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A beautiful contrast picture, Levi. I prefer to see them together, but this pre-relationship flashback beautifully brings out their dif...

Which Shadows of Brimstone gal should Kachima tackle next? 

23 deviants said Candace 'Candy' Kane
23 deviants said Roxie Scarlette
21 deviants said Cheyenne Sweetwood
18 deviants said Rose Red Tyler
15 deviants said Sylvia 'Silver' Rush
7 deviants said Clarabelle 'Tennessee Belle' Kane


Aphrodite-NS suffered a stroke - Help if you can.
This is Aphrodite's husband, her unseen partner in crime (and creative partner) here on DeviantArt
On September 20th, my wife Aphrodite-NS was unexpectedly was hit with a hemorrhagic stroke.
Aphrodite-NS had none of the typical red flags when it comes to a stroke. She is only 41 years young, is not overweight, had (and still does) have normal blood pressure and has no family history of stroke. Her doctors are calling this a "spontaneous event" because they cannot find a cause or reason why this happened. 
Because of the stroke, Aphrodite-NS now has right side weakness. Presently she cannot use her leg or arm (though she has some sensation) as well as impaired speech and memory loss/confusion (Apraxia and Aphasia). 
Currently she is in a three week in-patient rehabilitation center, but she is looking at a long road of six months to a year before she will be able to return to work, or at what capacity. 

I have collaborated with Jaclyn :iconaphrodite-ns: for many years and was always impressed by her work - not only her talent but her willingness to engage and help us create the images together.  She completed commissions swiftly and always acted in a friendly and professional manner.  I wish all artists were as talented, or as honest and helpful to their clients, as her.

Anyway, she gave us the 'look' for all of our Star Wars characters and many NPCs, the templates for which other artists would draw from.  Her galleries are a testament to her skill and care as an artist.

If you've ever liked any of the work she did for me… , please drop by and wish her and her husband well in her recovery.

If you're the praying kind, send some her way.  If you're not, well-wishes will be just as good.  Times are hard, but if you have a few spare $£, please donate to her GoFundMe as above. 

Our thoughts are with the artist and her husband now - here's hoping for a swift and full recovery.

Get well soon, my friend. When you're better, I have more work to send your way :hug:

Shadows of Brimstone: Sylvia 'Silver' Rush (NSFW)

Not Safe For Work version, by :iconkachima:...

"Like a ghost don't need a key...

Your best friend, I've come to be...

Oh, please don't think of getting up for me

You don't even need to speak...

I've been here for just one day

You'll already miss me if I go away...

So close the blinds and shut the door

You won't need other friends any more...

If you're cold, I'll keep you warm...

If you're low... just hold on!

'Cause I will be your safety

Oh, don't leave home...

I arrived when you were weak

I'll make you weaker, like a child...

Now all your love you give to me

When your heart is all I need...

Oh how quiet, how quiet the world can be

When it's just you and little me!

Everything is clear, and everything is new...

So you won't be leaving... will you?

'Cause I will be your safety!

I will be your safety...


Oh, don't leave home...!"


Dido Armstrong; 'Don't Leave Home'…


(a beautiful and eerie song about the love between the drug and the drug-user, sung from the point of view of the addictive substance…

For Silver, it perfectly captures the unhealthy, co-dependence of the parasite and its ‘Soft Pumpkins’…

It’s as sinister and disturbing as all hell, but it’s still a love-song, and it’s still sincere…)



She shivered despite the wet heat.  The sounds of the swamps echoed all about her – animal cries and distant, primal sounds.  Dragonflies hovered upon the black surface of the still waters, their iridescent wings glimmering with rainbow colours; a beauty that belied the deadliness of the mangroves.  Brightly-hued reptiles slithered from tree-bough to water, seeking their tiny prey.  Somewhere in the dim light, something screamed its last… the endless dance of hunter and hunted played out, a thousand times across the bayou.

Not for the first time, Sylvia ‘Silver’ Rush wondered why she had come here.  It was the longest of long-shots that Doc Darwin would even be able to help her, and time was running out, fast.  But his ‘experimental treatment’ was her only real hope now – a scientifick breakthrough that might well save her life.  Conventional medicine could do nothing for her condition, after all.  And she was always, at heart, a gambler. A slight chance was better than no chance at all -  sometimes fortune might be won on a flip of a coin, or the turn of a card.  It was a faint hope, but one she had to cling to.

So here she was, alone, in a place forgotten by men and by time.  She was following in the footsteps of Doc Darwin’s expedition, stepping through the shimmering portal at Scrogg’s Bog, just south of Seto’s Mill.  Foul vapours and a clinging mist had seeped out of the bog ever since the portal had opened, enshrouding the Mill in greenish fog.  The townsfolk had begun to sicken, and some had died.  Already, many were leaving, seeking lands that were not cursed by the coming Darkness.  She idly wondered if the key to curing the curse was here, somewhere buried in the old waterlogged temples or burial grounds, or held by the tribals who still dwelled here in the hidden places of the mire.  She wondered where they had come from originally, how long they had lived here in Jargono, forgotten by the lands of men.

Grimly, she pressed on, stumbling at almost every step.  Swamp water filled her boots now and she felt soaked through with mud and sweat. She cursed herself for not asking Candy or Cheyenne to come along; she was born to the cities out east, and had no love of slogging along in some filthy marsh.

