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About Me:
Hi! I'm Maera Fey. (My birth name is Marta Tarasiuk, though.) I'm 26 years demiwoman whose biggest passion in life is storytelling. That's why I'm interested in may things, including (but not limited to) books, animation, comics and video games.

My Projects:
I don't want to bother you with every single thing I do so I'm going to list here only the biggest projects I'm the most proud of.

I find comics to be a fascinating medium that joins my two favorite things in the world: writing and drawing. Right now I'm working on a bigger, fully original project. However, I do not want to start uploading it until I have a sufficient buffer drawn. In the meantime, you may enjoy the several short fan-comics I made in the past as I was getting familiar with the medium.

See You Soon(Status: COMPLETED)
A little comic I made as a Christmast gift to :iconithlini:. It's supposed to serve as a short prologue to her webcomic, Green Ground. It doesn't have an autorisation from Ithlini and isn't canon to her story. You can read it without having read Green Ground, since it doesn't spoil anything that wouldn't be reviled during first two pages of the main comic via narration boxes.

See You Soon - Page 1 of 2 by MaeraFey  See You Soon - Page 2 of 2 by MaeraFey

Maternal Feelings(Status: COMPLETED)
A four-pages long comic commissioned by  :icongreatmarta:. It deals in the complicated mother-son relationship between Uru and her son Taka/Scar (as GreatMarta envisions it).This comic has an autorisation from GreatMarta herself and is to her short-stories and comic. This comic has no relation to Disney and is not canon to The Lion King movie in any way.

Maternal Feelings - Page 1 of 4 by MaeraFey  Maternal Feelings - Page 2 of 4 by MaeraFey  Maternal Feelings - Page 3 of 4 by MaeraFey  Maternal Feelings - Page 4 of 4 by MaeraFey

A Little Kindness (Status: COMPLETED)

A five-pages long comic about Fluttershy venturing into the Everfree Forest in other to help an injured critter. I drew this as I was dealing with the illness and then the death of my great uncle, who was a doctor. This comic has no connection to Hasbro and is not canon in any way.

A Little Kindness - PAGE 1 by MaeraFey  A Little Kindness - PAGE 2 by MaeraFey  A Little Kindness - PAGE 3 by MaeraFey  A Little Kindness - PAGE 4 by MaeraFey  A Little Kindness - PAGE 5 by MaeraFey

If you enjoy my drawing, you may enjoy the animations I made (they are like pictures, only moving). Right now most of them are related to Warriors book series written by Erin Hunter. For now, on my YouTube channel you'll find my contributions to MAPs (Multiple Animators Projects) and silly cartoons parodying the books. However, I'm thinking about animating some elaborate and original things in the future.


Warriors Weekly:
If you enjoy watching speedpaints and speed draws, you may like Warriors Weekly. It's a weekly show in which I go page by page by every single book in Warriors series by Erin Hunter and discuss interesting facts and theories about each single named character that appears in them, while drawing them.

Let's talk about Redtail, ThunderClan's late deputy, the very first character to be killed of by Erin Hunter and a father to fan-favorite Sandstorm. What events might have lead to his death? Why did Tigerclaw pick this certain point in time to dispose of Redtail? Is it possible that Bluestar, unknowingly, is indirectly responsible for hers deputy's demise?

I made a rant about the best minor character EVER!
I was wondering, how many of you happened to read a book series Warriors written by Erin Hunter? I've been a fan of it ever since middle school. Recently, I made a video about one of the series villains and reasons why he turned evil. I would appreciate if you told me what you think of it.
Thanks. :)

Niedawno założyłam kanał na YouTube z poradami pisarskimi, jednak wygląda na to, że filmiki nie za bardzo podobają się widzom. Staram się zrozumieć, dlaczego, ale nie mam zbyt dużego doświadczenia we vlogowaniu. Dlatego chciałam zapytać, czy może mielibyście chwilkę, żeby zerknąć na moje filmiki i powiedzieli, co Was w nich drażni i co byście zmienili?
Z góry dziękuję za wszelką pomoc! Nawet jeśli uważacie, że to, co macie do powiedzenia jest oczywiste i/lub nieistotne, nie krępujcie się. Naprawdę przyda mi się dosłownie KAŻDA możliwa rada.

