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I love this two videos of "when you hear BTS´s new album" in a nutshell (?)! xD

"LY Tear" version

(I can relate, in the video, to "So What", and "Aiplane pt.2" xD)

"LY Answer" version

(I can mostly relate to "Seesaw" and "Just Dance", I love their rhythms so much that it wants to stand up and dance! Also, "IDOL" needs to be that songs that you want to put on a party...xD) 
Oh well, finals are f**kin over (and projects too), and now I can finally draw something cool!!

(10 minutes later)

*haven´t drawing nothing*
Oh man, please don´t tell me that I have a BIG art block right now...

Mind: Mafi, you´ve been concentrating more on your studies and classes that you haven´t had time to draw!! 

At least I wrote some free verse poems,right? That´s something new that I could put on DA...

Mind: Yeah, good point..., but well, have you ever had this type of art block before?


Mind:Well, prepare yourself sweetie, here comes the ART BLOCK ERA!!!!

Oh no... *faints*

Hi guys!!

I hope this little skit introduction helps you know of what I´m going through right now...

I got some little time (in school) to at least draw something, but when 2 monthly exams got delayed (the World History one got delayed THREE TIMES!!) and with finals around the corner, along with projects, AND my 16th birthday, I got my time very difficult for me (specially that I´m not 100% organized onm my studies...). 
But don´t worry, my art block thing started some days ago, I tried yesterday to draw something but I drew some doodles and linearted and colored some cketches that I drew before, so I´ll be submitting those drawings soon. 
I also got the chance to write some free verse poems in my sketch book, so stay tuned to see the poems (that will be in spanish btw...xD)!

Another thing that I want to say is about that my life has been upside down thanks to BTS!! (I´m ofically an ARMY, my friends!!!) And when the "Love Yourself "Tear"" album was out on June, I was so happy and excited to hear it!!!
You comes a funny story:
There was a special BTS livestream, which was about teasers on the MV, behind the scenes of the photoshoots, etc, and it was ay 2am...., so guess what I did? 
I put an alarm at 2am, I woke up and watched a bit of it (eventhough I was a bit tired), then, when it ended, there were 10 minutes left for the album to come out..., and when the 3am arrived...


I almost screamed (I kinda did) in my pillow! xD
I watched the MV with so many nerves, and I felt that my heart exploded after seeing the MV! (I think I ended up taking deep breaths after seeing that masterpiece...xD)
After that, I opened the Spotify app, and started listening to the album...., the fun is that my playlist was on random (I didn´t have Premium at those moments), and when it changed to a random song, I gave up on continue listening and I told myself to listen to it at morning, because...well..., IT WAS ALMOST 5AM!!!
This little moment will probably be the last time I do this on vacactions...really..xD (the comeback happened on my 1st term vacations btw)

embedded_item1526634756158 by MafiPaint

So the morning came, and I listened to the whole album in my laptop (alojg with my little opinions on my Twitter page). 
Then, on Sunday Juny 20th, the BBMAs came, and BTS was going to have its comeback stage there! 
I was sitting on my couch and seeing the show, along with my cellphone watching the videos on BTS meeting many new celebrities at the show (THEY MET TAYLOR SWIFT AND JOHN LEGEND, OMG!!!). 

embedded_item1526853980624 by MafiPaint
(Look how cute they look!!! Awwwwwwww, I love them so much!)

When the "Top Social Artist" catergory came, I knew that they were going to win. And when they announced the win..., I SCREAMED AND DROPPED SOME TEARS OF HAPPINESS!!! Because BTS won!!! 
I screamed so loud, that my mom asked of why I was screaming...xDxD
And then, their presentation came, and I tried to say ALL the fanchant (I said 90% of it, because I haven´t memorized all of it), and I felt very pround of them. 

In other words, I almost survived my 1st BTS comeback..

And now, there´s another comeback coming (in August 24th) before their tour..., will I survive? I hope not! xD

embedded_item1531779368270 by MafiPaint
(I´m gonna prepare myself for this! May the Force be with me!!!!! xD)

I´m having plans to draw BTS but I never had the time to do it, the same to draw some fanart, idk how much this art block is going to be, but I hope that my creative side can appear again very soon...

