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It's not the ten feet high figure
staring at the stars
i see standing in my yard
that i'm worried about
Nor is it the humanoid
screaming about yesteryear
i hear dancing in my kitchen
that i fear so much
It are the two lonely eyes
staring through my back
i feel peeking from the door
that chill me to the bone
:iconmaftie:maftie 4 9
when you look into her eyes
even without her looking back
it's like
the world suddenly...
it just
and all that's left
is her mischievous smile
and when she bites her lip
and again those eyes
it doesn't matter what she's thinking of
it's just so cute
and she doesn't realise how cute she is
how cute she can be
and sometimes
when she's sad
when she's crying
the world leaves you again
and you stand there
trying to do everything you can
just to bring that smile back
just to get it back
to get that smile back
:iconmaftie:maftie 5 26
I have a hole in my chest, right where my heart should be.
And when i get sad i light a candle
and fill the hole with wax
trying to believe i'm human
I have a hole in my chest, right where my heart should be.
And when i get lonely i take a needle and some thread
and sow the hole shut
trying to forget i'm human
I have a hole in my chest, right where my heart should be.
And when i think of you i take a knife
and fill the hole with blood
maybe, just maybe i have a heart
and maybe, just maybe you broke it still
but the blood stays in the hole
no gaps, no cracks, nothing to seep through
it just stays
in the hole
for you
:iconmaftie:maftie 3 7
A man with no heart
A man with no heart can kill who he wants
A man with no heart will kill who he can
But he'll never smell the roses
Cause he will kill himself
And he'll be shackled to his coffin
And he'll be shackled to his grave
And he'll never smell the roses
Cause he's shackled to himself
:iconmaftie:maftie 4 8
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She looked up, seeing what she expected but prayed to be gone... "What... are you doing here...?" She tried to escape, but failed... Her power was drained and the number of nails seemed to have doubled... "I didn't expect you'ld come loose, chérie..." He was sitting in front of her, with his legs crossed, "It would be sad if you left me now, for the second time..." She still couldn't believe it "You... You're... sick! Obsessed! Nuts!" "I don't think you're in a good position to be calling me names..." He stood up, stepped backwards a few feet and sat down again, making room for the crows. "What do you want from me? Why - AH!" The crows understood the message. "Shoot me! Stab me! Just kill me, so i can die in peace! Why me? Why like this?!" He jumped up and kicked the scorching sand in her open wounds. She screamed, he didn't care, yelled at her " 'Why?' you ask me? Why? This is the pain i feel every single day! Because you tore everything i ever loved into pieces, you
:iconmaftie:maftie 1 6
the wall
There she hung... A half dead woman, pinned to the wall by rusty nails. Crows picking huge chunks off her raped body, but her body won't complain, when it looked at her soul, grinded to dust, trying to release it's pain by crying tears as black as her attackers... Tears that scorched the ground where they once stood... Her demons...
With a painful pull, she managed to free her elbow from the wall that kept it prison, followed by the rest of her limbs. A maniacal laugh formed on her bloody face, once she realized that this victory could be a beginning... A beginning for revenge...
She stumbled along the abandoned road, praying for anyone to pass, before it was too late.
The rain turned the once scorching dessert into a giant pool of mud. Mud that would clog her vains if she walked through it with her bloodsoaked feet... But she was wiser: she walked in the middle of the road, so passing cars would see her immediatly and stop, or put her out of her suffering
She walked all night, and now
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Pixel Inc. by maftie Pixel Inc. :iconmaftie:maftie 2 38


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Marianna's November
“Marianna.”  It came out like a mournful note, like the wind soughing against the bare willow-branches beside frozen river floodlands, changed to playing fields, changed to part of the river in March and April.  I looked at him and he looked like me, and my name burst from my lips again, watery, waterfall, wind falling through falling leaves.  “My name is Marianna.”  He smiled, a wind-smile, a crooked smile, bent tree-branch like and wavering like the willow wand.  
“I’m Chris,” he said.  Chris, solid, the heart-wood of an oak, its brown leaves and branches pointing to the sky.  It would take all the Renaissance masters to capture the slight curl in his bangs, his oak-green eyes, his curious stance, one leg weighted down with sand, the other stork-like, resting against his tree-trunk calf.  And oh, his voice!  Terracotta, oak roots, ruined cities still standing,
:iconemere:Emere 5 9



loves cows in a normal way
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Oh wow...

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Enjoyed visiting your page. I know you're not active here much anymore, but did want to say I really like your emotes. :)
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That's some deep stuff brah
I can't write dem poems :/
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The youngest thing on here is a year old D:
And poems aren't that hard, you just need to be able to convert emotions into words, or be able to let everything go as you type or type random stuff and pay people to say it's art so people will get deceived and pay you...
Still, i'ld pick drawan over writan any day ;D
Noiz-z Featured By Owner May 31, 2009
Haha, well said. I'm not much of a writer - some people are just more adapted to conveying emotion through word than others, I suppose.
maftie Featured By Owner May 31, 2009
and you can convey it into drawings ;D
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