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January 1, 2012
~MaffersToys has to be one of my favourite Deviants. Each piece has so much talent and humour in it Deep Sea Diver and Squid being just one of them.
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Deep Sea Diver and Squid

Deep sea divers have come a long way from their humble beginnings, where they were effectively men in barrels being submersed to recover things lost underwater, such as jewellery and treasure. Deep sea divers have since gone on to explore the bottom of the ocean and deep sea cricket is considered by many to be the national sport of Wales.

Many people fear squid due to their other-worldly anatomy and powerful tentacles. However, on the whole they're a gentle species and just float around the depths of the ocean with grace and serenity. Regardless, if a squid does happen to knock on your door you are advised to politely ask them to leave.

-- Thanks very much for the Daily Deviation and the resulting comments and favourites. Since a few people have asked and it'd be difficult to promptly reply to all comments, the crochet pattern is indeed available for those who wish to make this for themselves. [link] Thank you again. --
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Hyzenthlay69's avatar
I love squids and all things tentacly. This is freaking aweome work.
Hiii!! Im from Mexico... where i can buy it?? it's available in the web?? ARE SOOO PRETTY AWESOME!!
KrakenFashion's avatar
This is so clever!
Crashandra's avatar
Absolutely awesome!
Kyuubi63's avatar
i was planning on buying this (Just the squid) but i visited your site and i saw that i have to make it myself. i have no knowledge of "crochet" or whatever. is there a chance you can send it pre-made? sorry if this sounds stupid.
beebe1235's avatar
RobotMagpie's avatar
Soooooo awesoooome <3 <3
AlexIscariot's avatar
I couldn't find the "Big Daddy" comment.
So here ya'll go.
Vampire-Juicebox's avatar
That squiddy is adorable!
ArmoredKoi's avatar
I'm so in love with this. I need it!
EverydayImherpderpin's avatar
woodaelphe79's avatar
this is so cute.
1or11's avatar
Vivillana's avatar
ayalat's avatar
How beautiful!!!!!!!!

I love the squid eyes :* and the colors you use are exactly the needed ^^
diebienenknie's avatar
I crochet krakens! :D this is adorable.
Mikey-Way's avatar
OMG! So cute!!!!!!!
SacredJourneyDesigns's avatar
The squid is so cute. My son is a huge squid fan. he would love this. It's great that you linked the pattern, but unfortunately I wouldn't begin to know how to crochet.
Grim-Grinning's avatar
That's so adorable! Congrats on the DD c:
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Really cute! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
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