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Maximilian is one of the protagonists in my novel trilogy House of Cards, Island of Dreams.

House of Cards, Island of Dreams Main Protagonists:
Hina'huero   Jackson Maximilian Rhiannon

I've been redesigning my characters' reference sheets for the last couple years, and finally I've come up with a format that I'm happy with. While there will be some individualization between stories (e.g. all the House of Cards, Island of Dreams characters will have the card table felt in the background and the card suits will be used as the color swatches) all of the reference sheets will show the same things: front, back and side views; colors, close-up of the eyes and any significant accessories, and a few expressions.

"It’s amazing to think that there are still unexplored areas in the world. Now I’m curious what else is out there, waiting to be discovered."

Full Name: Master Maximilian Donovan Spader

Age: Mid-twenties (beginning of House of Cards, Island of Dreams), early thirties (end of House of Cards, Island of Dreams)

Height: 70 inches

Weight: 160 lb

Build: Average height, if not slightly taller, shapely and gracefully built, leggy

Hair: Heavily slicked dark ash brown curls, goes down to his ears

Eyes: Amber

Skin Tone: Golden tan from living on Areoi

Blood type: AB

Voice: Medium-low pitched, somewhat soft but assertive and confident

Story:(edited to avoid major spoilers) As part of his job, Maximilian used to travel around the world. While traveling between ports, Maximilian discovered a small, highly remote island in the South Pacific. Sadly he only had a day to explore it, since he had to stay on-schedule. He made note of where the island was, and to flee there if things ever became too chaotic.

Sure enough, chaos came along, disguised as a magical pack of cards given as a thank-you gift for saving an old woman's life. If played right, the cards could grant the holder immense fortune, in both luck and wealth. Maximilian and Jackson used the cards strategically and gained an immense amount of wealth, although they didn't know that the cards attract bad luck as well as good luck. The situation folded, and Jackson and Maximilian had to flee with their lives...and take their childhood friend Rhiannon with them - for her own safety and because she knew too much. Through Castor Pecandens, an ally of Maximilian's, he was able to organize the construction of what would eventually become Meadow Ace on the remote island. Maximilian's problems didn't end there. Not only was the estate unfinished when Maximilian and company arrived on Areoi, but they soon discovered there was another group of people living there! The Three Masters had to learn how to avoid conflict with these people, and develop the island at the same time.

Years have passed since then. Currently Maximilian is one of the Three Masters of the estate of Meadow Ace, and in his view, the island of Areoi. The trio works to maintain peace and good relations on the island, and make Areoi a better place.
While the Three Masters don’t always agree on the same course of action, they are longtime friends who work together to solve problems they come across on Areoi.
They sustain lasting peace with the Areoi: the Areoi village and Meadow Ace are autonomous from each other, but they visit each other's domains on a regular basis for work and trade. Meadow Ace's resources have come in handy for the Areoi, and the Areoi's numbers have helped Meadow Ace. A few Areoi decided to work at Meadow Ace in exchange for goods from the outside world.

As for who Maximilian was in the past, and the full story of why he came to Meadow Ace, that is a long and complicated story wrought with spoilers...

Personality: Maximilian has a polite and gentlemanly disposition and prides himself on it. He is more patient than Jackson or Rhiannon, and is the most mature of the Three Masters. While he is staid and serious, he is easy to rile up. Maximilian is very narcissistic and takes great pride in his good looks. Other people comment on the fact that he hasn’t physically changed at all since moving to Areoi, and possibly looks better than he did five years ago. While Maximilian enjoys being admired and getting attention from women, he has bad luck with relationships. Currently there are four women that he would be interested in marrying (Arava'ruma, Tulip, Genoveffa, and from the second book onward, Miro'ae), but none of them are available. Tulip and Arava are already married to other men, and while Genoveffa is very fond of Maximilian, she took a vow of celibacy before she met him. Maximilian wants a wife who is not only beautiful, but has some quality that makes her exceptional. Though he is far less extroverted or outspoken as Jackson, he possesses a quieter but equally large ego. Maximilian refuses to take the blame for anything, and deflects it to others. He can be prissy and fussy, especially when it comes to his appearance.

