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I often look into space,
I ask the moon to show its face.
I wish to catch the stars I chase...
And, while I'm doing that, I wonder... just where is my place?
The Milky Way up in the sky
Throws its beauty to my eye.
I watch it all as the moon spins by
And have dreams of where I may fly;
What is there is what is yet to be seen,
The galaxy I have made to be set free.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 3 0
Serendipitous Birth
It's so hard to say I'm right
When I know I'm somewhere in between;
My own mind is hidden, shrouded, darkness.
It's so like me to give up like this.
Those emotions I once had for someone
I knew so well (but not well enough, I guess).
Will they ever come back again?
I'm in a state of bland distress.
It's so bad my memories blur
As though stretched across a balloon
With my pin, I pop the surface
And it all crashes away (but blood is never drawn).
It's so hard to say I'm right
When I have to... admit... that...
I'm not; these emotions I have
Tear my soul apart (how cliche!)
Am I not right? I don't want to believe.
Can't I drink a potion
('Sitting by the ocean')
And just wish myself to love?
Who knows what's real when
Your OWN MIND decides that it wants to betray you
Over and over and over and -
Yes. Over and over again.
You get tired of hurting.
I'm not tired of hurting.
I don't want to hurt you.
Like Ms. Cancer once said; she's a little time bomb
Getting ready to blow up an
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 2 0
I Made A Birdcage in Second Grade, You Know.
Sorry, but my withered frame
Is like a withered cage;
It's not good at keeping me inside
I'd rather leave and see the world
Than stay inside this rattling
Haplessly voidic
Cage that I used to love
And thought protected me from the world.
So deal with it.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 1 0
Every beat inflated my head until I wasn't the same man you knew from before
The explosion pushed you away from me and I don't think that you want to come back
Who knew that such rage and jealousy could exist
Within this fragile frame
When you talk about the other men who lie and say that they love you
I loved you first and I will always have that
You were my life
Then you inflicted these deep wounds on my heart
And I took those cuts and made them real on my skin
Nobody closer to me than you
And now I'm left with no one who truly understands and loves me for who I am.
Thus is the question of Life’s worth raised;
What is the point when you were perfect and now you’re gone?
How will I ever meet a
Man like you
When you are who you are
Adorable, funny, loyal,
Traitorous. Loving. Caring.
You lied to me.
You said forever, but forever isn't a unit of time
Now you barely want to even look at me when all I want to do
Is hold you in my arms and give you a potion
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 0 0
Sometimes the things we see in pictures
Are too shaded by the digital processing
For us to truly understand
What they mean
Without explanation.
I'm sorry.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 0 0
The Solitude of Self
Est-ce que vous me détestez?
Ai-je dit quelque chose vous faire
Je suis désolé
J'ai pensé que vous m'aimé
Vous avez me serré.
Maintenant, vous ne pouvez pas
Me regarder
Pourquoi êtes-vous me jeter?
Est-ce que je suis mal?
J'ai pensé que vous suivrais
À les éxtrimetés du monde.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 0 0
Let's murder Monday.
I can do it tomorrow,
Tell me when you're ready.
Obviously you are in cahoots.
Before I murder you as well.
I will do it myself.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 0 4
Galactic Meaning
I can't feel my heart
It rests its case for you
Hanging on to everything you do.
I can't feel my heart
It stops for you
Without my memories I've lost my clues.
Unravel my soul
Find me there, find me cold
Shivering, dying fast,
I never was meant to last
You can take my love and set it free
Soaring into the atmosphere.
You can drive my life into the ground.
But you can't take my love and shoot it down.
I am here
I can be
I have been
I have seen
Nothing in this world like you
But nothing in this world needs me.
I can't feel my hope fade away
As you forever my name
Je peux t'adore tous les temps
But you won't let me keep you that long.
I can't feel my heart stop for you
I'm already dead anyway.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 2 6
Give and give
And take and take
Equilibrium is maintained
Not really.
Now his internal balance
Is red and blue
And shattered through
He is charged with salt
And he is charged with regret
For having been.
He explodes.
Under the microscope
It becomes apparent
What truly happened.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 2 0
Licorice Daydreams.
They say that they walk around dead inside
But they don't know what dead inside really is
I don't know what dead inside really is
I hope I never find out
Especially if I'm already like this
And I'm not even close to dead inside.
If I was dead inside, after all,
I'd be dead on the outside, too.
Is that really what I want?
Maybe if the noose was licorice.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 1 0
Our tales go down in history
Cloaked in shadows and mystery
No one will know the truth
Because I've been too aloof.
You'll give me one last rose
A white, I hold to my nose
And them I fasten this noose
Around my neck and say goodbye
One last time.
Our mirrors shatter when we see ourselves
The man I see in there is not the man I think I am
He's almost the man I want to be.
But he's not.
(I see myself a bumbling fool
Running toward my elementary school
An idiot without a head
An idiot too well read.)
I should have tried when I was fourteen
Because now I'm
In constant inconstant misery.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 0 0
Waves of Eternity Will Damage Everything.
Knowing what
I know now
Should I stay?
Should I drown?
I am wise
But I am dumb
My innocence
Lost far too young
In the mirror
I see myself;
I am cracked. 
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 0 0
Lost Time Made Up
                                     Eventuality just becomes
                                                                  A memory in the minds
                                                                                         Of everyone lost to time.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 1 0
I have to go,
You probably won't reply to this
In time to say goodbye.
I miss you so,
I wish you were by my side,
But things don't work like that in life.
I wish that you were here,
But you've vanished into the air,
I don't know how to live without your care.
The ringing in my ears
It's like a death knell
And it reminds me, now, of all my fears;
I don't want to be put on loan,
But this has to be put up with,
If you can't end up alone.
You probably won't reply to this in time
For one last goodbye.
But I know that you will reply,
And that keeps me alive.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 2 17
Seventeen marks for seventeen.
White scratches instead. Stone walls closing overhead.
Nothing but black light through the window.
Nothing but dripping through the door.
Creaking springs underneath a thin cotton cover.
Hidden stash.
Three invisible scratches.
He doesn't know that they exist yet.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 0 11
And they tell me that honesty is a virtue.
Honestly, I need to lie to make things make sense.
Just look at all these problems.
The ones I cause for my friends.
I damage our relations,
They think I hate them,
And they tell me that honesty is a virtue.
I wonder what lies they tell you.
:iconmageofcatswri:mageofcatswri 0 2


