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Breaking news Xiaolin Community! DELANEYSART is at it again! My friend Reiki said that Delaneysart's Kim vs Wuya art was taken down for DMCA-BUT Look what I found in her status on her profile!


(Copy and paste the stash links to your search engine in case)

She's starting to Stash HER "TAKEN down art"-or is beginning to onto Stash thinking that she won't have em taken down, but THINK AGAIN YOU DIP STICK! (Pardon my french)

This shows that Delaneysart is just digging a DEEPER Hole and making things WAY WORSE for herself than how it already is.

Delaneysart's schemes, "bloating", "sinful acts" and crimes have been going on for weeks-She has become a thorn onto our side. We must report her crimes and sins as soon as possible to banish her from Deviantart for not respecting fellow artists' and their work by taking them, but for slander against the Xiaolin Fandom.

Anyone who sees any of their art on her profile be it on Deviantart, tumblr, instagram or even on facebook-report it immediately, fill out the necessary form that Deviantart provides in their responses back and block her from ever contacting you because she is just an "Internet Troll", "Fraud", "A Copycat" who has no clue of her actions and how they effect those around her or across the Internet.

In the words of the Phantom Thieves of Heart-I DECLARE this Calling Card to befit such a criminal:

Delaneysart, a great sinner of vanity whose talented is but a bluff, You are an artist who shamefully steal the ideas of fellow artists. It has been decided that you must confess all your crimes with your own mouth. Karma will take your distorted desires without fail.

This cat and mouse game has gone on long enough-The karma that you've collected will come back to bite you hard Delaney. For the Grand Xiaolin Masters and their fellow students will not stand you committing anymore sins and stealing the beauty and originality from the artists that weave beautiful stories and pieces.

And if anyone doesn't know persona 5 or the Calling card reference I used here are a few vids:……

I know I may sound harsh or sounding a little crazy writing all of this, but I can't stand this user being on Deviantart...I can't stand her stealing everyone's art and passing it off as her "original", I can't stand the confusion of the process it is taking to deliver judgment on this artist who says to be a "professional", "who knows what TRUE ART IS", "How art works", "the ins and outs of it"-SHE DON'T KNOW SQUAT THAT HOLLOWED SHELL OF A CRETIN!

SHE made a GRAVE mistake the day you stole art from my best friend XSReiki772....SHE MESSED with my best friend in the whole world and soul sister.....And when somebody threatens my friends and family....I make it my mission to ensure that I get all the facts gathered together, to spread the world to every social media around the net.

I want to thank Chaos and everyone in the XIaolin Community who was informed by their friends, Chaos and others on their social media about this thief and I know together....every single one of us-Together as a a fandom...can take this imposter down.

I apologize for some of the ranting in this journal, but I had to get it out there....I had to express how I was feeling...I care about my friends very much and I don't want anything to happen to them due to frauds like them that try to turn the tables just to save their skin. I won't let a bully try to get away scott free-Justice will be served!

So please share this all over! Share it on every social media! Share it with your friends! Share it with everyone in the xiaolin fandom and beyond! Thank you for reading!
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