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I remain in awe
Of that queer talent of yours
Which you wield through
Withering fingers
As the latest veil folds
To shatter
And once again you melt
All the world into emptiness
Hollowing my heart
To plant the dying grasses
Of our next battlefield
Foundations lain by your
Singular will without
Restraint to seal the doors
To this perdition
Where we stand to face
One another, on this plain
Of your creation
Where the lights begin to
Flicker and splutter
So far from the chandlery
We shall have skirmish
By mere moonlight
Though we both thrive in
Shadows, where we might
Indulge our arts, unseen
Bowing heads as you weave
The final string, of your
Bowyer’s work
Ready to lift the weapon
Notching the lancet
After it is drawn
Across coarse lip
My skin submits to
That which you unleash
And I fall before you
Cracking upon the rubble
Strewn of my body
Welling redness
Beneath my tongue
Yet, unbroken
I draw breath
I rise
To look into your
Broken expression
To grasp the shaft
Of the shot
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 2 0
Mature content
Penitent :iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 1 0
Quivering, behind the eyes
I moisten cracking lips
Taste the stagnant smoke
Rolling across my face
Painting lashes torpid
Darting, left to right
Does it rest? Are they still?
Single, shallow breath
Yet, they revolve
What a delightful tremor
Rippling, quickening eupnoea
Before sullen countenance
Those voices resile freely
Gazes unmet, hauling
Resisting the drag
That tidal tug outward
Think of the face
Within reticent heart
Ardour blossoms
Wordless invocation
Of his spirit: a benediction
Sustenance for the taciturn
Expression still enduring
Attendant dynamism
Absconding, a slow flight
The dream commences
Overcome with bitterness
Shaking awake
Dusted with the cigarettes
The isolation
Damp in pulsation
Convulsed, ephemeral anguish
Sketched rose-tinted
Torn from where I lie
Seeking sanctification
Inhale, gently – the air is clearing
Shadows stitched in eyelid darkness
Dissipating into halcyon night
Choke but once, finally
Claw the breath in
Between shattered lips
Sift for a trace of p
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 1 0
Glance Across A Waiting Room
Distant speech
Volley released
Seeking purchase
Crashing and falling
Clutching fragments
They drip across the floor
Rolling, slipping away
Cradled, lacerated
No farewell, catch
Another piece
That shot got me
Deep, right here
Trace along the skin
Grasp, twist, clawing out
Not a sound
Stoic face
Speak the words, just
As always, never
Reveal your hand
Turn around, only
One step now
They’re blind
Pass the corner
Let them drop
Clinking against the
Paving stones
Dust, nothing more
Pressure the tear
Hold it closed
Gone, Empty
Unfit for bursting
Dribbling, really
Better that way
Lean back for
But a moment
It’s easier to
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 1 0
Touch of Dusk
Dusk has always kissed
Me tenderly as it falls
Fingertips dragging away
The light to call the
Mourning, whence comes
Little but the stirring
Irritation of lightless flame
Setting cold hearts
Ablaze with longing
As skin gathers below
In waxen rivers running
Still into shallow pools
Thus I bear the mask
Such that my body
Is never bare to those
Whose eyes see little
But what is too low
For the poet to touch
Whose blood is bound
In flesh, whose tongues
Serve to bind and fail
To open the doors which
Connect such fragility as
We to something of
Permanence, for which
Yearning rules from
Within and yet which
Cannot be touched
Save but caressed in
Shattered edges, promised
Beauty undelivered yet
Instead there is a
Break in the flesh from
Such a laceration rushes
Hope, red and blooming
It spreads in clear waters
Broken skin now twice
Scarred by the want
For that which can never
Be achieved for the desire
It is one side of a coin
Which exists only with a
Second face to which it
Can be bound, thus
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 1 0
Character Idea - Marcas by Maeglin-Amandil Character Idea - Marcas :iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 1 0
When Will It Rest?
When will it rest
That black, bloated heart
Straining itself further
With each and every
Shudder, as it exhausts
To sustain, perpetuate
This semblance
An illusion of possibility
An unmade promise
Of potential, of what
Might one day be
Which is overturned
In shallow water
Stifled beneath a
Flimsy, crackling skin
The ever-present
Catching in the breath
Malfocused eye
Clenching in the chest
They sing, though their
Voices, a dirge
Foretelling what has always
Been know
Loose convictions, broken
Pacts - this tower
Comes tumbling down
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 1 0
It Sleeps Gently
It sleeps gently
My history
Turning in its slumber
To caress me
Bite into my flesh
With fragmented nails
Until it riddles my
Face with scars
Time alone cannot
Heal, though agony
Uses them as a door
Creeping through with
Closed chapters
Opening wounds only
Lightly mended
Reminding me
They will never leave
Me alone, always
Simmering beneath
The surface
Doubt, though in what?
The wellspring of
These manifold fears
Wracking, rallying
They protest my
Every desire, bury
That miniscule droplet
Of faith
Drowning it in red
It scrapes, catching
The edges, a gasp
Repeating those words
As mantra, prayer
It's over, dealt with
Yet it refuses
Fills me up with
That emptiness
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 1 0
Spirals coiling upon themselves
Tightening together, fixed
They pull at the stitches
Unpicking the atrophied flesh
Letting that ache flood out
To brush against the longing
Which has poured away
Tranquillity, leaving only the mundane
Tepid, lukewarm and lethargic
A wall built to hide from hunger
Though the stones, grey, heavy
Lifeless, cannot speak
As ice cannot hold still
All things moving
And the unstoppable
Only grows faster with time
Like falling endlessly
Into the nightmare whence
Comes desires only sleepers
Can speak of without
Feeling such infinite loss
At something which was
Never once found
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 2 0
It claws at the hollow point
At the base of my skull
That voice of yours and
Its shivering melody so entrenched
Throughout my spirit
Those whispers, the things that you say
They make my eyes roll back
And my arms fall limp
As I shudder to hear you breathing