To the People of Tomorrow
The hope rests on the shoulders
Of the kids of tomorrow
While we all sign off our troubles
To the people who lived yesterday
We put faith in those kids
To cure the world we broke
But it is not the world we hope to fix
But our own future relatives
So that they do not blame us
For the slow death of a race
For the planet can exist alone
Once we have rendered it unlivable
:iconwriter-anon:Writer-Anon 1 0
And I'm Hurt Again
Why do I have a heart
If it can not feel love
Why do I have a body
If it can not be embraced
Why do I have lips
If they can not be kissed
Why do I have eyes
When they can not show emotion
Why do I have a face
When it goes unnoticed
Why do I have a life
When no one will share it
Why am I so alone
What am I doing wrong
Just tell me, so I can fix it
Stop leading me on our rope
It hangs me, don't you see?
You kill me.
:iconwriter-anon:Writer-Anon 2 10
This is for the Broken
This is for the boy with the vacant look in his eyes
This is for the boy who is never surprised
This is for the boy who knows life ain't fair
This is for the boy with the uncombed hair
This is for the broken
This is for the lost
This is for those
Who must be saved at any cost
This is for the girl with the blank expression
This is for the girl who knows what she's missing
This is for the girl with the bloodstained bow
This is for the girl who can't go home
This is for the broken
This is for the lost
This is for those
Who must be saved at any cost
This is for the child who thinks he knows nothing
This is for the child who knows he knows something
This is for the child who is treated like a pauper
This is for the child who knows expression isn't proper
This is for the broken
This is for the lost
This is for those
Who must be saved at any cost
This is for the adult who grows to be broken
This is for the adult who cannot handle children
This is for the adult who doesn't know what's going on
:iconfirefriesian:FireFriesian 5 16
Seven bullets in the chamber, Five
Do you think he knew
When he came to you
When you told him to kneel
And you gave him two
:iconfirefriesian:FireFriesian 1 18
Chasing the dragon
If I ever escape
From this world of opiates
Maybe instead of mumbling your name
Alone and in vain
We can sit and talk all day
About whatever scornful thing comes your way
Who would use cocaine?
You'd have to be insane
I'm sorry, Kate
Cause when you're chasing the dragon
through the skies of night
And everything is psychedelically bright
And the world starts flashing
And your eyes start closing
You know how it's gonna end tonight

But chasing is addictive, my dear
He always escapes, whenever I'm near
Every night, I think there's nothing to fear
But then the dragon disappears
Cause when you're chasing the dragon
through the skies of night
And everything is psychedelically bright
And the world starts flashing
And your eyes start closing
You know how it's gonna end tonight

