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Billy Blaze

By Madwort
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And so my fan art spree continues. This time featuring Billy Blaze...slightly better known as "Commander Keen". To be honest I have no idea if I actually played it myself (I have later on) or if I was just in the audience. In any case the game was pretty cool back then.
The story isn't anything special - an 8-year-old boy goes on a mission to save the world from hostile Martians called Vortigons. At least that is the plot in the first 3 episodes.

There are 6 or 7 episodes (or 8) and I'm familiar with most of them, I think. If you have no idea what this game is don't feel bad, they were released in 1990-1991.
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Looks exactly like BJ Blazkowicz when he was younger. I can just see the resemblance. :)
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grandson of blazkowicz
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Commander Keen gets his formal portrait taken :) very nice work! Truly the face of one who dispenses galactic justice with an iron hand.
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I almost feel as if the games are just him going on adventures in his wild imagination, to me that would explain all the candy, monsters and the football helmet. lol

awsome picture too <3 it fits beautifully! :)
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This is amazing- I've been looking for a realistic painting of Billy Blaze for AGES! Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece :)
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Kinda looks like :sherlock:Conan O' Brien as a child!
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Wow, what a Blazing Boy! :lmao: :D
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His intensity is my favorite part next to the execution. Awesome job!
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This is fantastic! Well done dude!
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