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Long time no see....again :')
As usual I've been busy with school and IRL issues lately, so there's been a huge decline on art unfortunately but I'm trying to get back into it. But that's not the main thing about this journal.

In case you didn't read my previous journal , I was going to abandon this site for good or just check in rarely. However, recently Tumblr (the main platform I used for a bit) updated their ToS that made most of their userbase leave the platform. I'm not going to leave it but I most likely won't get recognition on there as much. While I could revive this dA account, I thought maybe it'd be nice to start fresh so I can upload more professional art (and maybe repost past art I'm still proud of). I most likely won't use this account anymore, so you guys are free to follow me on my new account Pradelice 
(also for those who noticed their fav notifs coming from this account, it's just me trying to set things up.)

Twitter: pradelice
Main Blog: katchi-mae
Art Blog: praline-toff
Pixiv: click here! (inactive)
Instagram: danichippies (inactive)
TH: Maechi-Toff (inactive)
Long time, no see...
So you guys might be wondering where I've been these past months and not being able to post art. I've been busy this summer and school started for me around 1 month ago. And for me this is an important year as a 9th grader, because after this grade I'll have to switch schools and choose what type of career path I want to take. I'm planning on taking the art and programming courses, and I'm striving to become a designer of sorts. But generally, this year has been absolutely stressful and I'm tired of a lot of things that had happened, so I'm taking a long break from a lot of stuff.
But enough about that, this means I'll be way less active than I already am, and generally I want to focus on work. And I've also lost interest in dA to an extent, since the site is sorta dying and I was never popular on here. While I do make art for the sole purpose of fun, it does feel lonely when you stumble across a lot of great art but the artists themselves have left the site. Most of my friends have also left the site, so it leaves me even more unmotivated to post. And I feel like no one appreciates my art as much as before...
I don't know if I'll abandon this site entirely but I will definitely not post much. I'll still try and check notes and my notifications, but that's about it. If I ever come back and post more often, I'll either clean my gallery a little or make a new account.
  If you still want to contact or support me, I'm planning on being active on my tumblr art blog ( @praline-toff ). I also have a main blog you can contact me on for simple chatting ( @katchi-mae ). I might try and post elsewhere too (like twitter, but not til when my account is unlocked). 
  I'm also planning on closing down my main discord server, since it leaves me bad memories everytime I check it. I doubt I'll make a new server though, since I need a break from handling servers too (as I've been doing it since mid 2017). The only server I'll be trying to handle is my DR Roleplay one. If you want me to come onto your own or whatever server to talk with me more, feel free to add me on discord ( Maechi-Toff#3853, but sometimes this name changes randomly so feel free to ask me if it doesn't work). But I won't gurantee I'll talk much til I know you better.
  I've also been trying to get into other fandoms or anime. And while I'm not out of the DR fandom yet, I am slowly losing interest and I need new things to talk about and draw fanart of. As of right now I'm getting back into watching Persona 5 let's plays, watching BNHA/MHA, Detroit: Become Human and Evangelion. I have a whole watch list of let's plays and anime I might check out. But no promises.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me for this long, and I'm sorry everything had to come to this. Hopefully we'll meet again at some point in time. I wish good luck to all of you.
(Advertising again just in case no one saw my status update last time regarding it)

Hey! So about a month ago I started working on a Danganronpa Mutual Killing Game Roleplay server. We’re still looking for a few more roleplayers in there, and of course people to chat in there as spectators! It’s gonna be complete soon enough (just having to decide some stuff and get all killers/victims). I’d appreciate if you joined whether you’re roleplaying or just spectating! We won’t bite!
The server will be used again in the future of people are up for Roleplay. This time we’ll roleplay as DR original characters!
(If the link doesn’t work, feel free to notify me for a new one!)
My Discord contact: Clover#3853
Heyo y'all, sorry for not posting in a while, haven't been posting journals much.
Right now I felt like helping out my friend Yoakie by spreading her art and commissions! She has really good art and deserve more attention! So PLEASE, if you guys can, please check her out and consider commissioning her if you can!! If not, just share her commission sheet around! Any help counts~
EDIT: Closed due time it’s gonna take some time for me to be able to do commissions again. I’m sick and busy with other things at the moment.

Hey hey! So I decided to start doing Point commissions because well, I'm very low on points and I want to get points for core, to buy art/comission other people and so on. I won't be doing many types of commissions or have many slots since school will be starting soon and I might not be able to draw a lot. Five commissions is an amount I should be able to handle. Anyway, please go and look through this journal and Terms of Service info before commissioning me! If you have anymore questions, please feel free to note me! When asking for a commission, you can comment on this journal or send me a note! Also please wait til I reply to your comment or note before sending the points, just in case I feel uncomfortable with the commission or something like that! 

