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ST TNG embroidery WIP

It all started when I saw this [link] pattern for a ST TNG combadge. I dived into my stash of threads/embroidery fabric and found some colours I liked and some Aida. When I'd finished it I showed the friend friend I was talking to on Skype and he said that it wasn't complete without an Enterprise and suggested I tired making a NCC 10701-D (it's 55 x 17 stitches)

It's not the best representation - I had to do a bit of adjusting after I thought I'd completed it because my mind had automatically made a more original series shape to the front "saucer" bit (fortunately my wonderful geek friend pointed this out so I could do a bit of a fix to it) - I may redo this with a better more slim lined saucer at a later date but I am happy with the nacelles and lower part of it :)

MY geek friend now wants me to make something similar with the Klingon emblem with a bird of prey and the Bajoran emblem with one of their ship (not sure which)
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This looks great! I couldn't believe it when I saw it, because I'm in the middle of making a Star Trek banner for a towel, with the com badge in the middle, and a Bird of Prey, the Enterprise D (more of a top down view than yours), and pixelated versions of Picard, Riker, Worf, Data, Geordi, and Troi. (I would put the Crushers too, but they aren't going to fit.) I'll send you a link when I finish the pattern. Yours looks awesome! :)
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I'm glad you like it :D

Your idea sounds like fun :) I can't wait to see the results :)

I actually had a devil of a job finding *any* pictures of a side on view - most do seem to be slightly from the top, from behind or slightly from the bottom which was a pain - I made the adjusted version from looking at the blueprints my geek friend showed me over skype lol
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Here's my finished towel: [link] :D
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It's wonderful! Good job there (I don't think I'll show my friend.. he will get idea's ... ;) )
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Thanks! It was pretty quick to stitch up. :D
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You must be really fast then :)
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I'm kind of a stitching junkie... :D
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