But she couldn’t have brought herself to ask them, even though she knew they would have accompanied her without question.  She had grown fond of the younger girls;  she understood how hard it was to be a woman in a man’s world. She understood what drove them; to make a name for themselves, beyond the shadows of their famous fathers. She could relate to that.  And she wanted them to remember her as she was; not growing sickly and pale as the illness slowly ate her away. The thought of ‘dying with her boots off’ scared her – perhaps it would be better if she perished here, a meal to one of the carnivorous behemoths that hunted here in this primal murk.  Better the quick death with nobody watching…

A noise, to her right… The smooth grip of the LeMat pistol was in her hand, as if by magick, by now an extension of her body.  The other hand lit a match, and the soft glow illuminated the gloom. Her keen eyes watched through the darkness, awaiting any twitch, any sign of hostile life.  She still had sharp instincts, and nobody ever got the drop on her…

But it smelled her...!  The scent of her blood, between her legs… thick and oozing, delicious…! In its few, frantic moments of new life, it and its brothers had only one instinct as they swam through the dark birthing waters… to locate a host, ideally one of the higher-order reptiles, who would assure a longer and more satisfying life as a predator rather than prey.  Without delicious juices, they would quickly starve; without a host, they were naught but food for the many hunters in the dark waters.  Many hundreds would perish, but this one scented something large and warm…! With every last effort in its spindly little limbs, it swam towards the host.

“What…! No, stop – “  It moved in a blur of motion, desperation giving it speed and purpose.  It was too small for her to spot among the dark waters, and by the time she reacted, it was upon her…

She screamed in terror as something skittered up her leg, tearing through the fabric of her denims with sharp little teeth.  With a sudden sense of overwhelming horror, she realised it was not trying to devour her…!

no…! ohgodsno…!” she shrieked, falling backwards onto the muddy bank, hands frantically trying to tear it off.  But it was too fast, too needy and hungry.  It tore through her garments and sought the openings in her sweet flesh, the oozing, delicious blood and dark, damp places where it would live –



She screamed as she woke up, eyes snapping open.  She looked about her, gulping in deep gasps of air.  The austere room in the hostel at the Mill was quiet and dark, the only sound, her heavy breathing, and the hammering of their heart.

You are worries, Soft Pumpkins…

You remembers…!

It’s voice, lisping inside her head, hearing its words as if they were her own.

“N-no, it’s all right…!” she chuckled softly.  They shared thoughts, but she liked to talk to it aloud, when they were alone.  Doing so made her… feel less crazy, somehow.

I is sorry, Soft Pumpkins, it crooned. 

No time to speak then.  Only hungry.

“It’s okay,” she assured it.  She felt it shift and move slightly within her body.  “I understand now.”

I needed to live, Soft Pumpkins, it murmured gently.

You needed to live, too.

I finds it in you, the Hurting Thing.  I sings it to sleep…

Hush, hush little hurt thing.   Sleep now.

“I know,” she smiled softly.  “I appreciate it, I do.”

She swung her body out of bed, lit a match, and fumbled for the bottle at her bedside.

“A few hours to dawn…” she mused.  “Want some scotch?”

Sweet, sweet juices, Soft Pumpkins…! It chuckled.  But never as sweet as yours…!


Sylvia Rush was born about 37 years ago in Pennsylvania.  She says little about her past, save to explain her accent and that she trained as a girl with the legendary Vera Strong, one of the few female gunmen in the Weird West.  She learned how to live as a woman in a man’s world, and has taught that lesson to other girls as she grew older.   She first moved to Shannedam County in Texas about twenty years ago, making her name as a card-player at the gambling tables, as well as a deadly shootist.  As the saying went, ‘God made women, but Samuel Colt made then equal!’   She fell in love with her fellow gunsel, Cornelius Van Horn, who was also making a reputation in the county’s boom years.  After a whirlwind romance, they married with wild celebrations… a tempestuous relationship that lasted less than a year.  Some say shots were fired at their divorce, but it is clear that nearly twenty years later, they both still harbour considerable affection for the other. 

A veteran adventuress, Silver is something of a den-mother figure for younger women and always happy to give advice and the benefit of her experience.  She's long been a woman in a man's world, and has fought to establish a dangerous reputation against the odds.   She was one of the first people the lawmen turned to when rounding up a posse to fight outlaws… but she had friends on the other side of that divide also, and (until recently) was welcome in dens of scum and villainy across the county.

After the Night of Screams, when the Darkness fell across the land and a call went out for Heroes, Laverne Lafferty and Candy Kane chose not to join their illustrious fathers, preferring to form their own posse comprised of other young women trying to make a name for themselves.  Silver, who had been a mother-figure to Candy for some years by now, saw much of herself in these young women, and agreed to join up and give them the benefit of her experience.  A cool head and laconic, easy-going sort, she brought a sense of calm and wisdom to their youthful exuberance.  Although they frequently frustrated her with their reckless enthusiasm, she enjoyed it more than she had expected, and did everything she could to keep them alive and well during their adventures.

But just over a year in, she began to feel increasingly unwell.  She had never lived very cleanly, frequently indulging in hard liquor and tobacco, but she was relatively young and healthy for all that.   It took several doctors to establish the cause she most feared; woman cancer.  The kind of sickness that didn’t get better all by itself.  Upset by the news, she took her leave of the Fallen Angels, explaining that she had ‘personal business’ to attend to, and promising to come back when she could.  She sought out the one man who might possibly be able to cure her of her terminal illness – Doctor Darwin Drake, a man renowned for his brilliant genius and eccentricity.  Drake pioneered many new forms of treatment for illness and disease, specialising in the new technologies he found in the OtherWorlds such as the Targa Plateau and the Blasted Wastes.   In return for his aid, he asked her to travel to the lost world of Jargono, in search of any sign of an expedition he had sent that way a few weeks beforehand.  Lacking any other alternative, she sought out the portal at Seto’s Mill, a town in the south-east of the county that had become afflicted with strange sicknesses from the nearby Scrogg’s Bog.  

