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Totoro Terrarium

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Done within one night hahaha!:flop:   Merry late Christmas!i got a letter   I spent all night on Christmas eve making this for my younger sister as her present, since she has such a limitless love for Totoro...even though she hasn't seen the movie yetSweating a little... .  Oh well, it's Totoro:worship: revamp 


Shaped, baked, and painted polymer clay figures(using acrylic paint)

Hastily bought moss and fake flowers

Spent an hour breaking apart styrofoam into bits and coating them in black acrylic paint(as my fake soil)...and then sitting and blow drying the whole mixture hahaHanging out to dry .

Once the whole thing was put together, I stole my sister's perfume to douse it in "Japanese cherry blossom" lol.  So much for giving...

Thank you to Wes Chan, who came up with the miniature terrarium makeshift idea, so you can check it out on the ISAtv youtube page.  The collage was made on

Thank you for your time! and a HAPPY LATE MERRY CHRISTMASMerry christmas everybody Christmas Dance Christmas La x-mas present christmas la :shakegift: Snowy Merry Christmas Bobble-mote Christmas- Pikachu Elf 



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This is just too precious! :heart:
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That is so adorable i really love the idea!
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Precious! What a wonderful idea. Nice work :)
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Hehe thank u very much!!
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This just might be the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my entire life. ^_^
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Lol aww glad u like it:iconmoesmileplz:
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Haha glad u do!
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yay i made someone happy :3
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That is such a thoughtful gift.  :D  Makes me happy just seeing your thoughtfulness. :D
Anyhow, Terrariums ROCK!  I can never keep them looking nice though.  After a while either 1 plant dies or grows like a weed.  They have special scissors and stuff for that. I never got them.  :D  Merry Christmas
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Aww haha thank u very much for the compliment:iconmoesmileplz: I'm glad u like! Haha bout using real plants, don't sweat it cuz I didn't feel confident about getting anything real(I know that my sis would never remember to take care of it lol) we r not gardening people eheh("^~^). So I made my own fake soil with crumbled styrofoam coated in black paint; it's easy and looks fairly similar:)
MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS TO U TOO:iconchristmastreeplz::iconmerrychristmasplz:
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That's even more cool....fake!
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Really cute and great Christmas present idea!
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Aww thank u very much!!! I appreciate that:iconmoesmileplz:
I-am-His-artist's avatar
You're welcome ^-^
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This is so adorable, I bet your sister loved it!
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Aww thank u!! Haha she did!!! Good addition to her room lol!!!
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So very crazy cool
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Thanx very much:iconsobeautifulplz:
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Ahah it's just so cute !
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Lol glad u like it:D
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S: I love it...

Admin: Good job!!
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