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39: SOS/Invite - A Page Lost

Was it so strange, with everything that had happened recently, that she’d wanted some time alone? Time to think?

Ok, so strictly speaking she wasn’t exactly alone Hollow was there too. But Hollow, while she always held he was highly intelligent, was a horse. Well, strictly speaking he was horseish…but the point still stood. He didn’t bother her with bothersome questions and any protest he might make were directly linked to something that was happening there and then.

There was a difference between being alone and being alone though. And this spooky looking forest wasn’t exactly what she’d had in mind when she’d packed them both off to a remote event where no one was likely to know them.

Herself, Mae had reverted back to what she’d normally wear and it was unlikely that anyone would be able to tell who was hiding underneath all those layers of hoods, cloaks and garments caught in the breeze. Not that there was any in here…

But Hollow was another matter. He was a bit distinctive, there was no avoiding that. Maybe she should have picked another horse if she wanted truly to remain anonymous? Well, too late now.

It wasn’t like there was anyone around to notice right now anyway.

The forest, even in the middle of the afternoon, was cloaked in a kind of dark light. Patches of mist swirled between the trees, revealing something there, cloaking something here. It was thick and tangible and not at all pleasant to breathe.

It was also eerily quiet.

This was supposed to be quite a big event. But so far she hadn’t seen another soul. Guess they might be lost as well then. If this kept up they weren’t even going to be able to find the starting point. Well, it wasn’t as if she was overly bothered right now – it was time away from anything anyway, not a mad rush for first price.

This place looked like a good spot to get lost in. If she wasn’t careful she might even get lost for real.



Stable: Darklight Stables
Horse: Hollow's Fall [link] Kelpie/Nightmare crossbreed
Rider: Mae [link] DIS Owner
Starting Nb: 562
Current status: Running from something eerie

Role Play info:

Current status: Alone / Running from something eerie
Team: Currently none
Allies: Currently none

Inventory: Saddlebags are holding some quite useful things that you'd expect from a pair that has to travel to events on foot, as long as they pack tightly and don't weigh too much.

Clothes: Hardwearing and enduring. Because of recent events at DIS Mae has returned to hiding underneath her cloak. No change available.

Advantages of Horse: Doesn't need to eat or drink. Looks scary and intimidating. Loyal and, relatively, easy to handle.
Disadvantages of Horse: More a mouse than a lion when it comes to courage, unless backed into a corner. Doesn't like strangers at all.

Advantages of Rider: Cool and collected. Always prepared for the worst. Prefers analyzing things from a distance if possible.
Disadvantages of Rider: Does 'not' like getting surprised. Standoffish. Can appear emotionless and cold. Doesn't talk much.

Horse's Physical Health: No issues
Rider's Physical Health: No issues
Horse's Mental Health: Wary of their surroundings
Rider's Mental Health: Mostly annoyed. Slowly getting worried. Worry translated into anger.

Story Following on from:[link]
next part: [link]
Submission tracker: [link]


Gatherings: Prompts and Points total: 40p

Arrival 20p


Advertisments 20p

SOS/warning Deviation [link]

Promts 10p

Prompt 1: [link]



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I liked the idea of a burnt notebook page fluttering about in the wind :D
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Haha, same here. Nice idea.
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