And lastly, I want to thank everybody for the birthday greetings, I had a good day on July 12th, I got my last 2 finals, my grandparents came to visit, I had a friends reunion on the weekend, and my LY: Tear album arrived for my birthday!!!

embedded_item1531397104219 by MafiPaint

And well, I´m hoping to submit some drawings in these weeks (before travelling to Riviera Maya), and I hope you enjoyed this LOOOONG journal!

See ya next time!! 
Okay, I heard Jin´s cover when it was released, and...HE SINGS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! 
I´M VERY PROUD OF HIM!!! :happybounce: Love 

Here´s a video of the cover:

What you guys think of this cover? 

(Ps. I almost cried when the song was released..., because the song was beautiful and Jin´s angelical voice is so...ahhhhh!!! Asta ~ Tears Of Joy )
I watched this video before, but I´m glad to see it again after some time...!

Here´s the video: 

Hi guys!

So, my fandom, ARMY, has a new project, in which they´ll stream RM´s song (with Wale) "Change", as a way to show all of our love to him (he´s the leader of BTS btw). 
So, the mission is to make that the video gets 15M views and 1M of likes...,and I hope we can achieve that goal...!

If you want guys to be part of this, go an see the video (and break the "replay button"!! xD), and leave your "like"!

(This journal was written on April 13th, so is possible that it can be submitted some days later after is finished....xD)

Got tagged again by my amigo :iconzadornov151: , but in another tag category...xD
So for this case, I think I´m going to tell facts about Nadi, but also I´ll be adding some "behind the scenes" about her character creation (for example, how did I went with her design or her name...,etc.)

Anyway, let´s go!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars. 

(the last rule is going to be hard on choosing the OCs...xD)

Here´s Nadi:

  Nadi (sketch) by MafiPaint                                                            


1. Nadi´s name comes from two words (that appeared randomly on my mind): 'Nadia' or 'nadie' ('no one' in spanish)

2. On Nadi´s first design, her bangs were very hard to draw due that I wanted to show an anime-style-bangs at that time (when I 12 or 13 years old...xD).

3. If Nadi exists on the real world, her height would probably be 1.60cm (and would have 0,02cm height difference with Skyla and 0,03 cm height difference with Chris).

4. Some of Nadi´s bangs are blue. And actually, she was born with those blue colored bangs...xD

5. She really cares about her friends, Skyla and Chris, she even thinks that are her young brother and sister! xD

6. At the age of 8, she met a Power Blade wielder while she was in Skyla. (not telling the name bacause...spoiler! xD)

7. Originally, Nadi´s weapon was going to be a whip, but I scrapped it and changed to a Power Blade.

8. Nadi thinks that Skyla and Chris can really make a cute couple! Love 

And that´s it!

Now, I tag:

:iconfirerebelheart: - Luna

:icongonchiarts: - Klaud

:iconwaterbendergirl96: - Parrot

:iconpaukiyo: - Ziya

:iconbomberblurr: - BB

:iconmissartisticdraws: - Kame Caldwiella

:iconjaimekingdomhearts: - Sara

:iconloveenergyandheat: - Sweet Light

That´s all for today, see ya! 
Hi guys!

So, Big Hit FINALLY dropped the comeback trailer, called "Singularity" and is sang by V.
AND OMG, GUYS, THE VIDEO IS AMAZING! V´S VOCALS REALLY IMPRESSED ME! And the song´s rhythm, very smooth...(I think)
Here´s the video:

Anyway, I´m very excited (and nervous too) for this, is my very 1st comeback, and idk how I will survive it...xD 
BTS´s new album is coming may 18th (vacations, yay!) and they´ll do their stage comeback on the BillBoard Music Awards (may 20th, aka. last day of vacations...). Not to mention that more MVs will be on their way during the year, and the Love Yourself world tour is coming (waiting for Peru to be a part of it!), the 5th anniversary is coming, and many more things too!

So, I can really say that this year, is going to be BTS year?
Yep, I´m 100% sure of that! 

That´s all for today! 
And also, guys, my art is finally returning to DA, soon. Along with some tags that I wrote some time ago... 
Okay, this tag was very unexpected for me...,because I don´t like to share private information to strangers...Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Sweating a little... 
But I´ll still do the tag that my friend :iconzadornov151: tagged me. 
Anyway, let´s start!

