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needs to update more..."OTL
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As you can probably tell, I love drawing fanart. Whether trying to imitate that person's style or incorporating their characters in my own way, I just absolutely enjoy doing it. (Sorry I'm so "unoriginal") I'm also prone to not update a lot let alone finish anything most of the time, so sorry in advance.

Favourite cartoon character: Link (LOZ), Snake (MGS), Roy/Rath/Ike (FE), Professor Layton/Luke/Klaus (PL)

Favourite Movies
Gran Torino, Dark Knight, Wall-E, Pirates of the Caribbean, Chronicles of Narnia and many more~
Favourite Games
Zelda Series, Smash Brothers Series, Professor Layton Series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Anything Nintendo! (the only brand I own)
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Scanner, Mouse, Photoshop 7.0
Other Interests
Video games, Drawing, Old men
As the title says, yes I'm sorry for being dead here! "OTL Since its the summer now, I can hopefully update a little more! Went to AX this year, although I came for only the 3rd and 4rth day (late too u_u). Overall, I was happy to be able to hang out with some awesome friends and I guess in a way participated in the AA sorta haha! Due to some unexpected things, I didn't finish much, but other than that I at least BS'd a couple of quick things to the point of being "complete" in a sense, although so many errors. This would be, as sad as it may sound somewhat of an improvement, since I hardly ever finish anything as probably most of my friends
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Bah- I have still neglected this account so much yet again. "OTL Again, apologies to all my watchers! ;w; Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got what they wanted! I can't believe New Years is coming up already. Another year already goes so fast! My New Year's resolution will "hopefully" to be able to update this gallery, and just to try and draw more in general. As much as I love art, I realize that my lazy-ness, procrastinating ways, and an endless supply of low motivation obstruct myself for ever going forward. Hence, I hardly ever finish anything, let alone draw as much as probably other artists do. >_
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Being Redundant

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Wow, all I have to say is that I'm really sorry. Again, almost no updates and whatnot. I'm truly sorry. T__T I'll hopefully (like I always say, I know) update may be awhile after what had happened with my laptop, ughh. Things never seem to go right for me a lot of the the fact my internet connection dies easily and most frequently. "OTL -Updates- if anyone is interested.. --> Tegaki E - WIPs --> Random -- New random icons for devart account; Raiden and Pliskin from MGS 2 -------------------------------------------------------------- :heart: ~merumeruchan ( :iconmag-ni: :heart: First time trying pixel/animati
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Hi! :iconbluetardwaveplz: I realize we've never met before, but I just wanted to wish you a good day (or evening), and if it hasn't been so good so far, I hope that it will get better! Aww Remember to smile and laugh; please enjoy what's left of the day. :iconbunnyglompplz:

p.s. if you're wondering how I got to your page, I used the Random Deviant button Here's a kiss for you, my love!
Hello again from AM Squared from the crazy mustachioed writer guy! Sorry I didn't get to fav/watch before, it's been a hectic and busy convention month.
Would you mind being in the Artistpool of my FMA Group's competition? It's ok if you're too busy ^^

Group: [link]

Competition info: [link]
:hug: Magnii Happy Birthday^ ^ :heart:
Ah, thank you excle! TTwTT :heart::heart::heart: I hope you've been doing well! ^w^ b
omg i really miss you guys ;________; :heart: