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I've decided to move accounts... PERMENANTLY! Aaa so scary it's like moving houses but cheaper
anyway, re-watch if you'd like! :iconmagic-boots:
Still sorting stuff out, I haven't re-watched all of my friends there yet but I will do!

now what
Happy New Year everyone~!! :party:
2010 was okay, but the bad out-weighed the good, for sure.

This year, I hope to:

- Stick to schedules and get things done on time
- Revise & Study alot harder
- Improve in my art
- Get a job
- Go through all of my DA messages

Sooo what are YOUR resolutions?!
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Is anyone going to the london expo this weekend? I ammm : D


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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 12, 2010, 6:25 AM


Whee~ New journal thingy!
Which means I can make long journal entries without stretching the page, yay! *v*
So I had this list on my other account but it's easier to get to the list if it's on this account, and I'd like a few more suggesstions so I'll put it here too now. (It's a list of scenes/backgrounds to draw; made this because I'm very unimaginative when drawing backgrounds ;____; if you want you can do this too! XD)
Feel free to suggest anything~~~! (please do orz!)

- Arcade

- Ballpit
- Beach
- Bathroom
- Bedroom
- Balcony

- Concert
- Castle
- Church
- Class
- Cafe

- Dock
- Desert

- Elevator

- Foodcourt
- Field
- Forest

- Garden
- Garage

- Harbour
- Hospital

- Igloo

- Jail

- Kitchen

- Living Room
- Library

- Mall
- Motorway
- Museum

- Nightclub

- Observatory
- Office

- Police Station



- Rodeo

- School
- Swimming Pool
- Spa
- Ship

- Train Station

- Underwater

- Veranda
- Volcano

- Wedding




- Zoo





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FFFFF finally ;A;;;
So far I only know my Graphics and Science results *A* A 'B' in Science, and I JUST scraped a 'B' on Graphics XD
I'm so worried about Maths though OTL and History and English TAT I don't care about the others lmao!!
Apart from art, but I'll just wing it XD *is too carefree about that*

Now I have a french oral exam OTL OTL OTL I haven't looked at my answers at all ROFLL I'M SO SCREWED w@|||

But after that it'll finally be OVERRR~~~ Until the actual GCSE's though haha D: Just 3 more weeks until the holiday, 3 more weeks! ><;;;//
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I'm getting bored with my ipod playlist ;___; listening to the same things OVER AND OVER makes you hate the song after awhile ;;


:star: Fanarts I wanna do! :star:
:bulletpink: (Studio 4*C )
:bulletpink: Beliar (SJ)
:bulletpink: Lunar Hill (SJ)
:bulletpink: Boy Lessons (SJ)
:bulletpink: K.E.Y (SJ)
:bulletpink: White Noise (SJ)
:bulletpink: Miraj (SJ)

/will add more when I think of stuff

:star: Stuff to do! :star:
:bulletred: Twinkle town group piccerture
:bulletred: Tejina group piccerture
:bulletred: OCBD introduction pages
:bulletred: Group picture for BakerChemi
:bulletred: Art Trade with REDiceT

/will add more when I think of stuff

:star: Birthdays! :star:
:bulletgreen: Haru - Apr 30
:bulletgreen: Nickels - Jun 26
:bulletgreen: Meepit - Jul 28
:bulletgreen: Eba - Sep 22
:bulletgreen: Q - Sep 25
:bulletgreen: Primmrose - Oct 23
:bulletgreen: Star - Oct 26
:bulletgreen: Yosh - Nov 4
:bulletgreen: D00diebug - Dec 17 <-- next!

-- If you are not on the list and your my buddy then plzz tell me the date of your birthday! Even if you already told me or it's already passed! ;3;/

:rose: -- 10-theme challenge! -- :rose:

1. Blood done!…
2. Crosses done!…
3. Flying done!…
4. Magic / Madgic done!…
5. Food done!…
6. Mirror done!…
7. the faite foh JUSTACEEEEEEEE done!…
8. four in the morning
9. True Heart
10. Ying & Yang
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