1. How old are you?
15 years old... 
(I can´t wait to see some of my DA friends reactions that are friends with a girl in her teens...:happybounce:

2. What gender and pronouns do you identify with?

3. Your name? 
Okay...,I know all you have been waiting for these moment to come..., the funny is that nobody notice that my drawing sign has a PART of my name! xD 

Anyway, I´ll say my real name..., my name is Rafaela... 

4. How social are you?
Hmmm...,more or less..., I like being with friends but I´m not very social...I think I've fainted.  

5. How long have you been on deviantART? (Old accounts included)
Three years! 

6. What are your future plans for the site?
Maybe I´ll continue to stay on DA for more years, before expanding my art to other sites like Amino or Tumblr...
And also...,that my art can attract more attention of other deviants and have more watchers...! Love  

7. Do you want to pursue a career in art?
Well...,yeah...,but idk if they´ll have an art career in an university...Sweating a little... 
(but yeah, if I don´t succeed with my singer dream..., I´ll go with this one...if not..,the communication visuals one..)

8. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your art skills?
Well...I can say 7.5..? :o (Eek)  

9. Do you ever plan on leaving deviantART?
For now, nope...Hug 

10. Who is your favorite visual artist?
In DA? Hehehe...well..., one of fav artists is :iconmauroz: , I LOVE his art, not to mention that he even made one drawing for me! Love 

11. Do you use a tablet or a mouse?

12. How long does it usually take you to complete your artwork?
It depends..., on how much it is, and the time...(because school... :v)
Mostly, a drawing takes me some minutes or an hour (depending if it´s a sketch or not :v), but if I have school stuff to do, it can take 1 or 2 days...Sweating a little... 

13. How well do you handle criticism?
Well, I take critism as a way to see if it can help me to improve more my art or not... BT21 - RJ emoticon alpaca - heart love 

14. What is your sexuality/romantic preference?

15. Are you currently in a relationship?
Nope... breakdown 

16. Is your partner/spouse a deviant?
Nope (x2)  What Suga (CE) 

17. How long have you been together?
Nope (x3) gross sob 

And that´s it!! Cute RapMon (CE)  <-- (have this cute gif of my little Namjoon! :3) 

And now, I tag!


And many other people can do it!

I hope that you like this tag, and see you next time! BTs Rap Monster wavingg emoticon 

  • Listening to: BTS

(this journal has been written on march 27th, so is possible that this journal can be released sometime later....xD)

Me: *singing House of Cards (BTS), until notices the watchers...*

Oh, sorry! I´m in love with BTS at these moments...xD
Anyway, I´m going to do another double tag, thanks to my friends :iconwaterbendergirl96: and :iconzadornov151: 
*sigh* It´s been sometime since I did a tag...,after my france travel and these 3 weeks of school...xD 

Well, let´s start!

1)You have to post ALL the rules
2)Answer 12 questions you've been asked then create 12 new questions for people you tagged
3)Choose 12 people
4)Legitimately tag these people
5)You can't say you don't do tags
6)Tag backs are ALLOWED!

Well, let´s start with Waterbender´s tag!

  1. What's your favourite kind of tea?
  • Geez...,idk how to answer it, because I only drank one type of tea, and I is with cinnamon and something...(in other words, I don´t remember the name of the tea..xD)
  1. Do you like travelling by train?
  • I´d travelled before in train while I was on NYC and France, and I can see that it was a funny experience, especially in France, because all my group (we were 31 students) was separated in 3 groups, and not to mention the view of france while travelling on train. Love So, I can say that...,yeah, I like travelling on train!
  1. What is the last movie you've seen in a theatre?
  • Black Panther, it was a very interesting movie, but it was kinda bored...Sweating a little... 
  1. What's your plan for tomorrow?
  • Well, school..., and then prepare my stuff for the Holy Week...:D (Big Grin) 
  1. Shower or bath?
  • "Singing in the shower!" (yeah, you get it....xD)
  1. If you could go back in time and change one thing in yourself, what would it be?
  • Probably change my 09 from my quiz of Math 1 (yep, now I have math separated in! I think I've fainted.
  1. What's your favourite place in your city/town?
  • Hmmm...,that´s a hard question...:o (Eek) Actually, I love everything here in Lima! (from the Lima center to Barranco) 
  1. And what don't you like in your city/town?
  • That there´s always many robbery and many accidents, and also...politics problems (cough, see the last politic thing that happened in my country last week...cough)
  1. Any plans for the summer?
  • Is already fall here! >:V And for summer 2019...,idk... -_-
  1. Describe your favourite casual outfit.
  • On summer: a t-shirt, shorts (jean) and some shoes or slippers.
  • On winter: a long-sleeved t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers (going outside), or a long-sleeved t-shirt and a "buzo" (only the pants) and sneakers. (at home)
  1. What do you think about this year's Oscars? Do you agree with the judges?
  • Well....I find it very interesting :o (Eek)  and funny :happybounce: . Interesting because the latin american power was present (and won) at the oscars (I mean, Coco, Chile and Guillermo del Toro...xD) and not to mention that there were some interesting politic things that the presentors talked about in some ocassions in the show. And funny, because...well, Jimmy Kimmel! I actually loved the surprise that he and other actors/actresses did to al WHOLE cinema, if I was there I would have a heart attack...xD And about the judges...,well idk..., that´s very difficult to analyse... Sweating a little... 
  1. Please recommend me a good song to fall asleep to :>

