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Angry Marines Primarch VS Fulgrim (Read the Story)

Angrinius "The Angriest One" Enfuriatus McRage  - Primarch of the Angry Marines

Homeworld: None - World named after him: MacRagge (in Ultramar (often known as Angrymar))
Captcha Phrase: Sharpness is for the weak!
Likes: Bluntness, brawling, fighting, blunt power weapons.
Hates: Sharpness, pink color, girly behavoir.

"Lo, in the histories of the many Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes, every Primarch listed that has ever come across my sage and learned eyes, has found root and home upon a planet, which hath shaped and set in stone the character of that warrior of The Emperor that he would become.
Therefore, one must give pause to the Primarch of our brothers, the Angry Marines, that great warrior of rage for he hath never fell upon a planet. Nay! Legend has it he was borne upon the ethers and drifts of space, alone in his capsule save for a discarded copy of Battletoads that The Emperor had thrown out, a legendary artifact that hath fueled research into vast weapons of war that it might be unmade and erased from history.
When the capsule had finally been rammed into a drifting hulk of an old Imperial battleship, it is said that the Primarch was so enraged and frustrated with the vile game that he headbutted out the Adam's apple of the first survivor that he encountered, and thereafter killed every inhabitant with the remnants of the dying initial combatant."

Upon time of the rediscovery the Primarch was incrontrollable at the point his mere recovery was considered a complete waste at the time.
He barely talk any non-insult word to his brothers, in the case he even spoke to them what was rarely. Only known anecdote involves a dare with Roboute Gilliman (whom he called Girlyman) in wich they have to prove their manlyness, in case Gilliman lost his homeworld would be renamed after his rival's surname. Nobody remembers the original name of MacRagge.

So intense was the anger in that man, the Emperor himself believed since he met him for the first time he was already consumed by Chaos.
Warmaster Horus indeed sent his most trusted Captain, Abaddon, to recruit he who went by the nickname "The Angriest One", sure of his downfall, for his traitor legions.
Insulted by Horus' assumption of his Chaos devotion without even asking, Angrinius exploded in pure rage and tore of Abbadon's arms. The full powers of the Chaos Unidivided and the over-the-top technology of the Dark Mechanicus were never capable to properly restore those lost limbs.

Even though The Angriest One was too angry to obey the Emperor's orders it was enough for the later to offer him a full load of traitor legions awaiting to be kicked for Angrinius to deploy himself alone on Istvaan V.

Angrinius hated Fulgrim above all of the traitor Primarchs for his devotion to such girly concepts like beauty, sharpness, and pink color wich he though were just the Antithesis of the manliness a true fighter should embrace.
So when there Fulgrim killed Ferrus Manus (who was among the few other Primarchs Angrinius could tolerate a bit) The Angriest One was consumed in the Infinite Rage and went Berserk.
In that state The Angriest alone pushed back hundred World Eaters and run towards the victory-celebrating Fulgrim. Some witnesses say even Angron had to move away from his path in fear.

Upon arriving by Fulgrim he catched him by an arm squashing his pauldron and tore of his armored pants and after telling him he would know the true meaning of RAPE (What told to a Slaaneshi means something) insertd his POWER middle finger up Fulgrim's ass. (Represented scene)

No less than three Traitor Primarchs were needed to prevent The Angriest One from beating Fulgrim to death, all of the wich lost some teeth in the process.

It is unknown what was of Angrinius from then on, some say he was in fact slain in that fight against a pack of Chaos Primarchs, others just assumed he was dragged to The Eye of Terror and finally fell to Chaos but this is unlikely since he was too angry to even hear the Chaos Gods' temptations from the start. Most Heretical conspiracy theories tell he was recovered by the loyal legions, contained with sedation tanks and preserved in Cryo-Stasis as the Ultimate Secret Weapon of The Imperium for the darkest times to come.

The only thing known for sure is in The Eye of Terror, freed from all duties, experimenting infinite pleasures, bathing in power and perfection, surrounded in bitches and even after adopting Daemon Prince form... Fulgrim's asshole still hurts.

Battletoads (look at right arm's tattoo) - The original game that the Angry Marines Primarch had with him inside his stasis capsule remains in the Angry Fortress in Macragge. It remains unbeaten to this day.

--- Historian Nwabudike
Histories of the Ill-favored Chapters
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In truth, the Primarch of the Angry Marines died fighting Horus aboard Vengeful Spirit and the psychic backlash from his death made his sons ALWAYS ANGRY ALL THE TIME. The greatest Angry Marines after their Primarch are Reclusiarch Thalastian Jorus and Librarian Mephiston.

"Bite the pillow, Brother. I'M COMING IN DRY !!"
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So... I'm a little confused here, what the Angry Marines are, exactly. Are they basically angry fanboys turned into space marines? Something almost like the Thunder Warriors?
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They are supposed to be one of the chapters whose Primarch was lost forever, so they are fanmade and of course unofficial. They are designed exagerating the angry face any regular Space Marine helmet shows. There are some more fanmade chapters like "Reasonable space marines", "Pretty space marines" and "Female space marines".

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Nah, I get that they're fanmade, and unofficial. I'm a fan of the Alfa Legion, myself. But I don't exactly get what the Angry Marines are, as a concept, or what they represent.

In hindsight, I kinda poorly worded the question, last time.
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dude, this is great
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