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RiniChibiusa Club Sign

By Magical-Mama
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Just a little something I made for :iconrinichibiusa: :meow:

It actually started as :iconmasterofra: 's prize request but I made Chibiusa a little too big :XD: ( no, this wasn't a GTS request so it wouldn't have worked! lol)

Rini/Chibiusa © Naoko Takeuchi

Drawn on sketch paper, colored with PhotoShop

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Cool!!!! Her pose looks good!!!! And btw, have you finished chapter 3 of your confectionery cuties??? I WANNA READ IT!!!!
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:dance: Thanks!!

Oh yeah, Confection Cuties 3 has been done for a while :meow: I actually have a decent amount of volume 4 posted at the moment :heart:

They're in the story folder in my gallery :heart:
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Youre welcome!!! :iconletylove:

Cool!!!! I'll go read it!!!
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:love: I'm so glad you do! :D
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That's a very nice club sign you made there. Looks quite like a poster there, too. ^.^
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My pleasure. ^_^
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Hahaha! That is so perfect for Chibiusa!!

Of course, first time I saw you say you made Chibiusa too big, I was thinking; "Chibiusa can NEVER be too big!" XD

I think you made the pose better then the reference pic as well. Nicely done!!
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Totally! But I was just saying to :iconangelraye: that I should have put in small type "Usagi will be SO jealous!"

So glad you like it! ^.^
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Hahahaha! Oh yes, that would definitely be how Usagi would feel. XD
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I can see Chibiusa saying that :D
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Right? :giggle: I should have also put in small print "Usagi will be SO jealous!" :D
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That would be funny :laughing:
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Ah yes, she always goes gaga whenever she gets something new. And we love her for it. :aww: :XD: :w00t:

Mr. Ra is gonna love this prize, Ashley. Great work once again. :highfive:
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This isn't his prize :XD:

THIS is his prize: [link] :meow:

This pic was just a mistake that I didn't feel I should throw away :lmao:
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