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Art meats technology

Check out the iPhone Anatomy T-Shirt right here-->…

When art meets technology...

Smartphones today are soo advanced and good they almost behave alive. And becomes an extension of your body :)

No Phones was harmed during painting :)
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funniest one bye the way :) even it has intestine system too :)…
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hahahahah awesome :) mobile heart would be fb i guess :) 
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this is very funny.
Being an iphone, it needs a larger colon for all the useless shit apple make you deal with.
Good artwork.
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Thanks alot mate, i am happy you like my art. Aye, its full of bones meat, and  wierd intestines :P
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thanks alot mate ;)
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your welcome :) 
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i love thiis arts 
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Thank you very much my friend :)
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why has no one commented on this in a while this is cool art
Madspeitersen's avatar
Thats a great question mate, i am glad you like it. Maybe it could be because I havnt been so active online in a while ;)
OraTheRebelKitsune's avatar
Beautiful represantation of emotional bond to the technological devices :D
Madspeitersen's avatar
thanks alot for your great comment mate :) Your spot on ;)
OraTheRebelKitsune's avatar
NP, dude. :) Keep on doing art XD
rOkkX's avatar
amo tu arte. ase como 6 años vi este en google y nunca supe de donde era, ahora lo se
Madspeitersen's avatar
hola mi amigo, gracias. Me alegro de que te guste mi arte. Enfriar que has visto antes y fresco que se le ocurrió otra vez;)
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and what is that purple thing ? Wow .
Madspeitersen's avatar
Its the bladder ;) Thank your for your comment, glad you like it ;)
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Your awesome art was featured here [link]
I wonder what it would be like if our phones were living organisms?
Madspeitersen's avatar
Thank you very much for your feature ;)
Can I use your picture for my web homepage. The bottom corner that is your signature, I could turn that into a link to your deviant art page. That could still work as a way of crediting your work.

I wanted to somewhat animate the device, and turn the facebook, youtube, and power button into graphical links. I might somehow make the phone turn on, when you click the power button with the mouse.

I just wanted your permission to play with it from programmer's end.
Madspeitersen's avatar
Hi Holwerdacompany :)Sorry for the late reply, i have been very busy. That sounds like a great idea, But first can you please tell me about your website ? Please email me at ;) Looking forward hearing more.
can I use your picture for my website home page?
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