(I like that song, especially its calm rhythm, combined with a cool sound...,you´ll hear that sound at the beginning of the songs)

(I really like this BTS song, I love their voices, and this is only from the 4 members, there other 3 members too, but they rap so...Sweating a little... Anyway, I love their voices, I wish that I can sing like them..xD)

(these BTS song is one of my recent favorites, when I heard it for the 1st time, I felt that I was going to cry...Waaaah!, and enjoy the voices of these 7 kids...Love)  

And that´s it for the 1st tag, now, lets go to the 2nd one!

Zador´s tag:
  1. Who is your greatest idol?
*thinks* Well...,that´s a good question... Sweating a little... 
  1. What is your dream ambition in the future?
Another difficult question...,well...,one of my dreams is to become an artist or a singer...,if not...,maybe to go to a good university and have a good visual communication career there...xD
  1. Pirate or Stormtrooper?
Stromtrooper! TR-8R Unleashed Icon 
  1. If you had the ability to grant life to an OC, who would it be and why?
Geez...,idk...,because I have a lot of OCs..., but if I have to decide between three...,it will be:
  • Skyla (because she´s so innocent, and will be a great friend)
  • Miriam (because she can love to see how amazing Peru is! :happybounce:)
  • Dash (just...,I´ll say that he´ll amaze everybody with his skills...  blush icon
  1. How long have you practiced drawing?
Well...,I started drawing when I was in 6th grade...,so...almost 5 years? Sweating a little... 
  1. Do you want to be mayor or president of the world if an opportunity arised?
*remembers the MUN thing from last year* I´ll never run for president or mayor...,because...politics can bring you big Nope  
  1. Is it time to party? XD
PARTY TIME Y'ALL!!! BTS 2seok (Jhope and Jin) 
  1. What is your opinion on Konami?
Although I heard of what happened to Konami...idk how to do an opinion about them...Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Sweating a little... 
  1. Are you afraid of clowns or needles?
Can I say both...? BT21 - SHOOKY emoticon shook - bt21 cookie 
  1. Is this tag almost over? XD
Nope...Amazed V (CE) 
  1. Who are you going to cosplay if you went to an anime convention?
OMG, I always had the dream to cosplay a character! Happy Jimin (CE)  And idk...if I had to cosplay in an anime convention...,it will be between Sabine or Cinder (in vol. 4 design, I like that design..
  1. Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts?
KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!! SoraDancing :soranoes: 

Well, I enjoyed doing one of these again! Anyway...,here are my questions!

1. If you have the chance to sing a solo, of what song it will be? (Note: solo song means singing a song on your own, with or without musical accompany)
2. Have you ever heard of BTS? :3
3. Your fav. and worst school subject?
4. Did something funny happened to you this week (for did..xD)?
5. Are you seeing any new anime/cartoon/TV shows these days?
6. Do you have monthly exams in your school?
7. Do you have any ships (OCs or your fav. cartoon/anime/ TV show)?
8. Are you a "meme andante" in your friends group? (believe it or not...I´m one...) 
9. *random dance* Idk what question can I put here...  
10. What motivates you to draw?
11. This tag is almost over...what are you doing right now (along with answering these tag....xD)?
12. That´s all for the tag!  You´re free to continue whatever you´re doing right now!  