I'll be only taking Points because I don't have PayPal and I don't need real money right now, I just want points to buy core more like extend core, help out friends, buy art/commission others etc.

Commission form or what basic stuff you need to tell me so I can draw:

Note: I will only draw up to two characters in a drawing.

What type of commission would you like? (In this case for this journal: Chibi or Headshot/Halfbody?)
Would you like a sketch, flat colored (with a little bit of cellshading) or full color+shading?
Do you want a normal colored drawing or use a specific color palette? (Please show a visual color palette, no color codes.)
Please show a visual character reference of the character you want me to draw. I can draw OCs, MLP characters and most Danganronpa characters.
What pose/expression do you want the character(s) to have?
If you want two characters in the drawing, what should they be doing or interact? (E.g if they're a couple, what romantic stuff would you want them to do?)
Transparent or simple/pattern BG? (Please specify if you choose the second option.)
Anything else/Other?


Commission Slots:

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -



[Old Request] CandyCaneBetalol by Maechi-ToffChibi Request For Cheesecakepeach by Maechi-Toff[Practise: Pixel Art kinda?] Bun Bun Ko =w= by Maechi-ToffRequest for orangejuuice (SKETCH) by Maechi-Toff Smol bean- by Maechi-Toff

Sketch: 50 pts 
(will be done digitally, I just don't have examples of sketches right now)

(Normal) Flat colored: 80 pts
(Color Palette) Flat colored: 70 pts

(Normal) Fullysh
aded/colored: 120 pts
(Color Palette) Fullshaded/colored: 90 pts

Additional character: +20 pts


~Evening~ by Maechi-ToffNanami (Palette Challenge #2) by Maechi-ToffJust let me drink my coffee in peace! (SKETCH) by Maechi-Toff~Angelica~ (Hamilton Fanart) by Maechi-Toff[OC, Palette challenge] Oooo :0 by Maechi-Toff

Sketch: 55 pts

(Normal) Flat colored: 75 pts
(Color Palette) Flat colored: 60 pts

(Normal) Fullshaded/colored: 140 pts
(Color palette) Fullshaded/colored: 100 pts

Additional characters: +20 pts

You can take a look at my gallery for more examples.

Terms of Service and other info

I decided to make a journal for my commission journal I'll be posting later c: This might change overtime when it comes to on what I can and can't draw, since I improve and experience over time. 

Points only, I don't have Paypal and I don't need money as of right now.

I have every right to decline a commission if I don't feel comfortable with it.

- I only do deadlines if you commission me at least 2 weeks before the due date. I don't want people to come in last minute and say "THIS NEED TO BE DONE TOMORROW" because there's not a chance I'll be able to do it. I have a life too, you know. 

Please pay through the donation widget on my profile. I prefer full payment at one go though.

I do refunds but only if I haven't started the picture.

I won't start working on the commission if I haven't been payed yet. The only thing I'd do at most is making a sketch (to save up time, this only applies for flat colored/full shaded commissions). I won't continue/post the full version of the drawing if I haven't recieved the points yet.

You can use the art you've commissioned me for anything as long as you've credited me for the original artwork. 
Things you don't need to credit for: profile pics (though it is appreciated if you mentioned who made it if someone asks about it).

A) You're not allowed to take profit of it. Doesn't matter if you're the commissioner or not.
B) If you didn't commission the art you wanted to use, ask me and the commissioner if it's okay to use it. If you can't, at least put credit. 

Side note:

The art will be drawn in my own style most of the time, unless I end up adding a secondary option on types of styles I'll do. But til then; don't ask me to draw in whatever style you want unless it's important for the characters.

What I can draw:

- Humans (both masculine/feminine characters in general)
- Animals (specifically ponies, dogs, cats, foxes, some birds and rabbits.)
- Safe for work stuff.
- Up to 2-3 characters in a drawing, depending on complexity and interactions.
- Simple accessories, simple pattern/colored backgrounds or just make the BG transparent.

What I might/might not draw:

Candy/Pastel Gore (even though this isn't completely NSFW; I personally haven't tried drawing any pastel or candy gore and I don't want to put it here if I haven't tried it. But I could experiemnt and take exceptions.)
Robots/Mechanism (I can't draw detailed stuff like that haha whoops, though I could make exceptions depending on the design.) 

What I won't draw:

NSFW (porn, gore or other mature content)
- Anthro. I still need to master the human anatomy, but I can make exceptions.
Robots/Mechanism (I can't draw detailed stuff like that haha whoops, though I could make exceptions depending on the design.) 
Detailed/Complicated backgrounds. Too time consuming but I can make some exceptions for landscape or other backgrounds that don't have a lot of items in it.
Just wanted to make a to-do list in a journal :P (Lick)

Everything that has been done will be removed from this list!

