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Isn't he the cutest thirty-something-year old fat man you've ever seen? :aww: He has an amusing personality, too. I enjoy writing scenes from his perspective, but he's not always an easy character to write for. I like his spontaneity and his sense of humor.

House of Cards, Island of Dreams Main Protagonists:
Hina'huero   Jackson Maximilian Rhiannon

“The world belongs to the clever.”

Full Name: Master Jackson Jay Klove

Age: Mid-twenties to early thirties

Height: 69 inches

Weight: 407 lb

Build: Average height and immensely fat, wider than he is tall

Hair: Platinum blond, wavy and uncontrollably fluffy

Eyes: Cerulean

Skin Tone: Tanned from living on Areoi

Blood type: B

Voice: Medium-pitched, somewhat loud

Story: (edited for spoilers) Jackson used to travel the world as a trader of sorts. He and Maximilian, his rival, saved an old woman's life and were rewarded with a magical pack of cards.
If played right, the cards could grant the holder immense fortune, in both luck and wealth. Maximilian and Jackson used the cards strategically and gained an immense amount of wealth, although they didn't know that the cards attract bad luck as well as good luck. The situation folded, and Jackson and Maximilian had to flee with their lives...and take their childhood friend Rhiannon with them - for her own safety and because she knew too much. They fled to Areoi, an extremely remote island in the South Pacific that Maximilian discovered. Jackson's problems didn't end there. Not only was the estate unfinished when Jackson and company arrived on Areoi, but they soon discovered there was another group of people living there! The Three Masters had to learn how to avoid conflict with these people, and develop the island at the same time.

    Years later, in the present day, Jackson is now one of the Three Masters of the estate of Meadow Ace along with Rhiannon and Maximilian. According to the Arii, the Areoi ruler, the Three Masters' leadership ends there, but that is contested. They sustain an uneasy but lasting peace with the Areoi; the Areoi village and Meadow Ace are autonomous from each other, but they visit each other's domains on a regular basis for work and trade. Meadow Ace's resources have come in handy for the Areoi, and the Areoi's numbers have helped Meadow Ace. A few Areoi decided to work at Meadow Ace in exchange for goods from the outside world. Jackson, together with Maximilian and Rhiannon, have numerous adventures around Areoi as they make the island a better place and try to maintain good relationships with the other inhabitants.

As for who Jackson was in the past, and the full story of why he came to Meadow Ace, that is a long and complicated story wrought with spoilers...

Personality: Jackson behaves childishly at times, but he has an odd charm to his personality that endears him to some people and is very off-putting to others. Perhaps this comes from his tendency to be humorous without intending it. He can have a mischievous and sometimes cruel sense of humor. He is impetuous and vivacious, though he is not hyper. He just loves life, particularly at Meadow Ace. Jackson isn’t bothered at all by his weight and if anything is smug about it, attesting it to his prowess as a glutton and a testimony to his high living. He sees himself a bit like a bodybuilder, but with fat instead of muscle. Jackson is very arrogant and thinks quite highly of himself. In particular, he takes pride in his past adventures as a trickster. Unlike the more secretive Maximilian, Jackson will brag about his past accomplishments and adventures to anyone interested in listening. He has little to no regard for others’ opinions, and can be stubborn and bratty in conflicts. Because of this, his high intelligence, quick thinking and problem-solving savvy often surprises others, even Rhiannon and Maximilian. His mind is as sharp as his body is round. He places a high value on life and is very close friends with Rhiannon and Maximilian.

Likes: Jackson enjoys two things in life above all else. One is the satisfaction of outwitting others, seeing their reactions to his tricks and proving he is cleverer than them. He enjoys games of wits, including tricking and pranking others. Maximilian enjoys challenging him in this way. The other thing he loves most is a good meal. Jackson always had an extremely large appetite, even when he was thin. This affinity never caught up to his figure until he moved to Areoi, where he could indulge it whenever he liked and had a chef who was more than willing to do so. Though Areoi has good food, the island’s selection is a little limited and he appreciates it when other foods are brought back when the Masters go on supply trips. Of the Three Masters he is the easiest to entertain, and he enjoys TV and reading. For sports, he likes fishing on the ocean and target shooting.

Dislikes: Jackson hates dealing with anything he considers a nuisance. While this is true of all three of the Masters, this was always the case with Jackson. In particular, he loathes climbing stairs and walking long distances. He believes the Three Masters are the true authority figures on Areoi, which puts him at odds with the Arii, who thinks that since Meadow Ace is on Areoi, they should technically be under his authority. The Three Masters believe just the opposite. However, both respect each other's claims to their sides of the island. He finds Hina’s pet vini (a type of small bird native to Areoi) Ana'pio to be annoying rather than cute. Pio frequently sips whatever Jackson is drinking and pulls at the straw on Jackson’s hat, though Hina tells the bird not to.

Strengths: Jackson is remarkably clever and tricky, which catches people off guard due to his childish demeanor. He’s a skilled marksman and one of his pastimes includes target shooting with a pistol. With the free time he’s had on Areoi, he has become very well-read. Jackson has an extremely sharp mind and a knack for thinking outside the box. He can create good solutions with remarkable speed and get out of seemingly impossible situations. From spending years traveling around the world, Jackson can speak many languages in very small amounts. In addition to English, he is fluent in Areoi, the native language of the island.

Weaknesses:  Like the other two Masters, he’s very spoiled from living at Meadow Ace for so long. His movement is somewhat limited by his size, though some of this may be from the fact that like the other Masters he is in terrible shape. Though he is very intelligent, he doesn’t always learn from his mistakes, since his pride can get in the way.

Friends/Allies: Jackson is closest with Rhiannon and Maximilian, who he has known since childhood. He is also good friends with the chef Suzette, who greatly enjoys cooking for his hearty appetite. He and Wu were trading partners in the past, and they are still friends. It’s hard to say how Jackson feels about Hina’huero: whether he sees her as a friend, has romantic feelings for her or simply thinks she’s an excellent servant. While he can sometimes be rude or blunt to her, he does her occasional favors such as assigning her duties that kept her away from anyone sick during an epidemic and buying her a jacket on a supply trip because she was cold.

Rivals/Enemies: Jackson and Maximilian have been friendly rivals since they were children, and this continued into their professional lives as adults. Even on Areoi their rivalry has still not faded: having them in the same estate is like having two roosters in one henhouse. Jackson respects the Areoi ruler Arii Fetu’mataara and his daughter the Raatira Arava’ruma, as long as they keep their authority on the other half of the island and don’t interfere with Meadow Ace affairs. They feel likewise about Jackson and the other two Masters. When Aizapal, Areoi’s island spirit, returned to Areoi after a two-millennia-long absence and tried to take over Meadow Ace, Jackson tricked him into taking the rocky lagoon on the far reaches of Meadow Ace. The island spirit is impressed by the Three Masters, thinking that they’re not like other humans he’s met over the millennia, though sometimes their interests conflict with his. Conflicts in authority over Areoi rise from time to time amongst the Arii and Raatira, and Aizapal.

Birthday: April 1 under Aries

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