And I tag!

:iconwaterbendergirl96: (tag backs are 
:iconzadornov151:  (dashi RUN RUN RUN )  


And many other people can do it! 

Anyway, that´s all for today, idk when will these journal be,have a good day!   
So...,I´ll be soon falling into the BTS fandom? (aka. ARMY)

Probably...,because I´ve been hearing some of their songs these past few days...(thanks to a friend, who´s part of the ARMY right now), and I really like some of them!

Along with DNA, Bapsae or Blood,Sweat and Tears, well, No More Dream is becoming my fav. one!Love 
(not to mention that No More Dream is their 1st single from their debut album, that was released on 2013! :o (Eek))  

Here´s the song (well, the lyrics..xD):

And here´s the music video:

(ps. Wow, they look SO MUCH different of what they are right now...:o (Eek) :o (Eek) )
So while I´m staying in Lima, to see some of my stuff before going to my school exchange with France, I wanted to do a Tag, it´s been a while since I did a Tag! xD

But I´ll not bew doing not only one, but TWO TAGS!!!! 
So let´s do this!!

Anyway, I got tagged by my friends :iconwaterbendergirl96: and :icongonchiarts: 
Thanks for tagging me guys!

Let´s start the 1st tag! The New Year tag!

1)You have to post ALL the rules
2)Answer 12 questions you've been asked then create 12 new questions for people you tagged
3)Choose 12 people
4)Legitimately tag these people
5)You can't say you don't do tags
6)Tag backs are ALLOWED!

Here we go! 

1. What was the best thing that happened to you in 2017?
*sigh* That´s a good question..., well I think that the best thing that happened to me last year, was my 15th birthday gift travel to New York City. That´s one of the best travels of my life! 

2. And what was the worst thing in 2017?
This year was the 1st time that I didn´t do some projects for Literature (2nd term), and Grammar (3rd term), and also my 1st time on not going to Science Fair, that was a big pain for me, but well...I´m many of the few who don´t go to the Science Fair and can enjoy seeing the projects! xD

3. Do you have a New Year's resolution?
I haven´t think of it..., but for may be on losing weight...

4. What's your favourite type of cake?

(but I also love red velvet and cheesecake too!

5. Do you have any Christmas family traditions?

6. Do you prefer to watch foreign movies with dubbing or subtitles?
With subtitles, before I watched them dubbed, but now I´m used to see them with subtitles.

7. Would you rather be a wizard or a Jedi?
JEDI!! Star Wars Party Hard Icon 

8. If you were to lose one of your senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste), which one would you give up?
I would probably gave up my...sight...

(geez, this decision is really hard..!)

9. How many books have you read in 2017?
Well, it depends, if you´re refering to my school reading plan (english and spanish), I´ve read, 11 books (but don´t worry, I only picked one of the english ones, the other 2 of them I couldn´t finish reading them..., in the spanish ones..., I majorly read them all, except for the last one...)

On the other side, if refering to mangas, I´ve read 4 mangas last year, Fairy Tail volumes 1 and 2, One Pound Gospel volume 1 and The Legend of Zelda: Majora´s Mask and Link in the Past.

10. Do you collect something? (comics, figurines, stickers, stamps, etc?) How big is your collection?
I collect mangas! xD
Well, I have 16 or 18 mangas right now..., so is not so big right now...

11. What's your best artwork of 2017 that you are really proud of? (paste the link)

Well, I think is this one: 
Uraraka Ochako - Boku No Hero Academia (fanart) by MafiPaint

I really enjoyed drawing Uraraka, she´s my favorite female character in MHA, not to mention that this was my 1st MHA fanart!

12. Please recommend me a nice song that you like :D (Big Grin)
Okay, let´s see...*goes on youtube*

I have many songs that I like, but I´ve been hearing this song these days. Idk if you´re a fan of electro pop, but I hope that you like it!


*sigh* Okay, that´s the 1st tag, I enjoyed doing it!
Let´s go to the 2nd tag!