In Jargono, she found a world of lost tribes, deadly predators and gigantic reptilian monsters… And something else, something she had not bargained for.

The attack struck her before she could react, as the newly-born swamp parasite burrowed deeply into her flesh, attracted by the scent of her menstrual blood.  Both adapted surprisingly quickly to the turn of events.  The parasite, one of many seeking a host, was surprised to find itself becoming a symbiote to a human, something vastly more intelligent than the reptilian predators they usually attached themselves to.  The parasites seemed to develop a strong bond to their hosts, matching their intelligence as they fed on the vital juices of the host.  Most did not climb beyond the basic instincts of the predator lizards at best, but this one grew in intelligence exponentially, as it experienced her senses and her human thoughts.  Before very long, it was mimicking her words, speaking directly to her mind, trying to work out what this meant for both of them now.

Most notably, the creature said it found a ‘sickness’ within her, something that was causing her hurt.  The parasite could offer benefits to its host -making them stronger, quicker, swifter in motion, so as to be an efficient hunter and ensure a longer life for both of them.  But in a human host, the creature found it was able to heal her hurts, even to the degree it could ‘calm’ her tumour, preventing it from growing any larger.  While it could not remove the malignant growth, it could prevent her from suffering from its effects… as long as it was safely ensconced within her, naturally.

Nurtured by a human intelligence, the parasite was able to form opinions on what it was, and how it worked.  It found itself affectionate towards its host, desiring to keep her safe and happy, ensuring a better life for them both.  It assured her that it could not control her, and it would not grow any larger or cause her harm.  It explained that it lived off her bodily juices, her vital fluids and waste, and that it could navigate the tubes and passages of her body like the smaller parasites did, feeding in her stomach. It was able to improve her reflexes and perception, to make her faster and better.  It would ensure she remained healthy and happy, and feasted on things she would not miss.  It posited that it could not survive for very long outside its host, and that it feared her ‘sickness’ would continue to grow without it there to keep it dormant.  Thus, they both needed the other.

Silver had little choice but to agree.  She was smart enough to understand it might be lying, but the alternative was a horrible, wasting death.  She believed its soft blandishments, because the alternative was something she could not contemplate.

And in time, she grew to appreciate its company and advice, like a twisted Jiminy Cricket.  She felt its thoughts as her own;  there was no point in keeping secrets to something that had access directly to your own mind. The symbiote (as it called itself) and the host had become ‘we’ now.  They needed one another to survive, and it became fiercely protective of her, and distrusting of the other humans.  It alone would be her safety; it alone had her best interests at heart, because they either lived together or died apart.  It was especially wary of certain kinds of mineral springs, sensing that such waters would send it into a stupefied slumber, and causing it to detach from her…  resulting in its death, and eventually, in hers to her sickness.  Again, Silver believed it was telling the truth, because there was no real alternative.

And so together, they became a finely-tuned unit, exploring the ‘Birthing Place’ of Jargono together.  The symbiote felt race-memories of others of its kind,  and could help to guide her in the still waters of the lost world.  She eventually came across one of the human native tribes, who had dwelled within Jargono for centuries and adapted to its ways.  She became a den mother to a pair of them, a  brother named Carin and his younger sister, Tula, and together they helped the tribe against the fierce Serpent Men and the Worms That Walk, as well as other dangers of the swamp.


By nature, Silver is a friendly, laid-back and laconic person, someone who’s lived a long and eventful life and acts like she’s seen it and done it all.  She tends to act as a mother figure for the younger folks, and they (mostly) respond well to that.   She does not tell them about her symbiote, as that is a deeply personal matter and something she prefers to keep quiet about. 

Although she is not particularly promiscuous, she does sometimes connect with other travellers, and has the occasional fling with men who take her fancy.  One of these affairs was with a fellow young enough to be her son; something she prefers not to dwell on.  The young man – a pugilist named Will Bonnean – became very smitten with her,  wanting them to make it a permanent thing and travel together as a couple.   Silver wasn’t sure what she wanted from the relationship, and did not want the young man to be saddled to an older lover when he had the rest of his life ahead of him.  She suggested they spend some time apart, and that he experienced more of the world for himself.  If he still wanted a relationship, she promised she would try and make it work.  Although Will was a very desirable bachelor, and was pursued by a great many attractive women,  he did indeed return to her, asking if she was ready for a relationship.  Despite her concerns – not to mention the jealousy of her symbiote! – Silver agreed to stay and work something out.   Silver discovered that Will too had dark secrets of his own, and there was far more to him than met the eye.  Despite her misgivings, they have been together for a while now, and he very much feels he’s found ‘the one’ he wants to spend his life with. 

Recently, Silver met up with Jess Cartwright, a young woman plagued by strange forces of her own, and who had supposedly dug herself out of her own grave.  To her amazement, Jess seemed to be able to hear her parasite, whether she wanted to or not, and heard its whispers as surely as Silver herself heard them in her head.   Jess was disgusted with the concept of some bug living inside her body and feeding off her juices – pointing out that for all she knew, the creature  was growing and would one day take her over completely, or else gnaw itself out through her flesh.   The parasite took an instant dislike to Jess, fearing this other human and the way she could see it.  It warned Silver jealously that this new human would only cause them harm.  Silver pointed out that she had little choice but to believe the symbiote, as her alternative was a painful, lingering death… and that it had not guided her falsely thus far.  While Jess helped her locate Dr Drake’s missing expedition, the creature had an uneasy relationship with the young Drifter at absolute best.

