Knight Errant Part 1

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Knight Errant

Part 1
Tiff: So Kirby, are you looking forward to your coming-of-age ceremony?

Kirby: *giggles* Of course I am, silly! I've been looking forward to this my whole life! Still, I'll be sad to leave Cappy Town. Will I get to see you again?

Kirby had changed in many ways over 200 years. His skin had darkened to a brilliant magenta and he'd grown almost a foot. He now stood a few inches taller than his mentor, Meta Knight. His voice was still high-pitched and cheerful-sounding, though now he could speak perfect English.

Tiff: I'm sure you'll get time to visit. I only wish you could stay longer, like a few more months or so. Seren and I will soon have a new member in our family!

Kirby: What do you mean by that?

Tiff: *incredulously* Didn't you notice? I'm pregnant!

Kirby: Ohh. When's the baby due?

Tiff: In about 3-4 months. That's why I had hoped you'd stay a little longer.

Kirby: I wonder if Seren will be here for my ceremony?

Tiff: Even though he doesn't know you that well, he said he'd come for my sake.

Seren was Tiff's husband. When Tiff grew up, she moved to the city for a while to see what life was like there. During this time, she met Seren, who worked as a scientist there. Years later, they got married and moved back to the castle with Tiff's parents. Every few weeks, Seren would go back to the city for a while to work and then return home.

*they go up the hill that Kirby/Tokkori's old house is on*

Kirby: Wow! I didn't expect this many people to come!

There were literally thousands of creatures from all over Dream Land-and maybe even Pop Star for all Kirby knew- on and around the hill. Buffet tables had been set up around the hill, many containing watermelon-related food.

Tiff: *sees Sword and Blade, leaves Kirby to talk to them* Hey, have you two seen Meta Knight anywhere?

Sword: *glances over at her* 'Ello, Tiff. No, we 'avent see 'im since this morning. 'E maide us get up at four A.M. to start settin' up for Kirby's ceremony.

Blade: *to Kirby*: Well, between you an' us, 'e's actually preparin' some other things. I can't tell you exactly wot, though. It's secret.

Kirby: Ooh! A secret! I like secrets!

Tiff: Well, thanks anyways. Bye! *to Kirby* Let's go find Tuff. I got a letter from him. He said that he was coming for sure! I don't think Tuff of all people would want to miss a party.

Kirby: *looking at the tables* Yay! Watermelon sorbet! *runs over to the nearest table and sucks up all of the food*

Tiff: *in mock annoyance* Typical. I'm going to find Tuff. *she goes off, Kirby continues to eat everything off each buffet table he encounters*
Kirby: *looks up from a bowl of watermelon popsicles* Huh? Tiff? Where'd you go...oh well! *continues eating*

A while later

Tiff: *sees Seren with her parents* Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! *hugs Seren* Seren, you were able to come!

Seren: I knew this meant a lot to you, so I managed to convince my boss to change my shift to next week.

Tiff: *to Sir Ebrum* Dad, is Tuff here, too?

Sir Ebrum: Yes, he's here. I just saw him over at one of the buffet tables. We're lucky that we reserved seats here; I'm simply shocked at how many people turned up! Here's your seat. *points at a seat labeled "Tiff"*

Tiff: Aw, thanks! That was really nice of you to reserve a seat for me! *sits down*

*Tuff comes over with a girl and sits down* Hi, everyone! The food here is great!

Lady Like: *looks at the girl's seat label* And you are…Fife?

Fife: *somewhat annoyed* It's pronounced "fee-fee", not "fife"!

Fife had orangey-gold skin and emerald green eyes. Her magenta-tipped hair was done up in a spiky updo with bangs, and she wore a frilly dark orange dress.

Tuff: *proudly* She's my fiancée; I proposed to her a couple months ago!

Seren: Congratulations! I have good news as well: Tiff and I will have a child soon! It'll be born in a few months from now.

*Lololo and Lalala fly in* Lololo: That's awesome!

Lalala: Have you thought of a name yet?

Lololo: Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?

Seren: We want to be surprised.

Tiff: I have a few names picked out either way.

Tokkori: *flies over to Tiff and her family* Hi, guys! It took me forever to find you! It looks like the ceremony is about to start!  I saw Kirby and Meta Knight going up the hill together.

*a small starship descends and lands on top of the hill. An elderly green kirby in golden armor and a few guards exit it*

Meta Knight: *salutes* Sir Arthur! Good to see you here today.

Sir Arthur: I came here to see Kirby's coming-of-age ceremony. I was hoping I would live to see the legendary hero Kirby become a Star Warrior.

Kirby: Wow! You came all the way out here for me?

Sir Arthur: I imagine you'll make an excellent Star Warrior, Kirby, judging from who your mentor was. *looks at Meta Knight* Centuries ago, I mentored Meta Knight myself. And now I'm 1,121 years old! My, how time flies. Please continue on with the ceremony.

Meta Knight: *hops onto a stone, unsheathes his sword* I call to the spirits of Star Warriors who have fought before me to look upon this young hero. He has trained hard beneath your noble code, and I commend him to you as a Star Warrior in his turn. Kirby would be willing to uphold his honor and those who fight with him and risk his life as a Star Warrior. Kirby, kneel.

Kirby got down on his knee and briefly looked up at his mentor. He held his sword Galaxia high so it gleamed in the sunlight and laid the flat of it against Kirby's back. Kirby shivered as the cold metal touched his skin, but it soon faded to an energizing warmth.

