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Charmander evolutions (custom commission)

By maga-01
More pictures here >… ;)

Unique (custom commission)
Version inspired by pokemon Charmander evolutions.

Polymer Clay / Hand sculpted / 12cm wood base
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© 2017 - 2021 maga-01
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Thank you so much <3
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Yup! xD~~
Thank you sooo much! 🤗
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That's amazing! I love how they are instantly recognizable as the iconic pokemon but you still gave them your unique style with the scales and the texture. Awesome job!
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You are very kind! Thank you <3
Scales and texture were ideas I really didn't know would work ^-^
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I am glad you tried! It's great when an experiment works out well.
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Can't express how cute that charmander is! Just... awwww! Makes me want to hug it!
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Haha.. many thanks! Happy you like him! xD <3
He is up to something, I can tell.. such a prankish one ;p
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:shocked: Oh my god this is an incredible piece of art! Charizard and Charmander look fantastic! I love the detail in the scales and how darling Charmander's expression. SO MUCH LUFF
You are amazing!:worship:
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Awwwnnn.. <3
I'm so happy you like it! You are very kind, thank you sooooo much for all inspiring words! They mean a lot! >.< :hug: :la:
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you're most welcome! :glomp: :huggle: :backhug: I adore this and wish you were selling them. SO MUCH LUFF
I wonder, how long does something like that take you?
I saw your Squirtle one (also WOW! baby Squirtle in his costume is insanely cute:love:) Do you have any plans to do a Bulbasaur one?
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Many thanks! :squee: :tighthug:

The sculptures are not for sale because they are custom commissions, sorry~~ >.<
No Bulbasaur scheduled yet.. although I have commissions for Vulpix and some ghost types to come ;3
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Thank you very much! xD~ 
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Oh my god this is the coolest Pokemon-related thing I've ever seen
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Yaaaay *---* :squee:
Thank you soooo much! It certainly means a lot, I'm honored <3 :hug:
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Sweet mercy! You got serious skillz!
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Many thanks! Happy you like it! xD~ :hug:
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Wonderful! Do you sell them?
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Thank you very much! ;D <3
This sculpture is an unique custom commission, so it's not available for selling, sorry >.<
But if you wish an sculpture custom made for you, please send an email to (or send me a note here on DA), explaining a bit about and I will reply possible styles and cost for it as well ;)
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Damn this is awesome, a job well done!! >w< 
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