Other frictions slowly grew between them too – Jess idolised her father Jed, but had a difficult relationship with her mother, Cassie, and did not take well to Silver’s mothering ways.  Jess was also growing close to Tula, a naïve young tribal girl of the lost world, who was an accomplished warrior and huntress, but innocent in the ways of love.  Silver looked out for the young tribal, and felt Jess was moving too quickly, and was likely to break her heart and leave the girl lonely and miserable.  Jess, for her part, found Silver’s over-protective ways cloying and didn’t see that their growing relationship was any of her business.  Although they located the lost expedition and returned their journal to Drake, tensions remained between them.  While Jess had promised to help Tula’s people, she left them abruptly after speaking with a strange woman who called herself ‘Rose Red’ and claimed to be a literal fallen angel.  Silver felt some relief when she left, although both had respected the other for their abilities. The last Silver heard, Jess was now helping Cheyenne’s tribe back in Shannedam County, and she still isn’t certain if she should be relieved or disappointed.

Shadows of Brimstone: Sylvia 'Silver' Rush (SFW)

“There's a nail in the door, and there's glass on the lawn

Tacks on the floor, and the TV is on

And I always sleep with my guns when you're gone…

There's a blade by the bed, and a phone in my hand

A dog on the floor, and some cash on the nightstand

When I'm all alone the dreaming stops, and I just can't stand…


What should I do? I'm just a little baby

What if the lights go out, maybe

And the wind just starts to moan

Outside the door he followed me home

So goodnight moon - I want the sun

If it's not here soon, I might be done

No, it won't be too soon 'til I say ‘goodnight moon’…


There's a shark in the pool, and a witch in the tree

A crazy old neighbour and he's been watching me

And there's footsteps loud and strong coming down the hall…

Something's under the bed, now it's out in the hedge

There's a big black crow sitting on my window ledge

And I hear something scratching through the wall…


Well, you're up so high, how can you save me?

When the dark comes here tonight to take me

Up to my front walk, and into bed

Where it kisses my face

And eats my head…!”


Shivaree; ‘Goodnight  Moon’…


(singer Ambrosia Parsley is a good model for Silver, actually – she’s not ravishingly beautiful, but she has a definite sexiness…)


Commission by the great :iconkachima: of course.

Meet Sylvia ‘Silver’ Rush, den-mother to the gals of the Fallen Angels, older lover of Willard ‘The Kid’ Bonnean, and ex-wife of the gunslinger Cornelius Van Horn.   Quite possibly, she’s not quite as busty or as full of attitude as this in real life… 😊 But, y’know, artist’s impressions and all that.  The real Billy the Kid was a dorky looking guy, but he’s always portrayed as a handsome, dapper fellow in movies like ‘Young Guns’ (Val Kilmer’s 1989 version actually gets him pretty much right). In the Weird West, as in our real-life version, legends have a habit of running away with themselves…

Silver is a Gunslinger-class character, one of the more specialist roles in Shadows of Brimstone.  Some classes are generalists, decent at many aspects of adventuring. The Gunslinger definitely has a narrow role, and plays it well, but gets in trouble easily if they deviate from that specialisation (as some of my early, ill-advised solo runs with Silver here will attest!).  The Gunslinger is a very specific and iconic archetype in the Old West, of course – quick on the draw, deadly of aim, steely of nerve.  He brings a LOT of firepower with mere pistols, but if he can’t finish off his foes quickly, he’d best run for cover and have some tough hombres like a US Marshall or Bandido to hide behind!

Although the art resembles Wild Bill Hickock, the class is meant to more closely replicate the strengths and weakness of another iconic Western hero, John Henry ‘Doc’ Holliday. A city-slicker dandy; educated, charming and rakish with an eye for the ladies, part-gambler and part-gunman, living by his wits and charm.  For all his speed and accuracy, the Gunslinger’s penchant for high-living leaves him fragile and weak – the real Doc Holliday died of tuberculosis at age 36, and that was many years after his doctor expected him to live.  Again, Val Kilmer’s performance in ‘Tombstone’ is likely the finest portrayal of the man, being accurate to his looks and manners, and essentially making the character his own. The classic gunslinger is neither a lawman nor an outlaw, and is frequently welcome on both sides of the law without ever committing to either.

The class has sharply-defined strengths and weaknesses – they are, as you’d expect, deadly with a pistol, with a high Ranged attack and Initiative, and several built-in talents to shoot fast and hit hard. As opposed to that, the Gunslinger is poor at close combat, and his low Health and Defence means he won’t last long if his foes get close, and he lacks the movement skills of a Saloon Girl to get out of the way.   The class almost demands he pair up with a tough partner (the way Holliday and the teak-tough Wyatt Earp were best buddies in real life) – Cornelius has Santiago, the Bandit King, and  Silver here has Will, who is much tougher than he looks, even before you take his werewolf nature into consideration…!

An underrated element of the class is their high Sanity – their mental strength makes up for their lack of Health, and they can absorb powerful attacks like Fear or Terror easily with so much Sanity to go around. The Gunslinger operates best at mid-range, where he can use his pistol but still  have tough friends between him and his enemies.   A high Luck and Cunning play to the strengths of the class too.