Into my ear as your words wind
Around my neck, hoisting me up
Holding me close to you
Tightly until my chest falls still
All the breath drawn from within
Your influence, how it pulls me
Dividing my mind, rending attention
Hiding, begging me to seek it
It corners me, bubbling up from within
Stopping that infernal hammering inside
Pushing me to the earth
Slicing into those flaps of skin
Letting the essence pour out, hollowed dreams
I wait each morning in the silent dawn
For the tremor which heralds you
When that voice begins speaking
I begin to unravel
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 1 0
Bridges for the Blind
That face I knew distantly, long ago
Grows close, sharper, yet removed still
It lived in another world and only now
Do our twin realms touch, at the edges
Anchored momentarily on forged dreams
His expression is strange to me
I speak, each time to a wall of letters
Only now do I see the flesh behind
And it is sweet to look at
Yet too distant to touch, though
I would never reach out into that space
Which is between us, murmuring with its observations
So close, so near, so gentle
It has a horrible voice, like my head which whispers
What if? As if I am permitted to dream
He cannot see this space between us, for he sees
A different kind of us, not a we who can be
But a me and a you, with nothing else to speak of
He can smile a broad smile, as if he knows
And though he sees much, to this he will be blind
Unless I split my lips and let the confession bleed
But I can already hear his laughter, as he turns away
What a thought, what an idea
Unthinkable, unconsidered, unwanted
Just a thing with a
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 1 0
Full years bend backwards by the thousands
Days of nervous smiles and vibrant sickness
Months of holy bloodshed, broken backs, sweaty brows,
An hour or three when the bottle's only half empty
There are a few more drops of numbness yet to taste
Perhaps a moment of comfort, if God is smiling
Something to bring a grin to the scarred faces
And expressions barely concealing the pain
Or the joys that come so rarely and yet which are expected
Waited on to be devoured, gone so quickly
Though always promising the next one to savour
Calendars stacked high, mark each day
Count them as they slip past you, faster, faster,
Many places,endless faces, bodies, smells and flavours
Spirits, soaring both and forlorn indeed, held close
By the souls fragmented of their keepers
It has happened all before so many times
Same ol' story, new disguises
Each time manifesting, unfolding anew
So much potential, yet what can we do
But sit back and wonder where our road will lead
Or grasp tightly our hearts in closed
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 3 0
Tedious Lamentation
Your eyes are vision that haunts my sleeping,
Your absence is hunger of ceaseless feeding, sleeping
The tear in my chest relentlessly weeping, feeding
I call out your name, bleating, weeping
The sound of your voice seeping, bleating
That aching inside, defeating, seeping
I hold your hands in my head gently, sleeping
Think of your breath and inhale, feeding
Trace your image in my dreams, weeping
Sing the song that you sung, bleating
Writhing with my thoughts, defeating
Once here with friend, like all things to end
Two souls warm to shelter from storm
Whispering duty undoing that beauty
Must go back,  fade to black
And now there is only one
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 2 0
The Cruelty You See
I have taken from your dulled speech
And the haste with which you allow yourself
To spew forth all kinds of nonsensical garbage
That you lack the requisite clarity of vision
To really know that at which you look
Or to understand whomever you may meet
Yet still you part lip to speak
With a twisted tongue,
Of that other whom you cannot hope to know
For your mind is tethered
To what you presume is insight
And you fail to see that this contrary perspective
Might just hold a fragment of truth
Which natural ability has evidently failed to grant you
For you see, I am not fleshy inside
Within me roars an infinite incendiary
How I blaze, feeling that which you will never know
For it would ruin you to even glance at that light
Which sears even my own eyes
Embers of compassion, seep into the hearts of my fellows
Whose faces are warmed with sweet smiles
For I tend to them as the blood I consider them to be
I harness the passion to lend aid
To empower and protect
I live to see their glowing faces
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 4 0
Those aspirant towers reaching so close to the sky
Reaching beyond this fragile world so plain
Holding aloft everything we now cherish
We prance about in such colourful garments
Ephemeral winds breathing their power through us
Emptying our heads to the past and blinding us to all
Save for the shining future we were promised
Art flows through us and our culture thrives
Poetry, music, all such disciplines pull us upwards towards something greater
And our hearts can only sing of our praises
For we are taught to never look down
To the tainted bases of our tall towers
To the black and scarlet stains of a best-forgotten history
It did not take so long to forget
That our foundations were built on innocent blood
That liars brought about our gleaming towers
And that no matter what heights we attain
Those depths can never be cleansed, not even by sunlight
But it is better to sigh and forget
For the past is bitter and yet tomorrow
Is filled with such promise
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 3 0
The Truth They Told Us
We asked so many questions of the empty darkness
Where we once dreamed he might dwell
It was much brighter then, it glimmered and shone
Now all we have is the cold and his is really gone
The tale was sweet, yet all stories end and we must open our eyes
For we cannot always surrender to the sickly beauty
Which fiction often whispers to us
It has all become such rigid stone
When did everything lose its aspirational spark?
Why is the brightness so distant?
We chose this path of shadows
It seemed so evidently so
Yet now, it just feels hollow
Something so absent it is immensely strange
Why did we close our minds?
Why did we close our hearts?
:iconmaeglin-amandil:Maeglin-Amandil 3 0
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I have started a new journal, a music journal!

