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Sunset Sparks- Halloween Pone Adopt| OPEN| by MadWhovianWithABox Sunset Sparks- Halloween Pone Adopt| OPEN| by MadWhovianWithABox
hhhhhh y'all probaably hate me for being gone so long but here's a spoopy Halloween special to make up for it??? ;-; 

AB: $10
SB: $3
MB: $1

Probably will last about 2 days (once the first bid is cast)

Was for halloween, but life got dumb busy, so we're restarting this auction <3

Can be bought through venmo, paypal, or cashapp, your choice

HeartRules for my adoptsHeart
Bullet; GreenI am ok with resells as long as you ask first AND they are equal to or lower than the price i sold it for. You many not resell if it is an Original Species of mine.
Bullet; GreenOnce adopted, you can change whatever you want about it (If an Original Species of mine, please do not change the species)
Bullet; GreenBreeding is Ok
Bullet; GreenTrading is OK
Bullet; RedPLEASE pay in 24 hours or less!
Bullet; PurpleI only hold for 24 hours, and if you want to keep it on hold for more than that, it's 20Points for every extra day
Bullet; PurpleI MAY accept trades, drawings or commissions
Bullet; RedPlease no stealing~
Bullet; PurpleIf you want to request one, it's a range of $2- $10 depending on difficulty(note me if wanna request~)
Bullet; OrangeOnly the DreamSelfy Requests are free~

base by SelenaEde 


Submitted on
October 9, 2016
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