The Gunslinger starts with a basic pistol, although he’s best served by getting a better one as soon as he can. A lot of his powers only work with a sidearm, although one of their upgrades, Master of Killin’, permits the use of rifles or shotguns too (the real-life Doc Holliday frequently used a shotgun).

The base starting upgrades help define the class - Pistol Fanning allows him to use a Grit to double the number of attacks in a round, as long as he has a pistol and one empty hand.  Quickdraw likewise depends on having a hand free – it allows a free attack out of turn whenever new opponents appear, even if a battle is already raging! (This ability was so potent they nerfed it in subsequent prints, but we play it with the original cards because it’s so thematic).  Finally, Reload costs 2 Grit to re-fill their special Dead-Eye Shots, which is the only way they get more special bullets during an adventure.   It is notable that the Gunslinger relies heavily on Grit, but has no built-in way to recover it quickly, so they rely on certain special treasures, or failing that, plenty of Tonics from the side-bag.

The Gunslinger’s four talent trees also play very heavily to their narrow playstyle. The ‘Shootin‘ tree obviously focuses on pure gun-play, eventually allowing the class to have the best accuracy in the game (tying with the Drifter in that regard). ‘Showmanship’ allows for flashy attacks and a swaggering charisma to pull the Gunslinger through his battles.  We shall focus here on Silver’s trees – ‘Way of the Gun’ and ‘Reputation’.  The former allows the use of the ‘magic bullets’ in addition to the basic Dead-Eye Shots every Gunslinger gets.  These add a lot of fun to the class, playing to the outlandish nature of the Weird West. ‘Ricochet Shots’ allow an attack to be made against anything on the board, regardless of range, cover or line of sight – and can be used with the other special bullets too.  ‘Cerberus Shots’ split up and strike the target and every adjacent enemy, which is great for clearing out zombies! ‘Hellfire Rounds’ burn for double normal damage.  If you have the Werewolf Kin supplement, any Way of the Gun character also gets the ubiquitous ‘Silver Bullets’, which are brutal against Beast-type enemies and one of the few things that can stop a werewolf in their tracks, doing triple damage against such foes and ignoring their regeneration abilities.  All Gunslingers require careful asset-management, but this tree demands it even more – it’s important not to waste your special rounds, and keep Grit high to allow for more Reloads when you need them.

If ‘Way of the Gun’ really defines the character who uses the special bullets, ‘Reputation’ is a mixed bag of talents that compliments it nicely.   ‘Hushed Whispers’ allows an extra Grit at the start of any adventure or town stay, something Gunslingers can always use.  ‘Card Shark’ adds more Cunning and Luck, which are already high for the Gunslinger, and lets them win more money when gambling.  ‘Killer’ adds more Max Grit, and allows them to use two special shots with each hit.  The capstone ability is ‘Legend of the West’ which lets them use 2 Grit to add damage equal to their level to a hit.

In terms of statistics, Silver’s Luck is maximum and her Cunning is almost that, but her Strength, Spirit and Lore are average.  Her Agility is above average however.  She has surprisingly balanced Health and Sanity, leaning towards strengthening a weakness in her Upgrades with the former. She’s still best served staying out of melee, however, but she should be able to take a few shots before she hits the dirt.

For weapons, she carries two ‘gunfighter’s pistols’ -  these resemble the ‘LeMat’ guns she carries in the picture, the ones with the elaborate hand-guards.  The high rate of fire helps with her ‘Fanning’ ability, allowing six shots per round when she empties the entire gun!  She usually has to keep one hand free to use Fanning or Quickdraw, but in certain cases, it helps her to dual-wield, such as when she’s up against boss monsters and firing a volley of shots is more important than getting criticals… or if she’s just running low on Grit.

Most of her equipment is themed to her favourite colour (silver, of course!) or to the Swamps of Jargono, where she’s done much of her adventuring, including striking up a friendship with a couple of young tribals. Perhaps most iconic to her is the Swamp Parasite, which we will talk about more in the NSFW picture. This little bug was an early ‘acquisition’ in her adventures, and has come to define her core personality and backstory.  This is one of the most fun elements of Brimstone – making up a cool character and background based on the events and adventures the character goes through.  The parasite makes her even more swift and fleet of foot than she would otherwise be, although any time she fumbles a Defence roll, her little symbiote gets hurt too which causes her even more pain. All in all, surprisingly fitting and thematic for her class.

Her Silver Dice allows her a re-draw of any card once in a game, and her shiny Silver Buckle lets her heal as she finishes off her foes, a real godsend for a Gunslinger. Her expensive Black Hat lets her risk Corruption to quickly heal her Health, which is sometimes worth it. Her Rattlesnake Fang necklace lets her load up for a heavy hit, and makes her immune to Poison – ideal for anyone heading into Jargono! She can only use this item as she was Deputised during an event on her adventures, and this gives her the ‘Law’ keyword, and means you are looking at the official Sherriff of Seto’s Mill.  She has yet to acquire a badge, however, although she certainly should do so – in truth, she has a few friends like Belle and Cami who operate outside the law, and feels a little self-conscious about her recent promotion.   It does allow her access to Law-only items, shops and events though, so she hasn’t set the honour aside quite yet.

Finally, she has a few one-shot items that are keyed to Jargono, like her BogBat Ichor and Terri-Terri Leaf that can cure poison or heal others in a pinch. 

