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Clip Studio Paint Brush pack

Pack of my favorite brushes for Clip Studio Paint Pro
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Thank you ! i've downloaded your brushes on my pc and now i'm on my laptop and i want to download them here as well , they are addictive , congrats , very well done

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Magda Proski... your name is hughly known for the click studio paint community... each and everyone of us that have used your brushes, we love you... thank very much! they are truly good!!

English Comment:

Hello! For people who are in trouble from knocking down these brushes, I found a way that can help them.

Install the .Zip format and then select all the brushes you want to install. You cut them (ctrl + X) and make another folder outside the Zip file, since, at least in my case, the Zip file did not appear. You paste it in the new folder (ctrl + V) and go to Clip Studio Paint. Then you go to Sub Tool (the brush icon) and above where the name of each type of brush comes, there are about 3 lines. You click it and you go to the "Import Sub Tool" section. Now a new window has opened, you go to the folder we made, and select the file with the brush that you occupy. You give enter and voila! You already have the brush you needed downloaded. Sorry for the bad English I'm using translator. Bye bye!

Comentario en Español:

¡Hola! Para las personas que están en problemas por derribar estos pinceles, encontré una forma que puede ayudarlos.

Instala el formato .Zip y luego selecciona todos los pinceles que desea instalar. Los cortas (ctrl + X) y haces otra carpeta fuera del archivo Zip, ya que, almenos en mi caso, no me aparecia el archivo Zip. Lo pegas en la nueva carpeta ( ctrl + V ) y vas a Clip Studio Paint. Entonces vas a Sub Tool (el icono de la brocha) y encima donde viene el nombre de cada tipo de brocha, hay unas 3 lineas. Le das clic y vas al apartado de "Import Sub Tool". Ahora se abrió una nueva ventana, te vas a la carpeta que hicimos, y seleccionas el archivo con la brocha que Ocupas. Le das enter ¡Y listo! Ya tienes descargado la brocha que necesitabas. ¡Bye Bye!

thank you, i am adjusting to clip studio paint pro after using medibang for a long time and i need all the brushes i can get!!

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Thank you so much ! I've just started using Clip Studio paint, these will be my first brushes I use! :D

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you very much!! ^^

nice brushes!! thanks!! :D

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For those who can't download it you just have to use other browser, i couldn't download it in chrome and it just work on firefox and mobile chrome

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Thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant import them to csp :((

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Me neither. They get downloaded as .sut files and I don’t know how to fix it, smh

Thank you SO MUCH!!

Thank you so much absolutely can't wait to use these brushes on my new and improved art🎨

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Thanks! I need those.

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