Thank you all for the warm welcome! I was so surprised to see all of these nice comments under my previous journal entry. I kind of assumed that after all this time everyone would forget about silly old me, and yet it turns out that I sill have friends here. It's really heartwarming. You guys are the best!

I promise to do my best to answer all of the comments and notes as fast as possible but my inbox is flooding right now. That's why some of you may need to wait a while for a reply. I'm really sorry about that.

I kind of have this problem that talking to people online is really draining for me. I love doing this and it gives me a lot of joy but afterwards I feel tired and sometimes even need to take a nap. That's why I'm not as good at replying as other artists. Once again, I'm really, really sorry. Thank you for your patience and all the encouragement.
I'm back... I think?

The Making of a Puppet

Mon Jan 25, 2016, 2:58 AM

A Speed Draw which doubles as a little trailer for something I had planned for my channel.

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I knew I would find a use for this old fan art of Foxy I drew ages ago.

Mommy Issues (Undertale #8)

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 20, 2016, 4:54 AM

The End.

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Undertale DEMO. Part 7: True Pacific Root

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 18, 2016, 8:06 AM

You know what they say: new run, new thumbnail style.

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Undertale. Part 6: Stalked by a Flower

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 15, 2016, 7:48 AM

Iron Lyons ended up making a tiny cameo in this episode, because Uhuru is Vierka's little flower. I maken no sense, I know. I only hope that :iconiron-lyons: won't eat me alive for this... little display of my sense of humor.

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Part 5: Sugar Saves Lives... Well, One Life Anyway

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 12, 2016, 11:56 PM

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Let's Play Undertale. Part 4: The Bone Incident

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 11, 2016, 12:27 AM

A brand new part of my Let's Play is here:

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A Little Surprise

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 8, 2016, 2:11 AM

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been particularly quiet lately. This is because I’ve been working hard on a project I wanted to do since, well, forever, but never was brave enough to start. And what is this mysterious project, you ask. Why, it’s a YouTube channel of course! :dummy:

For now, it’s not very interesting, I’m afraid. Thus far there are only three videos – parts of Undertale DEMO Let’s Play I made (the whole thing will have eight episodes in total). However, I would love to submit a new video each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What is more, in addition to Let’s Plays, I’m planning to make Speed Draws, Video Reviews and – with time – maybe even short animations. I was thinking about preparing some Tutorials about drawing but I’m not sold on the idea, since I don’t think anyone would be interested.

So? What do you think? I’m going to be honest here, I desperately need feedback. Especially since the only one I got so far was about the language I use. Apparently, English is extremely obscure language no one speaks, nor cares about and I should make my videos in Polish only. I just wanted to ask if you are sure about this? Do you really would prefer me to speak in Polish? Does this apply do deviantArt too? Would you be more interested in my Journals should they be in Polish?

This is an important decision, so I would ask you to think about it for a bit before answering. In the meantime, please, enjoy the videos I posted thus far:

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Wednesday Feature #3

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 21, 2015, 2:13 AM

I have to admit, making this Top5 list was a tough. I simply adore :iconangelandchangeling:’s style. I like pretty much all of her artworks so much that picking only five of them was extremely hard. In the end I somehow managed to pick the lucky few, but letting go of the ones that did not made it to the list pained me a lot. Please, in honor for my suffering, go visit AngelAndChangeling’s gallery and take a minute to look at the pictures I had to skip.

5. Sketch Dailies: Winnie by AngelAndChangeling – These hair, man. These hair. :icondatplz: The are so many detail that went into making these as curly as possible. They look so real that I have troubles stopping myself from petting them. However, the rest of the picture looks rather plain in comparison with the magnificent hairstyle and would use some more shading.

