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Happy Birthday, Metalforever! by MafiaRaptor12
Mature content
Happy Birthday, Metalforever! :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 33 4
OC:  Blair Redesign by MafiaRaptor12
Mature content
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Enormous Ember on the beach by MafiaRaptor12
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CM: Big Kuroi and Joy :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 44 1
CM: Dino-sized Duna by MafiaRaptor12
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CM: Dino-sized Duna :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 26 1
Gluttonous New years Corrin by MafiaRaptor12
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Gluttonous New years Corrin :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 27 1
Too damn fat and hot by MafiaRaptor12
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Too damn fat and hot :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 15 4
CM: Lime Gaius by MafiaRaptor12
Mature content
CM: Lime Gaius :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 9 2
Tharja's Big Jolly Gut by MafiaRaptor12
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Tharja's Big Jolly Gut :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 158 5
OC: Flare Redesign by MafiaRaptor12
Mature content
OC: Flare Redesign :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 37 2
OC: Ayane Yamaguchi the rubber girl by MafiaRaptor12 OC: Ayane Yamaguchi the rubber girl :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 21 7 The pear by MafiaRaptor12 The pear :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 3 0 Pokesona: Dmitri by MafiaRaptor12 Pokesona: Dmitri :iconmafiaraptor12:MafiaRaptor12 10 0
Contains Fat Girls/Guys

You have been warned


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Trial Captain Collection (Quickie) :iconjeetdoh:Jeetdoh 1,005 103



MafiaRaptor12's Profile Picture

United States
What's Gucchi? I'm Mafiaraptor12, hope we can get along great.

I draw fat and buff ladies/men.

I also do normal art, so if you can get past the fetish stuff then ok. If you can't then that's your problem, I won't stop doing what I like

So I need money ok? so I decided to opened them up. I will be taking 4  this time VIA Paypal only
1. -TAKEN-
2. -TAKEN-

- $5 for sketch
Happy Birthday, Brokenbrow! by MafiaRaptor12

- $10 Outline
Nightmare Foxy Rero by MafiaRaptor12

- $15 Outline with colors
OC: Ayane Yamaguchi the rubber girl by MafiaRaptor12

- $20 Outline w/ Colors + shading
Krampus is coming........ by MafiaRaptor12

Other details:
- $5 for additional characters
- prices on Character/BG might vary depending on complexity

What I'll do:
Weight gain ( Male and Female)
TG/Taur/Demi TF
Berry style inflation
Muscles ( Male and female)

Will NOT do:
Hard vore
Extreme inflation
Object/full Animal TF
Real people
Sonic stuff
Steven Universe stuff

Subjects on Vore and TGTF are up for disscussion

Everything else is up for talks, send a note if you are interested. Thanks!
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  • Reading: Books
  • Watching: Jojo,
  • Playing: FE heroes


Happy Birthday, Metalforever!
Well Early birthday but I wanted to draw it anyway ^^

Seems like I should have brought more cake here for Ember , she is still hungry

Happy Birthday, :iconmetalforever:
OC: Blair Redesign
Well thanks to the likes of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom as well as the game JW Evolution, I decided to revisit an old OC and revamp the entire thing. 


Name: Blair
Code name: RPTR – 0001
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Species DNA used: Hybrid Composed of Human of unknown ethnicity, Dromaeosaurid dinosaur, Varanus macraei (aka Blue spotted tree monitor) , lynx, crow, and bloodhound

Appearance:  A Silver colored female Humanoid with dark blue stripes on her body. Is described to have striking gold eyes alone with dark black short hair. Has the feature of a Raptor type dinosaur from hands, legs and tails. Possesses unusual pointed and expressive  ears, attributed to the Lynx DNA

Subject RPTR – 001 or “Blair” as some called her since her birth, was a successful creation of creating a highly intelligent  predator. Weather it was for military use, testing how far science has come, or simply cause one simply can, was still unknown behind her creation,. While they did expect some high level of intelligence, the team behind her creation hadn’t expected her to be fully sentient. With this in mind, they decide to raise her as one would raise a human while also allowing some more primitive traits like teaching her to hunt. She has been recorded as a fast learning, surprising the team by learning human language. Her voiced has been described as oddly cheery with a hint of curiosity if one listens.

Blair can be describing as curious, a bit energetic and surprisingly friendly and playful.  Always curious on new things and people, she would sniff them up and maybe even give a lick or two before deciding what to do with it. Like one incident when she encountered a phone she sniffed at it before recoiling in surprise when a call came through, taken surprised by the sudden vibration. The sniffing have more or less been a habit for her, which have some researches uncomfortable, Blair still likely needs to learn a thing or two about personal space

Blair, even as she has been described as more human than the beast she was originally intended, still has some rather primitive and feral instinct, likely thanks to the DNA of other animals used in her creation.  She had been seen stalking and pouncing some of the research team but never once does she bother actually harming them, while Blair laughs and find the game fun. Only time she actually does this and actually killed was prey items like goats, cows, and the occasional pig.  Table manners don’t seem to exist with her as after meals she would be soaked in the fur and blood, requiring her to take baths or soak in the nearest watering hole. She also gets rather aggressive and standoff-ish when agitated or feels threaten.  As mentioned above with her ability to speak, she is able to snarl, roar and hiss like an animal. This roar has been described as completely primitive, a combination of a reptilian hiss, a bird screech and a human snarl. These have been attributed to her Dromaeosaurid DNA with in her.

Further research will be conducted. Discussion of allowing her more time outside along with introducing strangers as companions for her


Enormous Ember on the beach
Haven't drawn :iconmetalforever:'s lovely oc Ember in a long time so I decided to draw her up. Seems like all the food  ( or beach goers) seem to have gone in the right places :P


Ember(C) :iconmetalforever:


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