Inside, I intend to reflect on the music I listen to, both lyrical and instrumental. For lyrical stuff, I write my favourite lyrics, and then reflect upon what I think the message of the song is and any ideas it gives me to think about. For instrumental stuff, I listen to it over and over again, writing the scene which unfolds in my head.

I hope to get some kickass inspiration and such.
Might post some of my writings here :)


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Personal Quote: In darkness there is oppitunity


by Orwald

A wonderfully vivid image if ever there was one! The very crisp details are quite stunning as is the level of purely wonderful detail t...

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A relatively simple concept, this piece is incredibly smooth and powerful. The strong, metallic writing in the top right gives and adds...


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Then I'll tell you.

Pandora's Tower is one of three Action-JRPGs for North America. The significance of it and the other two games is that they weren't originally planned to be released in North America.

On June 11th, 2011, Nintendo of America announced they had no plans to release three Wii Games in North America, in spite of the fact that the games had been fully translated into English and everything. The games are Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora's Tower, and The Last Story. In response to this, a fan campaign known as "Operation Rainfall" was formed with the intent of convincing Nintendo of America to change their minds about their decision.

After half a year of what seemed like a fruitless effort, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story finally got North American release dates. Xenoblade was released last month, and The Last Story is due out June 19th of this year.

Only Pandora's Tower has yet to be released in North America. However, it's been out in Europe since the 13th of last month. Even though I may be a bit on the late side for this, I decided to tell as many people as I can in hopes of boosting sales in hopes it will help Nintendo of America change their minds and release it here in North America. If you'd like to see Operation Rainfall and Pandora's Tower, here are some links.

Operation Rainfall's Website. -> [link]

Pandora's Tower Trailer. -> [link]

What Is Pandora's Tower? Video. -> [link]

Pandora's Tower Review. -> [link]

I hope you're not wierded out by my just up and telling you this out of the blue. I would just like as many people to know about this game as possible. Sure, I could just post a journal entry about it, but the only people who'd see it are my watchers. And it's not that I dislike my watchers or anything (I don't dislike them), but I would like to reach as wide an audience as possible. That said, let me know what you think of the website and game, okay?
Maeglin-Amandil Featured By Owner May 28, 2012  Student Writer
This is such a shameless plug. :P
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