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The Most Evil of them All by MaeraFey The Most Evil of them All by MaeraFey
A while back me and my friend recorder two-part podcast about a novel titled "Iron Lyons. Forges of Dawn" by E. M. Kinsey (:iconiron-lyons:). In order to make our videos a little bit more interesting, me and my friend drew several derpy pictures parodying various elements of the book. This in one of said pictures.

Meet Vireka, one of the book's antagonists. I drew him kicking a puppy and twirling a mustache because he's just so evil. He and the puppy are also set on fire... Sorry, I meant to say 'Fyre'. 'Y' makes a difference. 

Pierwsza część audycji o Żelaznych Lywach i Kuźniach Świtu (bez spoilerów):
Druga część audycji o Żelaznych Lywach i Kuźniach Świtu (ze wszystkimi spoilerami świata):
Scarlet-Nokitsune Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018
I'm going to assume you find the spelling of things such as "fyre" and "lyons" a bit obnoxious too? :3
MaeraFey Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeas. Mostly, I found it pretty pointless. Having read the whole book, I have to say that the difference between evolved animals and real life animals was pretty minimal and didn't play any significant part within the story. The creatures would have been just fine with their regular names. The only thing the change managed to accomplish is confusing readers and making the whole read harder than it needed to be. When it comes to 'fyre', however... It's stupid and lazy. I'm sorry but I don't know what else to call it. Instead of coming up with a new cool name for a type magic, let's replace one letter and call it a day! I just keep imagining Hotio having to repeat himself several times because Uhuru kept thinking he was saying "cold fire".
Scarlet-Nokitsune Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018
If you actually read the whole world all she did was take out letters and add y's or r's so that's to be coming in future books. Even "Afrik" if I'm spelling it right is just a mess of adding a k instead of a c. I know the whole "lyon" thing doesn't work because it just made her account and books match the musician Iron Lyon who has some nice music. Thus when I Google search or Youtube search the male singer Iron Lyon pops up which just makes this already shady and badly reworked little mess look a bit. . . meh.

There were some good ones in my opinion. The ussari berenga for bears sounds much better than the following:
[Snow] 'Pards. Remember, there's a apostrophe. Not just a normal pard, a 'pard. 
Tigrisian(seriously, what the hell?)
and the pandas, I mean, panjus.

Why give your main cast, the felines, the lamer names and give bears a better one? The bears have more to them than the lyons or 'pards, tigers almost sound cool, but it sounds more like slapping a random rearrangement of the word "tiger" and adding "ian" like some pet sites would do. This isn't a tiger, it's a "tigerian".

I forget how it's spelled for hyena. I think Hyanar??? Wtf is that man?
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