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ohm is an unfortunate individual who had the misfortune of being struck by lightning. due to a mutation of his genetic code, and having worked at a Rocky Flats for years, this man's body had become highly radioactive. when his body was struck, the reaction of the plasma with his radioactive cellular structure cause his body to disintegrate. while his body disintegrated however, his mind adhered itself to the lightning. it took him many months to understand what had happened, as his mind had split into thousands of static electric currents. eventually, he gained enough control to pull himself together from all over the world. seeking out the help of certain telepathic persons, he managed to gain the help of one professor Xavier, who built him a suit that functioned as a container for his body, and used his own electricity to power it. he can use this body to contain himself and to communicate with others, but on some missions he prefers to leave it behind, as without it, he is able to travel at the speed of light without injury.
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