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M O V E D --- A C C O U N T --- T O :

I will be leaving all of my artwork here on this account because it holds 5 years worth of artwork and I think its beneficial to go back sometimes and look at what I've accomplished over the years. The reason for my move (despite just celebrating my 5th anniversary on this account) is because the name didn't seem to fit me any more. It annoyed because when I originally came up with it, it was only because I couldn't think of anything else;;; But I've recently come to appreciate the creative name I use for my CafePress under the shop name "Sugary Insanity INC" and thought it fit me pretty well. So my personal theme for most places has been changed to "SugaryInsanity"...

I do still appreciate (ie: LOVE) being called "Mae-neechan" because its friendly and I do see everyone like siblings... But I felt that using it as a username itself was a bit presumptuous and I wanted to start anew. Maybe its also because I will be graduating University in the coming spring and I wanted to just wipe my slate clean without completely forgetting where I came from. So please, if you do so wish to continue to see me improve artistically and/or communicate with me (either reason I'd greatly appreciate) please see me at the above account.

Thank you all very very much for the support and wonderful friendships I've created over these years and I hope that I will continue to improve artistically and personally in the years to come... Thank you everyone! Lets start this coming year off right with some hope and happiness!

- Mae


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I did your music meme too, that was fun to do! :3 (…)
(Okay okay I cheated for the time, but that's a secret)
MeleeGypsy Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i'm gonna use your music meme! it looks liek fun
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I had used you Music meme, Thank you…
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I just used your Music Meme…
It is really fun >w<
Thanks for making it :iconmoesnuggleplz:
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