Likes: Quite the dandy, Maximilian is fond of dressing well and looking his best; he’s rarely seen without gel in his hair and fine cologne on his wrists. He was born with an innate desire for all things valuable, and has a liking for extravagance. He keeps a large collection of treasures and trinkets within his quarters, and is quite protective of them. Maximilian has kept a journal of his life and travels for years, though at Meadow Ace he refined his writing skills and currently is working on his autobiography, writing in beautiful prose rather than dash facts. He is fond of fine chocolate, particularly milk and dark chocolate.

Dislikes: Maximilian detests being called nicknames such as “Max” or “Maxie”, and insists that he is always referred to by his full name, Maximilian. He hates it when others get in the way of what he wants or what he is planning. Maximilian is very vain, and can’t stand anything that messes up his well-groomed appearance, whether messy hair or dirt. It frustrates him that he cannot find a wife; he faces obstacles with every woman he has feelings for.

Strengths: Maximilian is charismatic and charming, and can win people over to his side. Though he is a very dignified man, he is cunning and has a knack for trickery, though he never admits it and puts it up to others’ lack of cunning. He is very good-looking and knows how to use his looks to his advantage. Over the years at Meadow Ace he has become quite a good writer, though he never shows his autobiography to anyone. At one point he could speak Spanish as well as he could speak English, though this skill has become rusty since moving to Meadow Ace. However, like Jackson and Rhiannon he has become fluent in Areoi, the native language of the island.

Weaknesses: Though he seems calm and composed, Maximilian very easy to sidetrack by riling up. In spite of his toned appearance he does not get much exercise and is in terrible physical shape, like the other two Masters. Maximilian's secret is that he pays for body sculpting; when he makes supply runs to a particular port every few months, he visits a practioner. Jackson eventually figures this out and keeps his friend's secret, though he finds it amusing.

Friends: Maximilian is closest with Jackson and Rhiannon, though they do have their tiffs from time to time like with any longtime friends. Other than the Masters, Maximilian’s closest friend is his right-hand-man Ildefonso Ochoa. In the past Ochoa was his bodyguard and sidekick, but Maximilian promoted him to the position of majordomo after arriving at Meadow Ace. Formerly Maximilian was friends with Castor Pecandens, the man whose construction company developed Meadow Ace's land, though due to all the problems Meadow Ace has faced over the years and Castor's dubious management, this relationship has soured.

Rivals/Enemies: Jackson and Maximilian have been friendly rivals since they were children, and this continued into their professional lives as adults. Even on Areoi their rivalry has still not faded: having them in the same estate is like having two roosters in one henhouse. Though Jackson and Maximilian are best friends, they frequently argue. Maximilian has an uneasy relationship with the Raatira (the Arii's second-in-command and daughter) Arava'ruma. At one point they were in a romantic relationship, but broke apart due to cultural differences. Maximilian proposed marriage to Arava, who was very insulted by this and declared that she already had a husband (on Areoi, it is acceptable for women to have extramaritial romances.) Maximilian was angered by her not telling him this earlier and they stopped seeing and talking to each other. There is an obscure rumor that Maximilian is the father of Arava's son Veo'tii, but Maximilian is in the majority who have not heard this rumor. The Arii is friendly with the Three Masters, although a little wary of them, and they sometimes see him as a stick-in-the-mud. However, the Three Masters and the Arii mutually respect each other and are fond of each other's company.

Birthday: August 27 under Virgo

Information for those drawing him PLEASE READ
:bulletgreen: Maximilian wears the Meadow Ace emblem around his neck, and this necklace signifies his authority. Jackson and Rhiannon wear similar necklaces.
The jewel in the middle of Maximilian's necklace is an emerald, Jackson has a sapphire on his, and Rhiannon has a ruby.

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