Bullet Pink by Drawn-Mario= hasn't started yet
Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario= work in progress
Bullet Purple by Drawn-Mario= on hold

Point Commissions:


Art Trades:



None at the moment.





I had to delete the original journal because I couln't edit it (it was saved as a draft and I couldn't edit the text).
Hey y'all! I came back from Turkey a few days ago but I had to rest a bit. Unfortunately, I got a pretty bad school schedule for this term. The days are a lot longer than last year. So I'll probably be on hiatus for a while after a few weeks after school has started. And well I can't explain every problem with school here so Ill just say that it's shit lol
I will probably upload more art soon tho!
On another topic, since i'm poor af on points, I might start doing commisions and adopts. But that wont happen til once I have more time for myself. But I don't know if I should create a different account for adopts and maybe other stuff. I'll have to think about that lmao.

And one more thing, I've created another server but it's mostly all about Komaeda (and some V3 stuff). WARNING: lots of memes, nsfw and random stuff. The non-expirable invite is on my profile page!

Hey guys! There's currently a draw my OC contest going on! If you guys are looking for a contest to join, take a look at this on from konekopon!
So idk if anyone besides my friends would care but one of my friends has moved accounts because they wanted to start fresh. My friend Nalufan200 created a new account named cebuni. I think she'd really appreciate it if you all checked out her stuff or give out a helping hand. You don't have to tho! I'm just putting it out there for those who want to help I guess lol
Hey everyone! I'm sure a lot of people know this already but there's this really cool account named dAhub that will give you points! Just go on their profile page and follow the instructions there! You can also be featured on their page for people to give you llamas, watchers, faves etc.

So go to :icondahub: now!
So I don't really have inspiration to draw on my own or something original so I decided to take some requests! However they won't be done till a few days after I've come back home. I'll start sketching them traditionally though!

The first 10 people who comments on this journal with the request form filled out (or at least answer the questions) will get one of the empty slots below! First come, first serve! Sorry!

Reference of character (image of them, please!):
Pose (reference image appreciated!):
What kind of drawing do you want?(icon, headshot, halfbody, chibi etc.)

NOTE: All the drawings will have transparent background, a really simple BG OR one colored BG (with patterns) along with/without thick lines around the character (optional). Also, I don't take complicated requests so please make em somewhat simple ;-; last but not least, I don't do gore or NSFW drawings.
Since I can't do digital art right now, I'll do all sketches for the requests. Once I get home I'll scan/take a pic of them and trace them on my laptop. Like doing proper line art and coloring.
i can draw humans, ponies, animals and maybe anthro(?) I can try lol. I can do OCs, mascots and some characters from Danganronpa.


1. orangejuuice -Request complete!

2. NiEinCeBe - Sketch done!

3. vanes-kha - Sketch done!

4. Thundah-strike - Sketch done!

5. yadahik - Request complete!

6. CheeseCakePeach - Sketch done!

7. TheZootopiaFanboy

8. DisneyCrazyFan16

9. CandyCaneBetalol 

10. FelixNFox - Request complete!

So as I mentioned in my last journal, I'm going to Turkey on my vacation! Unfortunately, we don't have good internet where we're going. I can't go on the internet or do digital art :/
I'll be gone from the internet from July 4th to August 8th. School starts again for me on August 15th. I might draw some traditional art and upload it when I come home but no promises!

EDIT: Sooo I was sorta wrong about the internet thing. I can still read stuff but I'm not allowed to listen to music/watch videos/upload stuff here. It's better than nothing I guess lol.

I also wanted to wish my friends sonataandrea and crackingopenacoldone  a happy early bday! (since I won't be able to congratulate them sooo) Sorry that I couldn't do anything for your bdays ;-;
Hey fellow watchers and random people who happen to find this journal!
(also first journal entry here lmao-)

I'm currently on art block so I won't be able to post as much as I planned to. I also happen to have some final tests and homework I need to worry about. As soon as school ends I'll try to upload a bit more before I go on my vacation in July. That means I won't have any internet while on vacation sadly.

Another thing I want to mention is that I have Discord and created my own Discord server for those of you who wants to chat with me!
Before you go there and chat, please read the rules in it! I don't want any chaos going on :/
I'll also add more channels for people in different fandoms to chat in (depending on how many people will come) or delete some if no one wants or chats there.

(the link won't expire btw)
P.S. I literally have no regrets for putting Pingu memes in the server icon and in one of the text channels lol

Take care everybody!
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