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Aiming for a Super Group!

Welcome to RukhRealm!

RukhRealm is a group dedicated to the manga
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic by Ōtaka Shinobu.

Magi is a manga based on the Arabian Nights, in which the main characters Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana adventure through a world where there are magic and dungeons. Let the rukh guide them throughout their journeys!

This group is aimed for a friendly community full of Magi fans, with a gallery mainly consisting of artistic/literary/cosplay fan productions.
Founded 12 Years ago
Apr 5, 2012


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2,416 Members
1,949 Watchers
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HOPE. by INstockee
Magi - Lost by Another-Rose
MAGI sharruka and yamu II by sharuruka
MAGI Ren Family group I by sharuruka
Ice lady by Vexedcat216 by Vexedcat216
Horror Sans attack by Vexedcat216 by Vexedcat216
Nightmares controlled shapeshifter by Vexedcat216 by Vexedcat216
STARWARSa by bennyman740
A l i b a b a by Ayat-Chan
MC: Day 6 and 7 by SmoczyFarmer
Magi Alibaba - Lovesthefandom sketch #2 by Corrupted-Mooch
Alibaba Saluja by Varjoaika
M o r g i a n a by Ayat-Chan
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic- Morgiana Cosplay(7) by Alex-Willow
Dancing Queen by Siantary
One Kick Mor by kingofthedededes73
Traffic Light Trio
Alibaba's group Magi by Akinda09
Grown-ups by lemingau
Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic -Alibaba and Morgiana by Perfectionxanime
Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic - Aladdin and Alibaba by Perfectionxanime
Drakon by Sajberkirin
Sinbad gold by Assink-art
Sabnock, the Djinn of great protection by Halfageist
Sinbad - Magi by Devil-Nutto
Judal by Sajberkirin
Black sun by KiffArt
Judal from Magi by SaikaMangaComicIV
Inktober Day 2 by churrokat
Kou Empire
sketch kouha ren by zoomra
...: Uh Oh :... by Mewtwosama10299
Haku for Magi season 3 (read description) by Dodukeks
Black Sun by laurockss
Pairs Artwork
[FA]Aladdin and Alibaba Magi by AnaNoka
You are the most beautiful of our lives by Halfageist
Hakuryuu and Samira [ First Kiss ] by ChocolateAyano
Commission for LadyAsherah by Amarevia
Group All
Barbarossa by Sajberkirin
Ugo and Sinbad - Magi Sketch by 2CJKey
The first meeting was not by chance by Halfageist
I miss you brother (Forever) by Halfageist
The Wandering Magi Yunan by Ms-Chamomile-Tea
Al Samen
magi challenge v2 by SmoczyFarmer
Taigi Fighter Comics part 2,b1:1Over the sky of Green Republicb2:2Jane Bernie, do you want to resist arrest?3I will surrender to you after I have done the last thing!b3:4Battlestar Office5Wan Soni! I have lost all my face to you!b4:6How do I write down your File?7I will immediately investigate of that large robot!b5:8Outside the Green Republic Government Headquarters 9:00a.m9Thank you! If it were not for you, my troops and I would be bad!b6:10Why didn't you show up earlier last night, all my oil is gone, you know?11Forget it, Morley, let's go!,b7:1Please don't mind, who has not lost in the war! I will send you go!2X...Y...Z...b8:3What are your plans in the future?4Talked to Mr. Simon of the government, ML-1201 was detained, and now I have no idea!b9:5My uncle runs a biological farm in the south. If you want, I can arrange it for you.6Now I can only see walking.b10:7Here is my phone number and some food. Call me if you have something to do!8Thank you!b11:9Neighbors Association10Temporary Corpse Treatment Plantb12:11Starbright, this is the only relic we found, is your dad's wedding ring!b13:12Park,b14:112:00p.m2Hey, hello, Jizhi...I am Starbright...3Are you all right!b15:4Can you come out?5I can only go to the college, which is close to my home.b16:6Tetsuya, are you free at three in the afternoon?7Available.b17:8I should apologize to Mo sir, now the traffic is paralyzed, walk back to the college!b18:92:30p.m10Yes, Big Captain, find Professor Mobicha.b19:11Tell me quickly, where is the robot?b20:12Captain, the laptop contains information about the robot.13Very good!b21:14Can't keep alive, old man accepts your fate!,b22:1Wei's College Canteen about 3:15p.m2No one answered?3You beat him, he annoys you!4I think he might be in the dorm!b23:5Look for him in his dormitory!6Professor Mobicab24:7The door is unlocked?8Mo sir, we are here!b25:9Mo sir!b26:10Bright!11Mo sir!b27:12Bright, there is a program for ML-1201 in the watch.13Enter the program, the strength of ML-1201 can be increased.b28:14Call an ambulance, I must hurry to the government headquarters now!,b29:1Hey...Koluwa...One thing is like this.b30:2What to do, the traffic is paralyzed?b31:3It's them!b33:4That's how it happened.5Let us drive you there!b34:6Government headquartersb35:7That's it, Mr. Simon!b36:8I see, you can go back first.,b37:1Battlestar Office2Crack the password of important files in the laptop as soon as possible!3understand!b38:4Hey...Koluwa...Mr. Simon did not approve me to contact ML-1201.5I think of a way.b39:6How is the matter?b40:7hospital8I will be fine, I still have to watch the battle of ML-1201,9Don't turn off the TV during the operation, doctor.b41:10I go in and argue with him!b42:11Ministry of Defense12Simon is like this.13I want to meet that young man!b43:14Send a notice first, telling Simon to let the young man go, I have to take care of this personally!b44:15Get ready for the sonic helicopter!,b45:1Government headquarters2Simon administrative officer, General Bu has sent a message.b46:3Mr. Simon, there is no time!b47:4Rubbish! GET OUT!b48:5X...Y...Z...6Bureaucrat!7Four-eyed guy!b49:8Notify the security guard.b50:9Simon Hing!b51:10Did you not receive my post?b52:11Kick your donkey!b53:12Young man, do your thing!,b54:1Big Captain, the laptop has completely decrypted!2It turned out to be such a bad weapon!b55:3 5:00p.mb56:4General mobilization of the whole army!b57:5Enter the code.b58:6I now declare war on the Green Republic!,b62:1Ah!b63:2Sophia!b66:3Memnon, take off!,b68:1Jane Bernie!2You killed my wife, want you to pay, todayb71:3Big Captain is awesome!b72:4Who is the real criminal?b74:5attack!,b77:1Ah... ...b78:2Battlestar, squash them!b80:3Finally landed!b81:4retreat!b82:5Memnon energy exhausted, and the bad guys gone!b83:6Awesome!7Mobicha was so excited because of the victory of the Memnon, it caused a heart attack and died!
Just Chillin (Alibaba from Magi) by Heatray2009
Original Characters
Lydia and  Artemi (magi ocs) by Pandorasblade
Parodies Memes
Meme Sinja by LePetitLuna
Contest Entries
Two Faced Joker. by Sorie7673

