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NORTH KOREA HACKED SONY - white by maggiemgill NORTH KOREA HACKED SONY - white by maggiemgill
maggiemgill Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
Such a thing, I knew.
This is a joke of logo design.
SONY has done their own investigation. SONY executives believe quite firmly that disgruntled former employees were behind the hacks. They have very good reasons to believe this. The USA government and FBI haven't even been part of the investigation.

Don't forget how often the FBI has been caught lying.…………

The hackers didn't even try to put the blame on North Korea; that part of the narrative from the USA government is totally fictional. They make claims about IP addresses, yet have no access to Sony's computers as they're not involved in the investigation, so they're making it up.

When it comes right down to the actual facts, there's zero evidence of North Korea being behind the hacks. Only in some Western media has it been shouted to the rooftops with all the North Korea is a bogeyman rubbish. In the Western media, and for Western governments, North Korea is just a useful bogeyman to wave around and lie about.

Reuters: "There is no attribution to North Korea at this point," Joe Demarest, assistant director with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's cyber division, said while speaking on a panel at a cybersecurity conference sponsored by Bloomberg Government.

Wired: "The Evidence That North Korea Hacked Sony Is Flimsy"

Tom's Guide: "North Korea Hacked Sony? Don't Believe It, Experts Say"

Fox News: "There is no evidence of a forced entry into the Sony systems, pointing to an insider threat"

CNET: "FBI lacks evidence North Korea to blame for Sony hack "

Most large IT security experts and major IT publications have already shown the holes in the flimsy FBI "evidence" which are pretty obvious.

1) while this hacking has been going on for over a month, the only mention of the Interview and North Korea from the hackers was about a week or so back, AFTER the media started speculating it was North Korea, before that, they were blackmailing for money and were releasing targeted embarrassing emails from CEOs.

2) some of the hacks contained broken Korean. This is one of the strongest links to North Korea by the FBI... except North Korean IT and hacks in the past have been done in Russian. Oops.

3) a hack of this size most likely took perhaps a year or more. This means North Korea must have been hacking before The Interview was even public knowledge. Also original script for the Interview does not mention North Korea or Kim Jong Un.

4) The United states claims the attacks came from North Korean IPs. Yet hackers do not attack with their own IP addresses, they use proxies. I can switch to a North Korean proxy through Hola.

5) the speed of the FBI claims show they are probably most likely just making it up. It is almost near impossible to trace decent hackers and can take years of investigation too do so if even possible at all.

6) the GOP (the group that attacked Sony) sent a video to the FBI and US Government after they announced it was North Korea, mocking them by saying "you are an idiot" over and over again to a song. Typical hacker humour.
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