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House of Cards, Island of Dreams Main Protagonists:
Hina'huero   Jackson Maximilian Rhiannon

June 21, 2016: I've been working on-and-off for the last year on reference sheets for the House of Cards, Island of Dreams four main protagonists. I have Jackson and Maximilian's reference sheets about half-done. I spent a while deciding on a new format for the reference sheets and condensing them. I plan to add a few expressions, as well as Hina's village outfit once I have it fully designed. I have an idea in my head of what it looks like...
:new: UPDATE: Everything is in place! I love this new reference sheet format. :love:

December 3, 2017: I spent much of my weekend revamping Hina's reference sheet to fit the changes in my style.

“There’s still so much to learn. I can’t wait for tomorrow!”

Full Name: Hina’huero (HEE-nah-HOO-ehr-oh) (“Prosperity seed”)

Age: Tween/early teens (beginning of House of Cards, Island of Dreams trilogy), Late teens (end of House of Cards, Island of Dreams trilogy)

Height: 58 inches

Weight: 92 lb

Build: Dainty and petite, thin, flat, small chest and hips

Hair: Black, shoulder-length wavy hair

Eyes: Dark rosy brown

Skin Tone: Vibrant burnt orange (a skin tone common among Areoi)

Blood type: O

Voice: High-pitched, somewhat loud

Story: Hina’huero was born and raised on the extremely remote and isolated island of Areoi. The people there had no idea other humans existed until a construction crew showed up on the island, and her life and that all of the Areoi changed forever. The Areoi were more confused than bothered by the construction. It was on a different part of the island, on land that was considered worthless by the Areoi. It was too hilly for the Areoi to farm or build on and located far from their village. Some time later, a group of people moved to the island, headed by a trio called the Three Masters.

In the years to come, Hina desperately wanted to learn more about the newcomers, who had settled in what was now an estate called Meadow Ace. Five years after Meadow Ace was developed, Hina’huero came to work at Meadow Ace as a sunlighter (a servant who works at Meadow Ace during the day and returns to the village in the evening), wanting to learn more about the grand estate that had sprung up on her island. She quickly became enamored with the glory of the estate and fond of the people who live there, both servants and Masters. Currently she splits her time between working at Meadow Ace in the day and living in the village at night. Some of the Areoi have began to question her loyalty to the village, though Hina’s family has complete faith in her.

Personality: While Hina’huero is generally laid-back and cheerful, she is easily moved to strong emotion, both positive and negative. In particular she is quick to cry or get annoyed, along with other emotional outbursts. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is an easy to read person. Hina has a borderline obsession with cleanliness, gets bent out of shape over messes and does not tolerate anything dirty or disorganized. Hina is kindhearted and extremely loyal to those she cares about. Recently, the peace between Meadow Ace and the Areoi village has begun to fray, and Hina finds her loyalties being tugged back and forth from the village to Meadow Ace, and she is sometimes unsure of whom to side with in conflicts. Hina’huero is eager to work and has a strong sense of duty and justice, but she is very clumsy. Sometimes her enthusiasm can further trip her up.

Likes: Hina’huero is fascinated by everything about Meadow Ace, and she enjoys working there and learning about the outside world. In particular, she enjoys when Jackson talks about the world, and she wants to learn as much from him as possible. She likes it when things are neat and orderly, and takes great pride in her work as a maid. Hina enjoys cooking as much as cleaning. While she genuinely enjoys her work and making others happy, she enjoys being paid in all sorts of exotic items from Meadow Ace, especially nails, which are coveted by all the Areoi. Hina wants to be wanted, needs to be needed (and would love to be loved), and appreciates it when others want her to help them. This is one of many reasons she enjoys working at Meadow Ace. In the village Hina was incompetent at daily tasks, but at Meadow Ace she quickly became skilled in cooking and cleaning.

Dislikes: Hina dislikes when conflicts arise between the Anua'nunaa ("rainbow people", the word Areoi use for the people of Meadow Ace) and the Areoi—which has been happening more and more often lately—and she ends up getting caught in between. She detests messes and disorganization, and when she sees something out of sorts, she feels she must drop everything and fix it. Hina gets along well with most the villagers, although she is frustrated by those with prejudiced attitudes towards Meadow Ace and the Anua'nunaa.

Strengths: Hina is open-minded about trying and learning new things, and she learns information quickly. Suzette taught Hina how to speak English, and Hina picked up the language very quickly. Hina sometimes acts as an interpreter and liaison between the village and Meadow Ace. Thanks to Suzette, Hina is a talented chef, and cooking is one of her favorite duties at Meadow Ace. Her enthusiasm for things and people she loves gives her energy.

Weaknesses:  She is extremely naïve and at first, like the other Areoi, knew literally nothing about the outside world, or that there even is an outside world beyond the ocean’s expanse. Though she is good at learning spoken language, she has a very difficult time learning to read and write, since the Areoi do not have a written language. Her illiteracy has led to situations like mistaking salt for sugar and vice versa. She can be hot-tempered and prone to outbursts of strong emotion when flustered, upset or angry. This can lead to her saying things she shouldn't, and sometimes gets her scolded or into trouble. While Hina is very hardworking, she is clumsy and not good at most chores in the Areoi village, such as thatching, weaving, water gathering and farming.

Friends/Allies: Hina is on very good terms with her parents, Ua’taiao and Rapa’ooma, who support her interest in Meadow Ace since they are pleased their daughter has found her calling.  Her three younger siblings are on good terms with her, and she has an older sister who got married and moved out. Her best friend in the Areoi village is Momona'hihi, a girl about her age who has neutral views of the Anua'nunaa. Hina and Suzette are close friends, and Hina sees the chef de cuisine as a mentor. Out of the Three Masters, she gets along best with Jackson, and he has come to value her presence.

Rivals/Enemies:  Hina is good-natured and while her emotional personality can irritate some people, few Areoi truly hate her. She will argue with Areoi who dislike Meadow Ace, though she doesn’t usually get them to change their minds. She is against Ruru’aparai and his cohorts, who hate the Anua'nunaa and will do anything to get rid of them.

Relatives: Ua'taiao (father), Rapa'ooma (mother), Rau'aute (older sister), Uhu'poa (eldest younger brother), Iho'aauri (second younger brother), Pooreho'poe (younger sister)

Birthday: February 24 under Pisces (she doesn’t know her real birthday, or even her actual age, since the Areoi don’t use the Gregorian calendar, but this is the date that Jackson assigns to her.)

Information for those drawing Hina PLEASE READ:
:bulletwhite: Hina has very long, thick eyelashes, even by the standards of my style.
:bulletwhite: Hina's eyes have a pinkish hue to them, hence "rosy brown".
:bulletwhite: Hina's skin should be drawn as vibrant burnt orange. The Areoi (her race) have this skin tone, and it is one of their defining traits.
:bulletwhite: Hina is very short and dainty, especially in comparison to other characters. The Areoi are extraordinarily tall: an average woman is around 6'. Hina is exceptionally short because her premature birth stunted her growth.

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She is really has a very very long thick eyelashes. :D
I prefer her in her yellow dress. :)