by for Kenina, she fell in love with another girl which caused her mother to despise her due to Elinor being a strict religious woman. Her mother told her that she needed to end the relationship between the two of them before Kenina embarrassed her even more. Kenina ended the relationship due to her mother's demands and threats of disowning her. Bearnard stepped in and told his wife that Kenina should be allowed to be who she wanted to be and to love whom she wanted. His words caused Elinor to snap and slap him. Every day Elinor would fight with Bearnard to the point that he threatened her with divorce.

During the fights between Kenina's mother and father, she would sneak out through her window with her violin and go into the forest near their house, playing her music near the lakes. She would start with the sheet music that her father gave her and then started writing her own music, finding that the music was her only friend in her time of need.

One night while she was starting to climb out the window, her mother caught her and dragged her back inside, slapping her across the face and screaming at her for ruining her marriage. Bearnard rushed in and pulled Elinor off of Kenina, shoving his wife outside the door and locking it. He made his way over to make sure that Kenina was alright and told her to leave for her safety and sanity. Kenina agreed to his wishes and packed that night, taking the late flight out to Japan.

Her father writes to her weekly and sends her a monthly allowance to pay for her apartment, food and education. She works as a waitress at a tea and coffee shop to help cover what the allowance doesn't and plays for the local orchestra. Kenina has slowly started to open up to people and making acquaintances from the people from work, school, and from practice.

In her apartment, she has runes scattered throughout her home in hopes that it would protect her from evil spirits that might have followed her from her homeland.

Relationships: Shu Rei Faun

Ryo Sanada

Shin Mouri

Touma Hashiba

Seiji Date





Armor: Suzaku
Virtue: Courage
Element: Fire/Heat
Powers: Fire and Lightning
Weapon: Chakrams
Specialty: Attack
Phoenix Feather Tornado
Blaze Mirage

Bio will be continually updated. :) Thanks, :iconangelofbeauty88: for helping with the bio.

Kenina of Suzaku © :iconmagicalcrystalwings:
Ronin Warriors / Samurai Troopers © Hajime Yatate
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TheDragonGod1 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Loving how detailed this bio is, and awesome drawing!
MagicalCrystalWings Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!
TheDragonGod1 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Your welcome!
ShivaIII Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2016
Interesting idea of a lesbian as a RW/YST.  I'll be looking forward to more of this profile as it comes out.
MagicalCrystalWings Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!

She's more pansexual (meaning that she is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity) than lesbian. She loves people's souls than their physical looks.
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