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crow/leaf family tree

edit: some words on my headcanons!!
-Firestar was a very purebred red tabby Maine Coon
-Clans tend to all have distinct looks
-ThunderClan cats tend to look a lot like Bengal cats
-WindClan cats tend to look a lot like Oriental cats, and tend to have smoke patterns
-Crowfeather is a VERY pureblood WindClan cat (known Windstar descendent I think?)
-Lionblaze looks a lot like his grandfather
-Jayfeather has almost identical eyes to Crowfeather in color
-Hollyleaf looks a lot like a WindClan cat, moreso than her siblings, in color pattern and body type (kind of lanky) and it was talked about a lot, and she was a little aware of it
-MANY cats in the Firestar lineage have a white spot on their head somehow! Including Squirreflight, Dovewing, Ivypool, Shadowsight, and Alderheart.  Including Firestar of course. 
-Suggest more in the comments!
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Watching you post these over the last week or so has been such a joy! I adore the way you made the leaf/crow family so distinct and i really enjoyed watching your speedpaint as well! gorgeous work as always<33

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ahhh thanks so much! you're too kind :heart:

I really like your style. It is indeed lovely.

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Oh wow! 🤩 this is so cool! You managed to make the entire family look realistic and still unique! Leafpool and Hollyleaf are some of my favorite characters in whe Warriors series, so I love to see them draw so beautifully!!!!!!! :D

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ahhhh thank you!! i'm glad you like it :D

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