Meta Knight: *continuing on, sheathes his sword* From this moment on, you are a Star Warrior. Kirby! Kirby of the Stars!

The crowd erupted into applause. Kirby blushed. He was used to attention, but even he was a little embarrassed to have thousands of people cheering for him. Still, he began to wave to the crowd.

Sir Arthur: While I am here, there is one more thing I need to do. *turns to Meta Knight* Sir Meta Knight, you have served your entire life as a Star Warrior and I believe it's time that you should retire. We will always honor what you have done for us.

Meta Knight: No. As long as there is evil in the universe, I will fight it until my last breath.

Sir Arthur: That wasn't a request. You've done more in your time as a Star Warrior than a whole brigade of Star Warriors put together. I feel you deserve a break.

Meta Knight: *grudgingly* Yes, sir.

Sir Arthur: *to Kirby* I just remembered. There's someone who'd like to meet you. They haven't seen you in years!

Kirby: I wonder who?

*two kirbies come up the hill, a magenta male and a dun female*

?: Kirby, is that you?

Kirby: Yep! How do you know me? I've never met you before!

??: *looks at Meta Knight* You're Sir Meta Knight, I presume? We've been in correspondence all these years and you never told him about us?

Meta Knight: *suddenly understanding who they are* Ah, you two must be Kirby's parents, Turbo Knight and Dusty Knight. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Kirby: *no longer confused* Ohhhh. Mom! Dad! *runs over and hugs them*

Dusty Knight: It's nice to see you, Kirby! The last time I saw you, you were only fifty years old, only a baby! You look so much like your father now!

Turbo Knight: We're sorry we sent you off. It was prophesied that you would become a legendary hero, and NightMare Enterprises began to persecute us to get rid of you. We sent you and your sisters off to your uncle, but the starship you were in never arrived at his house. We were worried that you had been captured by N.M.E. and killed.

Dusty Knight: Then about seventy years ago, we received a letter from Sir Meta Knight, who had found the note we put in your starship with our contact information when you were supposed to arrive at your uncle's house. Your ship must have detected monsters and gone off-course, the way starships on autopilot are supposed to. I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive us.

Kirby: I do! It's okay!

*two kirbettes, one mauve and the other pale pink, come up to Kirby*

?: Hi, Kirby! Remember us? We're your sisters!

??: You probably wouldn't remember us. That was a long time ago! I barely remember you myself, and I was only 110 at the time. I just got knighted two weeks ago; now I'm called Rosa Knight! *gestures to the pale pink kirbette* She's Kiiba.

Kiiba: I never saw the appeal of becoming a knight; I don't want my name changed. I'm also a Star Warrior, though. It's nice to see that you're one too, Kirby! Now we can fight NightMare Enterprises together!

Kirby: *embraces both of them* Yeah, I can't wait!

Rosa Knight: *to Kirby* Do you plan on becoming a knight?

Kirby: Yeah! I'm Meta Knight's squire!

Dusty Knight: Does anyone have a camera? Let's take a photo together! It'll be the first one with all of us in it in a long time!

Tiff: I do! *holds up her camera* There, I took it! I'll give the photos to you guys as soon as I can!

Kirby: Oh, I almost forgot! *runs over to Tiff and hugs her* Thanks for everything! I had a great time with you! Maybe I'll get to meet your kid next time I come here! *turns to the other kirbies* I'd like you to meet my foster family: Sir Ebrum, Lady Like, Tiff and Tuff.

Lady Like: Very nice to meet you!

Sir Ebrum: I hope we get to see you again some other time!

Meta Knight: *goes up to Kirby* I am terribly sorry to interrupt you and your family, but there are important matters that require your presence. Follow me.

Check out the Flowchart Review! [link]

This summer, I decided I wanted to challenge myself by writing something COMPLETELY different than anything else I've ever written. I've written other fan fictions before, but this is my first Kirby fan fiction as well as my first time writing in script format. It's fun, but it's very challenging for someone who usually writes the standard way.

I have a feeling I’m going to get flamed for some aspects of this story, so let me explain some things.

1. This takes place 200 years after the end of the anime, Kirby: Right Back at Ya! During those 200 years after, the events of the Kirby games happen. And as you can see in this fan fiction, a LOT of other things change, too.

2. The anime never specifically said who or what was created by Nightmare, went against him and was predicted to defeat him once and for all. I personally think it was Meta Knight, which would explain why the little figure Nightmare was holding was blue and holding a sword (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch the episode A Dark and Stormy Knight; it’s about 2/3 of the way through). This freed up Kirby’s backstory, so I decided to flesh it out a little.

3. All the characters’ “voices” will be based on the dub; I greatly prefer the English voice actors over the Japanese voice actors. The exception to this rule is Meta Knight; as much as I like his Spanish accent, I couldn’t get the phonetics of it to look good on paper.

:bulletpink: Plot Summary :bulletpink:
Set years after the events of the anime and games, this exciting script-style story exposes what happens after Kirby becomes and adult. Things won't be easy for him, but the unimaginable happens-and gives Kirby the chance to be the greatest hero ever.

:bulletpink:Coming up next::bulletpink:
Wait, hold on, Kirby's parents came?! Who exactly are they? And what did Meta Knight want with Kirby? Find out in the next installment!

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