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Published: April 26, 2010
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...I don't even know...
I thought of this when I spilled some drink on my table and went to get toilet paper to clean it, and then... well basically 'that' happened. And I was like NOOO now it's dirty ;---; Cause it was like, all on the floor. And crud. >:'I

So then I though OMG that could be pretty dynamic(w?) *A* And. ffff. Here you go.

ALL MADE IN 1 LAYER haha TTuTT// This was the other style I wanted to try out, a more painterly style w/o lines. I... also did a step-by-step thingy LMAO but klfdjhgl idk >:'I
*probably wont upload it... to THIS account ohohoho-- /shot*

OH LOOK It's Harriet probably. I mean, it could be. It wan't meant to be but w/e 8'DD;;

sho gaishhh tell me whath you thainkkk :'B (I know it's messy haha but give me a break, it's my first time trying this style ;M; )
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DreamerryHobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww this got me smile so hard, it's humourus and yet so well drawn without any lines!! Q///n///Q//
Especially her expression is really adorable, totally speaks for the picture <3333 And that perspective with the toilet paper and the girls pose!!! 0u0 AND HER HAIR & THAT DRESS <444

Haha, so it happens to you too, haha! Stuff that happens in everyday life is a great fountain of inspiration ><bb♥

Well done, Madgic ;;/!
MADxxasxaHATTER's avatar
LOL awww Ty so much Haruba!! T0T/ :rose: <33333

Haha, all the time -- I find that very often I can't use that inspiration can't be made into something because it doesn't match up to the inspiration source ;----; like the sky par example, ahaha XD /rambling

TY AGAIN JHGFD <33333 :rose: laaaav yoooou :rose:
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Lee-ShermanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, what an adorable girl. ^_^ I hope she has enough toilet paper left for her needs.
MADxxasxaHATTER's avatar
LOL ty very much~!! XD
She'll need alot of toilet paper if she wants to ward off that army of birds :I
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Lee-ShermanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh no! Birds are banding together to attack loli girls! :omfg:
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LOL what.

I love your painterly style Mad <3 I think if you add in some textures/more definition especially on the stone area, the water and the toilet paper. I think for your first try this in this style it's fantastic :D

Now. Why were you wiping up something with toilet paper........
MADxxasxaHATTER's avatar

Www ty Isu~~~ ;---;<333 nn, I'll keep that in mind for the next try~~ *U*bb
hdkfh :hug:

We ran outta kitchen paper ;0;/
But don't worry man. We got some more yesterday, so it's cool now. :iconimseriousplz: PHEW.
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this is gorgeous ;u;
the persepctive is just amazing and her expression is cute daw ;D; I feel so bad lol I'LL BUY YOU ANOTHER ROLL or somethingfffff ;0;;;; ♥♥
the colouring is amazing *u*/ my favourite thing is how you coloured the hair guhh<3333 that skyy is so cute and pretty fff! ;u; ubu<333 *makes no sense orz*
the tears look really good too and ff tears are hard to draw ;n;// that skyy<333 looks like something from a children's picture book/fairytale hahaaa? ;VV;; //shot ♥ toilet paper princess? ahaa /brick'd
MADxxasxaHATTER's avatar
HGFJHSGD LOL TY, TY AND TY~~~ TT//U//TT<33333 :rose:
gawdd your comments are awesome QMQ -cling-

Ahaha, I should submit it to Disney and become a millionare XDD Toilet paper princess sounds gewdddd eUe~
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LOLOL you're welcomeee ;u;// <333 sorry i haven't been commenting much eue;;; /orz

LOL you so should~~ *u*// I can see it now eheh |D ♥
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AngelGirl16Student General Artist
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Is this golden toilet paper yours or is this plaine white toilet paper yours? :D

I love the movement you put in it, and the emphesis on the toilet paper :D
MADxxasxaHATTER's avatar

Aye, it is the plain white toilet paper... WITH A HEART OF GOLD

Ahhhh Thankyou and thankyou Mayu~~ ;//u//; :rose: :rose:
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i honestly love this style. the no lines n' paintery style makes it more lovable. i absolutely love the way you did the hair. the way you drew the toilet paper is pretty epic too, bro. ; U ; :heart:
MADxxasxaHATTER's avatar
jhdfgjasgf Ty so much Nickelsss ;//A//;<3333 :rose: :rose:
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