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Just a lil' sign of appreciation for :iconreporter-derpy:. I was planing to draw this using muro thing, but than thought – ah, the heck, i'm all in. Thanks for the watch, and you arts are realy-realy well drawn, i like that natural warm style and fluidness of the characters. You're very tallented for your age and, actualy, for any age. And I'm sure that in the future your skills will reach astonishingly high mark.

My 2,5th attempt in raster pony, made in Photoshop, using such kewl device as Logitech mouse.

Logitech mosuse belongs to me
Logitech belongs to Daniel Borel
My little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Whom «Derpy» belongs i'm not sure, cause they do not use this name, cause it's offensive and stuff.

P.S. I'm using «a lil'» a lil' too much.
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