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This. Is. COSPLAY!11!
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My name is Linc. And I should find less expensive hobbies ;A;

I mean!

I enjoy cosplaying and photography in lieu of a REAL LIFE =3b


Life is vaguely tragic. Or something.

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Samurai Warriors 3
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Canon EOS 600D
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Cosplay & Photography


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It has literally been two years and seven days since I last updated ahahaha. Oops. HI GUYS WHO ARE STILL AROUND!! Quick run down of life in past two years for those who careeee: 1. Graduated from my bachelors. Bummed around for a year, started a Masters. Currently at the end of my first semester oh my god. 2. I am becoming responsible????????? 3. Did a really traumatising panel on Cosplay last year for Manifest. Thank god I had Siberias ( to co-run it for me. Thank you so much jfc, sorry for being fail. 4. Started losing interest in the anime/manga side of fandom and rolling into comics/tv/movies. Marvel MCU was a great help in that a
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Keeping this updated is vaguely beyond me. Or something. =O But yeah. Just a basic entry telling you I'm still alive? *rolls* The sister has abandoned the cosplay venture for the moment. So this dA is now alllllllllllll mine
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SO LIKE. ANIMANIA ADELAIDE EH? WELL. HM. MAA. It was an interesting experience as usual xD! There were even LESS people at Adelaide this year than last =O! And unfortunately, having spent the entire time panicking over the WCS competition, I didn't even get any photos =3! Speaking of which... JOFACE + I/TEAM PU.RIN.KA.ZAN. ARE THROUGH TO WCS SYDNEY PRELIMINARY FINALS o/ Which is kind of amazing but at the same time, we were the ONLY team to enter so um. xD;;;;;; We cosplayed Mouri Motonari and Takenaka Hanbei from Samurai Warriors 3. Amazingly enough, we didn't clash [like we thought we would xD] We were just... very bright =D;; BUT
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I HAS FOUND YOU *__* :heart:
hey if you cosplay Dynasty Warriors you should look at a page on face book called Dynasty Warriors Cosplay Group for end of year Supanova in Brisbane 2012 because I'm trying to get a nice big Dynasty Warriors cosplay group together ^^
and would be awesome to meet another fellow cosplayer ^^
It was so nice to meet you guys XD

Thank you for making WCS enjoyable!
\o/! It was great to meet you guys tooooooo~ =3b Thank you for being awesome <3
LOL! No! Thank You for being so Awesome! XD

I'm sad I didn't get to talk to you guys for very long (especially without stress orz) But I'm really happy to meet you all and Thank you for being so nice <3