Sylvia ‘Silver’ Rush

Gunslinger                                          (Keywords: Showman, Law)


Agility                  3                              Level: 7                 Defence                5+

Cunning               5                              XP: 7345               Willpower              4+

Spirit                   2                            

Strength              2                              Initiative                7 (9)                      

Lore                    2                              Health                   20          

Luck                    6                             Sanity                    23          


Combat                 1                              Ranged ‘to hit’   3+

Max. Grit             5                                Melee ‘to hit’     5+



Quick & the Dead: Use the Six Shooter Template. It starts each game fully loaded with 6 Dead Eye Shot bullets.

Pistol Fanning: Use 1 Grit to double the number of Shots you get with a one-handed Gun for one Attack. 

To use this ability, you must have one hand open. (limit once per turn) 

Quickdraw: Anytime a new group of Enemies is placed on the board, you may immediately make a free Attack outside of the normal turn sequence. To use this ability, you must have one hand open.  

Reload: Use 2 Grit to re-fill d6 Shots back into your Six Shooter Template.

Deputized: You gain the Keyword: Law 


Six-Shooter Shots

Dead Eye Shots: A Dead Eye Shot marker may be discarded from the Gunslinger’s Six-Shooter Template to add +2 Damage to a Hit. A Dead Eye Shot may be used after the roll for Damage is made on a Hit.

Ricochet Shots: You may use a Ricochet Shot to choose a target without regard to Range, Line of Sight or being adjacent to it.

Cerberus Shots: You must pay 1 Grit to use a Cerberus Shot. A Cerberus Shot immediately does a free normal hit (doing d6 damage) to every Enemy adjacent to the target.

Hellfire Shots: You must pay 1 Grit to use a Hellfire Shot. A Hellfire Shot doubles the amount of damage just rolled on one of your Hits. 

Silver Bullet Shots: Discard a Silver Bullet Shot Token to ignore the Endurance ability of an Enemy for one of your Ranged Hits with a Gun. That Hit also doubles the Damage roll if against a Beast Enemy (or triples the roll if against a Werewolf). A Gunslinger Hero with at least one ability from the Way of the Gun Upgrade Path may now start each Adventure with up to 2 Silver Bullet Shots.


Equipment (weight 5/7)

Swamp Parasite (Artefact, Jargono, Creature) +2 Initiative, +1 Move.  May not be sold, traded or discarded. 

Any time you roll a 1 for a Defence roll, take 1 additional Wound for that Hit.

Silver Dice (Personal, Dice, Charm) Once per Adventure, discard and Re-draw any single card just drawn.

Silver Buckle (Gear, Clothing – Belt) Weight 1, Upgrades 2, $325.  Law or Showman only

Any time you kill an Enemy, you may Heal 1 Wound or 1 Sanity.

Black Hat (Gear, Clothing – Hat) $7000, Weight 1, Upgrades 1. Take 1 Corruption Hit to Heal 3 Wounds.

Gunfighter’s Pistol (2) (Gear, Gun, Pistol) $2450, Weight 1, Upgrades 1, Hands 1, Range 7, Shots 3.

Rattlesnake Fangs (Upgrade) $325, Requires 1 Upgrade. Law or Outlaw only

Once per Adventure, you may add +3 Damage to one of your Hits. You are immune to Poison markers.

Terri-Terri Leaf (Artefact, Jargono, Plant) Weight 1, $100

Discard to Heal d6+2 Wounds, or Discard to remove d3 Corruption Points.

BogBat Ichor (Artefact, Jargono) $50. Discard to remove all Poison markers from every Hero on your Map Tile. 

Matches (2) (Gear, Fire) $10, Discard to ignore Voices in the Dark.

Silver Bullets (Gear, Silver, Ammo) $50. Discard to use. Until the end of the Adventure, all of your Gun Hits

are +1 Damage against any Beast Enemy (or +2 against a Werewolf)



Ricochet Shots: Start with up to 2 Ricochet Shots in your Six-shooter.  

Hushed Whispers: You now start every Adventure and Town stay with an extra Grit.

Card Shark: +1 Cunning and +1 Luck. Any time you win at Gambling in Town, you gain an extra d6 x $50.

Cerberus Shots: Start with up to 2 Cerberus Shots in your Six-shooter.  

Hellfire Shots: Start with up to 2 Hellfire Shots in your Six-shooter.

Killer: You may now use up to 2 Shots from your Six-Shooter Template on each Hit. +1 Max Grit

The Right Tool: You may start each Adventure with any mix of Shot types in your Six-Shooter Template.

+1 Max Grit


Upgrade Bonuses

+1 Initiative. Also, gain +d6 Sanity (6)

+1 Cunning. Also, gain +d6 Sanity (2)

+1 Luck. Also gain +d6 Sanity (3)

+1 Max Grit

+d6 (5) Health

+1 Move

+d6 (5) Health


Not sure if anyone out there is still watching me.  If so, I apologise I’m not around much any more.  Nothing lasts forever, all good things come to an end, and I’ve had a good decade here that I’ve mostly enjoyed.

When my annual Core membership runs out, however, I hope to move on to pastures new.  This place simply isn’t what it was.

This is mostly due to the aggressive moderation that’s reared its ugly head this year.  There seems to be a concerted effort to remove all and any fanservice-style pictures from the site.   From what I’ve heard, this is a very clear policy from the mods. 

A number of artists who have done work for me, including :iconaphrodite-ns: have had many of my commissioned works taken down, here and at her page.  There is no explanation, no way to dispute this, no redress.  All of this pictures were well within the standard DA rules of not showing penetration, etc, and were marked as having sexual content. 