I love to chase the dragon, for longer every day,
No matter what I do, I can never stay away,
No matter how I try, I must always join the fray,
Could you lend me fifty dollars, to make the dragon stay
:iconfirefriesian:FireFriesian 2 4
Baby you're a neon sign
and when you're lit, the gasses that glow in your fingertips
make the world slightly brighter,
and a little less evil
but when you're off,
the only thing keeping you
is the sound of help approaching with dirty confessions
and odes of joy to a joy you can't find
in those crowds.
Baby you're not weak,
but you are wrapped up in their voices
like a cocoon.
Baby you're a stay home runaway
who won't run,
who walks towards his death with a swing in his hips
and a tilt of his hat because
you feel it's only right to make some sense of this town before you go.
Baby, you long for the same perfection
that holds me a prisoner
and though you don't dream the same night skies
your arms hold us both locked away
in cages, safe
from the belief in our mortality.
We're going to die someday.
they say you're fearless
but I know better.
:iconsellenimonie:sellenimonie 9 6
Little Thoughts by Kuvshinov-Ilya Little Thoughts :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 9,116 207 Unrequited love. by Kondratij Unrequited love. :iconkondratij:Kondratij 896 72
Cup of Morning
Gmmf mormf uueh.. eeuuh  moment
Hot.. coffee.. good
mm that’s better
The warm roasted aroma
welcomes me into the morning
with a cheerful jolt that awakens me
at the first sip
As the grumpy fog clears from my mind
I am ready to seize the day
I sip my steamy mug and find
That nothing will get in my way
Java, Joe, Cappuccino
are really just words for “friend”
I feel the caffeine flow
as my muddled thoughts start to mend
Coffee is my wake up call
for a reluctant early bird
I pour a cup and drink it all
before I say a word
:iconninjascribe:NinjaScribe 1 16
We were told to help others no matter what
But never to trust those who we didn’t know
And to treat those as we wanted to be treated
But to run away from frightened feelings
But hospitality doesn’t have a name
And gratitude doesn’t have a face
Compassion is a concept
And grace is intangible
The vagrant on the streets
Or the neighbor near the curb
The members in distant lands
We’re all undiscovered stars
It could be as simple as a greeting
A smile or a visit,
A few dollars here, a payment there
To show that someone out there knows
Love until it hurts
Make peace instead of keeping it
And life will open up
When you do
:iconkatamaris4ever:katamaris4ever 3 5
Funny Sayings
very, Very, VERY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some random sayings me & my friends thought of that we think is funny.
* I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.
* This would be really funny if it wasn’t happening to me.
* Guns don’t kill people. . . but they make it real easy.
* Born free. . . taxed to death.
* "The more people I meet, the more I like myself better."
* A bartender is just like a pharmacist. . . but only with a limited inventory.
* "I used to have a handle on life, but it broke."
* "You’re just jealous because the voices only talk to me."
* So you’re a feminist. . . "Isn’t that cute, honey!"
* Anyone can give up smoking, but it takes a real man to face cancer.
* Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.
* "To all you virgins, thanks for nothing."
* "I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing."
:iconzx-wolf:ZX-Wolf 284 79
Mature content
Am I Gonna... :iconnearlyinvisiblemind:NearlyInvisibleMind 4 11
we             kill
the          angels
and     then    ask
why    the    world
is full of monsters
:iconbrokenfragilethings:brokenfragilethings 606 199
The Bubble Machine
In the beginning the bubble god,
created bubbles
of different colors,
different sizes,
with a similar shape.
on day one,
he created water,
and it was good.
on day two,
he created soap,
it was pink,
and it was good.
the third day,
the soap god got very drunk
but that's a topic
for a different story.
on the fourth day,
this awesome bubble god,
combined water and soap,
and created the first bubble,
and he saw that it was good.
now the bubble god was really lazy,
so on the fifth day he rested.
while he slept,
his bubble angel took his bubble
that he hath made.
this angel's name was satan.
and he took the bubble,
which his god hath made,
and he ate that bubble,
which was not good.
the soap from the bubble,
bubbled up, and the angel burped,
and out came a bubble.
and he burped,
and he burped,
and he burped.
and the bubble god awoke,
and saw what his bubble angel hath done,
and was really mad.
he said "what is this that you have done? you have created, bubble people!"
and this was the beginni
:icondoorfromheaven:doorfromheaven 21 58



Be warned! Some of the songs don't sound good to some people. XD

I'm most proud of the guitar version of Checkered Square (I think that the link takes you to the original Checkered Square. ;3; )
  • Listening to: So I heard your shiny little secret, you look best
  • Reading: In the image that you've crafted, why's you try to
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  • Eating: Brighter days?


mageofcatswri's Profile Picture
A Capricious Fool
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United States
I love to write... well... almost anything (excluding certain things that we shall not discuss here.)

Um... I'm about as old as I sound, if you're wondering, I have an alternate account, I will not share it, and I write poetry in my free time.

I kind of work on a book, How To Not Live Forever, as well, but... I'm totally impatient. If I could write with the images in my mind, it would be [a much better book] finished already. =P

I have a lot of ideas whizzing around in my mind, Yet, half of the time, I do not trust myself to express them in a reliable fashion.

I secretely (not anymore!) hate my descriptions because I feel like they are too stiff. XD

Anyways, have a browse about my gallery... I guess...?

See if you like anything, but don't flame me if you don't!

Also- I don't appreciate those of you who are favorite ninjas. At least favorite a little bit SLOWER; I feel like some people don't appreciate my poetry when I've had it up for three seconds and it already has a favorite. Hmm. I wonder why. -_-

A little bit about my personality (because I enjoy ranting on after the so-called 'conclusion' of an essay.)

I'm not a pushover, but I usually will try to avoid fights. If you get me sufficiently upset, though, I am quite likely to verbally attack you (considering that you probably live a thousand miles away.)

I love to help other people, but don't expect me to help - I get caught up in my own stuff and have no love to pass out to others sometimes. If I'm ever like that, I usually just need someone to talk to. ;3;

I can be quite random, or, at least, seem random, and I will usually say the first thing that pops into my head. Nearly none of my comments are edited, and I sometimes forget to edit any literature I post... haha... hah... yeah...

That's me!

*Insert Real Conclusion Here*


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