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Valley of the man-eating plants - Part 1

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Three brave men went to the forbidden valley to find a rare plant which would make them all rich.

But the valley was called "forbidden" for a good reason, there grew the horrible man-eating venus-flytraps, always hungry for human meat.

The three men, Sergio - the leader, John - the ranger and Marco the botanist entered the valley and the immediately recognized the man-eating plants.

"Ha" said Sergio walking ahead on the riverbank, "these things can't really move. They will be easy to avoid."

But what the three didn't know was that the plants had a deadly weapon in their repertoire, their hypnotizing scent.

And soon all three striped down as the felt strangely aroused...

"What is it?" said Sergio turning around to his companions as they shouted a warning as they realized what happened to them. But it was already to late for them...
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