The final straw for me was when :iconthenightwishmaster: had the picture he drew of Cynn and Jo taken down – a picture of two fully-clothed people kissing that was not sexualised in any capacity whatsoever.

Of course, it goes without saying that that picture of women having sex with giant maggots is still up, because the artists is a friend of the Mods.  

It’s shame, because I like the layout and format of DA, and I don’t mind paying to be a member.  I hate Tumblr and modern social media that gives no room for discussion, explanation or interaction with others.  I hate Reddit and similar non-forums. It baffles me in a supposed age of communication, how we are less connected than ever before.

But I cannot accept what seems like a personal vendetta against me and the artists I use, so from November I will largely not be returning to these pages.   If I find somewhere else, I may post a note here, but there’s no guarantee I even wish to continue.   The games and groups I am a part of are changing; my life is moving on to other things.  It’s sad, but the way of things, alas.

If I have ever chatted with you, rest assured I have enjoyed our time together and that you made me smile.  Maybe one day in the future, things might be different.

There are other matters. I’ve been burned by too many artists of late, people who took my money and ran.  You know who you are.  Other artistic collaborations have come to a natural end as tastes and styles irrevocably change.   I nonetheless wish everyone who’s done work for me well for the future, and I have few regrets.

For now, I will post the last of the Brimstone pictures over the final few months.  I’d like to thank :iconkachima: who has been a joy to work with, an attentive and enthusiastic artist.  I wish they were all like that.  I will remain a Patron of Kachima’s of course, and the pictures might be posted someday. 

I will leave everything as it is, as I think it’s a nice body of work.  I have no doubt the heathens will destroy it piecemeal in the months to come, so please grab anything you want while it’s still up, before the rapacious, low-life scum who serve as Mods here tear it down like the philistines they are.  

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rants, and thanks to everyone with whom I’ve chatted with over the years.


Updated: an awesome artist lets DA have his thoughts:…

Forbidden Fortress: Sumiko Tatsuno (NSFW)

“I marvel at the days that go -
Tales of the grass-widow…
When I was young, I thought I’d be
More than just a fantasy…
I wanna be this, I wanna be that
A big black dog with the soul of a cat!
The blue-eyed devil inside of me
He won’t leave, he’s buried deep…!

I used to have eyes the colour of sky!
Now I can see in the middle of the night…
I used to have eyes the colour of sky!
Now I can see in the middle of the night…

If I told you, would you believe?
My soul is wicked; I’m a thief
They’d’ve burned me in 1690
T’was the deadly nightshade which finished me…
Now I’m haunting, and I’m looming round
The old church yard and the damn dog-pound
And I’m giving some hell and I’m feeling free
Never was more than a fantasy
But I fly at night, and by your candle-light
My shadow, past your window…!

CocoRosie, ‘We Are On Fire’…

Because dark magik is the best magik, right? 😊

Meet the Sorceress from Forbidden Fortress, Sumiko Tatsuno.  Brimstone art as ever is by the wonderful :iconkachima:, who really knocked this one out of the park.  Glorious high-definition for all those little details.

Sumiko Tatsuno

Born just over twenty years ago in the small settlement of Koya Hyōryū-sha in the wet-lands beneath the shadow of the Sacred Mountain, Sumiko grew up knowing the power in her blood.  Her father was the Magician, Shigematsu, the son of Sho-Ryu, the Dragon King himself.   He had lived a hundred years, born just before the ancient King last walked the Dragon Empires.  Her father told her the power in his blood, and how Sho-Ryu had become a cruel tyrant, feasting on the lowly mortals he ruled, and using them as pawns in his games.  And so the Yamabushi monks, and the many sons of the Dragon King, came together to overthrow him.  The battle was long and ferocious;  an Emperor does not easily yield to his lessers.  In the end, they were unable to destroy him utterly, and so bound him beneath the  Sacred Mountain, there to slumber until the Sword of Heaven lit up the skies, and the End Times came about.   But the victory had come at a terrible cost; most of the Yamabushi perished, as did all the sons of the Dragon King -  all save the youngest and most callow, Shigematsu himself.  He was the last survivor of the Dragon King’s progeny, and his only daughter was now heir to that legacy.

And so Sumiko grew confident and powerful, and relished her birthright.  Where her father used more peaceful elements, she was immediately attracted to flames, as fire burned all things it touched.  While she acknowledged the other elements had their uses, the raw power of bending the fire to her will was irresistible. Like most fire mages, she was feisty, overconfident, aggressive and forceful – in all ways, the opposite of her father.  But not the opposite of his father…   Despite this, she loved him deeply, and he tried to temper her fiery nature with lessons of wisdom, with humility and service to one’s fellow man.  The lessons did not take easily, but she tried, for his sake.

As she grew older, she grew less enamoured of a life in exile, spending her days in a little shrine in a marsh, endlessly polishing the sacred artefacts and giving tours to the occasional pilgrim who would wander through.   There was a bigger world out there, she knew -  the fashions of the Imperial Palace, the politics of the Shogun’s court.  She had learned many dark secrets of the world, of distant lands and strange magikal realms.  She wanted to see these places for herself, to fight monsters and  prove the power in her veins.   What use was magik, what such was the power in her blood, if she did nothing with it? She began to bridle against the life she knew, and while her father preached caution and restraint, she longed for adventure and new horizons.  For his sake, she stayed, but it grew harder each year.  Pilgrims brought news of foreign settlements, those who came across the sea – the pirates of Port Prosper, the willow-folk of  Hu Yi Duo, the gaijin of the free city of Armageddon… The thought of all of these places filled her with wonder and delight. 

