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Diamond and Dazzle: Selection

As you might have expected, Dazzle was the most popular choice by quite a large margin, getting almost 80% of the votes. Those are the kind of numbers that unlock the special ending to this minisode, as seen above.

When it comes to true villains in the Diamond and Dazzle series, the imps are about as close as it gets. They are magical, technopathic creatures that can only be sensed by those who use their inventions (computers, cell phones, televisions, gaming consoles, etc.) They don't have much of an interest in anything truly diabolical, but they do like using their various talents and devilish looks to build up a frightening reputation to those who know about them. Their ultimate pet peeve is anything that ruins their fun. After this little incident, I'm thinking Diamond and Dazzle are going on their Revenge List.

Next poll available on my user page.
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and how illy lost her mind