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Yay! I uploaded all of the House of Cards, Island of Dreams reference sheets before fall! I had no idea I would finish them this quickly. :ohnoes:
The next step is to update them to my current style.

House of Cards, Island of Dreams Main Protagonists:
Hina'huero   Jackson Maximilian Rhiannon

“When we don’t argue, we can accomplish anything.”

Full Name: Mistress Rhiannon Whitney Carbon

Age: Mid-to-late twenties

Height: 66 inches

Weight: 157 lb

Build: Somewhat above average height and slightly overweight (though she hides the latter remarkably well with the style of clothing that she wears), busty, wider in the hips than the shoulders

Hair: Strawberry blonde, straight, falls to her waist when worn down, but she usually wears it up in an elaborate rose-shaped bun

Eyes: Sage green

Skin: Rosy, formerly very light but now more tanned due to living on Areoi

Blood type: A

Voice: Chipper, medium-high-pitched

Rhiannon became friends with Maximilian and Jackson when she was in middle school after they chased off a bully that was tormenting her. However, they quickly found out she was not attracted to them, and eventually were satisfied with being her friends. Over the years they parted ways, and Rhiannon opened a fabric and upholstery business.

Years later, Rhiannon planned the best wedding she could, and she sent out as many wedding invitations as possible, even to people she had only met once. Maximilian and Jackson were invited, even though they were no longer close friends of hers. When they reunited, the two men found a business opportunity that they couldn’t pass up. Rhiannon lent them storage space in some of her warehouses.

After a long extremely lucky streak, the bottom fell out on Maximilian and Jackson’s operations. Since Rhiannon knew too much, they tricked her into fleeing with them to Areoi. Furious with their actions, Rhiannon refused to live with them and had a smaller farmhouse built, where she lived for the first few months. Over the years she has completely forgiven them and enjoys her new life at Meadow Ace as one of the Three Masters. Together the Three Masters work to solve problems that arise, make their island a better place, and maintain good relationships with the Areoi people.

At first glance Rhiannon is prissy and pampered, but she is a kind and compassionate soul, despite how others might perceive her. Rhiannon is usually good-natured, but she’s very temperamental. In particular, she is easily annoyed and angered. Despite her temper, she is generally cheerful, energetic and refuses to let minor disappointments get her down. Rhiannon is very expressive with her emotions, open about her likes and dislikes, and does not hold back from letting others know what she feels. She has an honest nature and hates deceit and misleading talk. For this reason, Rhiannon opens up easily to others. While this makes her easy to get along with, it also leads to people taking advantage of her. She has a strong sense of justice and doesn’t like to see others unhappy. Out of the Three Masters, she tends to be the voice of reason, and is good at mediating conflicts. She is extravagant and embraces her lavish lifestyle at Meadow Ace.

Rhiannon is very fond of “functional art”, particularly clothing and furniture. At Meadow Ace she upholsters furniture and designs clothes as a pastime along with the seamstress Sitasha’s assistance. She especially enjoys designing (and wearing) dresses and gowns. Rhiannon likes bright and pastel colors. She loves flowers on a multisensory level, for the scent, feel and appearance. Rhiannon has always loved jewelry and frills, though she developed more extravagant tastes over the years. Luxury and extravagance are very appealing to her, and she loves having the money to afford anything she wants. Rhiannon enjoys planning and hosting events, such as birthday parties for the Three Masters and anniversary parties for Meadow Ace, though she wishes she had more people she could invite. She has a strong interest in history and artifacts, and particularly likes the Baroque and Rococo eras. This inspired her when designing the mansion's interior and gardens of Meadow Ace. She admires Marie Antoinette, and for this reason, Rhiannon strives to be a modern Marie Antoinette.

Rhiannon gets very frustrated when she does not get her way, or if something is taking too long. It took her a long time to get used to the tropical Areoi weather and she still doesn’t like the heat. She hates when others are dishonest or withhold information from her. She can be very fussy and dislikes dust, dirt and garbage. Though Rhiannon has many people who care about her at Meadow Ace, she sometimes wishes she had at least one other high-class female friend to relate to, invite over and go to parties with.

Though Rhiannon isn’t artistic in the conventional sense, she is quite skilled with her hands. She has a strong creative side as she enjoys designing clothes and furniture as a pastime.  Rhiannon is a very good seamstress, though she leaves the more tedious and mundane work to Sitasha, who assists her in her fashion pursuits. Rhiannon has a surprisingly strong will and if she has to, she will take up hard or unpleasant tasks that no one else wants or has time to do (with or without complaint.) She is very compassionate and forgiving. Her extensive knowledge of history has helped her in island politics and matters of diplomacy. Most notably it helped her make peace with the Areoi after the Three Masters arrived on Areoi.

 Beneath her cheerful exterior, she is quite sensitive and is easily hurt by others’ words. Despite her fondness of “functional art”, Rhiannon is a horrible cook, and is very thankful for the head chef Suzette’s presence. She does not have much patience, and can be short-tempered when others are indirect with her. Years of luxurious living at Meadow Ace have made her very fussy, prissy and high-maintenance, though she was always a little high-strung. Rhiannon can be too trusting, and she is easy to take advantage of.

Maximilian and Jackson have been her friends since she was in her tweens, though this friendship has waxed and waned over the years. Now they form the Three Masters of Meadow Ace, and are on very good terms, though they have their short-term spats. Through sewing collaborations, Rhiannon and her seamstress Sitasha have become good friends, and the older woman sees herself as a lady-in-waiting to Rhiannon. Rhiannon tries to be friendly to the head gardener and farmer, Tulip and Ford respectively. Though they rarely show it, they truly do appreciate her compassion and goodwill. Rhiannon is very close with her rabbit, Fleet. Years ago, Rhiannon married Magnus, but once the couple moved to Areoi, he died of failing health from the tropical heat. Years have passed since then and Rhiannon is considering remarriage.

The Arii Fetu’maatara initially disliked her for being one of the Three Masters, but over time he accepted that having other people on Areoi isn’t a bad thing and began to appreciate these new neighbors. The Three Masters appreciate his presence as well, and meet with him to discuss matters on Areoi. In the past Rhiannon tried to befriend Raatira Arava’ruma, the only other high-ranking woman on the island, but Arava doesn’t relate to Rhiannon or have any real interest in her.

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I love this one. The design is really unique, like her hair and her crown. And her clothes is really ethnic, reminds me a lot with Greek Goddess. Keep up the great work!