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Comments have been disabled because I keep getting floods of comments/notes saying the same thing, so let me clear things up for you...

Q ) Do I have to use just one fandom/character?
A ) You DO NOT have to use just a fandom. I will not shoot you for using more than one character, or if you mix fandom with your original characters. For all I care you can make up a different character for each song.

Q ) Do I have to use iTunes?
A ) You DO NOT have to use iTunes. Heck the radio is fine. You can even ask your annoying neighbor to play their trombone.

Q ) Do I have to use a tablet/computer?
A ) No you DO NOT. You don't even have to use this template either. Do it however you want; be innovative. All my friends did it with a pen and paper.

Q ) I can't save the picture! It comes up as a blank image, what do I do?
A ) Buy a new computer. Or just pretend the picture is there. Heck, why not make your own template and have fun! I promise not to beat you because *gasp* you didn't use my image. There are a lot of people on DA who aren't using it; be creative.

Q ) Its too big to print! Make it smaller!
A ) No.

Q ) This is a great idea! / I'm gonna do this later.
A ) Uh, thanks. / That's nice.

Q ) Do you want me to send you the link to mine so you can see it?
A ) No thank you. I prefer to search "music meme" at the top. I think its fun to be surprised by searching.

:star-empty: The "rules" are just guidelines to help that's all.
:star-empty: I did not make the "music meme" I just made the image for it.
:star-empty: Also, no more "print requests" for this. Its too stupid to be sold.
:star-empty: Linking back to this would be helpful to those who want to do this too.
:star-empty: Please remember, this is for fun. Don't have a cow over the little things.

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