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Merrick - The Elephant Man

"If only I could find her, so she could see me with such lovely friends here now; perhaps she could love me as I am. I've tried so hard to be good."

A toy version of Joseph Carey (aka John) Merrick, also known as The Elephant Man. In spite of what many people assumed of him upon sight, he was a highly affectionate, caring and intelligent man for whom I have the utmost respect.

Crochet patterns available at [link]
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This is adorable.
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I was expecting him either to end up with the nurse who first royally freaked out at the mere sight of him in the hospital, or perhaps with the hypothetical ex-girlfriend of the man who led the mob that assaulted him. Profoundly disgusted by the actions of her handsome but thoroughly heartless lover, she apologizes to Merrick on her ex's behalf, stating that she had expected better from her former fiance, and that she now knows no remorse will come from him, and then winds up getting profoundly taken with him, enough to stay. I was surprised that he died alone.
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This movie made me cry so much. Such a sad story.

Nice job! :)
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He was so sweet, kind, intellectual, thoughtful, and greatful. Screw what people say about his "hideous appearance", he had a beautiful soul AND a beautiful body. This plushy really shows that, despite the outside, the entirety of something can be soft and lovable. 
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Now I started to kind of get teary-eyed. I loved the Elephant Man movie. John Merrick would have loved this to go to sleep with!! 

I read a bio of the real Elephant Man and he had an IQ of over 120, which made him superiorally intelligent.  The doctor who cared for him felt horribly guilty that he subjected Merrick to being another 'freak' in a scientific world of a freakshow, but I think Merrick really respected and liked him after all. He died happy, and that was important. 
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This ... I ... it's so cute.
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Extremely cute.
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That's....interesting and disturbing. :lol:
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Very unusual and creative.
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After seeing this, i looked up Joseph carey merrick and what i saw broke my heart.
I wish people would look past appereances. :(
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That's simply the best homage to Mr. Merrick I've ever seen. So sad, still so sweet. Lovely piece!
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Hiya, thank you very much.
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*huggles* I just love Joseph, he was a beautful man. <3
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Must... use him... in Little Big Planet game. OO;;
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He is so cute. u really captured his sadness and kindness
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I actually did a lot of research on him for a school project and was very surprised to find that most of the elephant man's skeleton is owned by michael jackson..
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Hey, yeah it was reported that he made some bids to the Royal London Hospital but they turned these offers down. Jackson always denied that he'd bid to buy the skeleton at all and the hospital has confirmed that it remains in their possession to this day.
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Oh wow, this is adorable. But also really of my favorite people. Nicely done. :heart:
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Great work but a very sad story
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This is really cool. Who'd have thought the elephant man could be so cute?
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"I am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am a man!" ~ quote from the movie. This is really awesome. I have always been fascinated with his story. Nice work!
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