1.- Favorite animated movie?
Okay, for now, I only have two fav. animated movies, which are Your Name (IS AMAZING, GO WATCH IT ON NETFLIX RIGHT NOW!!) and Coco (I cried A LOT on that movie, is such an amazing movie made from Pixar)

2.- Favorite Movie
I have 4 movies! xD
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (very funny, and it had some feels at the end of the movie), Thor Ragnarok (freakin Thor! xD), Murder on the Orient Express (not a big fan of mysteries, but I really loved the movie, I can´t wait for the sequel!) and Our Fault in Our Stars (not a big fan of romance stories, but OMG this movie is one of the best ones I´ve ever seen! And evethough I hold my tears in all the movie, I cried when the movie ended...gladly it didn´t happened on public...xD)

3.- Favorite Videogame?
This one´s very hard...

Well, Kingdom Hearts 2 (I haven´t completed it) and Splatoon 2 (Let me know guys if you have the game!)

4.- Choose!! Cats or Dogs?

5.- Which country would you like to visit??
Well, I already visited New York, so the next places that I would love to visit are France (going next week there!) and Japan.

6.- Favorite famous comic or manga?
On comics, it would the Megaman Archie series...,I´m sad that is still on hiatus for 3 freakin years! 

And on mangas, are My Hero Academia and Black Clover. 

7.- Your favorite dessert?
I have many favorite desserts, but I mostly like ice cream and cakes! xD

8.- What would you do with a bazooka?
Ehhh...., probably destroy my school? XDXD

9.- Do you train any sport?
I did! I was part of the school´s female football team, but then I left due to exams and projects...

10.- Your favorite singer?
I have many of them! xD

11.- What kind of music do you like the most?
I mostly listen to every kind of music, but probably my favorite ones are pop, electro pop, electro and rock.

12.- Do you like comic books?
Of course! I enjoyed reading them a lot, just like the mangas!


And that´s it!! 
Omg is over!!! xD

Well, here are my questions:

1. Favorite writer or mangaka?
2. What did you do for New Year? Something funny, boring, extreme? 
3. How´s your reaction when a plot twist happens in your favorite show? 
4. What are your plans for this year?
5. If you had the chance to create a crossover, which shows will you choose?
6. Do you watch Netflix?
7. Do you like summer or winter?
8. What´s the most funny thing that you´ve done last year?
9. Favorite song? 
10. Your favorite OC?
11. Have you ever played paintball? 
12. Who´s your favorite actor/actress?

Now, I tag:


And everybody else who wants to do this tag! 

That´s all for today, see ya!! 
embedded_item1508899660676 by MafiPaint


TERMINE EL AÑO ESCOLAR (y si pasare a 10mo grado! Aunque...aun no esta 100% confirmado (?) XD)!!! 
Y al fin, podre ponerme al día con Black Clover Y terminar con la 2da temporada de MHA, para así comenzar a ver nuevos animes (pero lamentablemente, a los proxs. animes no les voy a hacer opiniones, como este...,veré como hago eso...XD)

En fin, comencemos!

Okay.., después de un ep. de relleno, volvemos a la historia habitual! XD

En fin..., ¿como empezar? *saca una lista*

Por cierto...¿a quien se le ocurrió recapitular CADA episodio? (se gasta como 4 o 5 minutos de ep!) 

Este ep. estuvo normal! XD

Inicio con Asta y Yuno, ya en la ciudad, explorándola un poco, antes de ir a tomar el examen de caballeros mágicos! 
Además, AL FIN APARECE YAMI!! (y Finral y Gordon tmbn!XD) Y casi Yami mata a Asta...XD 

El actor de voz de Yami, se me hizo muy familiar, al inicio, hasta que busque y me di cuenta que su actor de voz, es él mismo quien le hace la voz a Aizawa en MHA! (morí cuando descubrí esto...XD) Y si preguntan, encaja perfectamente con el personaje, con un tono rudo y con algo de pereza (?) XD
Sobre Finral, tmbn encaja con su personaje, no era la voz que me esperaba, pero bueno...XD
Y Gordon, idk...diría que encaja con el personaje tmbn...XD

embedded_item1508899827642 by MafiPaint
(really Yami? Idk, si es una buena idea matar a alguien, aplastandole la cabeza...XD)

También conocimos a Sekke Bronzazza (no me cae para nada el tipo... -_-), su actor de voz esta muy bien escogido, encaja bien con el personaje..
Vimos también a todos los capitanes de cada grupo de caballeros mágicos, y aunque no todos hablaron, encajaban las voces con sus respectivos personajes...
De forma inesperada, apareció Noelle tmbn...,pero como cameo! XD (no se suponía que ella iba a aparecer más adelante?)

