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Cosplay Tattoo tutorial

A simple, probably useless tutorial I made for people who were thinking of using fake tattoos for cosplay but have certain limitations.
Like me...who smiles too much causing those membrane tattoos to wrinkle...orz.

Also, I was testing out my makeup. Needs more contouring, it seems. And I can't seem to make myself look like a bishie.

EDIT: For the pencil step, my advice is to draw as hard as you possibly can when tracing. (Without snapping the pencil lead of course)

EDIT: Added a part to give an example on what it looks like if the pencil and water step is done properly.
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kikidaka's avatar
nice tutorial :iconyayjapanplz:

i have a question, is it relatively easy to take it off? like just say i did it and left it on for about 4 hours would i be able to easily just take it off after that?
Magi-Axi-Ruin's avatar
It's easy to remove since its just eyeliner. A good makeup remover and some rubbing would do the trick!
Thanks for commenting (≧▽≦)
kikidaka's avatar
ah sweet thanks alot!~ :iconhappygrinneplz:
ChoppertheNinja's avatar
Hey! This tutorial is really useful to non-cheapskates as well! I used Kryolan Aquacolors, a professional theatrical makeup, with your tutorial to account for my bad art skills and it looks great!
sprgrl18's avatar
So I finally got to try out your tutorial this past weekend for RenFaire and I must say it worked brilliantly! Thank you! It lasted all day in really warm temperatures on my face. Can't wait to use it for more cosplaying! :D (Big Grin) 
Magi-Axi-Ruin's avatar
PHEWWWWW....OMG, I'm so glad it worked for you.
I tried this again myself for a recent event and it took me two tries to get it right. Then I got concerned if it would work for other people.


I'm so relieved to see your comment.
Hope you had fun!
Niro-the-cat's avatar
It's completely perfect! I have been searching for something like this for a long while.
Magi-Axi-Ruin's avatar
^_^ I'm flattered to hear that!
Aesmer's avatar
It doesn't have to be the liquid eyeliner though, the regular eyeliners work as well. Although it would probably be a little easier with the liquid kind. I know that I've never used the liquid eyeliner before.
Magi-Axi-Ruin's avatar
I suppose so. But as the lines I have to draw are pretty thin, I prefer liquid eyeliner.
A sharpened pencil liner should work to...(But I don't have one)
As for gel eyeliner, I never had good control using them, so I don't bother.

A pencil liner worker for you?
Aesmer's avatar
I suppose it depends on a persons preference of what they want to use but it works for me. I feel more comfortable with a more pencil like shape when I'm drawing and tried to use my left hand a bit but because I am not used to drawing with my left hand I did it mostly with my right. But I'm working on becoming ambidextrous.
StrawberryAngelic's avatar
is it like parchment paper or wax paper?
Magi-Axi-Ruin's avatar
Hmmm....I used parchment paper. You can't put wax paper in the oven anyways. ^_^
StrawberryAngelic's avatar
okay thank you :3 the tutorial was very helpful 
Vicky-V's avatar
This is great! I'm cosplaying a character with a tattoo at a meet in about 2 days and this'll be a great shortcut.
Magi-Axi-Ruin's avatar
Nice to hear that!
Do practice a bit first though!
marionetterose's avatar
oh my gosh THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was actually thinking of cosplaying Violette but I was so lost about the tattoo on her face and this was actual one of the first results that popped up when I googled "cosplay tattoo tutorial" xD Your tattoo turned out great, I gotta try this out some time~ C:

also, I have a question! Where did you get the template for the design? O:
Magi-Axi-Ruin's avatar

I got it from above.

Oh wow, one of the first results that pop out? 0_o

I only did this on a whim because I hated spending loads of money...and then I thought that the tattoos were really hard to I made the tutorial.
shadowzabimaru's avatar
Haha, cheapskate is not singaporean slang, it's used generally! xP
I would never have thought of this. What a great idea! =)
Magi-Axi-Ruin's avatar's not? I guess because I keep hearing "Cheep Skate" "Cheep Cheep Skate" so I thought it's a local slang. >w<

shadowzabimaru's avatar
nooooope! it's a real english word! xD
You're welcome! ^^
HazyDreamerNeko's avatar
wow this is clever. it still shock me u even THIOUGHT about drawing Hiver's tattoo O_O
but its great!xD
AeternusVotum's avatar
This is awesome!
This can be very helpful for those who want to know how to do Tattooes :3
And I also have always wondered how you made those Hiver-Tattooes so awesome XD
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