4. Holy War Aura- Rough Colors V2 by AngelAndChangeling – AngelAndChangeling submitted three different version of this picture. This one is may be my favorite but all of them are badass. This piece got chooses simply because I find the character’s face in this one to be the most expressive. On the minus side, the plain dark background seems to be clashing with the rest of the drawing a little bit.

3. Sweaterella by AngelAndChangeling – In my humble opinion, this artwork has one of the best backgrounds AngelAndChangeling had ever made. Sure, the floor would use some detailing, but look at these windows! They are great! And let’s not forget the characters that were placed in this scenery. I simply cannot decide which of the two is cuter. :love:

2. Screenshot Redraw: Star vs. the Forces of Evil by AngelAndChangeling – For quite long time I have been thinking about putting this digital paining at the number one spot. In the end I decided against it not because of any shortcomings of the picture but due to the fact that it rather closely resembles the screenshot it was based on. Please, don’t get me wrong. It is an amazing artwork… I just really wish there was some sort of original spin to it.

And the number one is…

1. Swimming Buddies by AngelAndChangeling – Nearly everything about this picture is amazing: the vision the artist had, the composition, shading on the characters, and not forget about… BUBBLES! BUBBLES ARE THE BEST! I mean… I thoroughly enjoy the way they were portrayed. (See? I liked it so much that I learnt how to spell “thoroughly” just in its honor). However, I have to admit that the water itself (even with all the awesome BUBBLES) looks a little bit plain. I think a little bit of lighting and some fishes could easily fix that.

#WednesdayFeature #Top5

The Clock Is Ticking

Sat Dec 19, 2015, 11:12 AM

The end of my Core Membership is almost upon us… Well, not us much upon “us” as just upon me, but you get what I mean. The point is that soon I will no longer be able to do all those fancy stuff I was allowed to do for last three months. In order to make the best of the time I have left, I decided that for the next couple of days I will:

    1.      Write at least 1-2 critiques for a day (if you have any particular artwork you would like for me to critique, please, sent a note);

    2.      Keep the current poll until a day before my Core Membership expires, once it is gone, I will begin working on pictures according to the wishes expressed in it (this is why I strongly recommend for you to vote, if you did not do that yet);

    3.      Create a whole bunch of sub-folders in my gallery – they may come in handy;

    4.      Each other day submit one new picture with a huge request for a critique under it (hopefully, someone will eventually write me one);

    5.      Post a journal a day (are those creams of enthusiasm I hear?). The first one (that is, the entry I shall write tomorrow) is going to be a “Wednesday Feature”, since I skipped it this week due to being too busy with my  studies.

So? What do you think of my plans for the nearest future? Are you excited for any of the things I mentioned? Do you have any suggestions? 

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Sorry for the late update but with the end of the semester approaching rapidly, I’m drowning in projects and assignments. Right now, I’m struggling with an essay I’m supposed to submit this very Tuesday. I’m supposed to write about identity as it is described in a fairytale about a sparrow and a weasel. The problem is, I didn’t even realize the tale was about identity until my teacher spilled it out for me.

I have a feeling that having this essay done on time is not going to be easy…

RAPID SUBJECT CHANGE! In a little bit more than a week my core membership is going to expire so if you have any piece of artwork you wish me to critique, better tell me about it soon. (It doesn’t have to be your work, just any deviation you wish me to write a critique on).

I have to admit, I got a little bit used to having a core membership. That’s why I’m hoping to be able to gather enough points to prolong it. So… Expect some adoptable coming this way! Are lion cubs okay? I thought you may be interested in them, since… well… you guys seem to like lions quite a lot.

Wednesday Feature #2

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 9, 2015, 2:03 PM

Hi! How are you?

I enjoyed the last feature I did so much that I decided to make another one. Today I’ll talk about works of :iconnichers:, who – even if something lacking in drawing-related areas – is one of the best fanfiction writers I ever met. Seriously, guys, if you hadn’t seen her FanFIction.Net account, do it now. Do it! Just do it!! just DO IT!!! 