Sobre la acción ocurrida en este ep., fueron pruebas para mostrar sus habilidades mágicas, para ver si son aceptados o no..., y como en rodas las pruebas, Asta fallaba en cada uno, debido a que no tiene magia..XD

embedded_item1508984388002 by MafiPaint
(cuando traes mucha comida para los pájaros..XD)

Pero no fue hasta la ultima prueba, en donde Asta, luchando contra Sekke, demuestra su poder, al usar su espada y derrotar Sekke! (así se hace Asta, demuéstrales que no eres un cobarde!) Y con eso, diciendo que hará lo imposible para lograr a ser el Rey Mago...
Y...nos vuelven a dejar en otro cliffhanger....

embedded_item1508985802777 by MafiPaint

Para terminar, este episodio, estuvo bien, llegaron a animar medio capitulo del manga...lo cual no se decir si esta bien o no... -_- 
En lo demás, estuvo bien, el diseño de los personajes, los fondos, la animación, eso su estuvo muy bien (sobretodo en los diseños de Sekke y los capitanes)!

En fin, vamos con el sig. ep!!!

Opinion del ep. 5:

embedded_item1509496863628 by MafiPaint

Okay, este ep. continua lo visto en el ep. anterior! XD
Tmbn nos muestra a Yuno luchar contra un noble, y aunque este noble, y los demás, piensen que es imposible que alguien como Yuno, un plebeyo, tenga algo tan importante como el trébol de 4 hojas, pues están completamente equivocados..XD 

embedded_item1509496323003 by MafiPaint

Siguiendo con el ep., llegamos al momento en donde se escogen a-que-personas-entran-a-una-orden-de-caballeros-mágicos...XD
Como ya se sabia, en el caso de Yuno, TODOS los capitanes alzaron las manos...,algo que ni la gente se lo espero venir...(I mean...,a la gente q estaba en el examen, no el público...XD), y es admitido en Golden Dawn.
Para Asta, bueno..., nadie alzo la mano...(pobre Asta), hasta que Yami le dice que le será imposible que pase, ya que él no tiene nada de magia, y además de mostrar todo su poder (que da algo de miedo...XD), demostrarle a Asta que así se atrevería en ser el Rey Mago, venciendo a todos los capitanes. 
Asta dice que, no importa lo que se ponga en el camino, o lo que digan los demás, él va a hacer lo posible para cumplir ese objetivo.., con eso, Yami lo admite a los Black Bulls (que es grupo de magos que causan mucho daño y no ayudan...wait..., ¿en donde he escuchado eso?). 

embedded_item1509496580382 by MafiPaint
(de izquierda a derecha. Charlotte Roselei, Nozel Silva, William Vengeance y Fuegoleon Vermillion. 4 de los 9 capitanes)    

Al terminar el examen, Asta y Yuno se ven por una ultima vez...hasta que...,Asta se va al baño...XD 
Sekke, quien termino siendo admitido en las Mantis Verdes, quiere vengarse de Asta, mientras este esta haciendo sus "necesidades" XD Por suerte, Yuno hizo que Sekke cumpliera su venganza..XD

embedded_item1509937138380 by MafiPaint
(Finral (el que viste de verde y es cataño) y Yami (tiene un cigarro en su boca..XD), créanme, más adelante, les van a caer bien estos tipos...XD)

Luego de eso, Asta, junto con Yami, Finral y Gordon, se dirigen a la base de los Black Bulls, el cual es una GRAN casa! Y Asta no es recibido de forma linda..,ya que termina golpeado por un ataque de fuego...XD 

Okay, este episodio concluye el examen de caballeros mágicos, además de que empezamos un nuevo arco, en el que Asta conoce a los Black Bulls! 

En fin, esto ha sido todo por hoy! 
Espero que les haya gustado este journal de Black Clover (además de mi regreso a DA, para las vacaciones de verano), y espero en escribir mis opiniones de los eps. 6,7y 8 mañana, para así ponerme al día más rápido con el anime (sin mencionar a MHA! XD)

Nos vemos!
Caray...¿¡ya es media noche!? *se desmaya*
This video is amazing!

I still haven´t seen One Punch Man, but I heard is a funny (and great) anime!

Anyway. here´s the video, which is amazing!