Contest results are in!

A big thank you to all who have participated in this mini-contest!
The results are in and shall be announced now:


Theme: Halloween, darkness, madness


WhiteFishy with New toy…

Yes, a Judal artwork. Some may be skeptical because Judal is a very popular character, but this entry really ties with our main objective for this contest:
Key factors are creativity and surprise (basically I want you to experiment and have fun)!
WhiteFishy stepped out of her comfort zone and gave it a shot. The result is an appropriate illustration with a style that gives off a peculiar feel. It's bright, but doesn't feel joyous. Judal's subtle expression, way he toys with the plush Aladdin combined with the simple reddish background makes for a intriguing take on madness.
Well done!

:bulletyellow: Llamas from Franny (Asa-yume) and I
:bulletyellow: Full body&colored single chibi character artwork from me  
:bulletyellow: Full body&colored single character artwork from Franny


TaroLemon with Dark Empress…

Now this is Al Samen for you! A nice eerie atmosphere radiating from the piece, the traditional media is definitely helping. The composition is striking too - a dominant Gyokuen in the front, but not too much as to take away from the characters in the back (nice way of portraying Dunya and Isaac, by the way)! Gyokuen looks flushed and dazed, in a good way that effectively shows her mental state. Great entry!

:bulletyellow: Llamas from Franny and I
:bulletyellow: Full body&monotone single chibi character artwork from me
:bulletyellow: Bust-up&colored single character artwork from Franny


CidSin with FA - Her tools…

I love the "Gyokuen and her minions" sort of feel in this artwork. Compared to the silhouettes in Dark Empress, the ones here look more unknown and sinister.  The thought process in the description is appreciated too♪ Well made dark entry!

:bulletyellow: Llamas from Franny and I
:bulletyellow: Headshot&simply colored single chibi character artwork from me
:bulletyellow: Headshot&colored single character artwork from Franny

And a round of applause for Sorie7673 for her participation as well!…

Considering the number of entries, they will not be moved to the featured folder - the contest entries folders serves as a featured folder in a way ^v^
Once again thank you for entering!

To conclude this blog entry, I'd like to announce that the new contributors starting November of 2013 have been decided. They are awaiting confirmation, and will be officially announced in the following entry. Thanks to all of those who applied!

That's all for today,
Have a great rest of the day!
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