Her father begged her to be patient, that their long exile was soon to be at an end, and they would leave only when the time was right.   While it rankled, she loved and trusted him, and as the girl became a young woman, she stayed at his side.

On that fateful night, the Sword of the Heavens, a fiery comet, streaked across the land, shedding the black stone in its wake.  Deep below the Sacred Mountain, the ancient Dragon King finally felt his bonds weaken, and he was able to break them, and be free! Monsters – tengu, oni and worse things – rampaged across the land.  Many of the great samurai families fell – to corruption, or greed, or devoured by the hunger of the Great Beast that swallowed their castle whole.  Some gave their allegiance to oni demons,  others just barricaded their doors and awaited the end.

Her father faced the dawn with great sorrow, blaming himself.  It was he, twenty years ago, who weakened the seal on his father’s prison, so Sho-Ryu might send his friend the Shogun some help in his hour of need, in the form of his spirit-dragons.  But now, the Dragon King was loose, free to take vengeance upon his treacherous subjects. While Shigematsu despaired, his daughter felt nothing but blessed relief.  The long exile was over;  the End Times had come, and from now on their life would be exciting and dangerous.  This was the moment she was born for, to take the fight to the enemy and use all the power she had held back for so long.  The End of the World was Sumiko’s salvation.  

When the Princess, Kyoko, came seeking their help, she joyfully accepted the challenge. She was the grand-daughter of Sho-Ryu, Heir to the Dragon, and her enemies would burn in her wake!

While many Heroes fight for the common man, or to drive evil back into its dark lair, Sukimo fights to prove herself, for the sheer joy of using her powers. Blasting monsters with elemental power, or tearing through their flesh with her claws, excites and pleases her.  She gladly takes any opportunity to show off her power, not for the peasants in the fields, but for the joy of doing the impossible, of proving her potency. She has cast aside her exile-name of ‘Goto’, and walks openly as Sukimo Tatsuno, Daughter of the Dragon-Son.  She loves her father, but he cannot hold her back any longer.  The Dragon is unleashed, and it is irrepressible.

As a companion, Sukimo is cheerful and reckless, eager to meet new people and learn their ways, and show off the power of her magick.  The gaijin in particular fascinate her;  they are so delightfully uncivilised and barbaric! The excitement of Armageddon, a budding city where East meets West, and many factions vie for control of the town, has an energy she finds irresistible.  She is also now a woman, with passions and desire, and the men of this 'America' please her greatly, with their coarse speech, rough stubble and tight denims.  She intends to relish every single moment of this war; it is what she was born to do, and she has waited oh so very long for it.

Although she is by no means a cruel or wicked person, Sumiko cheerfully uses even forbidden magik, the darker the better.  Every spell or artefact is a tool in the right hands that can use it, after all.  But of late she has heard small whispers in her dreams as she sleeps…  A voice that reminds her that – after all – Sho-Ryu is the rightful ruler of the Dragon Empires... Why should mortals defy him? Why should mortals and this Princess sit upon his throne? Yes, he was a tyrant in centuries past, but who is to say he cannot learn to be benevolent? And after all, she is his heir and grand-daughter…! What power might she learn from him, rather than defying him, as her father had done?

For now, she pushes these thoughts aside, but they raise uncomfortable truths, and even she is no longer sure where her true loyalties lie…




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Aphrodite-NS suffered a stroke - Help if you can.
This is Aphrodite's husband, her unseen partner in crime (and creative partner) here on DeviantArt
On September 20th, my wife Aphrodite-NS was unexpectedly was hit with a hemorrhagic stroke.
Aphrodite-NS had none of the typical red flags when it comes to a stroke. She is only 41 years young, is not overweight, had (and still does) have normal blood pressure and has no family history of stroke. Her doctors are calling this a "spontaneous event" because they cannot find a cause or reason why this happened. 
Because of the stroke, Aphrodite-NS now has right side weakness. Presently she cannot use her leg or arm (though she has some sensation) as well as impaired speech and memory loss/confusion (Apraxia and Aphasia). 
Currently she is in a three week in-patient rehabilitation center, but she is looking at a long road of six months to a year before she will be able to return to work, or at what capacity. 

I have collaborated with Jaclyn :iconaphrodite-ns: for many years and was always impressed by her work - not only her talent but her willingness to engage and help us create the images together.  She completed commissions swiftly and always acted in a friendly and professional manner.  I wish all artists were as talented, or as honest and helpful to their clients, as her.

Anyway, she gave us the 'look' for all of our Star Wars characters and many NPCs, the templates for which other artists would draw from.  Her galleries are a testament to her skill and care as an artist.

If you've ever liked any of the work she did for me… , please drop by and wish her and her husband well in her recovery.

If you're the praying kind, send some her way.  If you're not, well-wishes will be just as good.  Times are hard, but if you have a few spare $£, please donate to her GoFundMe as above. 

Our thoughts are with the artist and her husband now - here's hoping for a swift and full recovery.

Get well soon, my friend. When you're better, I have more work to send your way :hug:



Marcia Taylor
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom

Which Shadows of Brimstone gal should Kachima tackle next? 

23 deviants said Candace 'Candy' Kane
23 deviants said Roxie Scarlette
21 deviants said Cheyenne Sweetwood
18 deviants said Rose Red Tyler
15 deviants said Sylvia 'Silver' Rush
7 deviants said Clarabelle 'Tennessee Belle' Kane


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