Geez, mostly, the character themes are from Imagine Dragons, I´m surprised! XD

And, also the title of the song, kinda foreshadows something that Miriam will obtain in the future..XD

Here´s the song:

Do you think that "Thunder" can be Miriam´s character theme?
Let me know what you guys think!
New  I added another new slide with the credits (the teacher told me to show credits on my video, to evade copyright), but not with my real name! lol 

So, I just finsihed making this, which is a project for Civics, and I needed to tell about a Human Right!

Take a look:

Hi guys!

Remember when I, in some cases, posted in journals, some SWR amv videos? 

Well, this user made another amv, but in this case, is from Trollhunters, which is one of my fav. cartoon shows on Netflix (and is after Seven Deadly Sins), which I´m still seeing its 1st season. 
And I can´t really wait for it´s 2nd season, which premieres on December 15th, the day in which my finals are over! XD

Here´s the amv:

So, being honest, the song that I think I´ll be most excited to write, for my Hamilton X-over, in Act 1, the songs are "My Shot", "Right Hand Man", "The Battle of Yorktown", "Guns anf Ships" and "Non-stop", I REALLY hear those songs more than one time...XD

For Act 2, the songs (that I´m most excited to write) are "What did I miss", "The Reynolds Pamphlet", "The Roon Where it Happens", and "The World was Wide Enough" (prepare for the feels on that one! XD)

Here some videos of the songs (with lyrics), I hope that you enjoy it!

Act 1:

Act 2:

So today I went to the Real Felipe to do a Peruvian History project (along with some friends)!

And I wanted to shared this video about this amazing place, in which, if you have the chance to visit Peru, visit it!

Here´s the video:

Enjoy it!
Some days ago, I told that I´m planning to write a X-over with Hamilton in it.

But, before showing it complete, I´m thinking to make a one-shot with this video, which ressumes all the musical in 7 minutes. Maybe I´ll be foreshadowing some characters that will the role of the Hamilton cast....I    ´m just saying..hehehe
And the singers sung amazing!

PS: I´ll try to find the lyrics of this cover...,if not...can somebody try to write them for me,please? Sweating a little... 
embedded_item1508553395278 by MafiPaint

Bueno..., empezo el relle *la golpean con una bandeja* 

Mi mente: Mafi, no es relleno, segun lei, esto es de la 1ra novela ligera, que es canon, de Black Clover!

Okay, ya entendi, pero.... ese golpe no fue necesario...XD  


Este episodio estuvo bastante normal, yo al inicio crei que seria relleno hasta que lei (los comentarios en la pagina en donde veo los eps.) que esto era parte del canon, pero en forma de una novela ligera, y ahora, me doy cuenta que no era relleno! (Pierrot, casi te mato, como lo haria con Filoni, pero lo hare...XD)
El ep. muestra lo ocurrido despues del 1er y 2do ep., muestran a Asta y Yuno entrenando, además del camino de ellos hacia la capital del reino Clover. 

embedded_item1508303271377 by MafiPaint
(este escena de la carrera entre ellos dos, estuvo entretenida. :D (Big Grin) )

Además de mostrar algunos pequeños flashbacks más, uno de esos son de lo que ocurrio despues de los 2 primeros eps. 

Pero...hay una cosita que tengo que decir...


embedded_item1508303104113 by MafiPaint
(se vino el fanservice! XD)
*se sonroja y se cubre los ojos* :bademoticon:  GODAMMIT ASTA! XDXD (hice referencia a esto..XD
Y no sabia que él tenia cicatrices en los brazos... me pregunto que hizo mi niño para que terminara asi... I Derped. HARD 

En fin, se que no tengo que decir sobre este episodio, ya que no quiero spoilear lol XD
Pero si, para los que creyeron que era relleno...bueno, el prox. ep, es del manga, ya que sera del examen de caballeria.

*gasp* Eso significa que...
 ¡OMG VEREMOS A YAMI Y (posiblemente) FINRAL!  *gritos fangirls* XD

embedded_item1508553363587 by MafiPaint

Bueno, esto ha sido todo por hoy, nos vemos la prox. semana para finalmente ver el examen de caballeria!

Además estoy emocionada, mañana tengo mi confirmación, asi que mejor me voy a domir en un ratito, ya que tengo que estar muy temprano en la iglesia...