And now, without any further ado, lets proceed to the Top5 of Nicher’s deviantArt works.

No. 5

Character Sheet - ADLA by Nichers – Nichers drew quite a few character sheets (pretty much for every character appearing in her stories about lionesses) but this on by far is my favorite. It not only shows Adla’s good looks but also tells a lot about her personality. I mean, you don’t even have to read the text, just look at the picture of young Adla getting along with a monkey – a creature that would not come anywhere close to most of lions, not to mention trusting them enough to climb their back!

No. 4

Together Forever by Nichers – Having little to no background, this artwork may appear somewhat plain. Still, the way the characters are posed is pretty impressive. Not to mention the short story which we are given in the description. It’s a tie in to Nichers’s novelette “Chiku’s Training”, in which we see Johari and Yamile finally reunited. I won’t lie, it’s pretty great to see this two getting their little happy ending, however… I’m happy it wasn’t included in the novelette, since it would ruin the bittersweet ending the story has.

Summing up, this work is a sweet bonus material for all fans.

No. 3

That Cub's Not Right by Nichers – Are here any fans of :icontlkko:’s “Tales from the Spirit Lands” series? If yes then, boy!, you are up for a treat! The picture itself may not be one of Nicher’s greatest but the short story in the description… Let me tell you this: Miss Ko liked it so much that it ended up affecting the universe of her story.

No. 2

Ishara's Last Story-Telling by Nichers – I have admit, this artwork is pretty ambitious. It features multiple characters in unique poses. The background has its moments of greatness too. I mean, just look at this three! And that sky! They’re awesome! Not to mention that the mountain looks pretty nice too. Sadly, the majority of the picture is taken by grass, which is portrayed in extremely simple and plain way.

No. 1

And now… The moment you all have been waiting for… The one… The only… The best (at least in my humble opinion) piece of artwork by Nichers:

Temptress of the Desert by Nichers – Do I even have to explain why I like this one so much? Just look at that background! I’m pretty sure that it’s the best one Nichers drew so far. It’s so much better than all of my efforts to draw a desert combined (I AM NOT JEALOUS! I DON’T KNOW WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!). However, what really makes it for me is the short story included in the description. It expand on something that was only briefly mentioned in Nichers’s novelette titled “Jiwe’s Freedom”. As a fangirl (and a total dork) I adore this addition to the universe. I really wish it was included in the original story. However, I do understand that it would somewhat disturb the structure of the story and the plot. I guess it’s better to keep this piece as a bonus material… Or to completely re-write “Jiwe’s Freedom” and publish it as an original novel. *hint*hint* (No, Nichers, I won’t shut up about this).

#Top5 #

Amlost There

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 6, 2015, 9:17 AM
Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Hello everyone,

Sorry for being rather inactive lately. I wasn’t neglecting you on purpose. It just so happens that this Thursday I finished the last chapter of the book I’ve been working at ever since high school. Here are some artwork I made about it on the course of the years:

The Cast of DD:  Zimmy by MaeraFey To (Mis)Adventure! by MaeraFey The Wizard's Little Servant by MaeraFey Let's Line Up by MaeraFey Bobo and Dodo by MaeraFey

As you probably can guess, this novel a rather big deal for me. Right now I’m making final adjustments (some of the smaller scenes – especially, the ones I wrote while suffering from semi-depression – need rewrites, adding a prologue would be nice too, since it would give the told story a frame). By the end of December I hope to be able to start sending off the manuscript to publishers (in Poland literary agents are not a thing yet). Hopefully, I should be back to being a good deviantArt artist once I find one willing to publish my work.

However, there is a little problem. You see, upon hearing about the manuscript being near to its completion, my best friend began to expect that I sent it to her so she could tell me what I should change. The worst thing is that things she wants to interfere with are not misspellings, but the plot and main characters.

I have no idea how to tell her this is not going to happen.


I feel like the most horrible  person on the planet right now.

You know what? I won't allow this to bring me down. I’m going to sing anyway!

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