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Working on some new stuff , will be back later! (should also get an update sooner or later) 
I'm updating my portfolio at with like 50 images of my recent efforts, those I've posted on deviantart and imageshack. 
All my drawings, scenes and characters are made for self study and self-assigned projects. These are made on Wacom Cintiq, some traditional pencil and some are made on an app called 'Colors'. The 'Colors' paintings have links in description to the gallery website so you can watch the painting progress.

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I should be able to get this page all organized into a few buttons
edit: I made a little overview with some recent work:
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I really should delete a bunch of paintings here, because some are a few years old and I don't like looking at most of them.
I've been painting a lot with the Nintendo DS ,using a homebrew app called Colors!, which I helped create the user-interface for.
We also made an iPhone version of Colors! but sadly that doesn't work as smooth as the DS; the developer managed to implement pressure-sensitivity on nintendo but that's impossible for an iPhone.

Most of all I just like to practice drawing on paper and on my Cintiq..
Maybe some day I'd like a job where I can develop my skills further but for now I'm a happy graphic designer at an advertising-company, and a happy sketcher during spare time.
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Adding a few more pix. Just to get this complete..

All these drawings are done with the Nintendo DS..

check out the painting program 'Colors' for Nintendo DS at:
It's not an official Nintendo product so to use it, you need a card with integrated memory-card. Those are cheap and available at online stores, the software is free and the usage is addictive hehe
Read above site to find the gallery and for any questions go to the development-forum.

Anywayz , my apartment refurbishment is finally getting somewhere, probably next week I'm installing my desk with the wacom and start doing stuff..

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The past few months I've done allot of uploads here, and today I've tried to upload a whole bunch of paintings, just to complete my collection of pictures made with Nintendo "Colors!".
(Colors! : Go check… )

I was hoping to expand this gallery with photoshop paintings and pencil sketches, but I'm occupied with a apartment refurbishment so I haven't made that my priority. As a spare-time priority I'm practicing hard to understand anatomy and how to compose a fantasy setting. I'm also working on a personal portfolio website where I'll blog about my progression.
Deviantart is a great resource and inspirational source. It's also a great storage space, but soon I'll be blogging and my uploads here will be minimal.
Maybe after a year it's fun to come back here and refresh it with new stuff, who knows..

The upload of my newest pictures it taking too much time, I've decided I will quite uploading here and save images for my blog. Cheers and a Happy Newyear!!

These mood icons are damn funny !
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